Best Beard Oil For Black Men | Top African American Beard Growth Products


(Guest writer, Caliph H.)

This one's for the brothers. Let's face it, our hair hits different.

It grows, different. It needs different care.

We don't have to go all the way to Zamunda to get those juices and berries like Prince Akeem in "Coming To America" (I know I'm old, sigh).

Today we can get what we need right online.

I have personally tried most of these and made a list of what I feel is the best beard oils for black men on the market.

They'll get your mayne looking on point and we'll all be ready to go to Queens and get a queen.

Bless up ya beard! - CH

The Best Beard Oil For Black Men:

Here is the list of the best oils for afro-american men including black owned companies.

1. Scotch Porter (Black Owned)

scotch porter beard care

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Be sure to check out their full beard kit,  Ultimate Beard Collection , if you want to take your beard to the next level.

OK, let me be honest...

This beard serum is my personal favorite simply because the amazing aroma that it leaves behind. 

With scents like Sandalwood & Tobacco Musk, Fresh Greens & Amber Woods and Warm Spice & Powdery Musk...

You might find yourself having more female attention drawn to you.

My girlfriend loves it. "You got the Juice now!"

Scotch porter uses an alchemy of Jojoba, Avocado  and other oils to make the serum. 

They lock in moisture in your beard throughout the day so that you're not left with dry and scratchy beard growth.

This best beard oil also give the hair a luxurious shine. 

You can get this black magic for less than 20 bucks.

Scotch Porter is a black owned company.

2. Duke Cannon Supply Co.

duke cannon Supply Co beard oil review

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Go from unkempt to ''kempt'' with Duke Cannon's Best Damn Beard Oil.

Made with premium natural ingredients such as apricot kernel, argan, and jojoba oils, it's formulated to soften even the hardest working beards.


"Best Damn Beard Oil" is formulated to soften even the hardest working beards Rich in Vitamin E, carotenes, and antioxidants.

These oils are considered beneficial against psoriasis, eczema and acne.

It features an amber apothecary bottle with slow drip pour top to reduce spills features the scent of freshly split cedar.

Key Ingredients: Apricot Kernel, Argan oil, Jojoba oil.

This one would be good for any beard growth.

But I have to say it could be best beard oil for back men today.

3. King C. Gillette

king c gillete beard oil

At $10 for a bottle, you're going to get a beard oil that moisturizes your facial hair and your skin.

The beard oil is infused with a variety of rich products including castor oil, jojoba oil, macadamia seed, argan oil, and sweet almond oil.

These are natural products, so you don't have to worry as much about reactions occurring when the beard oil is used.

You only need a few drops of the beard oil at a time, which means that the bottle will likely last quite a while so that you can enjoy the benefits.

Other products that you can combine with the beard oil when making your purchase include beard comb, razors and face wash.

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4. Jack Black

jack black beard oil

Vitamin E and a variety of essential oils are found in this beard oil, coming together to give give you soft hair on your beard and hair that's healthier.

Antioxidants are also in the oil, protecting your beard from some of the bacteria that can sometimes linger on the face.

Other vitamins that are in the beard oil work to prevent itchy facial hair skin that can sometimes make getting through the day a little difficult.

If you have brittle hair, then this is a product to consider since it does have more vitamins.

All you have to do is put a few drops on your hands to rub the beard oil into your facial hair.

This product is a little more expensive but less than $30 for a best beard oil bottle.

5. Honest Amish

honest amish beard oil review

A beard oil for black men that's crafted in the USA, it's made with natural ingredients and comes in a bottle with a distinct design.

It's an oil that helps with the itchy feeling that you might notice once your beard starts growing while softening the hair and conditioning the skin.

The beard hair oil is less than $20 and does come in a slightly larger bottle than some other oils that are available.

Several oils are combined in the product to deliver a woodsy and almost spicy fragrance including castor oil, tea tree oil, argan oil, pumpkin seed oil, jojoba oil, cumin, shea butter, and rosehip oil.

While there are several beard hair oils that come together to deliver the scents that you notice, they are all-natural so that beard growth oil don't damage the skin or the beard hair.

6. Gentleman's Beard

gentlemens beard oil review

The natural fragrance-free option is right at $20 for a bottle.

It's designed to work best with coarse hair.

There's no scent associated with the oil, which is something to consider if you enjoy a little smell once in a while.

The organic beard oil for black men does help promote healthy beard growth while strengthening and softening your beard.

It leaves behind less frizz and less grease as well since there are no added fillers and products.

7. Frederick Benjamin (Black Owned)

frederick benjamin beard oil

If you want to support other black men who are trying to establish and grow their business, then this is a company to consider.

The pre-shave oil for black men is less than $20 and is made with grapeseed, olive oil, and avocado.

It leaves behind a refreshing scent on your facial hair instead of one that smells artificial. 

You'll apply the beard oil to your facial hair before shaving so that you're left with smooth skin or soft hairs if you only want to trim down your beard a bit.

Beard growth oils are not greasy and are lightweight beard oil (not to be confused with a beard balm) so that you hardly know that it's on your facial hair during the day.

8. Holly Hall

holly hall beard oil review

Apply a healthy organic beard oil that's only $14 for a bottle.

It's a product that can be used for all facial hair types to deliver a soft feeling that can last all day.

One difference with this product is that the oils aren't diluted. 

They are natural without leaving behind a greasy feeling or one that's heavy on the hair and skin.

A team of dermatologists has tested the beard oil to ensure that it's safe as well.

The only things that you'll find are Moroccan argan oil and jojoba oil.

There are no other colors or fragrances that are added, making this beard oil one of the most natural products in the market.

9. SheaMoisture (Black Owned)

shea moisture beard oil

This is an oil that's often used to help straighten longer beards.

It works to condition the skin while making the hair soft, allowing you to easily comb through it and tame some of those hairs that tend to get out of control during the day. 

The beard oil for black  containing shea butter delivers a brilliant shine with minerals and vitamins that nourish the facial hair while minimizing breakage.

Jamaican Black castor oil and shea butter are ingredients in the oil along with peppermint, which can help to cool the skin while offering an invigorating sensation as well.

SheaMoisture is a black owned company.

10. Prophet and Tools

prophet and tools beard oil review

This larger bottle comes in right at $20.

It's considered a premium beard oil for black that's unscented as it doesn't include essential oils like tea tree oil, argan oil, and other additives. 

It's also one that's nut-free and vegan.

The oil is designed for dry and damaged hair, strengthening your beard and making it softer.

It can help keep your hair from falling out while restoring the shine that you might have lost over time.

You only need a few drops on your beard to start seeing a difference.

It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave behind a greasy residue or a heavy feeling since there are no extra oils inside. 

The only things that you will discover include aloe and vitamin E along with jojoba oil.

11. Mountaineer Brand

mountaineer brand beard oil review

A light woodsy scent comes from this beard oil bottle as soon as it's opened.

At $10 for a larger bottle, it's a better bargain compared to other oils.

Such beard oils made with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, absorbs quickly while leaving your hair soft and freckles free.

It also gives your beard a subtle shine.

The beard oil hydrates the skin and helps to prevent flaking when you shave.

Cedarwood and Eucalyptus combine to bring the woodsy scent that you notice, but these are natural ingredients that are clean without leaving a highly-fragranced scent behind.

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12. Castlebeard

castlebeard beard oil review

Several beard oils are available from this brand with most bottles being $17.99 a bottle.

You'll discover scents like Ranger Ridge, Temple Magic, and Blue Bloods.

There is also an unscented beard oil option.

You can get a sample set with 12 beard oils for black for $29.99.

You can purchase a complete grooming kit with a comb and oils for $44.

The beard oils for black moisturize and soften your beard and leave behind gentle scents from natural products.

Vitamin E, argan oil, and jojoba are included in most of the products that are available with a few additional beard oils that create the variety of scents that you can purchase.

13. Ranger

ranger beard oil review

A fragrance-free beard oil, you can get a bottle for less than $15.

This beard balm for black men works well with coarse and beard dandruff.

Does your beard itch? Essential oils like jojoba oil and Moroccan oil are the only two items that you'll find, resulting in less dry skin and softer hair.

It's vegan-friendly and a product that hasn't been tested on animals.

Since it soaks into the hair and skin quickly, it's not greasy and is calming.

14. Viking Revolution

viking revolution beard oil

Beard oils from this company come in small bottles that are quite affordable starting at $8.99.

The best scents are a bit earthy with fragrances of clary sage and cedar.

When you open your beard oil bottle, you'll see that there's a dropper inside to make applying the oil to your beard easier and to ensure that it only gets on your facial hair follicles instead of all over your face.

If you don't like oils that pack a punch, there is one that's unscented for your facial hair growth.

You can purchase a three-pack with a variety of best beard oil or of your favorite scent for $18.99.


What Is The Best Oil For A Black Man's Beard?

If you're looking for the best beard oil for black men, then consider Scotch Porter because of it's high quality ingredients and unmatches scents.
It's also one that's designed for damaged hair and beard dandruff and can be used for all hair types.
It leaves the beard soft and manageable without a lot of additives.
Duke's Best Damn Beard Oil is another option if you're looking for the best as high quality ingredients rival any on the market.

Does Beard Oil Work For Black Men?

When you use beard oil for black men, you should try to use something with vitamin E as you're going to get the best results for softer hair.
Make sure the oil that you use is moisturizing so that you don't have to deal with a lot of flaking, itchiness or ingrown hairs.
Since a black man's hair can sometimes dry out easier, beard oil is a good product to use so that moisture is retained after taking a shower or washing the face.

Do Black Men Need Beard Oil?

Black men don't necessarily need beard oil, but it is good to have on hand.
It does help moisturize the skin, which is beneficial because black men often see that the skin can quickly dry out.
Also the right oil can help with ingrown hairs, a common problem area for brothers.
Instead of using a lot of lotion that can make the skin greasy, beard oils absorb a bit faster without leaving behind a greasy feeling.
The best beard oil and beard balm can also be a better option than using soaps and shampoos because those products tend to lead to dry skin and hair.
If you wash your beard use a beard wash, that has natural oils in it and they do not result in dry skin or hair.
Also the best beard oil will give you a fuller beard, which is always wanted for that grand appearance.

How Often Should Black Men Oil Their Beards?

You're going to want to use beard oils for black men at least once a day, possibly twice a day depending on if you have dry skin and hair, as you don't want to encourage damage.
Take a warm shower first before applying beard oil, using a little more than you normally would when you get the day started so that it lingers a bit longer and has a better chance of settling into the skin and hair.
You also want to apply the beard oil for black man or beard balm right before going to bed so that it has a chance to work overnight, which can sometimes result in softer hair in the morning instead of waking up to a coarse beard growth.
Be sure to specifically use a beard wash when cleaning you beard to keep it moist and supple.

How Do Black Men Get Natural Beard Oil?

You can order the right beard oil for you online from Amazon or directly from the company that you choose.
Most companies offer beard oil bottles in various sizes as well as different scents if you want something that does smell good.
Facial hair oils are usually sold in stores as well.
However, it's sometimes easier to compare different products when you order online.

Is Coconut Oil Good For A Black Beard?

Coconut is one of the best beard oils to use for a black beard.
It features lauric acid properties, which work to stimulate healthy hair growth.
It's not a greasy product and is natural, instead of featuring a lot of additives and fragrances.
When using coconut oil for black men, you'll likely notice that your hair growth has a fuller look and is easier to comb through.
And hopefully you will have less pesky ingrown hairs as a results too.

Should I Put Beard Oil On Before Bed?

Coconut oil is a good product to use for black men.
It features lauric acid properties, which work to stimulate healthy beard growth.
It's not a greasy product and is natural instead of featuring a lot of additives and fragrances.
When using coconut as beard oil for black men, you'll likely notice that your hair growth has a fuller look and is easier to comb through.

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