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I enjoy reading to my kids, especially before they go to bed at night.

It's time that I get to spend with them that no one else gets to spend, which is something that I miss from my own childhood.

However, it's sometimes hard to find just the right book to read when your home library isn't all that large.

I recently signed up to receive boxes from LillyPost, and my kids seem to enjoy the books that they have received.

There are titles for all ages, and I can cancel my subscription at any time.

It's also easy to get started with the company as all you have to do is enter a few details about the ages of your kids and the types of books they like. 

Start Reading!

Before you do anything, you can choose the type of box that you want to receive.

This is one of the most important steps as there are different sizes and boxes for different ages.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are more books that come in the boxes for older kids than there are for those who are younger.

There are books to choose from for newborns up to about seven years old, which is about the age my own kids decided it was time for them to read their own books at night.

You'll usually get at least four books with each box. 

Sometimes, there are more books included depending on the time of year.

Younger children get board books to make it easier not to tear the pages.

Older children get paperback books and some chapter books to enjoy.

However, you can choose a box that features both types of books if you have children of different ages so that everyone has something to read.

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You're only going to spend about $15 a month for the subscription.

You can keep all of the books that you get or even pass them along to other children.

Most of the books that are in the boxes retail for between $10 and $20 depending on the type and the size of the book.

The artistic details of the book also play a factor in the value of the book.


After you've decided which box you want, you can then choose the plan that would be best for your family.

I started with the month-to-month subscription at first.

However, once I saw that the books were of high quality, I changed my plan to automatically send a box each month for a year.

There isn't a specific day that the boxes ship, but I usually get them sometime during the first or second week of the month.

If you choose an option for getting boxes for multiple months at a time, then you're going to save money compared to getting boxes delivered from one month to the next.


Perhaps my favorite thing that LillyPost does is that they donate books to those who don't have them.

When a box is ordered and shipped from the company, a book is sent to someone who doesn't have one.

There have been over 90,000 books donated so far with more books to ship out in the future.

When you visit LillyPost, you'll see that there is a section for sample books.

These give you a good idea as to what kind of books you can expect from the service.

There are quite a few popular titles as well as titles that I have never heard about.

My favorite books are those that have the sweet pictures of animals in them, and although they usually board books, I enjoy telling stories to my little girl while she looks at the pictures.

I can say that ever since I started receiving boxes of books, my kids have been more interested in reading than I have ever seen them in the past.

They want to sit on the couch and read a new story.

They are excited about getting the mail because there's a possibility that there will be new items that they can read.

Books are read each week by the company.

A team then hand-picks the books that are included in each box that is sent.

you leave feedback about the books that you like, then the company tries to send more of those types with your subscription.


One thing that I wish the company would change is letting subscribers choose some of the titles they want or at least the authors they like.

I also think that it would be a good idea to start some kind of rewards system.

You could earn points for the number of books that you receive and then use those points to get free ones. 

Customer Service

Although I've only had one or two issues with the boxes that I have received, the customer service department has handled each issue with professional attention.

My questions and concerns have been resolved quickly, which makes it easier to want to continue doing business with a company in the future.

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Wrapped Surprises

The exterior of each box is adorned with designs that automatically make you think about reading.

There are pictures of books and of children reading. 

When you open the box, you'll see that each book is wrapped.

This simple act makes my kids want to read even more because they see reading as a fun surprise instead of a chore.

There is usually a small slip of paper in each box that you get that gives a few details about the author and the books that are in the box.

You'll also get information about new titles that are being released.

If you have young children, you're going to want to subscribe to LillyPost so that you can get more books to fill the shelves in your home.

Visit the website today to choose your plan as well as your payment details to get started.


  • Fun books for children of all ages
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Books donated to those in need


  • Can't choose titles
  • No rewards system

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