Bookroo Review


bookroo review

Reading to my children is like second nature.

I enjoy seeing their faces light up when I tell them that it's time to choose a book whether it's at bedtime or while we're sitting on the couch in the middle of the afternoon.

Although we go to the library to choose books, there are times when I wish we had more of a selection.

I recently discovered Bookroo, a subscription company that sends your kids books whenever you want.

There are books to choose from for ages 0-10, which is beneficial because I do like to read to my older kids as much as I do my one-year-old.

One of the things to keep in mind about Bookroo is that you can only have books delivered once a month, which is similar to our library system as we check books out and then return them about a month later.

However, I tend to choose which books I want to have delivered about once a week so that they are ready to send out.

There are always new books to choose from for each age bracket.

You can find classic stories as well as new adventures that are entertaining for children. 

I enjoy being able to find titles from when I was younger, taking me back to when I would sit on my daddy's lap and have him read to me at night. 

After signing up for Bookroo deliveries, you'll see that there are three different clubs for kids. 

Age ranges for each bracket are 0-3, 4-6, and 7-10.

You can order books based on your child's age or based on your child's reading level as there could be some books in a higher age bracket that are suitable for your younger children.

You can cancel your subscription at any time if you're not satisfied.

However, who wouldn't want the ease of being able to open a new box of books once a month that can be enjoyed with your kids?

You'll see that each age range has different book materials as well.

An example is board books for the 0-3 bracket.

Although you can usually choose the types of books that you want, you don't always get to choose the titles.

You'll enter a few details about the types of books that your children enjoy and their activities so that the company selects books that could be interesting.

Books are selected by owners of the company as well as educators who have spent time reading with children and teaching them how to read.

Selections are also made by parents and kids! This means that you're sure to get something that is fun to read and that your child can't put down.

When the box arrives, it will be in a bright package.

Each book is wrapped in bright paper, similar to a present.

Books are a gift that can keep on giving anyway, right? 

This detail makes Bookroo an exciting adventure as children can't wait to see what's inside their packages.

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Books for ages 0-3 usually board books.

They are durable and tend to have pictures instead of a lot of words.

You'll be able to make up your own story to read to your little one just as I have done on many occasions, especially when my child isn't feeling well or is sleepy at night.

The Picture Book Club for ages 4-6 includes two picture books that have about 40 pages. 

These are ideal for children who are just starting school and learning about the proper way to care for books.

Children ages 7-10 can get books from the Chapter Book Club.

These are usually a bit longer and are designed to be read by the child.

However, I often find myself reading some of them when my kids are in school or reading them right by their side.

Most of these have between 100-300 pages.

Each box that you get includes a list of some of the latest books that are available by Bookroo.

There's also a list of information about authors, illustrators, and questions that you can ask after your child finishes the book.

If you homeschool, this is a good option to consider to go along with visits to the library.

There's never a shortage of books to receive as there are over 10,000 books available. 

You can watch a video on the company's website that explains more in detail about the process of selecting books for your child and the types of books that can be delivered.

The attention to detail is something that keeps drawing me back to placing my order from Bookroo.

I haven't seen many repeats with the packaging as the company tries to use paper that is different colors and patterns with each delivery.

There have even been a few times when we've received holiday paper!

Some of the books that I've received have been about counting and learning the alphabet. 

I've also received books about bears and living under the sea.

My older children are thrilled to get fairy tales and even a few books about science and other fun subjects that they are learning in school.

The prices of each club vary based on the age bracket.

They also vary based on the length of time that you subscribe.

An example would be that a 12-month subscription is less expensive than one for three months.

You don't have to worry about renewing as it's automatic if you choose.

One detail to keep in mind is that the Chapter Book Club is a little more expensive than the other two clubs.

This is because the length of the books is longer and that the books tend to be more advanced.

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What's The Verdict

If you enjoy reading as much as I do and you want to pass that love to your kids, then you're going to want to join Bookroo.

Contact the company to find out more about how to join, canceling if you decide that it's not something your children would like.


  • Different books delivered each month
  • Each book is wrapped in bright paper
  • Choose from different age groups
  • Books are selected by those who understand reading


  • Books are selected by those who understand reading
  • Orders delivered monthly instead of weekly or more often

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