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tavour beer monthly subscription review

When I'm watching my favorite football game or while I'm at a sporting event, I tend to have a glass or a cup of beer in my hand.

This is almost considered a staple item to have on hand while you're watching sports or when you're having fun with friends!

Sometimes, I don't like the ordinary flavors of beer that I get at the grocery store.

Since there are few other places that have the variety that I desire, I tend to order from Tavour. 

If you enjoy beer but want more flavor in your beverage, then pay attention because this delivery service offers everything that you need!

The Process

Signing up for Tavour only takes a few simple steps.

You can enter your information online to begin your subscription, but the easiest way to keep track of all of your orders and information about the website is to download the mobile app.

Next, you're going to submit a few details about the beer flavors that you enjoy as well as overall flavors that you like so that the best beers for you can be selected. 

Aside from beers chosen in the United States, there are also beers selected from Germany and other countries that give you a variety of flavors to enjoy.

Receiving Orders

After you've completed your subscription information, you'll begin receiving boxes usually when you want to have them delivered.

Most of the time, this works out to receiving a new box about once a month because of the length of time that it takes to process the orders.

There are two new flavors released twice a day for you to enjoy.

If you want to include these flavors in your box, then it's sometimes better to place your order at the end of the day than ordering first thing in the morning.

It usually takes a few days from the time the order is shipped to actually receive your box.

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Keeping Your Beer

One of the things that I enjoy about Tavour is that I don't have to keep every beer that comes in the box! I can send back the ones that I don't like after I try them.

What other company would let you sample a beer and then send it back because you don't like the flavor?

After you've decided which beers you want to keep, you can then send the other ones back to the company. 

If there are issues with the beers that you receive, then contact the company as customer service will do everything possible to make your experience the best one possible.

You can decide how many types of beer that are shipped to your home.

The only thing that you pay is a flat fee. Yes, that's right.

You can choose any number of beers that you want to try instead of relying on a certain number chosen by the company.

However, you usually don't get to decide the exact brand or flavor that is delivered.


If you've ever been to a bar, then you know that there are dozens of beers to choose from ranging from domestics to craft selections.

Now, picture the bar coming to your home.

That's the experience that you get when you order from Tavour.

You no longer have to worry about going out to a bar in order to get a glass of beer, fighting the crowds and possibly witnessing a bar fight or two.

You'll receive beers that include pale ales, lagers, and beers that are delightful to enjoy with desserts.

There are also beer flavors that would make you think that you're ordering from a bakery or a restaurant instead of a beverage company.

Many of the flavors that are sent from Tavour are crafted at restaurants and businesses for their customers and designed for others to try.

Once you've decided which beers you like, you can order larger bottles or contact the company to try to order more samples of that flavor. 

However, you're likely going to enjoy the unique flavors that you get each time you order a box as the company tries to find the most exotic and special blends that are available.

How Are Beers Selected?

Although the company does have a hand in selecting the beers that you receive, you get to make some of the decisions as well.

As soon as you subscribe to have beers delivered, you have access to the vault of flavors that are available.

You'll receive emails about the latest beers that are available as well as notices via the app that you download. 

Once you have made your selections, your order is then processed.

There is an option to leave a few beverages in your box until you're ready to complete the order to deliver in case you see something new that you like.

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Support You Might Need

Aside from the customer service given by the company, you're going to discover that there is a world of support offered through social media pages.

It's almost like an entire community that comes together to talk about beer and the flavors that everyone likes.

This is a way that you can learn more about the new flavors that are available and some of the beers that you should try depending on what others like that are similar to your desires.

The company also offers appreciation events for customers so that they can enjoy the latest beers.

When you call the company, you're not going to wait around for several hours at a time.

If you send a message via email, then the customer support team will usually respond within a few hours.

What's The Verdict?

Tavour is a company that brings the bar to your home so that you have the best variety possible instead of going out on the town.

It's affordable, and there's always something new to try.

Contact the company today to reserve your beers that can be shipped to your home in just a few days.


  • Choose the beers that you wantExceptional customer support
  • Order as many beers at a time as you want to have delivered


  • Sometimes hard to keep up with all of the varieties
  • Samples are rather small

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