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Snack subscription box is a delightful way to discover a variety of delicious and exciting snacks delivered right to your doorstep.

We've created The Ultimate Snack Subscription Box List!

And why not? A guy needs his snacks, too.

Sure, it’s easy to run to the grocery or convenience store and start grabbing snacks off the rack, but it’s more fun to have international goodies show up at your door.

No matter what your pleasure-savory or sweet, best snack subscription boxes will fill your desire. Some services bring you snacks from around the world.

Others cater to your particular yearning. Whether you want a steady stream of chips, chocolates, or healthy snacks, this list will feed your passion for the good stuff.


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  • Creative healthy and delicious snacks
  • Easy to manage account page
  • Occasionally, includes beverages
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  • Snacks from around the world
  • Sends e-mail with tracking number
  • Free shipping
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  • Ships out within 24 hours of ordering
  • Snacks from around the world
  • Offers an option to add drinks

1. Urthbox

urthbox reviews

Who’s it for?: Health nuts

Why you’ll like it: Avoid the temptation of grabbing the first snack you see and let Urthbox deliver a monthly box of healthy snacks at your door.

The company offers non-GMO, all-natural munchies and drinks to help you with healthier snack box. Products include trail mixes, dried meats, granola, and superfoods.

The Bottom Line:
Enjoy up to 30 full-size snacks with a retail value of $100 for only $49.99 when you choose the large box.

Mini, small, and medium options are also available. Choose classic, diet, gluten-free or vegan box and your preference for a one, three, or six month subscription.

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2. The Keto Box

keto box subscription review

Who’s it for?: Those on a low carb or keto diet

Why you’ll like it: The Keto Box sends monthly deliveries of 10 or more low carb snacks to keep you from becoming bored on a ketogenic diet. Products include keto-friendly snacks, drinks, condiments, and baking ingredients. 

They also include a 28-day meal plan to keep you on track.

The Bottom Line:
The Keto Box is a monthly subscription snack box plan that costs $40 per month. Other options include 3, 6, and 12-month plans.

3. Love With Food Snack Box

love with food snack subscription box review

Who’s it for?: The Conscious Snacker

Why you’ll like it: Love With Food is one of the best snack boxes delivering a monthly curation of delicious, clean ingredient snacks directly to your home. 

For every box they send to you, Love With Food donates at least one meal to American families in need.

Boxes are carefully curated to ensure you only receive snacks made with authentic ingredients. 

Past boxes have included pretzels, peanut puffs, protein bars, sea salt chips, and smoked jerky.

The Bottom Line:

Love, wants to send out good vibes with clean health box of snack subscription boxes and help end hunger in the United States at the same time.

4. Universal Yums

universal yums review

Who’s it for?: Those who enjoy a variety of snacks, International Snack Box Lovers

Why you’ll like it: You get snacks from different countries, along with fun facts and detailed information about each snack.

The Bottom Line
Prices range from $13.75-$35.75 for six to 20 snacks.

There is no charge for delivering these international snack subscription boxes for various occasions like father's day, birthday, etc.

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5. Mystery Chocolate Box

Mystery Chocolate Box Review

Who’s it for?: People who like to escape with a good bar of chocolate

Why you’ll like it: Each month Mystery Chocolate sends you three bars of chocolate with a twist.

The outside wrapper is missing, so the ingredients remain an enigma.

Mystery flavors have included dark chocolate with banana caramel filling and milk chocolate with roasted almonds and French grey sea salt.

The Bottom Line:
 Starts at $56.95 for a 3-month plan.

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6. Care Crate

care crate review

One of the best snack crates available! Every month’s care package is different and exciting. 

Your loved one will be reminded of your thoughtfulness each time they receive one of our crates.

Their desire to care for others and help them experience happiness makes The Care Crate Co. so much bigger than just care packages.

At a fundamental level, we want to make people happy. It’s that simple.

7. MunchPak

Picture of munchpak subscription box review

Who’s it for?: The Traveling Connoisseur

Why you’ll like it: The box comes packed to the brim with an assortment of full-size snacks from around the world.

Plus, you can download the Munchpak app to scan barcodes to find out the origin, texture, and flavor.

Then, save the info to add to your cart for the following delivery.

The Bottom Line:
Monthly snack box plans start at $13.95 for a MunchPak Mini, which contains five full-size snacks. What more snacks? Try the Original Munch Pak (10 snacks $23.95), or the Family Pak (20 snacks for $43.95).

Find out more about Munch Pak by reading our FULL REVIEW here!

8. Graze

graze healthy snack subscription box review

Who’s it for?: Foodies that love healthy snacking

Why you’ll like it: One of the premier snack boxes, Graze offers a variety of interesting first box of savory snacks and unique flavor combinations for you to look forward to each month. 

When you sign up, you will set your taste and dietary preference, so curators can pick perfect snacks for you.

Each box contains four snacks like a granola bar, raisins and nuts mixture, pretzels and seeds assortment, and a dried fruit medley.

The Bottom Line:
Subscribe today and get half off your first box of healthy diet.

Graze delivers every two weeks and charges $13.99 per shipment. Weekly and monthly options are also available.

Feeling hungry? Find out more about Graze by reading our FULL REVIEW here!

9. Jerky Snob

jerky snob review

Who’s it for?: Jerky Snobs

Why you’ll like it: It's the #1 jerky club!

If you eat, drink, and sleep jerky, you’re going to love the new and exciting flavors Jerky Snob introduces you to monthly snack box each month. 

They carefully choose each batch to make sure you have a premium, jerky eating experience.

And the best part is, not one bag contains MSG, nitrates, nitrites, or high fructose corn syrup. 

Expect to enjoy flavors like Texas Tangy BBQ, Honey Chipotle, and Carne Seca.

The Bottom Line
Take your pick: 4, 8, or 16-ounces of curated artisan jerky.

Snack subscription box prices begin at $15 each month.

10. SnackCrate

Image of snackcrate subscription box review

Who’s it for?: The Snack Aficionado

Why you’ll like it: SnackCrate delivers themed goody boxes from every corner of the globe. 

If you're seeking snacks for your furry companion to enjoy alongside you, consider customizing and obtaining a pet-friendly box of snack. 

Included in this box are nutritious treats such as Haribo gummies from Germany, Bis Oreos from Brazil, and Taffel Chips from Finland.

Additionally, here's an exciting bonus: with your purchase, you'll receive an Adventure Ticket, granting you entry into a monthly drawing for a chance to win a free trip.

The Bottom Line:
Choose from three box sizes: Mini, $12 ( half-pound crate ), Original, $20 (1-pound crate), and Premium $35 ( 3-pound crate )

11. Snack Nation

snack nation subscription reviews

Who’s it for?: The Office Go-To Snack Guy

Why you’ll like it: Your coworkers come to you when the vending machine is empty because they know you have a delectable stash. 

If you think they’re buzzing around your desk now, wait till they find out you have treats from snack nation.

There’s something for everyone: bars, chips, popcorn, cookies, trail mix, granola, dried fruit, and jerky.

The Bottom Line:
You choose the type of snacks you want and Snack Nation will pack a snack box with over 150 single-serve snacks for $199 (office plan), or choose 25 snacks for $39.99 (family plan). Other snack box plans are also available.

12. Fit Snack

healthy fit snack subscription box review

Who’s it for?: Fitness Fanatics

Why you’ll like it: Each month, you get a box of healthy snacks selected by Fit Snack’s nutritionist.

Past boxes for fitness freaks have included beef jerky, baked chips made from white beans and rice, and nut butter and jelly-filled Figgy Pops.

The Bottom Line:
Plans start at $27.90, plus shipping and handling for 6-9 snacks. Members who sign up for pre-paid plans also get a bonus fitness item.

13. Vegan Cuts Snack Box

vegancuts snack box subscription review

Who’s it for?: Vegans

Why you’ll like it: Say hello to savory and sweet vegan snacks. All foods are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

Vegan Cuts Snack Box comes filled with 10 vegan snacks, including items like miso soup, avocado chips, dried tropical fruit, and hummus crackers.

The Bottom Line:
A vegan monthly subscription. Vegan Cuts cost $24.95.

14. Yummy Bazaar

yummy bazaar subscription box review

Who’s it for?: Snackologists & international snack lovers

Why you’ll like it: Introduce your palate to specialty delicious snacks and foods from around the globe. 

Previous boxes include products from Japan, Italy, and France.

Customers have enjoyed Mini Matchas with three mouth watering layers of cream filling, almond pudding mix for making creative treats, and roasted green peas slightly dusted with lip-smacking spices.

The Bottom Line:
The Yummy Bazaar offers two gourmet subscriptions: World Sampler Monthly Box costs $9.95 and the Full Experience monthly subscription Box for $35.95. Shipping is free.

15. Candy Club

candy club review

Who’s it for?: Chewy candy lovers.

Why you’ll like it: You fill out a candy profile and choose mostly sweet and mostly sour and look for gummies, jelly beans, and worms to arrive at your door. 

Popular selections include watermelon slices, cookies and cream bites, and strawberry sour belts.

Plus, the Candy Club donates 2% of each box to the Birthday Project, an organization that hosts birthday parties for homeless children.

The Bottom Line:
Candy Club Prices start at $29.99 for a 6-ounce Fun Box.

16. NatureBox

naturebox subscription review

Who’s it for?: Smart and healthy snackers

Why you’ll like it: NatureBox offers a convenient way to eat healthy snacks.

You’ll enjoy amazing snacks like dried mango, sweet & salty nut medley, kettle corn, and cheddar cheese bites without artificial ingredients.

MSG, hydrogenated oil, and corn syrup. 

You have the option of picking the snacks you prefer or letting NatureBox surprise you each month.

The Bottom Line:
You pay a $50 membership fee to receive a discount on monthly boxes, which start at $32.95. The cost without a membership is $38.95.

17. RawBox

rawbox subscription review

Who’s it for?: Those living a raw plant-based lifestyle

Why you’ll like it: Go Raw and eat plant-based, nutrient-rich snacks. With a RawBox subscription, you’ll enjoy snacks that are free of gluten, wheat, soy, and refined sugar. 

You can expect to receive up to 12 items double the value you’d spend at a retail store.

The Bottom Line:
RawBox delivers packages every other month for $39.95, plus free shipping.

18. Num-Nums Munch Box

Num-Nums Munch box subscription review

Who’s it for?: Men with food allergies

Why you’ll like it: Num-Nums is an allergy conscious snack subscription box service that caters to people with food allergies. 

Choose from dairy-free, peanut/tree nut-free, and gluten-free boxes, as well as the top 8 allergen-free box, a vegan box or a custom box.

The Bottom Line:
Choose mini (5 snacks), single (10-12 snacks) or double (20-24 snacks), ranging in price from $8.99 to $39.99 monthly subscription box + shipping.

19. Taste Trunk

taste trunk subscription box review

Who’s it for?: Gourmet snack lovers

Why you’ll like it:  Take a lavish journey with

Taste Trunk is a Gourmet food subscription box that help you explore new flavors, indulge in tasty treats, and satisfy your cravings with a curated selection of snacks tailored to your preferences. 

They offer a selection of sweet and savory options to squelch your cravings.

They offer a big assortment of premium cheeses, sauces, and other high quality treats that you won't find in other boxes.

And you have the option of ordering monthly box individually or combining products to create a custom package.

The Bottom Line:
Curated snack box starts at $49. Choose your favorite (Healthy Snacks or Sweet Tooth), and the Taste Trunk team will pick 4 to 5 items to satiate your cravings.

Terms vary from plan to plan, so make sure to read the small print.

20. Jackie’s Chocolate

Jackie’s Chocolate review

Who’s it for?: Chocolate Lovers

Why you’ll like it: Experience the delectable taste of old-fashioned, handcrafted chocolate melting in your mouth. 

Jackie’s offers dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, assorted chocolates, and sugar-free chocolate for you to indulge.

The Bottom Line:
Get an endless supply of month box chocolate sent to your door for only $9.95 per month.

21. Treats

treats subscription box review

Who’s it for?: The Globetrotter and International Snack Lover

Why you’ll like it: Get snacks from around the world delivered straight to your door each month. 

Expect to receive candy, crackers, chips, and chocolate from places like Asia, Austria, Africa, Europe, and Africa.

The Bottom Line:
Standard boxes include up to six snacks, costs $13.95 a month, while the premium monthly subscription box has up to 12 snack boxes priced at $25.95.

22. Snack Sack

snack sack subscription review

Who’s it for?: The Healthy Nibbler

Why you’ll like it: With each box of SnackSack, you get between 11-15 healthy bites to nibble. 

You have a choice of USDA organic, gluten-free, certified vegan, or non-GMO project verified.

The Bottom Line:
Choose pay-as-you-go or prepaid plans starting at $22.95 monthly subscription.

23. Healthy Surprise

Healthy Surprise subscription box review

Who’s it for?: The Health Nut, Paleo Snack Lovers

Why you’ll like it: For the health-obsessed, fitness guru, this box includes a healthy mix of natural products. 

You’ll be astonished when you open your box each month filled with guilt-free bars, chips, nuts, fruit, veggies, and drinks.

The Bottom Line:
Choose the Classic (15 snacks for $42.49), Big (21 snacks for $63.74), or Paleo Snack Box plan (17 snacks for $63.74), so you can have healthy snacks to nibble between meals.

24. Campus Cube

college cube man cube subscription box review

Who’s it for?: College Students

Why you’ll like it: Billed as a "hug from home", Campus Cube delivers care packages with all sorts of goodies. 

The Man Cube not only has snacks like popcorn, pretzels, and jerky but also includes toiletries and a first aid kit.

Campus Cube serves packages designed for both guys and girls.

The Bottom Line:
The Man Cube costs $49.95 per month, but you also have other options, such as the Just Snacks for $29.95, and the You Got This Snack subscription box for $39.95.

25. Freedom Japanese Market

Freedom Japanese Market Box review

Who’s it for?: Japanophiles and International Snack Lovers

Why you’ll like it: Enjoy a small taste of Japan. The Freedom Japanese Market sources all its snacks from Japan. 

Past boxes have included best treats like citrus Kit-Kats, spicy sriracha Doritos, plum-flavored shrimp chips, and almond-coated potato chips.

The Bottom Line
You have three options: the Puchi Pack with 5-8 sample and full-size candies for $12.99, the Original Pack with 12-16 snacks for $22.90 and the Family Pack with large, premium candies for $42.16 per month.

26. Carnivore Club Snack Subscription Box

Carnivore Club Subscription Box Review

Who’s it for?: Those who drool at the sight of meat

Why you’ll like it: The Carnivore Club snack box is a meat lover’s dream.

The company collaborates with skilled artisans worldwide to provide you with top-notch, handcrafted meats.

When paired with a refreshing beer, these meats create an impeccable and blissful combination.

The small snack subscription boxes feature delectable snacks that perfectly complement alcoholic beverages, including Kickass Beef's teriyaki and peppered jerky. 

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27. Quantum Squares

Quantum Squares Subscription Box Review

Who’s it for?: For those who need a boost to get them through the daily grind, get your first box of savory international snacks delivered to your doorstep.

Why you’ll like it: Fuel up on Quantum Squares energy bars.

Each square is made with plant-based ingredients and infused with organic coffee to give you a slow, long-lasting boost and suppress your appetite. 

Enjoy flavors like coconut almond chip, peanut butter and dark chocolate, and caffe mocha almond chip.

28. Mantry

mantry subscription review

Who’s it for?: The Modern Man

Why you’ll like it: Discover various American artisan foods when you subscribe to Mantry (The Modern Man’s Pantry).

Every other month, you’ll get a handmade wooden monthly snack box or crate with six full-sized artisan food products inside based on themes like Bourbon Breakfast and Hecho en America. 

Past crates were filled with Bison Jerky, smoked pepperoni, and soft pretzels.

The Bottom Line:

Mantry snack subscription box cost $75 and it is delivered to your door every other month.

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29. Grub Box Snack Subscription Box

grubbox review

Who’s it for?: International Snack Box Lovers who enjoy exotic flavors.

Why you’ll like it: Get mouthwatering treats from each continent when you subscribe to Grub Box.

There are two delicious subscription box options; the Grub Box and the Grubbiest Box.

Previous boxes have included Tim-Tam chocolate biscuits, Lays ketchup chips, and Perugina dark chocolate covered whole cherries.

The Bottom Line
Choose a Grub Box (10 snacks) for $24 per month or the Grubbiest Box (20 snacks) for $39 a month

30. Pastreez

Pastreez Subscription Box Photo Review

Who’s it for?: Pastry Lovers

Why you’ll like it: Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry-Oh my! With a Pastreez subscription, you get to choose from 16 different flavored French macarons to enjoy each month.

Plus, flavors change from month-to-month, so you’ll have an endless variety of decadent flavors as long as you remain subscribed.

The Bottom Line:
Pastreez offers 24 and 48-piece macaron subscription snack box and lets you pick how many of each of its 16 flavors you want in the box. A box of 24 cost $39 and a 48-piece snack box cost $69.

31. Something Snacks

Something Snacks Box Review

Who’s it for?: For those who like to switch it up between familiar and adventurous

Why you’ll like it: Something Snacks sends you a combination of sweet, salty, international, and health-conscious delicious snacks each month.

Past boxes include TGIFriday’s potato skins, Lance peanut butter bar, Herr’s Jalapeno poppers, and Wholesome organic delish fish.

The Bottom Line
Monthly boxes cost $14 and Something Snacks will deliver seven hand selected international snacks to your door. You’ll save $5 if you pre-pay for six months and $12 if you choose the annual plan.

32. Snack Fever

snack fever box review

Who’s it for?: Those who love Korean foods

Why you’ll like it: With this Korean subscription snack box, you will enjoy 10-13 full-size Korean snacks like ramen, jellies, chocolate, chips, and candies centered around the theme of the month.

Each box includes a list of contents, the expiration date of each item, and a surprise.

The Bottom Line:
Snack Fever offers monthly, 3 and 6-months, and annual plans. You pick between the Original Box ($20 per month with up to 11 items) and the Deluxe Box ($35 for up to 13 items). You save $36 when you sign up for a yearly plan.

33. Tasty Island Crate

Tasty Island Crate Box Review

Who’s it for?: Those who like salty snacks

Why you’ll like it: Get a taste of the Caribbean when you order international snacks from Tasty Island Crate. 

This monthly subscription service not only packs boxes with finger-licking treats like chips, biscuits, and cheese snacks from Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad but also offers a delightful addition to satisfy tea enthusiasts.

With the option of a monthly tea subscription, you can now complement those delectable snacks with a curated selection of high-quality teas from around the world. 

Experience the perfect pairing of tantalizing snacks and exquisite teas, creating a truly indulgent and flavorful snacking experience that will leave you craving for more.

The Bottom Line:
You get full box sizes every crate. Prices start at $15.99 for 5 snacks and go up to $47.99 for a jumbo crate with 20 snacks.

34. Japan Candy Box

Japan Candy Box Review

Who’s it for?: Japanese snack box lovers

Why you’ll like it: For a nominal fee, The Japan Candy Box company will deliver boxes filled with seasonal Japanese candy club treats are difficult to find. 

Past boxes have included goodies like Mystery fruity marshmallows, Black Thunder matcha adzuki, Furuta mini choco baa, and Ginbis long shimi choco corn star stick.

The Bottom Line
Japan Candy Box cost $21.90 and include 10 exclusive Japanese snacks.

35. Watanut

watanut subscription box review

Who’s it for?: Cookie and Nut Lovers

Why you’ll like it: Watanut mixes up a batch of shortbread cookies and gourmet nut mixes from scratch every single day.

Ingredients are stirred by hand to ensure flavors meld together for the perfect mind-blowing treat.

The Bottom Line:
Watanut cost $24.95 with free shipping.

Which Snack Subscription Box Should I Choose?

You are the only one that can truly answer that question. But if you appreciate different treats from around the globe, try services like Universal Yums, MunchPak, Yummy Bazaar, or Treats.

Many ship internationally including to the UK, Canada and Australia.

If Japanese flavors tickle your fancy opt for Freedom Japanese Market, Tokyo Treats, or Japan Crate.

On the other hand, if you are looking for healthy options, subscribe to Snack Sack, Fit Snack, or Nature Box.

And remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to one box. Try a couple at a time and compare them to see which one you prefer.

- Jack


What are snack subscription boxes?

Snack subscription boxes are a monthly or quarterly subscription service where subscribers receive a curated selection of snacks from around the globe.

How much do subscription snack boxes cost?

The cost varies depending on the company and plan you choose. Generally, plans range from $10 to $50 per month, with some companies offering discounts for longer subscription periods.

What types of snacks are included?

The types of snacks included in subscription boxes vary depending on the company and plan you choose. Some companies offer boxes with a variety of sweet and savory snacks from around the world, while others specialize in healthy or organic snacks.

Can I send a snack subscription box as a gift?

Yes, snack subscriptions make great gifts! Most companies offer gift options that allow you to send a box to someone else.

Are snack subscription boxes a good value?

Snack subscriptions can be a good value if you enjoy trying new snacks and want to explore different international flavors. However, it's important to compare prices and plans to ensure that you're getting a good value for your money.

Can I cancel my snack subscription?

Most snack subscription services allow subscribers to cancel their subscription at any time. However, it's important to check the terms and conditions of the service before subscribing to understand the cancellation policy.

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