The Best CBD & Weed Subscription Boxes Reviewed

If you can get subscriptions for your Netflix and Instacart, then what’s stopping you from doing the same when it comes to your monthly supply of marijuana products? You don't even have to get off the couch, brah.

Doing so will not only be affordable but will save you a ton of hassle, especially if you are busy and don’t have the time to visit the dispensary. Below are the subscriptions you can choose depending on whatever floats your boat. #420

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Diamond CBD
  • Premier CBD subscription service
  • The box of the month is usually worth twice what you pay
  • The products are of the highest quality
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  • 4 different subscription levels
  • Many accessories to choose from
  • Filled with top industry brands
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  • Comes with products for your pet as well
  • Educational material in every box
  • Free shipping on 3 & 6 month subscriptions

The Best CBD, Marijuana & Weed Subscription Boxes for Smokers

Here is a list to help you find all the edibles, tinctures and smoking paraphernalia that your heart desires. Enjoy!

Diamond is one of the premier providers of CDB related goods online.

These goodies include Meds Biotech CBD Oat Fiber Capsules – 500mg, Diamond CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil – 550mg, Daily Boost CBD Oil – Watermelon 1000mg Formula, and meds Biotech Bath Bomb Warm Vanilla Sugar – 100mg to mention a few.

You can check out the "box of the month" that comes with many goodies, that are worth almost twice as much as you pay for them.


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Diamond CBD Subscription Box


  • The munchies have different flavors such as chocolate, honey, and gummies
  • The box of the month goes for $95.07 for items worth $208.95
  • The goodies are of the highest quality


  • No substitution for those who don’t vape
  • The slippers are one size, with many complaints about fit

What makes the hippie butler unique is the fact that it allows you to create your subscription box. Since you know what you need, you’ll get the chance to pick whatever you’d like included in your subscription box.

Some of the items they do have in stock include lighters, cones, grinders, pipes, papers, vaporizers, and concentration gear.

Hippie butler subscription box


  • You’ll enjoy the flash sales
  • They have many accessories to choose from
  • They collaborate with other top industry players such as Raw, Shine, and Cookies to bring you nothing but the very best


  • Making a personalized account might be difficult for some, since many items are being sold
  • There are many variations of the same goods, which makes choosing a bit hard

There are different boxes in each subscription for $44.99 every month. Some of the CBD products you should expect include; tinctures, pain patches, balms, and pet products. Every month also comes with a different package.

Learn more about nature's best medicine by checking out our FULL REVIEW of Hemp Crate.

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Try cbd hemp crate today!


  • Comes with products for your pet as well
  • All three-month and six-month subscriptions come with free shipping
  • You’ll find educational material in every box


  • Only ships to selected countries and not worldwide
  • Some customers have been vocal about the subscriptions being too expensive

What's it cost? Daily High Club offers with three subscriptions, each custom designed for consumers with different preferences. These include the El Primo ($29.99/month), the connoisseur ($9.99/month), and the all natural ($1.00/month).

What's in the box? This on's for all my smokers out there. The el primo subscription offers a large box nicely packed with a plethora of smoking related products. The connoisseur subscription offers between 7-9 products while the all-natural will give you a single product for you to sample.

Daily High Club Subscription


  • The three subscriptions are incredibly affordable
  • You’ll get to enjoy a plethora of CBD products
  • Can switch to any subscription any time you feel like


  • The packaging isn’t attractive
  • Cannot smoke in public

Getting your hands on the CBD Health Box subscription will be the best thing you’ll ever get to do. For a specified amount each month, you’ll have different products for different treatments, including pain, moisturizing.

Most of the content includes hemp seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter, safflower oil, and rosehip oil.

Check out our mind blowing FULL REVIEW of CBD Health Box here!

CBD Health Box Subscription


  • Will offer you different varieties.
  • Has different subscriptions for different customers
  • All ingredients are mostly organic


  • Single month subscriptions can be quite inconveniencing
  • Some subscriptions are quite expensive

The subscription comes with much freedom as far as choosing whatever it is that you like concerned. Once you’ve chosen the different box sizes, your next order of business will be to click.

You can choose either the premium or deluxe subscriptions, depending on whatever tickles your fancy. You can also enjoy vaping courtesy of e-liquid. You can also enjoy CBD gummy bears if you wish.

Hemplebox CBD subscription


  • Regular 20-40% retail price
  • The best alternative to smoking tobacco
  • It's all natural meaning its good for those with allergies


  • You can’t be allowed to go vaping in public in some countries/ states
  • Some do struggle with dosage

If you are looking for tested quality, then look no further than Lucky Box Club. From the incredible packaging to the quality products, you can never go wrong with this subscription.

The subscription also boasts of discreet, which is something that all CBD users do appreciate very much. Some of their notable subscriptions include the cannabis CBD wellness box, the classic box (3 months’ subscription), and Cresco specialty box.

Lucky box club subscription


  • You can enjoy their fabulous sales, which are offered regularly
  • CBD products are well packaged
  • They are very discreet


  • Only available for 21 years and olde
  • The subscriptions are way too expensive for the average CBD consumer

The Hemper box comes with three subscriptions namely; the bare essentials (for $0.99), the hemper back (for $14.99) and the hemper box (for $29.99).

For the hemper box subscription, you will have the chance to enjoy a hemper sticker, miscellaneous rolling papers, assorted cones, assorted filter tips, assorted twisted hemp wraps, assorted silicone ashtray, assorted hempwick, a hemper doolie, a smell proof bag, and a hemper cactus jack bong.

Hemper Subscription Box


  • All three subscriptions are super affordable
  • You’ll receive many goodies
  • Easy to subscribe


  • Products are strictly for tobacco use only, which may not go well with most CBD lovers out there
  • Not available for those who are under the age of 21

The SensiBox is one of those subscriptions that are straightforward and don’t usually beat around the bush. They strictly deal with weed – end of story.

So if you ever need a blunt or two and don’t know where you can come to some, then look no further than the SensiBox. Also, making an order is quite easy

SensiBox Subscription


  • Delivers high-quality marijuana
  • It's easy to make an order
  • Their subscriptions are always straightforward as well as affordable


  • Doesn’t have any options for CBD lovers
  • It doesn’t offer many goodies

The goody box comes with three subscriptions, namely: the top shelf subscription ($79.98/month), the goody box subscription ($21.98/month), and finally, the loot pack subscription ($9.95/month).

The loot pack subscription comes with between 4 and eight items in it. The goody box comes with between 5-9 things a month which have a total value of between $45-$85 inside. Finally, the top shelf subscription comes with 7-13 goodies valued between $150-$250.

Try 420 goody box cbd subscription monthly today!


  • Ships internationally (different rates apply)
  • You stand a chance of winning a mega box for each subscription
  • The packaging is meticulous


  • Only ships on 20th or 25th of every month which is inconveniencing if you need your CBD urgently
  • The top shelf subscription is too expensive for some CBD lovers

If you are looking for a mixture of beautiful glass pieces, gadgets, and snacks, then look no further than PufferBox.

It has three membership plans which include the monthly plan for $26, a three-month plan for $25/month and a six-month plan for $24/month. 

There are other two relatively new plans which are the puffer pack for $1 and the puffer basic plan for $15.

Puffer box subscription


  • You can send a package as a gift by simply changing the address
  • Discretion is a number one priority at PufferBox
  • It has new plans for those who can’t afford the three major ones


  • Shipping is only done once a month, which makes it a bit inconveniencing especially when the customer needs the bag urgently
  • The packaging isn’t that attractive (but it's perfect for discretion purposes)

If you are a lover of the more beautiful things in life, then look no further than the Au Box subscription.

The package is incredibly attractive, just like the products inside. Moreover, you can get this for a specified amount that recurs every month

AU box subscription


  • Packaging comes in different designs
  • You can order whatever you want
  • Has a menu or a la carte to choose from


  • It's expensive
  • Doesn’t ship worldwide

The subscriptions include the premier CBD subscription box, the CBD starter box.

Feel free to pick one that caters to your needs. Some of the products you’ll get include 10-15mg of CBD infused with melatonin to help soothe your sleep.

Get high just by checking our FULL REVIEW of Herb Box here.

Herbbox Subscription


  • The quality is unmatched
  • Assorted CBD products for relaxation or treatment
  • Comes with the dosage


  • 2-3 items a month is quite little
  • Doesn’t ship worldwide

Le C Boutique has many subscription boxes, from those with health issues to those who are into fitness. The fitness recovery experience single box goes at $134.99. the spa experience single box/gift-a-box goes for $134.99.

The pet experience single box/gift-a-box priced at $74.99. Feel free to choose either 3,6 or 12 months for each subscription box to get a massive discount.

Le C subscription box cbd


  • Comes with a spa experience
  • They also offer an exclusive pet experience
  • Products are THC free


  • Few 'one items' offered
  • The subscriptions might be expensive for some

The subscription is incredible since it has a plethora of goodies including CBD gummies, candy, oil, chocolate.

These products are 100% natural and will treat your anxiety, pain, and stress while enjoying yourself. All this and more comes for a reasonable monthly subscription.



  • Worldwide shipping
  • They value your privacy
  • You can cancel subscriptions anytime you wish


  • Some consumers find the cost quite pricey
  • The sweet packages can be addictive

What is the best wed subscription box?

We all know that hemp products are suitable for our health. Most, if not all, of the ingredients, are 100% organic, meaning its safe for those who have allergies since they occur naturally. Also, most of the subscriptions mentioned above are quite affordable. Most find it rather convenient to make a one-time payment, which will then the company will build their monthly dedications for the time you deem most suitable.

Again, there are quite several subscriptions as I have listed above. It is therefore in your best interest to check out whichever you find most convenient, whether it’s the prices or the ingredient and make your order. Once you do so, you won't have to worry about running out of stock again!

- Jack

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