10 Beer Subscription Boxes & Beer of the Month Clubs


Quench your thirst for variety and discovery with a beer subscription, delivering a curated selection of craft brews right to your doorstep.

Hey beer lovers, Jack here. If you or someone you love enjoys a good craft beer, guess what makes one of the hands-down best gifts you could choose? A "beer of the month" club or beer!

Because one things is true; it's tough for the true craft beer aficionado to discover, in this era of big box beer distributors, those mouth-watering micro-brews that are often hidden away in little cozy corners of the world that they will never even hear about.

But craft beer of the month clubs do the sleuthing work for you so all you have to do is pop open new delicious brews to try every single month.

Thankfully, some brilliant, flavor loving soul, decided to invent a beer of the month club for those who don't have time to do all that legwork for themselves.

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The Best Beer Subscription Boxes & Beer of the Month Clubs:

The list of the very best of monthly beer subscriptions and craft beer clubs to satisfy any beer lover no matter if you prefer dark beers, craft beers , IPAs, German, stouts or lagers.

Also makes a great gift. Drink it up, cheers!

1. The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club

microbrewed beer club review

A personal favorite, this club is the flagship of a suite of beer of the month clubs managed by the Monthly Clubs Company, which has an established following and a long history of customer satisfaction. 

That's always a good thing when you are trusting them with your taste buds!

You will get to sample a diverse range of craft beers from all across the nation, expanding your domestic palate and enjoying seasonal favorites you might otherwise have missed out on.

One of the coolest aspects is that the breweries featured in this club actually brew their craft beer to order specifically for club members, so you are getting really fresh and tasty small batch hoppy beers every single month. 

This box comes complete with brewery profiles, tasting notes and FREE bartender's bottle opener with all orders of 3 shipments or more.

And it's moderately priced at only 31.95/ month for a very custom craft beer subscription box.

2. Craft Beer Club 

the original craft beer club review 2019

The "Original" Craft Beer Club is your go-to beer of the month club for domestic brews

The best craft beer subscription with more than 2,300 local breweries scattered throughout the United States, it is highly unlikely you will ever get to sample them all by hoofing it from one to the next.

Luckily you don't have to spend all your free time traveling to and from brewers, because with the Craft Beer Club, each month a new shipment of 12 beers will arrive for you to sample.

With the Craft Beer Club, your 12 monthly brews will be divided up into four different styles - two of each for you and a partner or friend to try.

You can choose the frequency of your order - monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

The Craft Beer Club is the true "Craft Beer Kings". 

Craft Beer Club price starts at 44.95 per month for 12 beers.

Check out the FULL REVIEW of Craft Beer Club here.

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3. Great Clubs Of America’s Beer Club

great american beer club

Clubs of America's beer club is right up there with the Microbrewed Beer Company in terms of longevity - both were founded in 1994 and are still ranked as tops in their field.

This beer of the month club features a wide assortment of craft beer, from stout to lager, ale to hefeweizen, so you can really get the chance to expand your palate and sample styles and flavors from the full spectrum of microbrewed beers today.

Read our FULL flavored review of Clubs of America's Beer Club here.

4. The Hop Heads Beer Club

hop heads beer club subscrption monthly

Are you all about the hoppiest hoppy beers you can find? 

The Hop Heads Beer Club is one of the Monthly Club's newest beer-centric brain trusts, and it is a monthly club that has long been requested by fans of the company's monthly offerings.

With Hop Heads Beer Club, along with tasting notes, you'll get everything from IPAs to double IPAs to Imperial IPAs, session stouts, IPLs and so many more.

You'll be sure get your fill of the hoppiest craft beers every single month.

5. The International Beer Club

The International Beer Club Subscription

You'll save on plane tickets with this craft beer subscription. 

The International Beer Club is another offering under the Monthly Clubs umbrella.

This company has a reliable track record and an enthusiastic following with each of its specialty beer of the month clubs, and this club is no exception.

On the menu with this club are imports, imports, imports. 

They only serve artisanal beers from outside of the US.

After all, how expensive would it be to travel around the world to visit craft breweries just to sample what this club includes in an average month?

6. The Rare Beer Club

rare beer club review

Rare Beer Club is another beer of the month club administered under the umbrella of the Monthly Clubs Company, which has been operating since 1994.

You will enjoy monthly hand-crafted, limited release, artisanal, ultra-rare beers curated by Michael Jackson himself (not the dearly departed pop star, but the world's foremost authority on that fizzy beverage you crave).

But, You better LOVE rare beers because the Rare Beer Club price starts at 37.95 per month for 2 bottles for this premium craft beer subscription. 

4 and 6 bottle options are available.

A great gift for "Craft Beer Kings" , or beer snobs who've tried it all.

7. Saloon Box

Try saloonbox monthly subscription cocktail kit today!

Saloon Box stands out as a unique monthly subscription club, focusing more on cocktails rather than craft beer. The standout feature of this club is the convenience it offers, providing all the necessary ingredients to create each drink in a self-contained package. This makes party planning for small groups a breeze!

But these cocktails are far from ordinary. Each box showcases expertly curated cocktail creations reminiscent of the craft speakeasy drinks from the Prohibition era, adding a touch of nostalgia and sophistication to your mixology experience.

To take your party to the next level, consider adding a vape subscription, ensuring a rocking hit that combines delicious cocktails with a delightful vaping experience.

 8. Tavour

tavour beer monthly subscription review

The club name kind of gives its purpose away - craft beer you will want to savor....or Tavour.

And, unlike with many of the craft beer of the month clubs you will be meeting here, with Tavour you get to pick your monthly experience.

They tell you what's available and you choose the styles you want to try.

They also have an app that features new brews a few times daily so you can learn about what's coming down the pike (so to speak) and they do have some truly unusual picks (beer sours? dessert brews? hoppy beers?) you may not find elsewhere. 

A truly delicious craft beer subscription.

Find out more about Tavour in our FULL REVIEW here!

9. Belgi-Beer

belgibeer belgium beer monthly subscription

Belgian beer is a brew apart and frankly deserves its own dedicated club, which Belgi-Beer definitely delivers.

With about 150 Belgian craft breweries to draw from and more than 1,000 beers in the rotation, you won't get weary of the selection any time soon.

Belgi-Beer's monthly craft beer subscription boxes arrives inside a well packaged box and you get to choose how many exceptional craft beers that box contains.

Options include four, eight and 12 beers.

One particularly cool aspect of this club is that it supports micro-economies by finding little-known Belgian micro-brew specialists and placing their brews into the limelight for a month at a time.

However, one major drawback is that this subscription service is only offered in the EU at this time - there is no shipping to the states.

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10. First Sip Brew Box

first sip brew box

First Sip Brew Box is one of the best beer clubs for craft beer enthusiast. 

A box for the "Craft Beer Kings", it's full of beer gear.

First Sip Brew Box price starts at a low $25 per month.

What you get: With a First Sip Brew Box subscription you have 3 beer-themed boxes to choose from:

The Brewmaster Brew Box – swag revolving around each month’s featured brewery.

The Enthusiast Brew Box – craft beer inspired items to eat and wear from small businesses.

The Connoisseur Brew Box – a ton of brewery swag and food.

Just note that this subscription doesn’t actually contain any beer.

Beer of the Month Subscription Boxes vs Clubs

Should you join a craft beer of the month club or should you order craft beer subscription boxes?

After my extensive *ahem* research...(burrrrp!)...I can conclude that The Craft Beer Club are definitely the craft beer kings.

Undoubtedly, it is the finest craft beer subscription available, offering an exquisite selection of brews for your discovery and taste-testing pleasure. For a nominal fee, you enlist the expertise of a beer curator club, who handpick the beers to be included in your monthly shipments.

With The Craft Beer Club, you can expect an abundant supply of flavorful beers delivered like clockwork every single month. And why not pair your chilled beers with a succulent meat subscription to truly delight your taste buds?

Prepare to become the envy of your friends and neighbors, as they peek through binoculars behind their mini-blinds, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the next shipment truck at your doorstep.

This means that if you are all about IPAs, there is a beer of the month club just for you.

Truly, there is no right or wrong answer here, only the package that works best for you or your gift recipient.

Have you made up your mind which craft beer of the month club or craft beer subscription boxes to try first?

With so many great (and specific like Hop Heads Beer Club) beer clubs to choose from, , you might be feeling a bit like your eyes are bigger than your stomach right now.

So take a moment and consider where your brew-interests lie.

Do you want to expand your palate for domestic microbrews, hoppy beverages, imports, a mix of each, seasonal brews, beer pairings or something different?

Remember, in nearly every case, you can order just a single month (or at the most two months) to start and then cancel anytime without obligation.

So dive in - pick one and just start drinking!

- Jack


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How does a beer subscription work?

By paying a monthly fee, you receive a crate of premium beer tailored to your own discerning palate. This crate typically includes a variety of pale ales, IPAs, lagers, and stouts.

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