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Getting book subscription boxes delivered to your doorstep is a dream come true moment for many.

Hey guys Jack here. Book subscription boxes have progressed considerably since the first Book of the Month Club.

Today, you can have stimulating books shipped right to your door and discuss them with other bookworms on social media platforms. 

Editor's Note: Check out our list of best mens subscription boxes!

Some book subscription box suppliers let you choose the genre. Others prefer to send a surprise.

And a few even go the extra mile by including coffee boxes, sending literary treats, and delightful edible goodies to sweeten the pot. 

Enjoy the perfect combination of a captivating book, a delicious cup of coffee, and delightful treats with these exceptional subscription boxes.

Plus, there’s something about opening up a monthly box that make the contents more exciting.



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Introverts Retreat Review
  • Matches you with a knowledgeable curator
  • Hardcover subscribers receive newly released titles
  • Ability to link your GoodReads profile
unplugged book box review
  • New releases every quarter
  • Thoughtful goodies included
  • Anytime cancellation
oprah book club review
  • Includes a letter from the author
  • Each box includes an enamel pin tailored to the theme
  • Features an insert of the following month's theme

The Best Book Subscription Boxes For Readers Of All Ages & Genders:

1. Introverts Retreat

Introverts Retreat Review

Why you'll like it: This subscription box service was created by an introvert for other introverts. All books are written by women with a female audience in mind. But men like to retreat with female-centric novels, too. Right?

The Bottom Line: The Introverts Retreat bills itself as a subscription service "by women, for women."

Here's the rub. Although there are a few self-care items designed specifically for women inside the box, The Introvert's Retreat also includes extras for men to enjoy such as crossword puzzles, pens, bookmarks, range of flavored tea, chocolates, and the scent of a good smelling candle. You can share it!

Book subscription boxes plan starts at $37.99 for a book and a subscription box full of giveaways, or $15.99 for the book and a couple of goodies.

2. Unplugged Book Subscription Boxes

unplugged book box review

Why you'll love it: Unplugged delivers seasonally inspired new releases, along with self-care products to help you unwind. Selections include both paperback and hardcover books for young adult fiction.

Past themes include Things Are Not What They Seem, Home Is Where The Heart Is, Slow Down, and Keep Your Head Above Water.

The Bottom Line: A subscription box to Unplugged costs $39.99 monthly subscription for the Adult Fiction book box.

3. Oprah's Book Club

oprah book club review

Why you'll like it: Often lauded as making literature relevant again, Oprah's Book Club, brings you moving works via e-book, hardcover books, or audible. You have the opportunity to discuss selections with other passionate readers on the GoodReads platform

The Bottom Line: Oprah's Book Club is simple to join and doesn't require a membership fee. You just download the app and check for titles you may enjoy, click the links, and purchase the version that best suits you. With each purchase, you get access to notes, annotations, and a study guide.

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4. The Bookworm Box

bookworm box review

Why you'll like it: Author, Colleen Hoover started The Bookworm Book Box as a way to share her love of reading and give back to the community. You choose either the Romance or YA subscription to receive releases autographed by the author, along with goodies like bookmarks, journals, pens, mugs, and keychains.

Past best-selling selections include Suits by BB Easton, Behind Bars by Brittainy C. Cherry, and Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan.

The Bottom Line: Pick the Genre - YA or Romance. Choose the box option - Digital ($9.99), Minimalist ($19.99), The Author Stalker ($29.99), Swag-Tastic ($39.99), or It's All About the Books Box ($49.99). Then, wait for mesmerizing book boxes to arrive each month.

5. Coffee and a Classic (UK)

coffee and a classic review

Why you'll like it: A Coffee and a Classic offers great literature like Huckleberry Finn, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and The Borden Murders: Lizzie Borden and the Trial of the Century.

In addition to the classics, you'll receive your choice of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and treats like journals and custom puzzles.

The Bottom Line: When you subscribe to A Coffee and A Classic, you have a range of options from which to choose: Classic Literature, Classic Non-Fiction or Children's Classics. The Starter book subscription costs $28.99 and the Standard plan costs $39.99 and includes a coffee mug and a snack.

6. Book of the Month Club

book of the month club review

Why you'll like it: The Book of the Month Club has been around since 1926. Their judges pick five books from a batch of early releases, and you choose the ones you want to read for the month.

If you get behind in your reading, you can skip and pick back up the following month.

Before making your selection, you can find out the subject matter, read a one-sentence summary, and view the number of pages by clicking on the book's icons.

The Bottom Line: The monthly book subscriptions price is $14.99, with the option of adding up to two additional books for $9.99 each.

7. My Lit Box

my lit box review

Why you'll love it: My Lit Box offers an assortment of fiction works celebrating authors of color. The owner and curator, Sanura Williams, sends out e-mails before each shipment informing readers of the upcoming theme and also teases the books on her blog.

You have the option of picking the Book Only or Full Box. With the Full Box subscription, My Lit Box includes a couple of treats to heighten the reading experience, such as a candle, a snack, or a trinket. 

The Bottom Line: 
My Lit Box includes a quarterly subscription box plan. Choices include Adult Fiction, Black Women Lit, and YA Lit. The Book Only option costs $14.99 per shipment, and the Full Box costs $29.99 per shipment.

8. Bookcase.Club review

Why you'll like it: Each month, you get a mystery box filled with a handpicked book from the Bookcase.Club's staff to expand your mind and expose you to new experiences. Genres include Mystery, Sci-Fi, and Romance/ romantic literary works.

They have a thriving online community of book nerds that gather to give their take on the books they've read and can't wait to try.

Additionally, for the geeks and enthusiasts, there are geek subscription boxes that brings a world of curated goodies and collectibles, allowing you to celebrate your favorite fandoms alongside your love for literature. 

Join the community, immerse yourself in captivating books, and indulge in the geeky delights that await you.

The Bottom Line: Choose from three popular book subscription boxes: Thrill Seeker (Mystery/Thriller), Strange Worlds Case (Sci-Fi Fantasy), and Booking for Love (Romance) for $9.99 per month, plus $5 shipping.

They offer two books with each book subscription, allowing you to choose one or the other. For example, for the Thrill Seeker option, you can choose on mystery and one thriller or two books in the same category.

9. Uppercase Book Subscription

uppercase book review

Why you'll love it: Uppercase is a one-of-a-kind young adult monthly book subscription service curated by Lisa Parkin of the Read. Breathe. Relax blog.

Every single book comes with either the author's signature on the inside cover or a signed bookplate. Additionally, the company includes bookmarks with reference numbers to find exclusive content from the new authors online.

You'll also receive a handwritten note with details about the book. Thrilling selections include Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan and Rayne & Delilah's Midnite Matinee by Jeff Zenter.

The Bottom Line: You can subscribe to the Expert plan, which includes bookish items along with a book for $23 or the Exclusive plan for $13 with no extras. There is an additional shipping charge.

10. Once Upon a Book Club

Once Upon a Book Club

Why you'll love it: Besides a paperback or hardcover book, you get three or more extras based on the book's title. Announcements pop out on specific pages that correspond to the goodies like coffee, chocolates, etc. inside the box. Once Upon A Book Club also provides space for read-longs and discussions with fellow readers.

The Bottom Line: Once Upon a Book Club has two book subscription boxes options: the Adult Box which focuses on Contemporary, General, or Historical fiction and the YA subscription box which contains newly published works from Young Adult authors. Prices begin at $34.99 monthly subscription for both plans.

11. OwlCrate Book Subscription Box

Owlcrate Review

Why you'll love it: OwlCrate's bibliophiles thumb through hundreds of Young Adult novels to find books for you to devour. You'll get a carefully curated box centered around a theme, which includes a newly released hardcover book, and exclusive goodies from the author to plot the course for your literary adventure.

Packages also contain a card detailing the contents and a pamphlet filled with activities. A recent book subscription box featured a signed copy of Margaret Rogerson's Sorcery of Thorns.

The Bottom Line:
Monthly box of book subscriptions start at $29.99 + $6.99 for shipping. Depending on when you subscribe the monthly box and the available inventory, OwlCrate may place you on a waitlist.

12. Powell's Books Indiespensable

powells book subscription review

Why you'll love it: Every 6-8 weeks, Powell's introduces you to under-the-radar authors and hidden gems. You'll receive an exclusive signed hardcover book from an Indie publisher, along with an informational booklet that contains a Q & A with the author, giving the book context and depth.

Each book comes with a companion slipcover to to ensure it remains in top-notch condition. Featured works include Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead and Mostly Dead Things by Kristen Arnett.

The Bottom Line: The monthly subscription box includes free shipping and costs $44.95.

13. Illumicrate

illumicrate book review

Why you'll love it: Illumicrate is based in the UK. The company offers newly released young adult fiction titles along with an exclusive hardcover book, or sprayed edges, along with a plethora of exciting extras.

A recent theme, God and Monsters included The Orphanage of Gods by Helena Coggan, bookmarkers, an umbrella, and chopsticks.

The Bottom Line: When you sign up to become an Illumicrate member, you have the option of selecting the book only option for $20 or a box full of bookish goodies along with the book for $32. Remember, packages ship from the UK, so shipping charges can cost upwards of $20.

14. The Wordy Traveler

wordy traveler review

Why you'll love it: The Wordy Traveler is a luxury quarterly book subscription service that promises to carry readers on fascinating excursions across the world through the eyes of dreamers, explorers, and adventurers.

As a book box subscriber, you receive handpicked hardcover books from travel writers that take you on a tour of beautiful and exotic places.

The Bottom Line: The Wordy Traveler offers two quarterly subscriptions: The Full Suitcase for $49 per quarter and the Backpacking Edition for $109 per quarter.

With The Full Suitcase, subscribers receive three books, tea and special surprises from around the world. The Backpacking Edition includes a book, tea, and a custom art print.

15. FairyLoot

Why you'll love it: FairyLoot sends page-turners that take you to unlikely young adult fancy Romances, Unbreakable Bonds, and journeys with Mutinous Pirates. Plus, they host a monthly read-along on their blog where you can share your thoughts with other like-minded readers.

The Bottom Line: Currently FairyLoot ships from the UK, so shipping tends to be high.

However, FairLoot has announced its intention to acquire a shipping plant in the U.S. to lower costs. The cost of the monthly book subscription boxes are $32 U.S. dollars. And even though they include bookish treasures, they may have nothing to do with the selection.

16. Strand: The Book Hookup

strand book club review

Why you'll like it: The Book HookUp will send you a highly anticipated title every three months, along with literary goodies to make your read more pleasurable. Past subscription boxes have included snacks, mugs, notebooks, notebooks, literary journals, and magazines. You choose the genre.

Topics include Art/Photography, Mystery and Suspense, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Timeless Classics, Feminist Literature, and YA First Editions.

The Bottom Line: Depending on the genre, book subscription boxes price runs from $37.50 per quarter for Timeless Classics to $55 for Art/Photography.

17. Chocolate and Book (C&B)

chocolate and book club review

Why you'll like it: The name says it all-chocolate and a book. Yes, please! UK-based C&B sends out a highly acclaimed paperback, carefully selected chocolate, and a drink (hot chocolate mix, not spirits) for you to consume.

You can rely on them to send an engaging page-turner each month you remain subscribed to the service.

Choose Thriller, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, or Young Adult. Other options include the Award-Winning books box, Hidden Gems, and Surprise Me.

The Bottom Line: C&B offers eight different types of subscription boxes starting at $18.41 USD, plus shipping.

18. The Bookish Box

buy the bookish box

Why you'll like it: Every month you will receive a best-selling adult or young adult novel and up to five goodies based on a particular topic. Previous themes included Deep Reads, Bump in the Night, and Fantasy Reads.

The Bottom Line:The Bookish Box books subscription offers a nice selection of young adult and young adult fiction. Aside from a t-shirt and a few unisex perks, most of the freebies focus on the female reader. Unless you have someone you can gift the goodies to it's probably best to opt for the book only option for $17.99.

19. TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations

TBR Book Review

Who's it for?: Book nerds who can never decide what to read next. Here are popular book subscription recommendations/reviews for you.

Why you'll love it:

Fill out a reading habits profile, and one of TBRs "bibliologists" will handle the rest. You have two choices. Opt for them to send you a reading list, so you can buy books digitally. Or, let TBR send you three books to add to your library each quarter.

The Bottom Line: 

The recommendations-only book subscription arrives via e-mail and costs $15 per quarter, and the hardcover option costs $79 + $4.79 shipping for three books per quarter. You get free shipping if you choose annual billing.

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20. SpearCraft Book Box

buy spearcraft book box

Why you'll like it: SpearCraft Book Subscription Gift Box delivers newly published Young Adult novels and fandom prizes to your door each month based on a theme. A recent theme featured My Witchy Heart with Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Harry Potter, and Wicked goodies.

Other themes include Find the Strength Within, Blast Away, and Victorian Classics. You can get an idea of what to expect on SpearCraft's Instagram page where they also host monthly contests.

The Bottom Line: SpearCraft Book Box subscriptions cost $29.99 per month + $8.99 shipping. They also have a book only option for $13.99 that is shipped in a flat rate envelope. A quarterly plan that is also available for $50 + shipping costs.

21. Bawdy Bookworms

bawdy bookworms review

Why you'll like it: Bawdy Bookworms not only sends a sexy novel each quarter, but also fun toys and accessories. With boxes with names like Lick It Till Ice Cream, Balls Deep, and Hurt So Good, you know you can look forward to reading some sexy, hot passages.

The service also offers a private forum for subscribers to meet and discuss the books.

The Bottom Line: All book subscription plans cost $44.95 per quarter, except for The Burning Desire Box, which costs $95 and is only offered occasionally.

22. Unicorn Crate

buy unicorn crate

Why you'll like it: Every book box is centered on a magical unicorn theme and comes with a handwritten letter from the author and handpicked goodies. Recent boxes have focused on Shifting Sands, Hidden Realms, Magic Lessons, and Fairy Tale Favorites.

The Bottom Line: Unicorn no longer considers itself a subscription service, so it does not ship book boxes automatically. Instead, it opens up a window every other month for you to reserve book subscription boxes for $36.95.

If you like the selection, act fast because books tend to sell out quickly.

23. My Thrill Club

buy my thrill club

Why you'll like it: Guys who can't get enough of spine-tingling novels will love the books My Thrill Club. Not only will you receive two hardcover books from the genre of your choice (Horror, Crime & Mystery and Espionage & Thriller), but also you'll have access to an e-book selection for reading on-the-go.

Recent picks include Silence of Ghosts by Jonathan Aycliffe (Horror), The Organ Broker by Stu Stumwasser (Thriller), and Painting Death by Tim Parks (Mystery).

The Bottom Line: For $19.99, you choose the genre to receive two hardcover book subscriptions each month, or pick the Surprise Me option , if you can't decide.

24. ShelfLove Crate

buy shelflove crate

Why you'll like it: Go Love Yourself (GLY) is a retreat in a book box. Each month Go Love Yourself (GLY) sends out self-care packages that include a self-help book and resources to put the strategies from the book to work.

Depending on the subscription box plan, you'll also receive up a monthly reminder to take time to pause and up to five self-care items. The most recent topics include How to Break Up With Your Phone and The Sleep Revolution.

The Bottom Line: GLY offers two monthly book subscription boxes plans: the Self-Help Book Essentials, which includes a book, workbook, and access to webinars, ($30), podcasts, and the Deluxe Self-Care Box ($49.95), which comes with 3-5 self care items in addition to a self help book and workbook.

25. Go Love Yourself Box

buy go love yourself box

Why you'll like it: Go Love Yourself (GLY) is a retreat in a book subscription box. Each month Go Love Yourself (GLY) sends out self-care packages that include a self-help book and resources to put the strategies from the book to work. It can be a great Valentine's Day gift for your loved one.

Depending on the plan, you'll also receive a monthly reminder to take time to pause and choose your five self-care items. The most recent topics include How to Break Up With Your Phone and The Sleep Revolution.

Which Book Subscription Box Should You Choose?

There you go! A ton of book subscription box services for every type of book lover.

Keep in mind, most suppliers charge for shipping and charge your credit card automatically according to the plan you choose.

No matter if your genre of choice is Sci-Fi, YA, Mystery, or Romance, you are sure to find popular book subscription boxes catering to your needs or satisfying the book lover in your life.

Undoubtedly, finding the right service can be a bit of a chore. So, we’ve compiled a list to help guys on a literary quest. Here’s a sampling of some of the best and popular book subscription boxes for men or those looking for gifts for other.

So, if either of these two things is a deal-breaker for you, look for services that allow you to skip months like Once Upon a Book Club, cancel anytime like My Lit Box, or offers free shipping like My Book Box, Bubbles and Books, or Hello Book Lover.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind paying a little extra for the goodies included in the box, try services like LitJoy, The Wordy Traveler and, etc.

If you can’t decide which book subscription box to choose, may we suggest Culture Carton. Out of all the book box subscriptions available, they specifically tailor boxes to please male readers.

Not only do you get Timeless Classic Literature, but you get a box filled with trendy items you will love.

- Jack


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