Best Chocolate of the Month Club & Chocolate Subscription Box


Indulge in a monthly cocoa adventure with a chocolate subscription box, delivering delectable surprises right to your doorstep.

If you love the idea of chocolate-covered treasures arriving like clockwork at your door monthly, it's time to look into chocolate subscription boxes.

Indulgence in the comfort of your home.

Chocolate subscription boxes allow you to bring a taste of the world to your world without the painstaking process of sourcing the best treats and bars on your own.

What's more, a monthly chocolate subscription is one of the best gift ideas if you want to actually send something that people will appreciate. 

Why do chocolate subscriptions exist when it's so easy to simply buy any type of candy or bar or at the store? 

Take a look at the best chocolate club of the month companies whether you're indulging your own desires or looking for a gift of artisanal chocolates that won't be overlooked!


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The Best Chocolate of the Month Subscription Boxes:

1. zChocolate: Best Chocolate Subscription Box for a French Dark Chocolate Connection

zChocolat - chocolate subscription boxes

Price: Least expensive boxes start at around $35.

Why It Satisfies: Gourmet French chocolates and worldwide shipping.

For 20 years, Z Chocolate has been a world class chocolatier, shipping luxury, gourmet chocolate around the world.

Z stands out from other monthly chocolate box companies by focusing on the fundamentals, avoiding the temptation to overcrowd their selection with excessive and "exclusive" flavors or non-chocolate additions.

This approach simplifies the shopping experience, allowing you to easily find the style of dark chocolate that suits your taste, all while guaranteeing a product of pure quality.

It's worth noting that even individuals following a vegan diet can enjoy dark chocolates, and ZChocolates caters perfectly to those with dairy-restricted diets and vegans alike.

Therefore, those adhering to a vegan lifestyle can confidently order this chocolate or vegan subscription box without any concerns.

Z's renowned rectangular chocolate boxes are available in enticing milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate, and creamy white chocolate variations.

They offer a guilt-free indulgence with help from all-natural ingredients that really let the taste of the cocoa come through.

Z Chocolate's signature creations are made with high cocoa content and 100-percent pure cocoa butter.

You'll really taste the chocolate flavor coming through without extra sugar or flavoring.

They even offer a sugar-free option, "Alize 0% Sugar"!

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2. The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club: Best Chocolate Subscription for Someone Who Loves Variety

Gourmet chocolate of the month club - chocolate subscription boxes

Price: $42.95 per month.

Current Offers: Save $10 (SAVE10), $15 (SAVE15) or $30 (SAVE30) on any four-shipment, 12-shipment or 16-shipment prepaid order.

Why It Satisfies: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and more from around the globe every month.

One of the best chocolate subscription boxes, Gourmet puts milky craft chocolate treats, tasty bars, cocoa treasures, and decadent classic truffles from chocolate makers from Spain, France, Germany, and Ireland at your lips every month.

The approximately 1 pound worth of nibbles included every month is prepared by hand in small batches from artisans in many countries.

Each box is reminiscent of a standard "sampler box" with the distinction of not having any "duds" that will go uneaten.

While each box introduces a unique concept editors independently research every month for the perfect chocolate quality of pure, single-origin cocoa, fresh wholesome ingredients that taste very different from the mass-produced confections found at big-box stores.

3. Great Clubs Chocolate of the Month Club: Best for Assorted Hand-Dipped Delights

great clubs chocolate - chocolate subscription boxes

Price: Boxes start at $40.87 per month.

Why It Satisfies: A big box of handcrafted chocolates.

Each month, this company ships a 1-pound box full of handcrafted delicious chocolates made from expert confectioners. 

This is a nice box if you like to be surprised when you open your subscription boxes because the variety changes up from month to month.

The servings are really generous with this fine chocolate box. 

They also include a fun newsletter and chocolate facts that give you something to chew on while you chew!

Mixes often include "safe" favorites like chocolate turtles, mint melt-away, French creams, creamy truffles, dark chocolate bars, and more.

Definitely one of the best chocolate subscription boxes on the list!

4. Godiva: Best for Classy, Classic Chocolates That Never Disappoint

godiva chocolate

Price: Varies.

Current Offers: Use WELCOME for 15 percent off your first Godiva order.

Why It Satisfies: Consistent quality that builds on tradition. Chocolate gifts.

Godiva has been the gold standard for sweets since 1926. 

Candy lovers today can order a wide range of Godiva boxes online for themselves or others. 

Options include truffles boxes, milk chocolates, mixed chocolate, and chocolate bars.

The big benefit of going with Godiva when sending a gift is that you'll get that instant brand recognition.

While many of the other boxes on the list are amazing to try on your own, they may not hit the spot with gift recipients because they're so niche.

However, they don't offer soy free or dairy-free options.

5. Jackie’s Chocolate: Best for Festive, Feel-Good Assortments

Jackie’s Chocolate

Price: Starts at $29.95 per month.

Current Offers: Save 15 percent when you sign up with email.

Why It Satisfies: A mix of festive favorites that look beautiful.

With Jackie’s Chocolate, you feel like you're getting a delivery every month from your local confectionery shop. 

All of the treats included in these subscription boxes feel like they were made by hand in family candy shops.

These chocolate of the month boxes really excel at combining some gooey, sprinkle-covered favorites with high-quality ingredients to create a variety that satisfies a well-rounded sweet tooth. 

All of the fudge, dark artisan chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate bar, truffles, toffees, brittles, taffies, and candies shipped by Jackie’s are made in the USA.

6. Candy Club: Best for Sugar Highs

candy club bundle

Price: $29.99 to $39.99 per month.

Current Offers: Enjoy 15 percent off your next box when you sign up with email.

Why It Satisfies: A fun assortment of sweets every month!

With a Candy Club subscription, you're getting what feels like a sugar-covered party in a box every month. 

While gourmet chocolate bars and dark chocolate are mixed with these subscription boxes, this is not strictly a chocolate-based subscription box.

You're actually getting a mix of gummies, sours, and more.

That means reaching for peach gummies with one hand while grabbing for dark chocolate coffee beans with the other.

With Candy Club subscription boxes, you're choosing between a Fun Box (six 6-ounce candy cups)and Party Box (six 13-ounce candy cups).

All of the candies come in a uniform plastic cup with a lid that's great for putting candy out at a party or on your desk.

The only thing that's missing is a bag of potato chips ;)

7. Bar and Cocoa: Best to Taste Chocolate Bars From Around the World

bar and cocoa subscription

Price: $129 for three months, $249 for six months or $479 for 12 months.

Current Offers: Get a free minibar when you sign up by email.

Why It Satisfies: International single-origin chocolate bars and candies.

Most of the bars shipped out in your chocolate subscription boxes will feature nothing more than sweet treats of cacao in a four bars.

This good-for-you chocolate is also something you can feel good about buying because Bar and Cocoa sources by ethical chocolate makers utilizing direct trade practices focused on sustainable farming methods.

This is the one to splurge on if you're looking for ultra-artisanal chocolate, bean-to-bar craft chocolates. 

This chocolate subscription box connects you with limited edition bars.

These are hard-to-find artisanal chocolates from around the world that are made locally in small batches. 

Some are even sprinkled with pink sea salt and soaked in coconut milk.

8. Harry & David Chocolate Club - Best Chocolate Subscription for Someone Who Loves the Classics

Harry & David Chocolate Club

Price: $99 for three months, $189 for six months or $369 for 12 months.

Why It Satisfies: Beautiful flavor combinations that make every day feel like a holiday.

The Harry & David Chocolate Club simply knows how to bring out the favorites as few competitors do!

Within each box, you're getting tried-and-true favorites like dark chocolate-covered cherries and buttery truffles.

One of the best things about this gourmet chocolate monthly club is that Harry & David employs a special theme every month that can include popcorn, sea-salt chewy caramels, milk chocolate, heritage white chocolate or holiday themes.

While the themes are great for giving you a focused chocolate experience, you may find them limiting if you're not into getting a box every month that has just "one" type of chocolate.

9. Chocolate and Book: Best for the Cultured Chocolate Lover With a Literary Appetite

Chocolate and Book

Price: $14.99 to $22.50 per box.

Why It Satisfies: Treats for the body and mind!

The extra ingredient in every box from this monthly club is a paperback book! 

Yes, Chocolate and Book ships curated, sugar-fueled experiences with newly released paperbacks.

When selecting your box, you can pick from genres that include thrillers, young adult, science fiction, thriller, romance or "surprise."

Ultimately, this is a fun concept that can be a great gift idea for a book worm.

However, "snobbish" gourmet chocolate lovers may not be impressed with the chocolate bars that ship out because mixes often include nothing more than a single piece of candy from a brand that's available at most mainstream retailers.

That means that a “curated” box is technically something that you can easily put together on your own.

That said, it's a fun concept.

10. Amazing Clubs Chocolate of the Month Club: Best for Variety Without Surprises

amazing clubs chocolate

Price: $35.95 to $33.95 per month.

Why It Satisfies: Classic crowd-pleasers in one curated subscription box.

Each month, Amazing Clubs Chocolate sends a 1-pound box full of handcrafted delicious artisanal chocolates from the country's top chocolatiers. 

It's like having a "candy road trip experience" delivered to your door every month.

This monthly chocolate subscription box makes great gifts because you know you'll be sending "favorites" that pretty much everyone likes.

Overall, this is a very consistent club that still mixes in a nice variety to ensure that every monthly box feels exciting.

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11. Jessie's Nutty Cups: Best for Peanut Butter Fanatics

Jessie's Nutty Cups

Price: $16 for box of eight or $27 for box of fifteen.

Current Offers: 30 percent off your first box, when you share your email.

Why It Satisfies: Rare, artisan peanut butter cups!

Jessie's Nutty Cups is the best niche chocolate box catering exclusively to people who love gourmet peanut butter cups! 

Each month includes an assortment of fun Nutty Cups flavors accompanied by a crowning jewel known as the Cup of the Month!

These quality, rare cups are made to order in small batches using handmade peanut butter-filled chocolates each month. 

If peanut butter is your thing, there's no better box for getting your hands on "exclusive flavors" artisan cups that you can't find locally.

12. Ethel M Chocolates: Best for Access to Curated Collections

Ethel M Chocolates

Price: $50 per box.

Current Offers: $10 off your first offer when you sign up for the newsletter.

Why It Satisfies: Curated gourmet chocolates with monthly themes!

With this subscription plan, you're getting gourmet chocolates, themed every month featuring curated chocolates from premium chocolatiers.

More than just dark chocolate bars, Ethel M also throws in some fun samplers and detailed tasting notes to give you a robust chocolate experience.

You'll find that this company does a good job of putting together themed subscription boxes for each season. 

The only downside is that you may be out of luck if you don't particularly like the genre that's selected for a specific month because there's not a lot of variety within these monthly boxes.

13. Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club (UK): Best for Certified Chocolate Snobs

Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club

Price: Curated boxes start at £25 per month.

Why It Satisfies: Chocolates, coffees, cocoas, and more!

Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club is a top pick if you adore international chocolate in every form. 

Far from being just a candy subscription service, Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club is a curator of chocolate candies, brownies, cacao beans, and caffeinated treats from a variety of chocolate makers

The company actually offers four different chocolate subscription boxes when you become a member of the Monthly Curated Collection. 

Based on your taste preferences, you can choose Everything, Tipsy, High Cocoa, or Mellow.

Each month brings with it a sophisticated new opportunity to try an upscale chocolate product that was sourced ethically using the highest standards for quality chocolate bars.

One of the best chocolate subscription boxes in the UK.

14. Fine Chocolate Club: Best for Refined Tastes

Fine Chocolate Club

Price: $24 to $64 per box.

Current Offers: 10 percent off when you sign up with email.

Why It Satisfies: A full experience combining artisan products with education for chocolate lovers.

If only the darkest, purest chocolate bars will do, you've met your match with Fine Chocolate Club. 

Each month, chocolate lovers receive between two bar subscription and six bars based on which tier that you've selected.

Every box sold from chocolate makers from around the globe is made using high-end, organic cocoa and other premium ingredients as part of small-batch orders. 

As a member, you're sourcing high-quality chocolate that helps to improve the lives of cocoa farmers by promoting ethical production methods, like bean to bar.

You may even find some containing oat milk, coconut sugar, or maple syrup!

Fine Chocolate Club is really one of the best chocolate subscription boxes for taking the guilt out of your guilty pleasure!

15. Nettie's Craft Brownies: Best for People Craving Baked Chocolate Confections

Nettie's Craft Brownies

Price: Plans start at $28.99 per month.

Why It Satisfies: Boxes of fancy brownies right at your door!

Nettie brilliantly cuts up its fudge brownies into bite-size pieces to make them easy to share! 

You'll also like the way these brownies are packed to ensure that they don't crumble when you lift them from the box. 

The strong point of these chocolate subscription boxes is that they all feature assorted favorites mixed together to please everyone.

They arrive totally fresh and delicious.

In addition to classic brownie flavors, you'll appreciate, signature flavors, and holiday-themed brownies sprinkled in the mix at various times of the year. 

Welcome to the gooey dark chocolate club! Bummer, there are no dairy-free choices.

16. Candy Shop Box: Best for a Fun Confectionary Experience

Candy Shop Box

Price: Boxes start at $28.33 per month.

Why It Satisfies: Beautiful chocolates and treats from around the globe.

If you like the element of surprise when signing up for a chocolate subscription box, Candy Shop Box is a great pick. 

Each box comes with five to seven artisan, adorable treats sourced from different confectioners from around the globe.

You really feel like a world traveler that you know is sending you gifts from their journey every time one of these boxes shows up!

This company does a great job of mixing adventure and nostalgia into these chocolate subscription boxes while managing to pick crowd-pleasing options.

You really do feel like you're getting a present every month with this candy subscription.

Not for sugar-free or soy free lovers.

The Verdict: Which Chocolate Monthly Club Should I Choose?

As you can see, there's no shortage of companies that offer a great selection of craft chocolate makers, seasonal chocolate bars, bean-to-bar chocolate, artisan chocolates, bean to bar styles, gluten-free, dairy-free options, and confectionary mixes (coconut sugar, yum!).

If your goal is to go gourmet and rare, subscription box companies like Z Chocolate and Gourmet Chocolate Club are great picks.

If you want to go with name recognition when sending a gift, options like Harry & David and Godiva are always crowd-pleasers. 

While options like Candy Club and Jackie’s Chocolate don't offer any groundbreaking products, they do deliver classic comforts that everybody likes.

A notable contender in the realm of chocolate subscription boxes is the esteemed Mystery Chocolate Box, renowned for delivering delightful surprises in the form of luscious dark chocolates and velvety truffles that are sure to appease your sweet cravings.

With options ranging from three bars to five bars, their offerings are varied and enticing. What's more, these chocolate subscription boxes prove to be a cost-effective alternative compared to purchasing individual chocolates at retail prices.

As a special tip, be on the lookout for providers who include ice packs in their shipping to ensure optimal chocolate freshness.

If you find yourself frequently in need of chocolate, whether for gifting purposes or parties, these subscription boxes can be an excellent means of saving money.

For an added touch of enchantment, consider augmenting the atmosphere of your gatherings or romantic gestures by combining your chocolate subscription with a candle subscription, creating a dreamy amalgamation of love, chocolates, candles, and gifts.

Ultimately, the concept of "sending chocolates" has been forever transformed, opening up a world of delightful possibilities through chocolate subscription boxes.

Welcome to the chocolate lover club!

- Jack

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