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the original craft beer club review 2019

Opening a bottle of cold beer is my way to relax at the end of the day. 

I'm not someone who drinks a lot of other alcoholic beverages, so beer is usually the drink that I turn to when I want to unwind. 

It's also something that I like to drink when I'm watching a football game with my friends.

The "Original" Craft Beer Club makes it easy to taste an assortment of beers each month instead of going to a store or going to a bar to get a glass.

This means that I can safely enjoy a glass of craft beer without putting someone else in danger on the road if I happen to drink too much.

I also save gas money by not going out as often.

Let's take our first sip of one of the best craft beer clubs on the interwebs!

What Is Craft Beer Club All About?

A huge benefit of this craft beer subscription is a team carefully selects the best beers possible to send to you each month.

They look at independent craft breweries across the country to choose craft beers that you've likely never tasted before.

I've had some beers come in my boxes that you would think were crafted just for my taste buds.

I've never even heard of the names of these high quality beers before! 

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Craft Beer Club Memberships

There is an option to order boxes that are shipped each month, which is the way that you want to go with this club so that you don't miss out on the latest beers that have been chosen.

However, if you're not a big beer drinker, or not an uber beer enthusiast, then you can choose when you want to receive a box whether it's every other month or once a year.

If you order more boxes to have delivered over the course of several months, then you're going to save more money.

Another detail that you want to consider is gifting the boxes to family members and friends.

If you gift a certain number of boxes, then you can get free items.

You also get a $25 bonus on a future order.

This club cares about its customers.

It wants to make each step of the ordering process as easy as possible from the time you enter your information to the time you receive your box of new beers to enjoy.

It's also very easy to order this beer subscription as a gift!

original craft beer club review

What's Included?

There is more than just a few beers included in the box that you receive each month.

You'll be pleased to know that you're going to get 12 craft brews that are 12 ounces each. 

There are four different styles of craft beers included in the box. 

You'll get three beers for each style that is selected.

Up your beer knowledge! A tasting notes card is included that describes the flavors of each craft beer. 

There is also a little background information about where the craft beer originated and the history of how it was made.

A newsletter (The Beer Connoisseur E Magazine) is also included in your monthly shipment that provides information about The Original Craft Beer Club and what to expect in the future.

You'll also learn about some of the foods that the beers pair well with, such as sweet treats and savory dishes.

craft beer club - is it worth it?

Sometime cans are included with your monthly shipment.

According to the site, many independently owned breweries are creating fantastic artisanal beers packaged in cans. 

This is said to preserve quality better.

If you prefer bottles, don't worry you can request that you only receive bottle (or cans!) and they will make  a note of it on your account.

Usually you get cans about three times a year, unless otherwise requested.

In Craft Beer Clubs view, it is best to fulfill the small craft brewers visions and deliver the product as first conceived.

As far as I'm concerned this is what you want to see from a craft beer subscription.

Now, a bit about the beer selection process. 

Unlike some other "craft" beer clubs, the craft beer that you receive is obtained from small craft breweries. 

This means that you're going to get a lot of unique flavors. 

The selection team works to include craft beers from a variety of geographical locations instead of only one area of the country.

How Much Does Craft Beer Clubs Cost?

Don't go into this thinking that you're going to get a bottle of craft beer for $1 each.

Although you're usually going to pay less than what you would pay if you were to go to the brewery, you're still going to pay a good bit for the items that you receive. 

However, their prices are competitive with other beer clubs.

This is another reason why you want to consider ordering more shipments at one time because you can get a discount.

If you like drinking a cold beer at the end of the day as I do, then join the Craft Beer Club!

You're going to get flavors that you likely won't get even if you were to go to a bar to get a drink.

Contact the company today to get a good idea for the prices and what you can expect from your first shipment.

If you are into extremely hard to find brews, try the Rare Beer Club.

Offered by Monthly Clubs.

They also offer the Beer of the Month Club, Hop Heads Beer Club, Microbrewed Beer Club, and International Beer Club. 

It's a little more pricey, but they have an awesome array of beer styles, tasting notes, and you are guaranteed to discover craft beers that you've never even dreamed of before.

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What is the Verdict on Craft Beer Club? Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, The "Original" Craft Beer Club is one of the best craft beer clubs available.

With over 20 years experience, excellent quality control, variety of beer styles, free gifts and great customer service they are hard to beat.

One of the things that I enjoy about Craft Beer Club is that I can clearly see all of the details about the prices and what I'm going to get in my box each month when I look at the website.

Everything is clearly labeled, and there are images of craft beer that I could get in my box.

This makes it a bit easier to have a little trust in the company before I place an order compared to other beer clubs.

All of the prices of the items that are available are right there on the website. 

You can see how much each box is if you were to subscribe to get multiple boxes compared to if you were to only get one or two.

craft beer club logo

This is beneficial when I'm trying to decide what the best deal would be so that I know whether I want to save my money or not.

I can clearly see the ingredients that are listed in each craft beer.

There are clear details about where the craft beers come from and what to expect when they are received.

A detail that should be a bit clearer is the naming system as some of them don't make a lot of sense compared to the flavors that are presented.

When you're on the website, you can play around with the number of shipments that you receive as well as how often they are received.

I would recommend a beer of the month club that gives you this option.

If you order multiple shipments at one time, then you will receive a free gift.

I received a free bottle opener in my first shipment. 

You can also get larger merchandise (up to three free gifts!) as you continue ordering from the company as a way for the Original Craft Beer Club to say thank you.

Also before I run, as I mentioned earlier, a great runner up would be the Rare Beer Club.

One of the great craft beer clubs, they also offer choice selections from craft breweries.


- Jack


  • Free shipping!
  • Information about the craft beer
  • Clear pricing and shipment details
  • One of the first beer clubs


  • Prices can get high at times
  • Bottles could be a little larger

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