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great clubs - beer of the month club review 2019

The sound of a cold can of beer opening is often one of my favorite sounds.

When I drink a can, glass, or bottle of beer that has the flavor that I desire, the troubles that I have from the day seem to float out the window. 

I never was a person to drink beer though until adulthood, which is odd because it was a beverage that was always in our home when I was younger.

The Beer of the Month Club is beneficial because I can get an assortment of beers at an affordable price.

I don't have to worry about what the club sends because I know that everything I have received so far has been superb and full of flavor.

It also helps that the boxes that I receive are affordable options for my budget, something that I always had to think about when I would go to a store to purchase a simple can or a small case of cans of beer.

What Do You Get?

When you open your box of beers that are sent from the club, you're going to be amazed at the quality of the items that you receive.

Most of the flavors are crafted at special breweries across the country and even a few businesses so that you get unique products that you won't find in your area.

All of the products are hand-selected.

This means that a team from the club searches for the best beers to include in the boxes that are mailed to members.

Instead of one or two beers in the box, you're going to get 12 beer bottles from about four different areas of the country.

There are three or four different flavors included in the box, and you get three or four bottles of each flavor, which evens out to the 12 total that you receive.

Many of the flavors that are packaged are rare and come from one of only a few breweries in the country.

Some of the varieties that you're going to get in your box include ales, stouts, and porters.

Keep in mind that you won't get each kind every month.

You might get more ales one month or more stout beers another month.

This is the club's way of ensuring that you continue to get fresh products instead of the same beverages over and over again.

You'll also receive a newsletter in your box that details where the beers come from and how they have been crafted.

The newsletter also contains details about ways that you can enjoy the beer that you get in your box.

Another feature of the newsletter that I enjoy is the section about discounts and special promotions.

What better way to save money than by ordering a box of beer?

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If you decide to send a box to someone as a gift, then you'll usually receive discounts on future orders.

Another benefit of sending gifts is that you can create a personalized note that's included in the box.

You can let the recipient know who the box is from or add a cheerful note explaining that you're sending the beer to enjoy.

The club offers a happiness guarantee for all products that are delivered.

If you're not satisfied with the contents of each box, then you can send them back for a replacement.

You can also choose to get your money back if you're not satisfied.

If you no longer want to receive the boxes each month, then you can contact the club to cancel your membership.

Unfortunately, you aren't able to cancel your membership online.

The best way to cancel is to call the club to make the request.

Make sure you receive a confirmation email so that you can keep it for your records in the event that you are charged in the future for another subscription.

Crafting Your Details

After you make the decision to join the club, you get to choose the number of months that you want to receive the boxes.

You can choose from two, three, four, six, or 12 months.

If you choose 12 months, then you can receive a $50 discount.

If you like drinking beer, then this is the best option.

However, it is a little more expensive upfront compared to the other options that are available.

A benefit of this club is that you can choose how often you make your payment.

If you can't make the full payment upfront, then choose to make your payments one month at a time.

If you're like me, then this is usually the best option because you don't have a lot of extra money around the house but still want a cold beer every now and then.

You can then choose how often your boxes are shipped.

Options include once a month, every two months, or every three months.

If you choose to have your boxes shipped every three months, then you're going to get more bottles at one time.

Sometimes, the club will send cans instead of bottles. 

The cans are of the same quality.

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Choosing Your Beer

The one downfall is that you can't choose the specific type of beer that you get in your box.

However, this makes receiving the boxes a bit more exciting.

It's like opening a present at Christmas because you don't know what you're going to see.

There is an option for you to order beers that you've already received.

This is as close to selecting what you get as there is with the club.

Beers are selected based on some of these selections that you make in order to match the flavors and types of beer that you choose.

Each box is carefully sealed and packaged to keep the bottles secure during shipping.


  • Wide assortment of beers
  • New flavors added all the time
  • Easy payment and shipping options


  • Can't pick what you want
  • Beers aren't really cold when they arrive

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