Best Cheese Subscription Box & Cheese of the Month Club


Best cheese subscription box curates a diverse range of high-quality, artisanal cheeses from around the world.

C'mon who doesn't love cheese?

If you're like me and pounded a ton of mozzarella filled pizzas in my 20's, then you need a cheese subscription box!

Subscription boxes have become increasingly popular because they cater to a wide range of interests and demographics. 

Whether you're a woman, a child, or a man, there are subscription boxes designed to suit your specific preferences.

From beauty, skincare and food subscription boxes for women, educational and activity boxes for kids, to grooming and hobby boxes for men, the options are diverse and inclusive. 

It's time to step up your cheese game.

Serve it with wine and crackers for a healthy snack or appetizer like a box of Graze

Discover new flavors and textures with gourmet cheese subscriptions. 

Be blessed the world's best cheeses, tasting notes, and discounts. Impress your guests with a mouth-watering cheese board.

These boxes also make great gifts for friends and family. 


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Rare cheese club subscription
  • Best Quality Winner
  • Very rare, extreme aged, hand-cut
  • "5 Point selection Process"
  • Easy one time gift or gift subscription
gourmet cheese of the month club
  • "The Original" gourmet cheese club
  • Over 25 years experience
  • Up to $30 OFF
murrys cheese monthly subscription
  • Each delivery includes five different samples
  • 10% off of your first order
  • Free shipping

The Best Cheese Subscription Boxes & Cheese of the Month Clubs:

1. The Rare Cheese Club


From several different kinds of cheese of the month clubs on this page, here is our top pick for "Best Cheese Club". 

Experience an international rare cheeses odyssey across the globe.

Recent deliveries have delighted customers with a super small batch of international cheese.

Artisan cheese from France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, and Spain was included in their recent international cheese box.

Rare Cheese Club offer professionally curated, extreme aged, hand-cut, very rare cheese selections.

You'll discover that this subscription box features a month's selection with more distinct flavor profiles because of the way that the animals are raised, and how the different kinds of cheese are aged.

They take customer satisfaction for their brand pretty seriously.

Each carefully curated wedge weighs in around a half-pound.

Quality is ensured by their "5 Point selection Process" that set's them far apart from other monthly clubs.

A huge highlight is their Monthly Newsletter that features detailed tasting notes, cheese profiles, cheesemaker histories for their international cheese, and serving suggestions.

Easy to send as a one time gift or gift subscription.

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$10 off any 4-shipment order. Use code: SAVE10

$15 off any prepaid 6-shipment order. Use code: SAVE15

$30 off any prepaid 12-shipment order. Use code: SAVE30

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2. Murray’s Cheese of the Month


This is one of the monthly cheese clubs that features gourmet cheese selections instead of the typical cheeses that you might get in your local cheese shop.

You can enter your email address to get 10% off of your first cheese of the month club order and to learn about some of the new items that the company has made available.

There are also personalized offers that you'll receive emails about and that are included in the cheese subscription box that you get.

Each delivery includes five different samples as well as tasting notes, a book with the description of each cheese, and other foods that the cheese might be served with, such as wines or meats.

Each of the subscription box comes with free shipping included so that you don't have to pay a lot of additional fees.

3. The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club


You won't easily find these wedges at your local grocery store!

Known as "The Original Cheese of the Month Club", Gourmet cheese helps you break out of the boring blocks of Swiss and American crowded big box stores with their cheese subscriptions box.

Revel in old-world classics such as Brie, Piave Vecchio, and Leicester, from the north of Paris, Italian Alps, and English farms with a small herd of pedigree Holstein cows.

You can give this cheese subscriptions box as a gift to adventurous cheese lovers. It will be some of the best cheese they've ever had in their lives!

This cheese of the month club box is a perfect gift to send to your loved ones.

Click here to use any of the codes below to save up to $30 (limited time!)

$10 off any 4-shipment order. Use code: SAVE10

$15 off any prepaid 6-shipment order. Use code: SAVE15

$30 off any prepaid 12-shipment order. Use code: SAVE30

4.Pong Cheese Club (UK)


When you enter your email address and sign up to receive your monthly box of subscriptions from Pong Cheese, you get discounts on future purchases.

You get a chance to let the company know about the flavors and textures (taste profile) that you don't want to see in your cheese subscription as the club tries to make each one as personal as possible.

You can get boxes monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly depending on how much cheese you want to try and how much you want to spend.

There is never a contract to sign, so you don't have to worry about your bank account being drafted for a month's clubs subscription that you don't want.

5. Di Bruno Bros. The Kilo Club


Why settle for tasty wedges or even blocks when you can indulge in gigantic chunks of cheese that perfectly complement your wine?

Pairing wine with cheese creates a harmonious combination that enhances your tasting experience. And why not take it a step further by subscribing to a wine club as well?

Along with the cheese, The Kilo Club offers several new flavors, some of which include ingredients like fruits and nuts, adding a delightful twist to your cheese selection.

With subscription options available for four, eight, or 12 months, you can ensure a steady supply of exquisite wines and premium cheeses.

Not only will you receive some of the best products the company has to offer, but you may also discover a few new items in each shipment.

To sweeten the deal, there are no shipping charges, and you can even use promo codes to receive discounts on items ordered separately from the subscription boxes.

To complete your culinary experience, The Kilo Club also provides the option to purchase meats, pasta, and sauces, allowing you to create memorable meals with their high-quality offerings.

6. Harry & David Fruit and Cheese Club


This is an affordable cheese of the month club that offers a variety of items in each cheese box.

Every box that you get has a few different types of artisan cheese crafted by cheesemakers from around the world as well as a few different fruits that pair well with the flavors of the cheeses that are included. 

Some of the available fresh cheeses include white cheddar and SeaHive Cheese.

You can choose from different subscription types of 12, 9, 6, or just 3 months.

You can eliminate shipping costs as well. Free shipping is available when you subscribe!

7. Zingerman’s Quarterly Cheese Club


If you ask a native of Ann Harbor, Michigan they'll tell you "Zingerman’s Deli is a local LEGEND!"

When you enroll in this monthly cheese club, you'll get that same legendary goodness. You'll get boxes that arrive at your home once every 3 months.

Each quarter features a cheese -- from around the world. Examples include one quarter being from Italy while another later in the year might be from France.

This is a cheese box gift to consider for your family and friends so that they can try new flavors and learn about the different cheeses that other countries offer as there is a short description for each type.

This box is literally a dream come true for cheese lovers.

In addition to cheese delivery, they offer cheese boards, party spreads, and other items that form a perfect pair with cheese.

8. The Cheese Geek (UK)


If you want to truly learn about cheese, then you should consider ordering a box from this company.

This is a monthly club that is located in the UK and that tries to look at the recent purchase history of customers in order to put together a box that fits the desires of each person instead of shipping random items each month.

You can opt for rolling subscription types that renew each month until it's canceled or a gift cheese subscription so that someone receives a box when you want it sent.

Most boxes serve up to eight people and include seasonal cheeses.

You'll also get a card that you can use to make notes about the items that you receive.

If you send the card back, the company can get a better idea as to the flavors you like and some of the ones that you don't like.

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9. Antonelli’s Cheese of the Month Club


Run by a husband and wife dynamic duo, Antonelli's is a truly spirited labor of love.

These two lovebirds are passionate about cheese and determined to bring to your cheese world, the best milky morsels imaginable.

Each cheese selection is made by hand and placed inside your box or sent as a gift to your friends who are cheese lovers.

You can choose a delivery frequency of every 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months depending on how much money you want to spend.

The longer the subscription the more you save per month.

This is a cheese month club that is ideal for the holiday season as you can get premium cheese samples to share with your friends without getting boxes throughout the rest of the year.

Boxes are shipped the second Tuesday of each month so that you know when you're going to receive it at your home.

10. Cowgirl Creamery’s


Most of the cheeses in the boxes from this club are organic. They are hand-selected so that you only get the very best items.

You can get a classic cheese box with only a few rare cheeses or a deluxe box that features delicious pairings such as bread and other goods that can be enjoyed with your cheese.

Many of the cheeses included in the boxes have a creamy texture. Virtual tastings are available if you want to get a better idea about how each cheese or wine might taste.

You can opt for the once per month subscription or go big and receive the best cheese subscription box every 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

Save 10% on your order today!

11. The Fine Cheese Co. (UK)


Travel to other countries around the world when you subscribe to this club.

There are at least three artisan cheese offerings included in each box that you get with additional items added throughout the year.

Although many people choose to have a one-month cheese subscription, you're in charge of how many you receive as you can cancel the subscription at any time or order boxes when you want to try something new.

Two of the same selection of cheese are never sent to you.

Free delivery is offered on orders over a certain amount, and there are discount codes sent to your email when you enter the information on the website.

12. Sharecuterie


A play on the word "charcuterie", this is one of our 'hidden gem' subscription boxes.

You can get a small or a large cheese basket gift from this club depending on how many samples you want.

A small box has enough items to serve about three people while a large one can serve about five or six.

In this meat and cheese subscription box, you'll also get jams or jellies, crackers, olives, dried fruits, honey, or tools that can be used for serving cheese.

This is a club that tends to offer more of a variety of accompaniments in the shipments delivered.

It's also a club that features gluten-free and vegetarian options.

13. The Cheese Society (UK)


This is one of the more classy and one of the best cheese subscription boxes to join that features gourmet food and high-quality goods that are made by hand with natural ingredients.

Deliveries arrive at the same time each month, making it easy to cancel your subscription when you want.

You'll get five different featured selections in your box from the UK and across Europe.

You'll receive new flavors profiles that you won't see promoted by other companies, making the hand-curated selection that you receive unique.

There is an option of sending a box as a gift if you want to share the flavors of the delicious international cheeses with family and friends.


Whether it's blue cheese, goat cheese, or a plethora of farmhouse cheeses; when you aren't sure what kind of artisanal cheeses to try or what cheese pairings to make, consider joining one of these award winning international cheeses subscription boxes and improve your cheese knowledge.

Blue cheeses are among my personal favorites.

Order a box from one of these cheese of the month club subscriptions and make yourself a blue cheese sandwich.

You will come back to this page and thank me for it.

Many offer half pound or full pound options.

You can receive a one box per month membership, every 3 months, or an yearly subscription.

You'll be able to get next level discounts for the foods that you already enjoy, and can even send those you love a gift of cheese so that you can compare notes about the items that you both enjoy.

Ultimately it's up to you and your cheese preferences that which of these are the best cheese clubs of the month.

So get to pickin' and pack your cheese board today!


- Jack

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