Best Meat of the Month Club and Subscription Box Delivery Services


Experience carnivorous delight with the best meat of the month club, delivering a mouthwatering assortment of premium cuts and flavors to satisfy your appetite.

Does Japanese Wagyu make your mouth water in delight?

Is anyone really going to argue against having meat delivered right to your door is a beautiful thing?

Of course, this is one of those high-pressure choices because the quality and execution need to match the hype and expectations.

Nobody wants subpar goods to show up on their doorstep in dubious packaging.

That's why doing your homework on high-quality meat subscription boxes is the duty of carnivores everywhere.

Take a look at reviews of the best subscription boxes for all us meat lovers.

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  • 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood
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Omaha Steaks

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Best Meat of the Month Club and Subscription Box Delivery Services:

This is my list of the best grass-fed, organic, farm to table and exitoc meat subscriptions you can find!

1. Butcher Box

Try butcher box monthly subscription meal service today, click here!

What's Inside: High-quality products with flexible, free shopping options.

Pricing: Prices range from $129 to $270 per monthly box.

ButcherBox has a roster of premium grass-fed, grass-finished USDA beef, free-range organic chicken, heritage breed pork, and wild-caught seafood that requires no introduction within carnivore circles.

This is the company that put meat subscription services that offer goods fresh from the pasture without steroids' on the map.

ButcherBox offers four different variations. You can opt for their "Curated" Classic Box ($129/8 to 11 pounds/24 meals) or Big Box ($238/16 to 22 pounds/ 48 meals).

If you opt for a "Custom" box, you can choose the Classic Box ($149/9 to 14 pounds/30 meals) or Big Box ($270/18 to 26 pounds/60 meals).

Within those for core box options, you can then narrow down your selection to a Mixed Box of beef and chicken box, beef-pork box, or beef box.

The way they create such an organized way to mix and match makes it so easy to know exactly what deals you're getting every month.

There are even little surprises like Apple Gouda Sausage Links. Plus they have a whole section of recipes on their site so you can get cookin' right out of the box!

Butcher Box ships all over the country.

2. The Chicago Steak Company

chicago steak company prime wet aged

What's Inside: Gorgeous filets, strips and seafood.

Pricing: $69.95 to $329.95.

Current Offers: Limited 12 FREE SHIPPING and 12 FREE STEAK BURGERS with code: FREEGIFTS

Free shipping on orders $99 and over when you sign up for texts.

Several things stand out about Chicago. First, you're getting enough meat options for a month for what you'd pay for one single dinner at a restaurant even when you opt for the cheapest package.

The second big thing you'll notice when scrolling through these tender, tantalizing boxes is that you can get a great selection of cuts in a single box.

Many choices contain configurations of grass-fed beef filet mignons, top sirloin steaks, flat iron steak, premium Angus burgers, bacon, and more.

While the concept of a meat subscription box is pretty new, this family has been doing this for generations.

The company was actually founded in 1865. Deliveries are full of meats raised on Midwest ranches before being by Chicago butchers.

Little touches like seasoning included in your boxes show that this brand is all about creating that special "fresh box" feeling for subscribers.

3. Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks

Cost: Range from $139 to $179.

What's Inside: Classic cuts that feel like they came from the local butcher.

Current Offers: Free shipping and free burgers for orders placed now.

Unlike most niche meat subscriptions, Omaha Steaks lets you ship a little bit of everything.

You can even bundle some desserts into your shipments to accompany those beautiful steaks you're selecting.

While snobs might not give Omaha the credit it's due, anyone who simply loves a good steak is going to tear right into this!

Overall, this is a really safe and traditional brand for customers who aren't into high-concept, experimental selections, and flavors.

Indulge in a variety of premium meats including boneless poultry, pork chops, chicken fried steaks, bacon, and more with the tried-and-tested selections from popular meat subscription boxes like Omaha Steaks.

And guess what? They even offer delicious side dishes like scalloped potatoes!

Plus, if you have a furry friend at home, you can ensure they stay satisfied with a monthly meat subscription tailored specifically for pets.

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4. Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow wagyu A5

What's Inside: Popular assortments of A5 Wagyu beef, seafood, poultry, and high grade meats.

Pricing: Gift boxes start at $52.

Now’s the perfect time to become a Crowd Cow member! New Members Get $100 of Free Meat + Free Shipping. Hurry up, offer ends soon!

Despite the name, Crowd Cow specializes in so much more than just beef subscription boxes!

You're looking at gorgeous surf-and-turf with Maine lobster, Viking sea packs, catch of the day, seven-fishes dishes, Atlantic king crab.

You can even get variety packs that feature whole poultry as the centerpiece.

Of course, that's not to say that the gorgeous A5 Wagyu ribeye pairs and New York strip selections that you see won't make your mouth water.

If you're looking for some extra throw-in, Cow Crowd also offers jerky, cured meats and seasonings.

However, this isn't the spot to come for wild fish box subscriptions.

Crowd Cow cares about their subscribers. They very noticeably put as much effort into customer service as they do into sourcing beautiful meats.

Deliveries are shipped with beautiful, gift-oriented packaging.

With Crowd Cow you can even coordinate shipping multiple deliveries to different people at the same time for easy "gift" management.

5. The British Meat Co. (UK)

The British Meat Co.

What's Inside: Sensational with a no-nonsense approach to meats.

Pricing: £20.00 ($26) to £104.95 ($137).

This is a meat box for those in the UK carnivore club who don't necessarily like to play around with free-range chicken or wild-caught seafood.

Overall, this is a great pick for someone who lives by the grill. The Burger and Sausage Links Pack is essentially a high-end tailgate in a box!

Options like the exotic Lamb Box and Large Essential Meats Box are the things that people who entertain at home frequently dream about!

The Meaty Essentials Box is an interesting selection for someone who is notorious for cooking up big breakfasts because it has those lovely English sausages and bacon strips. 

The British Meat Co. offers seven subscription boxes, placing it pretty far from almost all other competitors in terms of variety.

However, "British" actually gains prestige by being one of those brands that can do one thing so exceptionally well that it doesn't have to do everything.

Definitely on of the best meat subscription boxes available in the United Kingdom. 

6. FarmFoods

farm foods market exotic meat subscription

What's Inside: Amazing selection of hard-to-find, niche meat options.

Pricing: Varies by product and pound.

Current Offers: Free shipping on all orders of more than 10 pounds.

Farm subscriptions feel like belonging to a true farmers co-op!

That's why they list the names of the best farms that they source their meats from. 

All deliveries for customers come stocked full of sustainably sourced food that is antibiotic-free and cultivated without the use of GMOs.

This exceptional brand truly excels in providing excellent value by delivering high-quality, rare finds that are sure to impress.

From oxtail to heritage pheasant, elk bison to osso buco, and even indulgent options like marrow and bone broth, their exotic meat subscription offers a wide range of selections and portion sizes to cater to diverse tastes.

If you're someone who appreciates farm-to-table options and desires the finest exotic meats, this brand is an outstanding choice.

To elevate your culinary experience, consider pairing it with a beer subscription, creating a tantalizing combination of mouthwatering delicacies and chilled brews that will leave you craving for more.

7. Holy Grail Steak Co.

Holy Grail Steak Co

Pricing: $18 to $244 per item.

What's Inside: Hundreds of Japanese cuts ranging from everyday favorites to exotic finds.

Current Offers: Free shipping for orders over $199.
Meat lovers rejoice!

Holy Grail really is the "holy grail" when it comes to rare-to-find cuts like upper-prime black Angus, bone-in strip, Kobe Japanese wagyu, American Wagyu, tomahawk, porterhouse chop, and ribeye.

Holy Grail's claim to fame is that it delivers rare Japanese meats that are dry-aged and 100% grass-fed beef. These are not boxes for amateurs.

These very fancy and prestigious boxes may actually only be appreciated by people with acumen with Japanese grilling.

However, "Joe Six-Pack" needs not to worry, there is a special category consisting of just American-style burgers.

8. Mountain Primal Meat Co.

Mountain Primal Meat Company promotion showing free range animals and meat with logo.

What's Inside:

Pricing: Start at $71.99

Current Offers: Grab two FREE pounds of American Highland Ground Beef with your first order!

A Mountain Primal "Stockpile Box" is really a cookout in a box.

This is a great choice for someone who needs to perfect burgers using premium, humanely raised, pasture-raised, hormone-free, meat over experimenting with fancier cuts.

Their family farms is small and secluded from the world.
Mountain Primal's full roster includes American Highland Beef, and American Berkshire Pork.

To round out the "exotic meat" they offer 100% grass-fed bison and elk. 

Someone who typically shops for meat in grocery stores may notice the meat they receive is much darker than what they're used to.

That's because the color of the meats shipped is impacted by the reality that no hormones or antibiotics have been used.

9. Thrive Market

Try Thrive market food subscription meal delivery today!

What's Inside: Nice themed bundles with robust combinations.

Pricing: Range from $109 to $229.

Current Offers: Get a free gift up to $24 with your first purchase.

While Thrive Market isn't exclusively a meat subscription box, it does a good job of putting together some beautiful meat boxes that are hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and full of many different options.

Thrive puts together nice themed boxes every month do the hard work of creating a meat, chicken, and fish medley that's appropriate for the season or holiday at hand.

You can also do a build-your-own to get the right ratio of beef, turkey, jerky, bacon, BBQ sauces, and seafood; based on what you like.

Thrive really impresses with grass-fed beef heritage sources from Patagonian prairies in Chile, pasture-raised heritage pork from Georgia, free-range organic chicken breasts, gorgeous ribeyes, and sustainable, wild-caught seafood that's sourced mostly from Alaska - direct to your door!

Thrive is great when you need non-gmo, antibiotics free products and not just "carne". They even have a snack box available.

10. Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms Wagyu A5

Cost: Start at $225
What's Inside: The place for the best dry-aged American Wagyu beef offerings.

From farm to table! Snake River Farms does a great job of keeping its offerings very clear and streamlined in what can seem like a sea of confusing "packages" from other companies. Snake River uses a straight, clear-cut subscription model.

The three selections from Snake River Farms are a beef box ($225 per month), a beef and pork box ($225/$325 per month) or a dry-aged box ($399.00 per month).

This meat delivery service does a great job of mixing up great combos that will see you enjoying mixes of ground and flat-iron styles. 

Be warned that the chef's team at Snake River does change up the deliveries each month at random to keep the best variety going.

11. Mr. Steak

Mr. Steak

Cost: Start at $105.

Current Offers: Get 15 percent off your first order when you sign up by email.
Free shipping when you spend $299.

With Mr, you have the option to either choose a curated box or build your own. When building your own box, you're looking at cuts that range in price from around $16 to $60.

Curated Mr. Steak Boxes go from $105 to $445. You'll notice that Mr. Steak does the best job of creating themed packages that let you really get to the point without having to just "accept" certain selections that aren't really in your genre just to get another food product that you do like.

There's really a little something for everyone's style within options like the Base Camp Burger Box, Grill Master's Box, Family Favorite's Box, and Monster Cuts Box.

The nice thing about Mr. is that it focuses on the best quality meats in great cuts without any pretentiousness.

12. Grassland Beef

Current Offers: Get a coupon for 15 percent off when you sign up by email today.
Grassland is another one of these best subscription companies that really shines for its variety.

However, the downside shopping through a huge collection of meat, lamb, bison, seafood, and free-range chicken options can be difficult if you're not an expert on any of the products up for grabs.

In fact, shopping through Grassland can feel a little more like grocery shopping than picking out a curated gift basket.
It's hard to top this brand for the best access to such a wide range of wild protein.

Items like wild pink shrimp, whole chicken, duck, bison patties, brisket, ribs, and roasts will make you feel like a carnivore in a candy store!

While Grassland doesn't necessarily offer the wow factor or a curated gift basket, it is a great option for anyone looking to pile some basics into the fridge.

13. Meat N' Bone

Meat N' Bone

Pricing: Start at $59.
What's Inside: Gorgeously packed boxes that make perfect gifts.
Current Offers: Sign up to receive 10 percent off your first delivery!

Bone does a beautiful job of creating premade gift boxes that take the work out of trying to figure out which meats go together.

Boxes fashioned to be grill starters, racks of ribs, and burger bundles offer really polished ways to present meat.

While the pre-bundled boxes from Meat N' Bone focus on beef, you can actually create custom bundles that pepper in game, seafood, ground pork, lamb, poultry, bacon and more. 

There's even a Le Charcuterie & Fromage box that items like Italian sliced meats paired with drunken cheese, Spanish jam, bbq sauce and other international delicacies.

You can even just opt for a bacon subscription.

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14. D'Artagnan Foods

D'Artagnan Foods

Current Offers: $25 OFF your first order of $150 when you sign up by email.
D'Artagnan meat delivery service dazzles with the best chef-quality selections soured from small farms without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

You won't find these gems at your local grocery stores.
Now we are flying far past simple ground beef. The selection here definitely gets a bit uppity.

We're talking about duck breast, duck charcuterie, duck charcuterie, poussin, foie gras, whole pigs, Australian lamb, filet mignon, buffalo meat and much more.

It's safe to say they fall in the exotic meat subscription category.
D'Artagnan does a nice job of putting together collections to help you avoid making a faux pas with what you put together using such elegant options.

You can shop for gift boxes and collections based on food recipes, cooking method, cut, culinary theme, or seasonal theme.

You can also select pre-designed gift samplers with delivery that start as low as $30.

15. Porter Road

porter road

Porter Road is an online butcher selling 100% pasture-raised beef, pork, chicken, and lamb to customers in the lower 48 united states.

All are dry-aged whole carcass for 14 days before our team of highly-skilled butchers hand cut each piece.

Their animals are raised in Kentucky and Tennessee using humane and regenerative agriculture. 

16. DeBragga - New York's Butcher

debragga new york

"New York's Butcher" is also their best meat subscription box, DeBragga
They have ground beef, heritage breed pork, lamb and cured meats.

It's easy to make a custom box meat subscriptions. They have an excellent array of organic meat. Be sure to try the grass feed beef.

All this and more is what makes DeBragga a premium meat delivery service.

17. Rastelli's

Rastelli's meat subscription

Last but not least on the list of meat subscriptions is Rastelli.

Unfortunately I didn't see any ground pork on the menu. 

An overall great meat of the month club.

18. Goldbelly

goldbelly monthly subscription

More of a foodie's dream come true! Goldbelly does of the best bacon subscription box available on the planet!  

Ah that sweet meat candy, bacon!

But that's not all, they offer fun separate subscriptions like monthly subscriptions for pizza, sandwiches, BBQ, cookies, ice cream, pies, cakes and more!

My recommendation would be to try the "Best of Goldbelly" monthly subscription so you can taste a little of everything this popular subscription has to offer.

Final Thoughts on Picking the Best Meat Delivery Services

You really have to have intent in mind when selecting a meat subscription box.

If you're just looking for classic favorites that can be thrown in the fridge or grilled on the spot, Mountain Primal is the no-nonsense choice.

If you're looking to wow with the best meat subscription boxes or purchases straight from the site that are meant to be given as gifts, Omaha Steaks and Mr. Steak do the job!

What Is the Best Meat Delivery Service?

If you're trying to impress a meat lover?

Customers in the carnivore club will appreciate the blend of prestige and down-to-earth quality of Butcher Box; our pick for best meat delivery services or meat of the month club.

Are Meat Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Overall, the best meat subscription boxes offer access to cuts of USD meat that you aren't going to find at the butcher unless you live in a considerably posh area.

This is a really easy to purchase quality grass fed beef and USDA prime meat online and get it into your freezer without any trips to the grocery store or butcher shop.

Farm to table freshness.
All that with delivery anywhere around the country. Mail order meat subscription service is the new wave baby.

This is for the big boys, no snack box here. If you are one of the types who love grilling and the smell of bbq, and like the sound of 5 pounds of steak you have hit the jackpot.

Your friend might even think you won a James Beard Award!

Make sure you get the right information before you make your pick. Be aware that some services you can order for only 6 months.

A meaty honorable mention goes to RIver Watch Beef, they offer a grass fed beef club, check em out.
All my bacon lovers stay tuned for our next post, the top Goldbelly bacon subscription, and jerky subscription picks!
Also, I know you want some salmon. Look out for what our editors choose for wild seafood box top picks and more!

- Jack

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