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The flame of a candle is something that's often considered romantic while also being a source of light in the darkness. Don't let your world become dark when there are best candle subscription boxes available to light your way.

Candles that you get in your box can be used to decorate your home, shine a light in a room if the power is out, or add a little spice to a romantic date night.

When you're looking at subscription boxes, you should consider the price that you pay as well as the number of candles and the types that you'll receive.

Best Candle Subscriptions

Here is our list of the the top candle subscription boxes that you must try today!

1. Anecdote Candles


When you join the email list to get notifications about new candles that are available and promotions, you'll also get a code for 15% off your purchase.

Several sales are held during the year with discounts that are about 25% off.

Candles that you'll find on the website are those that are carefully selected and that blend with the latest scents that are enjoyed by various cultures and backgrounds.

Wicks are made of cotton with coconut soy wax candles used in most products, giving an even burn throughout that offers a fresh aroma with every burn of soy candles.

A typical artisan candles basket is about $52 depending on how many candles you get.

2. Wickbox

Wickbox Review

Get $6 off of an order as well as 15% off your first box when you join the email list.

The first step is to choose the size of the box that you want with medium boxes monthly subscription starting at $39.95 and large candle subscription boxes being $45.95.

Free shipping is included with each of the best candle subscription boxes.

The smaller box features one medium luxury candle while the other features a larger size that's still a luxury scent.

Each candle is selected based on the essential oils scent that you enjoy and questions that you answer so that you receive items that you'll enjoy.

The burn time for candles averages between 30 and 100 hours depending on the size.

3. Read & Relax

Read & Relax Review

When you read a good book, you might want to do so by candlelight, which is why a book is included with each box. 

You can choose from romance, thriller, or romance depending on the genre that you like.

You can choose candle subscriptions that range from one month to 12 months.

If you choose the 12 month option, you're going to spend a little less at $28 a month while the one-month candle subscription is $32.

Each box contains candles, bath salts, and soap to deliver a scented box that's enticing from the moment it's opened.

Various codes can be used when you check out, such as 30PERCENT, to receive a certain percentage off your first box when you join this monthly candle club.

However, you usually have to prepay for three or more candle subscription boxes in order to get the discount.

4. Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Subscription

If you enjoy a variety of scents, then this is the company that you want to shop from as there are scents for each season with many new ones that come out each year.

You can get tart or soy candles that are ideal for wax burners, votives, cricket candle, and large jars.

Scents range from romantic flowers and ocean waves to cakes and cookies that you would bake in the kitchen.

There are special scents for holidays with a discount of 15% when you sign up with your email as well as discounts for special occasions, such as Black Friday.

The Fragrance Flight's best candle subscription boxes are priced at $25, and you'll receive a new one each season that features three candles that are picked according to the scents that you like.

5. Wax n Wit

Wax n Wit Subscription

This is a box that you want to get if you enjoy clean scents as these hand poured soy candles are chemical-free while still giving you a brilliant scent that fills a room.

Most of the candles have sassy names like surprise candle, cricket candle, etc. which you might enjoy if you like a bit of an attitude or personality with your candles or other decorations in your home.

Four different monthly subscriptions are available from one month to 12 months with prices ranging from $23 a month to $14 a month. As you increase the length of time you receive a box, you'll save money. 

There is an option to give the candle subscription box as a gift with each box being sent out around the 10th of each month.

You'll receive a new candle and hand poured wax melt monthly subscription with most scents that you receive being new to the company, which means that you'll be among the first to try them.

Candles typically have a 50-hour burn time.

6. Brooklyn Candle Studio

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Your candle subscription box is only $25 a month and includes a seasonal candle as well as a matchbox to use when you choose Brooklyn Candle Studio.

When you light your candle, the clean seasonal scent takes over your home.

You can choose basic yet best candle subscription boxes or luxury boxes for $35 that includes a seasonal candle as well as a smaller one.

This is the box that contains the matchbox as well.

While looking at candles, consider one of the room mists or diffusers that are available as well.

7. Outdoors Fellow

Outdoors Fellow

There are numerous monthly candle subscription boxes available with this company, making it difficult to choose just one if you like candles.

Most of the scents are earthy, but there are some that are a bit more soothing if you don't like the stronger smells.

When you enter your email and join, you'll receive 15% off your first order.

While some of the other subscription companies only offer a few different monthly subscription options, Outdoors Fellow offers a four-month subscription so that you have a little more time to see if you like the products without committing to half a year.

The prices with this company are a bit more expensive with the 12-month option being $359.

You can choose a favorite scent or let the company send a scent based on your preferences.

Each of the hand poured candles are made with coconut wax and features a burn time of about 40 hours.

8. Nest

nest candle subscription

When you sign up with Nest, you'll get 25% off your first order.

A Classic Candle is featured in each box that you receive.

Candles are designed with premium hand poured wax that burns for about 40 hours or longer.

You'll get your candle in a beautiful glass vessel with stripes that are etched on the sides that blend well with other decorations in your home.

If you choose a three-month or 12-month candle subscription box, you'll get diffusers and a candle as well.

9. Wicksly

Wicksly Candles Review

You'll receive a soy candles that's free of chemicals when you choose a subscription box from Wicksly.

Your monthly subscription box will ship at the beginning of the month and features one of the highlighted candles from the company that's offered.

You can choose a candle subscription based on how long you want to receive the box, such as three months or six months, or you can choose larger boxes that feature more candles, but these are a bit higher in price with the highest being $600 for a 12-month subscription.

Join to get the newsletter and receive $5 off your first order.

If you don't like candles, you can choose a box with diffusers that are the same scents.

10. Vellabox

Vellabox Review

Spoil yourself with a subscription box, or give a box to someone as a gift.

There are different boxes available including the Lucerna that features one candle each month or the Vivere that features two candles of different sizes as well as a surprise gift.

Most candles burn about 25 hours because they range in size from 4 oz to 8 oz.

The smallest box is $10 a month, and the largest box is only $30 a month, making it one of the affordable candle subscription services option with candles that are made with only the best products.

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