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Best Men’s Golf Pants: Ultimate Buyers Guide


When you head out to the golf course, you want to put on an attire that’s comfortable for swinging and walking.

A component of your wardrobe should be a pair of golf pants.

They allow for better mobility when you’re swinging your clubs, bending over to pick up balls, or walking to your cart.

With several designs and styles available, you can find golf pants that suit your personality so that your wardrobe matches your action on the course.

10 Best Golf Pants:

Here is our list of the top golf pants on the market today for men and women.

#1. Durham Performance Trouser

Durham Performance Trouser Golf

A basic classic fit design, the Durham Performance Trouser comes in a variety of neutral colors including navy blue, tan, and black.

This polyester twill fabric made men’s golf pants allow for supreme mobility during your golf game and features moisture-wicking benefits in the event you’re caught in the rain during a round or two.

One of the best golf pants available on the market.

#2. Nike Dri-FIT Flex

Nike Dri-FIT Flex Golf Pants Review

These stylish golf pants allow for easily going from the course to a relaxing evening with friends and family.

Multiple pockets allow for keeping up with all of the small tools that you might need on the course along with your keys and other essentials.

Thigh pockets are zippered and give the pants a modern appearance.

With a drawcord waist, the pants are easy to adjust so that you’re as comfortable as possible while playing.

These are an integral part of the life of every golfer.

#3. ABC Classic Men’s Golf Pants

ABC Classic Men’s Golf Pants

If you’re looking for a way to be as stylish as possible on the course, then consider these five-pocket reinvented jeans.

They’re a classic fit so that they provide maximum support and mobility while still giving you a look that demands to be noticed while you’re playing.

The polyester material is easy to clean, and there are cuffs that you can flip up to reveal reflective material for playing when it’s darker outside.

#4. FootJoy Performance Pants

FootJoy Performance

Available in neutral colors, these peak performance men’s golf pants are of a basic design while providing quite a bit of comfort for bending over and walking.

The polyester and spandex fabric are easy to care for while offering a two-way stretch instead of being quite so restrictive, making them an ideal option for those long rounds of golf during the day. 

Two pockets on the sides of the pants are of a deeper design for easily carrying golf balls, tees, and other essentials.

#5. Highland Tour Pants

Highland Tour Golf Pants

These are the iconic men’s golf pants that you might think of when you watch someone play golf on television or in person.

They feature a straight leg and a pressed appearance to give you a professional look on the course.

Side panels and a back yoke provide maximum comfort as well as a better fit.

There’s a shirt-gripping gel waistband to keep your shirt in place when it’s tucked.

An interior zipper pocket keeps your phone and other items from getting lost.

#6. Johnston & Murphy XC4

Johnston & Murphy XC4 Pants

Several features make them the best golf pants on the market, such as UV protection to keep your legs from getting burned when you’re out in the sun and moisture-wicking material.

The pants are made of stretchable fabric so that you’re not constricted while you’re taking your best swings on the course.

#7. Adidas Ultimate 365

Adidas Ultimate 365 Pants

The tapered design of these three-stripe pants allows for easy fitting over your golf shoes.

They are lightweight so that they don’t get in your way while playing.

Keep moisture away from your body so that you stay cool and dry with the moisture-wicking material.

A silicone gripper in the waist ensures that your shirt doesn’t come untucked when you’re taking those aggressive swings to get the ball farther down the course.

#8. Under Armour Showdown Tapered Pants

Men’s UA Showdown Tapered Pants

With neutral colors like black and tan available, you’ll be able to match any shirt that you like with the tapered golf pants.

Various sizes are available.

The two-way stretch in such fabric allows for easy mobility and the material aids in absorbing sweat while drying fairly quickly.

Several pockets are on the front of these men’s golf pants to keep items secure while you’re playing.

#9. Dunning Men’s Player Fit Woven Shorts

Dunning Men’s Player Fit Woven Shorts

If pants aren’t exactly your style, then consider Dunning men’s woven shorts.

Reaching just above the knee and with a 10″ inseam, they offer plenty of support and comfort while giving a modern look.

They are designed for almost all body types so that anyone can comfortably enjoy a round of golf.

Breathable material makes the shorts a good option for playing in the spring and summer months when the temperatures are a bit warmer.

#10. Greyson Joggers

Greyson Golf Joggers

If you want a comfortable design that’s not restrictive, then consider these joggers.

They have the classic golf pant design but feature a snug jogger design at the ankles.

A shirt tucked in with belt loops allows for keeping the pants in place, and there are slashed side pockets for holding your essentials when you’re in the golfing area.

What Is Special About Golf Pants?

When you’re playing golf, you want to be comfortable as you’re going to move around quite a bit.

A key difference from dress pants is that golf pants have a different fit.

They are designed for exceptional mobility. They are usually designed with lighter materials as well.

Many types of golf pants are made of moisture-wicking material to keep sweat away from your body and to keep other types of moisture from collecting while you’re in the golf play area.

You’ll be able to easily swing a club or pick up a ball while you’re wearing golf pants compared to wearing dress pants.

What Pants Are Best For Golf?

When you’re looking for the best golf pants, you should find a pair that stretches and that fits your body type.

You don’t want them to be too tight as you’re not going to be able to move the way that’s needed.

So, look for stretch pants that are comfortable.

Some of the top brands include Adidas, Puma, and FootJoy as they all offer stretchy fabric and various designs to fit most body shapes.

You want the pants that you choose to touch just the top of your shoes.

How are golf pants different? (from the regular pants)

One of the things that’s different from regular pants is that the crotch is a bit roomier compared to right golf pants.

Golf pants tend to have a wider leg to allow for better movement with most featuring a tapered design to fit just over your shoes instead of allowing for dragging on the ground.

The thinner material of golf pants offers more of an athletic feeling while you’re playing so that there’s a little restriction when you’re swinging or putting.

Can I wear trousers or jeans to golf?

While you can put on a shirt tucked into stretch pants or anything that you want when you play golf, it’s often better to invest in a pair of quality golf pants.

Keep in mind that some golf courses don’t allow jeans as they could accumulate sand and usually don’t give the professional appearance that is known for being associated with golfers.

Another reason why many golf areas don’t allow jeans is because the material could cause you to overheat, which could then result in passing out while you’re playing.

They can sometimes be too baggy, which could result in the clubs getting caught on your jeans when you’re swinging.

Overall, stretch jeans usually aren’t ideal to don when you’re playing golf.

What do I wear if I don’t have right golf pants?

If you don’t have a pair of golf pants, you could put on khaki pants or a pair of stretch shorts.

You could also wear a pair of capris or a pair of athletic pants that are comfortable as long as they aren’t too baggy or too restricting for moving around.

Shorts can be worn and should be at a length that’s just above the knees.

Polyester and cotton are good materials for the clothes that you were as they are breathable and are a bit easier for moving around.

Is it OK to be in golf outfit to work places?

You don’t have to just wear golf pants on the golf course. You can wear them to work or anywhere else.

When you begin your search for the best golf pants, you’ll usually find that they resemble dress slacks, which makes them versatile for wearing for a variety of occasions.

Keep in mind that they are usually lightweight, so you might not want to put them on in the winter months as you might get cold rather quickly.

If you wear golf pants to work every day, you might not see the same lifespan from them as you would traditional dress pants or jeans because they are usually made with lighter materials.

Why do golfers wear plaid pants?

If you’ve paid attention to golf matches, you’ve probably seen many golfers in plaid pants.

They are often designed with bright colors and bold designs so that they stand out while you’re out to play.

If players stand out more, it can make them appear as though they are better at the sport.

It also makes players easier to spot across the play area if there is someone on one side and another player is down the fairway so that they don’t get hit with a ball.

Can you wear dress pants as golf pants?

Since dress pants are made of similar materials as golf pants, you can usually get rights by wearing them as golf pants.

However, they should be comfortable, and you want them to be tapered or tight at the bottom so that they comfortably fit over your shoes and so that they are easy to move around in when you’re playing.

Some courses could see wearing dress pants as a bit of overkill, but it’s usually an acceptable practice as long as you’re comfortable.


Did you have all this information to date? If not, then go through the 10 best golf pants to make your golfing hours comfortable with full focus on the game.

Today, even visually impaired people enjoy golf and it is important for them to know about the comfortable attire during the hours spent in the course.

They can go through the content using the screen readers.

So, hurry and choose the best fit, cut, and comfort that will help to make your long hours in golfing arena less tiring.

- Jack

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