14 Best Beer Subscription Boxes & Beer of the Month Clubs


Hey brew lovers, Jack here. If you or someone you love enjoys a good beer, guess what makes one of the hands-down best gifts you could choose? A "beer of the month" club or beer subscription box!

Because if there is one thing it is tough for the true beer aficionado to sleuth out in this modern day of big box beer distributors, it is to find those mouth-watering micro-brews that are often hidden away in little cozy corners of the world you will never even hear about.

But beer of the month clubs do the sleuthing work for you so all you have to do is pop open new delicious brews to try every single month.

Thankfully, some brilliant, flavor loving soul, decided to invent a beer of the month club for those who don't have time to do all that legwork for themselves.

If you have always dreamed of traveling around the world but you only visiting local pubs, we have you covered.

And if you are always down for a new taste challenge and you hate the plain old Budweiser, there is a club for you as well.

Read on to learn more about the difference between a beer of the month club and a beer subscription box, plus the ones that we think are well worth your time and taste buds.

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The Best Beer Subscription Boxes & Beer of the Month Clubs

The list of the very best of monthly beer subscriptions and beer clubs to satisfy and beer lover no matter if you prefer dark beers, IPAs, German, stouts or lagers. Also makes a great gift. Drink it up, cheers! 

The Craft Beer Club is your go-to beer of the month club for domestic brews. With more than 2,300 local breweries scattered throughout the United States, it is highly unlikely you will ever get to sample them all by hoofing it from one to the next.

Luckily you don't have to spend all your free time traveling to and from brewers, because with the Craft Beer Club, each month a new shipment of 12 beers will arrive for you to sample.

Your 12 monthly brews will be divided up into four different styles - two of each for you and a partner or friend to try. You can choose the frequency of your order - monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Check out the FULL REVIEW of Craft Beer Club here

craft beer club subscription monthly


  • Shipping is free.
  • You don't have to pay a membership fee and there is no fee to cancel.
  • You get bonus gifts along with your first order.


  • No doubt the "free" bonus gifts drive up the subscription price.
  • It's definitely not the cheapest club in town.

The club name kind of gives its purpose away - these are beers you will want to savor....or Tavour.

And, unlike with many of the beer of the month clubs you will be meeting here, with Tavour you get to pick your monthly experience. They tell you what's available and you choose the beers you want to try.

If you are naturally adventurous and craving new flavors, this will probably be a dream-come-true beer club. But if you are hesitant when curating your own monthly selection, you may unintentionally limit your own palate for new beers - just something to keep in mind.

They also have an app that features new brews a few times daily so you can learn about what's coming down the pike (so to speak) and they do have some truly unusual picks (beer sours? dessert brews?) you may not find elsewhere.

Find out more about Tavour in our FULL REVIEW here!

tavour beer monthly subscription review


  • Signup is free.
  • Monthly choices feature both domestic and international microbrews.
  • Beer choices span the gamut from


  • Shipping is not free (although it is flat rate).
  • New beer selections are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you are slow to pick your monthly selection, you may lose out.

This club is one of a suite of beer of the month clubs managed by the Microbrewed Beer Company, which has an established following and a long history of customer satisfaction - always a good thing when you are trusting them with your taste buds!

You will get to sample a diverse range of brews from all across the nation, expanding your domestic palate and enjoying seasonal favorites you might otherwise have missed out on.

One of the neatest aspects is that the breweries featured in this club actually brew their beers to order specifically for club members, so you are getting really fresh and tasty small batch beer every single month.

Read more about Microbrewed Beer Club in our FULL review of Beer of The Month Club



  • They have plenty of different rotating special offers to help shave some dollars and cents off your order price.
  • You get to sample beer from two different domestic micro-breweries each month.
  • The accompanying newsletter with tasting and pairing notes is a fun addition!


  • Shipping is not free (but it is flat rate).
  • If you live in Texas or Massachusetts, you may wait an extra week for your monthly order.

This is another beer of the month club administered under the umbrella of the Microbrewed Beer Company, which has been operating since 1994, long before 'of the month clubs really became a "thing."

Here, being an early guest to the party really pays off, because this rare beer club's boots-on-the-ground approach to curating rare brews really does deliver.

You will enjoy monthly rare picks curated by Michael Jackson himself (not the dearly departed pop star, but the world's foremost authority on that fizzy beverage you crave).

In fact, many of the featured beers are now actually created for members only and you literally will not ever get the chance to try them in any other way.

But there's no point going to all the trouble of tasting rare beers without the notes on how to do so properly.

Here, the Rare Beer Club's monthly newsletter gives you all the details to taste like a pro, from serving temperature to food pairing suggestions and conversation-worthy back history on the brewery itself.

rare beer club monthly subscription


  • You really will be sampling rare beers and some are the rarest of the rare, brewed just for you!
  • You get to build your own monthly shipment and you can even re-order favorites as long as supplies last.
  • The club makes it affordable, starting at just two beers a month.


  • You have to pay for shipping (which is a flat rate per number of bottles).
  • If you are just building your palate, this one might stretch you a bit faster than you might be ready for.

Are you all about the hoppiest hops you can find? This club is one of the Microbrewed Beer Company's newest beer-centric brain trusts, and it is a monthly club that has long been requested by fans of the company's monthly offerings.

From IPAs to double IPAs to Imperial IPAs, session stouts, IPLs and so many more, you will get your fill of hoppy hops every single month.

And if you've been craving more of the full-spectrum hoppy beers, this is also where you'll find that, with a range of bitterness, flavor profiles, pairing suggestions and detailed behind-the-scenes news abut the breweries behind all that goodness.

hop heads beer subscrption monthly


  • You can pick your order frequency: monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly.
  • Monthly selections include domestic and import hops.
  • You really can count on different-tasting beers in each order even though they are all within the hoppy category.


  • Shipping is not free.
  • This is one of the pricier clubs to join.

Clubs of America's beer club is right up there with the Microbrewed Beer Company in terms of longevity - both were founded in 1994 and are still ranked as tops in their field.

This beer of the month club feathers a wide assortment of beer types, from stout to lager, ale to hefeweizen, so you can really get the chance to expand your palate and sample styles and flavors from the full spectrum of microbrewed beers today.

If you are a fan of all-natural brews, this is the club for you. None of the brews you will receive will ever have any corn, rice, chemicals or preservatives included, which means all you get is fresh, natural, beer-flavored goodness.

Read our FULL flavored review of Clubs of America's Beer Club here.



  • Shipping is included in your shipment price.
  • If you sign up for longer periods (more than one month) you can get a discount on your monthly price (same if you subscribe to multiple clubs).
  • This club does a great job of curating by season (i.e. lighter beers in summer and darker beers in winter).


  • You can't customize the number of beers you get each month.
  • The price tag is steep compared to some other clubs you will learn about here.

The International Beer Club is another offering under the Microbrewed Beer Company umbrella. This company has a reliable track record and an enthusiastic following with each of its specialty beer of the month clubs, and this club is no exception.

On the menu with this club are imports, imports, imports. And this is a good thing no matter how you pop-top it - after all, how expensive would it be to travel around the world just to sample each of the brews this club includes in an average month?

Now you don't have to, and you can instead devote all your hard-earned cash to having a hand-picked selection of the freshest import brews delivered right to your door.

The International Beer Club Subscription


  • You get to drink amazing curated imported beer, some of which has a history spanning back hundreds of years.
  • You can choose from shipments each month, bi-monthly or quarterly.
  • You get a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with every shipment.


  • Shipping is not free.
  • You have to commit to at least two months of shipments up front.

Hopsy truly is a breed apart when it comes to beer of the month clubs. With this club, you get a compact draft beer dispenser (called the Sub home tap) that fits on your countertop and two monthly liters (called torpedoes or "torps") full of curated craft beer to dispense through it.

The sub is serious about its job - the device is made by the well-known manufacturer Krups and features in-house refrigeration and doesn't need CO2 or any real know-how to operate or maintenance to speak of. And the torps are super-easy to load - just pop one in, close the top and dispense.

However, there is a notable downside to Hopsy, which is that right now it is only available as a subscription service in San Francisco (its birthplace), New York and Chicago.

Try hopsy beer subscription monthly club today


  • The Sub and torps is a party conversation-starter like no other.
  • Fresh draft beer right from your countertop is worth the price of admission right there.
  • Each torp holds about four pints of brew - a plus if you love what you're drinking (but not so much if you don't).


  • Did we mention Hopsy is only available in three cities right now?
  • You definitely need a bit of free counter space (imagine adding one and a half KitchenAid mixers or one reasonably large microwave) to accommodate the Sub and torps.

Belgian beer is a brew apart and frankly deserves its own dedicated club, which Belga-Beer definitely delivers. With about 150 Belgian brewers to draw from and more than 1,000 beers in the rotation, you won't get weary of the selection any time soon.

Belgi-Beer's monthly subscription arrives inside a box and you get to choose how many beers that box contains. Options include four, eight and 12 beers.

Along with your monthly brews, enjoy the newsletter that offers tasting and pairing options plus information about each brewery's creations.

One particularly cool aspect of this club is that it supports micro-economies by finding little-known Belgian micro-brew specialists and placing their brews into the limelight for a month at a time.

However, one major drawback is that this subscription service is only offered in the EU at this time - there is no shipping to the states.

belgibeer belgium beer monthly subscription


  • You can cancel at any time without penalty.
  • The box includes microbrew Belgian beers you probably would never even hear of otherwise.
  • The subscription options are quite customizable in terms of the number of bottles


  • If you live in the EU, enjoy - if not, you are out of luck.
  • Belgian beer is all this club offers, which isn't as palate-expanding as some of the other clubs here.

Saloon Box isn't actually a beer of the month club - it is more of a cocktail of the month club.

What is particularly cool about this club is that you get everything you need to make each drink all in one self-contained package, which makes party planning for small groups a breeze!

And these aren't just your run-of-the-mill beverages, either. Each box features custom curated cocktail creations reminiscent of the craft speakeasy drinks back in the Prohibition era.

Try saloonbox monthly subscription cocktail kit today!


  • You can build your own box with a la carte options.
  • Each kit is self-contained (except the glassware) so you won't find yourself rushing to the store at the last minute.
  • This is a truly unique gift idea - one you won't find elsewhere.


  • No beer here - sigh.
  • Each kit contains a minimum of four cocktails, which works well only as long as you like the drink.

This company used to be called North State Beer Station and originated in Raleigh, NC. The company specializes in beer, wine and coffee and still delivers locally on demand and by subscription as well as nationwide.

One interesting feature about this beer of the month club that you won't see in the other clubs reviewed here is the option to order delivery weekly and the option to combine beer and wine in a single delivery.

Another fun feature is that the featured breweries each month often send swag (freebies) along with their brews. And local residents can choose to pick up two crowlers in store rather than get a subscription box.

Try brewships monthly beer subscription club today!


  • For Raleigh, NC, residents, there is a pick up and carry out option to avoid shipping costs.
  • The club's options include pick up, local delivery and nationwide delivery, and there are levels for personal and business, so there is lots of flexibility here.
  • You can also subscribe to the wine club if you enjoy both.


  • The reviews are mixed about the customer service for this club.
  • Since the focus isn't fully on curating beer, it may not be the right fit for everyone.

The Craft Beer Coopery is an Australian company that delivers curated craft beers on the 15th of each month to their growing subscriber base.

Each box contains nine beer selections along with tasting notes. You get two each of four beer selections plus one "surprise" beer to try and a surprise "beer snack" to go along with your brews.

Try Craft Beer Coopery Monthly Subscription Today!


  • The surprise ninth beer and the beer snack is a nice touch!
  • You have lots of flexibility in terms of the size and frequency of the deliveries.
  • You can order as late as the 14th and still get your shipment on the 15th.


  • Currently only available in Australia - no shipping to the states or elsewhere.
  • There is no penalty to cancel but since the subscription auto-renews you have to make a note if you want to cancel.

Saloon Box isn't actually a beer of the month club - it is more of a cocktail of the month club.

What is particularly cool about this club is that you get everything you need to make each drink all in one self-contained package, which makes party planning for small groups a breeze!

And these aren't just your run-of-the-mill beverages, either. Each box features custom curated cocktail creations reminiscent of the craft speakeasy drinks back in the Prohibition era.

Try First Sip Brew Box Monthly Subscription Today!


  • You can build your own box with a la carte options.
  • Each kit is self-contained (except the glassware) so you won't find yourself rushing to the store at the last minute.
  • This is a truly unique gift idea - one you won't find elsewhere.


  • No beer here - sigh.
  • Each kit contains a minimum of four cocktails, which works well only as long as you like the drink.

This is another subscription club service that takes a different angle to appreciating craft beer. Instead of beer, you get beer-related t-shirts, brewery swag and collectibles and of course information on each featured brewery.

Swag may include decals and stickers, coasters, can cozies and of course t-shirts featuring craft beers. Of course, if it is beer you are after, you don’t want to be ordering this subscription box.

The company operates out of Canada but ships to the United States. So this is not a last-minute gift idea as the seller states up-front that it takes time to process and ship each order out.

Try Brewski Craft Beer Shirt Club Today!


  • If you or your loved one already has a collection of favorite brews, this curated collection of brewery swag can be a fun addition.
  • A number of different t-shirt options exist for traditional and vintage and plenty of different sizes for men and women.
  • Choose from a number of different box levels with different accessories and swag.


  • Ships from Canada and a few reviews report trouble tracking shipments to the states.
  • No beer included in the boxes.

#1 Beer of the Month Club for Variety

Enter your text here...If it is sheer variety of selections you are after, your one-stop shopping destination is clear: the Microbrewed Beer Company has it all.

Specifically, you want to check out their US & International Beer Club, which brings together craft beer from all over the world carefully curated by country, region, brewery type, beer style and flavor and pairing notes.

Each monthly subscription box will feature two breweries - six beers each. Each month will feature one domestic and one international brewery so you can taste-test your way around the world.

Perhaps most pertinently, the U.S. & International Beer Club by Microbrewed has been in operation since 1994 and is one of the most stable, trusted and respected beer of the month clubs in the world.



Our Rating

Try Beer of the Month Club Today!
  • Variety of monthly clubs
  • Suitable for many taste
  • Awesome beer selection

#1 Monthly Beer Club for Value

The Craft Beer Club scores a runaway hit in the economy department, delivering delicious and affordable craft brews at a price you can afford.

The sheer number of ordering options ensures you can keep the subscription service affordable. Another perk here is that you can choose from monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly shipments.

In the monthly box, you will get 12 beers: four beers from two breweries and no repeats.

Two more valuable perks are that the customer service is outstanding (99 percent satisfaction rating) and the shipping is free.



Our Rating

Try craft beer club subscription monthly right now!
  • Bonus gifts with your first order
  • No membership fee, no fee to cancel
  • Shipping is free

#1 Beer Club as a Gift

The Craft Beer Club is not just stellar for selection, customization, delivery and customer service, but it is also hands-down one of the best choices to give as a gift to the beer lover in your life.

The club will personalize your gift order with a gift card and you can order far in advance - just choose the month you want the gift order to start and you'll be all set to go (no worries about forgetting a colleague's or friend's special day).

The gift announcement is sent out ahead of the first month's shipment so your gift recipient will be on alert that a special delivery box is on its way. This announcement will include more information about the subscription service and how delivery works so they can plan their schedule.

This can be an especially cool beer of the month club to give as a gift for someone who doesn't have time to shop for tasty brews or the built-up knowledge to understand what they like best in a beer.

This club gives your gift recipient access to tens of thousands of brews in all different flavor palates, along with detailed notes about pairings and back history, bringing the world's finest beers to their door.

And selecting a beer of the month club that has demonstrated this level of expertise in curating the monthly beer selection is sure to outdo any six pack you could pick up at the corner market.



Our Rating

Try craft beer club subscription monthly right now!
  • Bonus gifts with your first order
  • No membership fee, no fee to cancel
  • Shipping is free

What is a Beer of the Month Club?

So what exactly is a beer of the month club? The name suggests it means you get a new beer to try every month, but in actuality it is so much more than just that.

After all, your time is valuable but you don't have unlimited quantities of time to spend learning about different craft beer, learning to pair beers with food, trying different types of beer and figuring out what you like best.

That is where a beer of the month club comes in. You can leverage the expertise of noted experts in craft beer and microbreweries who will hand-pick the best brews for you to try.

You don't have to research the beer, the brewery, the style or anything else - they do all that. Your sole responsibility is to open the door, receive your shipment of beer and taste them to decide what you like best!

Along with each shipment you also get information about the beer, the brewing process, the brewery itself and flavor and pairing notes. This way, you spend your valuable time on what matters most - trying out new beers.

In most cases, you can start with a single month subscription (some of the beer clubs mentioned here require an initial two-month subscription) and then there is no penalty to cancel. Some clubs offer bi-monthly or quarterly options as well.

Today's beer of the month clubs are very flexible and many will allow you to pick out your own brews or choose the number of beers you want to receive each month. And some clubs specialize on a particular type of beer (such as IPAs) or beers from a particular region (such as Belgium) to cater to particular interests.

Benefits of Joining a Beer of the Month Club

What are some benefits of joining a beer of the month club?

The first and most obvious benefit is definitely saving time. Instead of sitting in traffic, standing in the beer aisle for an hour feeling indecisive and then sitting in more traffic, you can just open your door and receive beer to try right away.

Plus you get the benefit of beer experts' palates and knowledge to put beers in front of you that you might never otherwise have known to try. This is a fantastic way to expand your palate - not to mention a great excuse to have friends over each month to discuss the latest brew selections.

Another great perk is that these clubs make trying some of the finest craft and micro-brewed beers in the world surprisingly affordable. This is especially true when it comes to imported beer that might be pricey by the bottle at the retail level.

5 Things to Look For in a Monthly Beer Club

What should you be looking for when you are trying to decide which beer of the month club to join?

This is a great question and knowing what to look for can definitely improve the odds that you will make a great choice right from the first month.

1. Beer variety.

The first thing to look for, depending on your tastes and interests, is beer variety. Of course, this might look different depending on if your interest is solely in IPAs or hoppy beers or if you want to try every beer every brewed outside the United States.

But the good news is, you will likely be able to find a beer of the month club that caters to that interest. Then you just need to verify that you will get lots of variety within your set parameters of interest, whether that is hoppy brews or imports or something else entirely.

2. Curated monthly offerings.

The second thing to look for is the diversity in each monthly brew offering. You want to be sure you will be trying a diverse selection of brews each month to expand your palate. It doesn't do much good to join a beer club if every brew tastes pretty much the same!

Another important aspect here is to make sure the brews don't repeat themselves. You don't want to find yourself paying to try the same beers twice!

3. Community of beer lovers.

Not all beer of the month clubs take the extra time to build a community of fellow beer lovers that their members can interact with.

If this is something you enjoy and something that is important to you, be sure to verify up front that the club has some type of online portal, be it a Facebook group or its own members-only website community.

4. Customer service.

It nearly goes without saying that if the customer service is crappy, even the best brews can eventually leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

One of the easiest ways to guard against this is to take the time to read through the customer reviews online, and not just the ones that the company posts on their own website.

Do a search online independently and see what subscribers say about the service. Do the shipments arrive on time and intact? If there is a problem, is customer service prompt and polite in responding and fixing the issue?

5. Shipping.

It is safe to say that no one enjoys paying shipping costs. Some subscription services incorporate shipping costs into their monthly subscriber prices while others add it on as a flat rate.

Be extra-careful to note where your orders will ship from to avoid paying international shipping rates!

Beer of the Month Subscription Boxes vs Clubs?

Should you join a beer of the month club or should you order a subscription box?

In exchange for discovering and taste-testing (is that even a real job?) new beers and deciding which ones to add to your monthly brews shipments, you pay your beer curator club a small fee. 

And for that small fee you get BEER. Lots of it. Every single month like clockwork. You get real flavorful beer that will have your friends and neighbors peering out binoculars behind their mini-blinds looking for the next shipment truck pulling up at your door.

But - wait for it - this beer of the month thing is about to get even better. Because you have a variety of amazing curated beer of the month clubs to choose from! This means that if you are all about IPAs, there is a beer of the month club just for you.

Truly, there is no right or wrong answer here, only the package that works best for you or your gift recipient.

Have you made up your mind which beer of the month club or subscription box to try first? With so many great options and brews to choose from, you might be feeling a bit like your eyes are bigger than your stomach right now.

So take a moment and consider where your brew-interests lie. Do you want to expand your palate for domestic microbrews, hoppy beverages, imports, a mix of each, seasonal brews, beer pairings or something different?

Remember, in nearly every case, you can order just a single month (or at the most two months) to start and then cancel anytime without obligation. So dive in - pick one and just start drinking!

- Jack

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