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lit joy crate review 2019

Getting my teenagers to read a book is comparable to pulling their teeth when they were younger.

It's something that needs to be done, but there's a bit of pain behind the act because they don't like to read the books that their teachers assign them or the books that I enjoy reading.

LitJoy Crate is a monthly subscription service that sends my family books that are chosen just for young adults.

So far, my kids seem to like the ones that they have received. 

It's easy to order, but when you first look at the website, you're going to be overwhelmed with all of the things that are available.

A Bit Of Magic

LitJoy Crate has a magical edition box that contains numerous books that spark your imagination.

I have one child who enjoys science fiction and fantasy stories, so this is a box that I was thrilled to order. 

You're going to get Harry Potter books in this crate as well as a few VIP items that make you feel like you're going to Hogwarts.

There are over a dozen pieces in the Magical Edition Crate. 

Many of the designs are exclusive to the company, which means that you won't find them anywhere else online. 

There are six trading cards in the box that are designed by artists associated with LitJoy and that feature characters from the Harry Potter series.

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Each month features a different theme.

The books that you receive are based around that theme. 

Since we have been using the service for about a year, we have seen a few surprising themes. 

December is usually filled with holiday books while June and July are filled with summer reading suggestions.

Another example is the September box.

Since it's the month before Halloween, you're going to get some spooky titles in the box that arrives. 

Sometimes, I'll sneak a few of the books that my kids get and read them myself because they look so interesting.

The spooky box contains books similar to "The Addams Family" and "Ghostbusters."

These are fun titles that are on a level that can be enjoyed by teens, especially those who like being frightened while they are reading. 

The featured book is signed by the author.

If there is a month when you don't want to receive a box, you can cancel your subscription for that month. 

Another option would be to simply not place an order for that month and wait until the next month to get caught back up with your orders. 

However, you're not going to want to miss the books that you get because they are that good!

New Books

LitJoy Crate is always adding new books to the collections that are delivered.

The company tries to update its selection with the most recent books that young adults would like. 

There are titles for younger teens as well as those who are older who want to read a good book at times as well.

Keep in mind that the new books are added each Friday.

Before you order your box, you might want to wait until Saturday so that you can see which titles have been added in order to get the best selection possible.

More Than Books!

Although LitJoy Crate is known for delivering books of all types, there is so much more than you can get from the company.

Your box can include pencils, stickers, bracelets, jewelry, and more!

Items are designed to match the theme or characters of the books that are in the box.

You can also go to the online shop and order specific items that will usually ship separately from the crate that you get each month.

Examples of the items that you can order include a Game of Thrones bracelet and Weasley Wizard jokes.

The items are fun and exciting, getting young adults interested in reading and the stories that are behind the details of each product.

Trading Cards

Although trading cards might seem a bit juvenile, they are actually very fun to collect.

My kids enjoy seeing the different cards they get in each box. 

This is a new feature that the company has started, so we've only received a few sets. 

Each crate has a set of cards, and you can order more that are sent either in the crate or in a separate package.

There is a certain number of cards with each set to collect.

It's fun to see my kids want to collect as many as they can to see who completes their collection first. 

The cards are designed by a subscriber of the company as well as artists from across the world.

Some of the cards featured have a magic theme while others have a romantic theme.

There are also Lunar Chronicle cards and Nightmare Special Edition cards among many more selections that are available.

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One feature that I like about LitJoy is that there is a rewards system.

If you order multiple books and crates, then you receive rewards for each purchase. 

Each time you place an order, you get points. 

Those points can then be used to get everything from free books to apparel, jewelry, and other items that are in the shop.

You can also get discounts on your purchases by using your points.

There are also discounts offered from the company throughout the year or after placing a certain number of orders. 

LitJoy wants to do everything possible to get young adults interested in reading by making selections exciting and making it easy to order.

You can see some of the images of crates that are available by looking at social media sites.

Many of the special crates and upcoming items are posted on social media sites so that you always know when something new is being released.

What's The Verdict

This is a company I would thoroughly recommend to someone who has teenagers.

You're not going to be disappointed with the books and other items that you get.

Hop online to secure your first LitJoy Crate, or call the company to get started on your subscription.


  • Gets kids excited about reading
  • Numerous themes during the year
  • More than books to choose from


  • Not a large selection for children who are younger than about 12
  • Can take time to receive your crate

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