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vinebox review 2019

Have you ever had a desire to quench your thirst with something that has just a small amount of alcohol in it but haven't wanted beer or liquor? This is when I turn to a glass of wine, especially if I've had a long day and want to relax. Instead of buying large bottles of wine that I might not drink, I started getting monthly boxes of smaller bottles of wine from Vinebox.

When I say I get small bottles, imagine perfume samples. They might not be that small, but they aren't huge servings that you might expect. However, the samples that do arrive in your box are large enough to give you a good idea for the flavors that are in the wine so that you can make a decision about whether or not to purchase a larger version.

Getting Started

When you sign up for the service, you'll enter a few details about the flavors that you like. This information is then used to choose the wines that you might like. If you don't want to enter your personal preferences, then you'll get nine different wines to try.

A benefit is that you don't have to pay for shipping as the company takes care of this cost for you. The box that you receive is carefully designed so that it looks exquisite. It almost looks like each detail is drawn by hand on the outside of the box to give it a sophisticated and elegant look.

All The Flavors

As soon as you get the box, you can begin tasting the wines that you receive. I tend to taste each one with dinner, spreading them out over the course of a few weeks simply because I know that I won't get another box for another few months.

If I like the taste of the wine, then I try to order it so that I have a larger bottle. I enjoy learning about new wines that are on the market and how they are made. There are even wines from other regions of the world that I normally wouldn't even know about unless I ordered from Vinebox.

When you taste the wines in the box, you're going to quickly find out if there is a flavor that you don't like. It's these wines that I tend to write the company about because I want them to know why I don't like them and how they can improve the flavors. I also don't want other people to have the same experience.

I would compare the amount of wine that you get in the bottles to that of a small wine glass. You're not going to get enough wine to make you feel like you've consumed a large amount of alcohol, but it's enough to be able to help you form an opinion of whether you want more.

Credit System

After you've received a few boxes and placed a few orders, you'll start earning credits. Think of this as a rewards system that you might have at a grocery store. After you have a certain number of credits, you can exchange them for full-size bottles and other merchandise that is sold by the company.

The credits make it easy to stock up on the wines that you enjoy, especially if you know that you're going to continue ordering boxes. You can also use your credits to send bottles to other people if you don't want to send a gift of a subscription to receive boxes during the year.

Frequency Of Deliveries

One of the things that I don't like about Vinebox is that you only get wines four times a year instead of once a month. This is understandable because wine can be expensive, but you're not getting enough in the box for it to make a lot of difference in the overall price.

There are a few different kinds of boxes that you can order, one being the Current Edition. This is a box that is considered the feature of the month. an example would be the Vintages and Verticals. It includes wines that are a bit more elegant and aromatic.

The company offers quarterly releases of new wines that you can get in the boxes you receive. These wines are usually the latest trending flavors as well as a few of the classic flavors that are well-known to Vinebox.

A Little Education

Wine Smart is a way that you can get educated about the wines that are available. Most of the time, you're going to get a small card or a piece of paper in the box you receive that will describe what you're getting.

The Wine Smart feature gives you ideas about how to pair wines with meals or ways that you can enjoy your wine at home. I've sat on my couch with a glass of wine while watching a movie and also enjoyed a glass or two of wine with friends while sitting outside around a fire.

Who would really buy an entire bottle of expensive wine before you sample what it's like? Vinebox allows you to sample a variety of wines at one time if you want to try all of them as soon as you get the box. Even though you have to pay for the subscription to receive the boxes, it's less expensive than wasting money on a bottle of wine that you might not like.

Many of the wines that are included in the boxes that are delivered are hand-picked from areas across the world. There are wines chosen from the United States as well as France, Germany, and countries that you don't even think of when you think about wine.

When you sign up with Vinebox, you'll get to choose whether you like red or white wine or both varieties. You'll also get to choose the flavors that you enjoy if you're accustomed to drinking wine already.

What's The Verdict

Although there are a few hiccups with the service, such as bottles that only offer a small sample of wine, Vinebox is a company that you should try at least one time.

Grab your computer or your phone so that you can visit the Vinebox website and place your first order.


  • Almost a dozen wines in your box
  • Get to choose some of your flavors
  • Wines from across the world
  • Detailed information about wines you receive


  • Boxes only sent quarterly
  • Small amounts in each box

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