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As a man, one of the things that might be of importance to you each day or once every several weeks is trimming your beard growth. However, you should still provide the necessary care for your beard whether it's almost nonexistent or a few inches long.

A beard subscription box offers beard care products that you'll need and are delivered to your home every month from a great variety of companies that offer this service. You can expect items such as high-quality beard oils, mustache wax, beard shampoo, beard balm, beard wash. 

Here are only the our top choices of subscriptions to consider so that you can give your beard the masculine look and feel you and your significant other enjoy. 


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The Beard Club
  • High quality products
  • Dynamite beard community
  • Great customer service
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  • Customizable bundles
  • Easy exchanges & returns
  • Free samples given
Mountaineer Brand Beard Care
  • 100% All natural products
  • Monthly or yearly options
  • Cancel anytime

The Best Beard Care Subscription Boxes:

1. The Beard Club

The Beard Club

When selecting your beard kit from The Beard Club (formerly knowns as 'Dollar Beard Club'), you'll get to choose whether you're starting to let your beard grow or if you're trying to groom a beard that is longer.

There are a few kits available that you can purchase that include basic products, or you can customize your box based on the beard products that you want. You can earn points for each dollar that you spend, using those points to get more goods to include in your kit or that you can get separately.

Aside from a beard care set that includes grooming supplies, there are kits that have items to help your hair grow if you're having trouble getting started with the beard you want. A detail to keep in mind about this club is that some of the products are a bit basic and don't offer a lot of fragrance if you enjoy those that smell a bit more manly. They are also known for their great customer service.

2. Badass Beard Club

Photo of bad ass beard care club

When you join the Badass Beard Club, you'll get a beard care starter kit that includes some of the best beard care products available at the best prices. All of the packages can be customized. If you don't want a product in your kit, you can exchange it for something else or leave it out altogether.

Discounts are available when you enroll in the beard care club subscription program. These include a percentage off of oils, balms, conditioners, or free items after spending a certain amount of money. Samples are often sent with the subscription boxes that arrive, and you're always one of the first to know about new products that are available.

3. Mountaineer Brand

Mountaineer Brand Beard Care

"Bearded Greatness Begins Here!" Mountaineer proudly touts 100% all natural products on every shipment.

We recommend  going for the Supreme Subscription to achieve the aforementioned greatness.

It includes beard care products such as their all natural oils, balms, wax, beard wash and more. You'll get 3 full sized (yes!) products in a scent of your choosing and 3 sample sized products to try for yourself.

If you love one of the samples we send, just let them know. There's a chance you may find a bonus in one of your future deliveries. Your beard is in good hands! 

4. Beard Care Club

Photo of the beard care club.

This beard care subscription is one that features numerous scents ranging from woodsy fragrances to those that are a bit lighter, similar to a floral aroma. When you purchase your beard care subscription box, you can also enroll in the scent of the month club. You'll receive a small bottle of oil, lotion, or another product that is of a special scent for that particular month.

These scents are discounted during the month if you want to purchase other items. The club donates money to charity organizations if you purchase items in special collections. Aside from beard products, you can also get supplies for tattoo care and room sprays.

5. Lucky Scruff Beard Club

Lucky scruff beard club

When you subscribe to this beard club, you'll have access to boxes that feature oils, creams, balms and other products to keep your beard healthy and in the best condition possible. There are boxes that you can get once a month or twice a month depending on how often you want the products delivered.

Daily Deals are also available and often feature discounts on new items before they are posted for sale on the website. A downfall of this subscription is that there aren't as many products available as some other clubs offer every month. 



If you want your beard to look its best, then this is the club that you want to join. A 20% promotional code is offered for new customers and can be used on everything from grooming tools to beard oils, balms, and various kinds of butter.

The club offers information about how to care for your beard and some of the best products to use depending on the style that you want. Other items from the club include shirts and mugs with the company logo on them. 

7. Man Bundle Box

Man Bundle Box

You'll receive products that are of the highest quality when you order from this club. You can also send someone a subscription or a gift if you want to share products with friends and family members who want to care for their beard in the best way as well.

Sign up using your email address to get a $10 discount and the latest news and promotions about items the company offers instead of waiting to read about them on the website.

Every month your box includes items that you might need to keep your beard clean, trimmed, and stylish with products changing each time you receive an order. One of the best beard subscription boxes for great beard health.

8. Banjos Beards

banjo beards

Promotions from the club include 50% off your purchase and free shipping. You can choose the frequency of shipping and the size of the box that you get. Many of the beard products that are offered by the company are natural or organic, allowing you to care for your beard without a lot of chemical products.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, or the company will give you a refund. Promo codes are offered every month that can be used to get discounts on most of the products that are sold. 


When you need to take care of your beard but aren't sure what to use or how to get started, consider a subscription to a beard club. You'll get information about the high-quality latest grooming products that are on the market as well as the best beard care options that are available.

A beard care kit is beneficial to have on hand as it includes all of the basic supplies that you might need. Some of the beard care products that you might get in the kit include a small comb, a brush for applying shaving cream, balms, growth accelerators and conditioner to keep the hair on your face soft.

If you let your beard grow out, then you're going to need a comb to keep the hair from getting tangled. One of the beard care tips to keep in mind for maintaining a healthy look is to keep your beard trimmed. If you don't want to shave it off, then you can snip the very bottom of your beard so that the dead ends are gone.

Think of treating your beard as you would your hair. You want to get your hair cut to remove the dead and split ends so that it looks healthy and so that it can grow evenly.

Part of your beard care routine should include using a brush to apply the cream before shaving. You can also use the brush to apply beard oil or lotion, especially if you don't plan on completely shaving your beard.

Beard wax can be used to help style your hair, and lotion can be used to help keep irritation on your skin to a minimum. A component of beard care 101 is that you want to keep as much bacteria out of your hair as possible, which can be done by careful beard care throughout the week.

Many websites mentioned above provide keyboard navigation that works with a screen reader for those with degrading eyesight. Many subscription boxes offer international shipping from the United States to the UK and Australia. Some even come with a money-back guarantee.

There are also numerous discounts offered by subscription companies so that you can try a few different ones to see which products work the best for keeping your beard looking its best instead of making guesses as to what beard subscription boxes you should use. You might find your next favorite beard care product.

- Jack


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