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How To: Straightening Beard At Home With A Heated Brush or Comb

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Those pesky little hairs that make up your beard might look like a bowl of pasta when they get curly.

What if you get to know how to straighten beard at home easily?

Sometimes, you just want your beard to be straight with a professional appearance, especially when you go to work or attend a special event.

You can try to use conditioners and maybe even a small brush to straighten your facial hair, but you could be left with more frizz than anything else that could result in your curly beard hair looking like clown's hair.

Using only a few products and a short amount of time, you can straighten your beard so that it has the clean and fresh appearance that you desire.

Best Beard Straighteners:

#1 Masc By Jeff Chastain

This is a beard straightener that has four combs that are positioned along a heat plate.

The plate of this hair straightener helps to protect your face while you use the comb to straighten your curly beard.

This is a product that you can get at many retail stores for less than $70.

#2 Arkam

Several products are featured in this set including a comb and a heated brush.

You can use the brush with the soft bristles to smooth out the facial hair while using the comb to separate and to help straighten.

There is a smaller comb included for beard straightening that can be used for the finishing touches to give your beard the best look possible and to help get those edges just right.

#3 Aberlite

Designed to look like a brush, the bristles are separated by a plate to keep the heat from burning your face.

Five heat settings allow you to work with the brush to figure out which one you like and which works best for your beard.

You'll spend about $40 on the facial hair straightening tool.

#4 Cayzor

This comb and heated beard straightener features five heat settings and is ceramic coated to offer a little more protection for your hair and your skin.

The beard straighteners only take about 60 seconds to get warm, and there's an LCD screen that clearly shows the temperature so that you know when it's ready.

With the various temperature settings, this is a good option for all types of hair, such as curly or thin.

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An option to start with is a beard hair straightener.

It's common to have a few waves in your facial hair, so if you don't mind the slight curl, then you might not need to use a straightener.

However, if you want to tame the curly beard hair, then you can gently use a flat iron to achieve the look that you want.

Since this is the same product that's used to straighten hair, you need to be careful not to burn your skin when you're at the roots of the hairs that make up your beard.

A straightener can be used to give you those stylish edges that you want for your facial hair along with making sure all of the angles are just right.

A round brush beard straightener is another tool that works well with beard straightening.

You want to start at the top of the beard and slowly pull down to the ends so that you get straight hair instead of curved.

You can use a blow dryer while brushing to help flatten the hairs as well, which can lead to them being straighter.

Take a round brush a step farther with a heated beard straightening brush to fix the curly beard.

Several styles and brands are available, but they all work pretty much the same.

It combines the heat from a flat iron and the design of a round brush so that you can heat the hairs of your beard straight while pulling them and rounding the edges at the same time.

When heat is used, it tends to allow for better control and can take away some of the frizz that you see, especially if you use a heat protectant or even a little bit of hair spray.

A benefit of using beard hair straighteners are that they can make your curly beard look a little longer since the hairs won't be drawn up from being curly.

You can also add a little texture to your beard with a hair straightener so that it doesn't look dull and lifeless or have a coarse appearance and feel.

There are times when you might not want to straighten your beard, such as when you're playing sports and you know that you're just going to see all of the facial hair shrivel up again when you get sweaty or when you're lounging around the house.

However, keeping beard straight is a style for the office, an evening out with someone you love, or a special event.

It's also what you might enjoy even if you're not going anywhere so that you don't have to worry about your curly beard looking rugged.

Beard Straightening at Home

Before you use any tools, beard shampoo or other products to straighten your beard, you want to make sure the hair is dry.

Add conditioner to your facial hair so that it's a bit more manageable.

A heat protectant can be used whether you use a flat iron or a heated brush to minimize the damage from the high heat that's used. 

Try to add a little tension when you're straightening your beard as this can help to pull down the hairs a bit more instead of simply relying on the flat iron or brush.

Make sure you pull the brush or comb in a downward fashion to keep the facial hair straight instead of curling your beard around the tools that are used.

A little beard oil or beard balm can be applied to keep the hair follicle moisturized and to help keep the curly hair in place.

Blow Drying

If you want to use a blow dryer to straighten your beard, turn it on the lowest heat setting so that you don't damage your hair.

Start with one section at a time.

A way to ensure that the facial hairs are straight from the bottom to the roots is by using the hair dryer starting at the ends of your beard and then working up to the top as this can allow you to make sure each section is as straight as possible.


You might think that using a lot of products on your beard hair isn't safe since this is a sensitive area of your body.

If you use products correctly and avoid using too much heat, then this is a way that you can straighten your beard without any damage.

Beard oil is one such product that can never damage the facial hair.

Beard oil can be used if you feel that your facial hair is beginning to dry out.

How can I straighten my beard at home naturally?

Aside from using a flat iron or a blow dryer, there are a few more ways that you can straighten your beard at home.

One is by applying some beard oil, wetting the hair and pulling a comb through it until the hair is as straight as you want.

You can also wrap your beard in small bands.

When you remove the bands, you'll notice that the hair is straighter since it hasn't been exposed to the elements during the day, such as humidity or wind.

Beard oil can be used as well when you want to straighten curly beard hair naturally.

Natural oils used can help to keep your beard health in great condition.

A beard balm can also be applied to your hair.

While you're taking a shower, you can use a small amount of beer when washing your beard to help remove some of the frizz that can leave your beard curly.

Is straightening your beard bad for it?

Unless you use a lot of heat while straightening your curly beards hair, you're not really going to cause any damage.

You want to try to keep your beard trimmed so that the hair is healthy as possible and doesn't have split ends, which can also help in beard straightening as well.

How do I get my beard to lay flat?

After straightening your beard hair, add a little hair spray or beard balm to keep your hair flat.

A flat iron comes in handy as well as it can flatten those curly beards that tend to stick out.

How do you straighten a 1-inch beard?

Since there's not as much hair to work with as a longer beard, you want to be careful about using a lot of heat.

Sea salt spray works well in removing frizz and making it easier to comb your curly hair, which can straighten your hair.

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