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Essential Guide to Beard Care for Black Men

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Growing a large James Harden-esque type beard can be quite arduous and requires considerable effort. 

No killer crossover needed.

But seriously, a beard is a long-term investment that can yield a high return in the long term as I manage it. 

Even your beard may not get in all areas of your body quickly. That's where maintenance comes in.

Unfortunately, we don't have quick techniques in mind. Hopefully, this article will help with growing a quality LeBron James type mane, mayne.

Using The Right Soap

Black hair needs more moisture so it won't be dry. Curlier hair is more susceptible to getting trapped behind the skin (aka ingrown hairs).

It is important to use beard grooming products that hydrate facial hair and skin.

Many of these household shampoos and bathing products dry out your skin and strip your head hair of oil.

Exfoliate the skin under your beard with your fingertips or a washcloth for maximum cleaning and the removal of any dry flaky skin under it.

Our beard wash birch tar is good as it helps to clean off the dry skin on skin and hair. It also helps to heal and protect skin from inflammatory conditions and bacteria and.

Let It Grow Joe, Let It Grow

Black males can grow their facial hair for 3 or 4 weeks before establishing their personal style.

It will allow you to see how your facial hair grows and notice any patches of thick areas that potentially affect consistency of the beard style you choose. 

We gotta keep it tight right?

The biggest challenges with growing facial hair as brothers would be not knowing how the hair would look or react to products when beginning.

Whatever your style the goal is to keep your beard well washed conditioned as well as grooming.

Useful Tips

For a thinner beard and maximum moisture, apply oil to your new growth.

Once the oil is applied to the beard, apply a natural and quality hair conditioner on the beard. 

Some beard oil balms may include wax-like material like shea butter and honey which keep hair off from irritation.

For a smoother beard give it a last rinse of cool water to seal and soften hair cuticles after a wash.

Most people have trouble remembering how to use a new beard when they have a new project to complete that will require initiation of some time and the the right products. 

Is it your first time growing a beard?

Not all facial hairs grow at the same rate or have the same thickness or coverage.

Every time I groom my face I must keep in mind the face. For example, men with oval faces can easily get away without much difficulty in styling.

Men with wide and rectangular faces usually focused around face width and height.

So before you get a beard start by learning about what your figure and see the beard styles that work the best for you.

Not the same amount of facial hair. The best facial styles for male beards of square faces are to avoid appearing too long.

After washing use a quality beard oil

The use of essential oils can increase skin health effects like skin texture and baldness.

We suggest applying hair oil after wash to protect your beard when nearly dry. Make sure your beard oil is made of real ingredients instead of synthetic traces of harmful chemicals which cause the skin to dry out.

Use natural organic jojoba and pure argan seed oil as their main oils.

That will absorb your skin and keep your beard healthy. 

How to manage your beard and create a simple routine

Developing good beard management is a good step to help your beard shine and become stronger.

In the same way, you wash your hair, brush your teeth and rinse your face the same thing must apply to your beard.

Let's brush our teeth, groom our beards and.

It is crucial that the bald guy have top black men shaving tips in 2020.

Finding the product of the highest quality beard is the first step to growing and maintaining an optimal beard. 

Most of the regular hair products contain ingredients not suitable for black men's beards.

Some products are traditionally enriched in essential oils like shea butter, jojoba, or argan oil.

These oils work well in moisturizing and softening African-style beards.

It takes two to three hours to moisturize your skin, especially if your skin is dry. 

- Jack

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