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Acid Kuba Kuba Is The Rich Blend of Spices, Flavor, and Aroma

Acid kuba Kuba Review by SBFMC

The scent of rich Acid Kuba Kuba cigar is truly enticing. 

The rich blend of spices and savory notes is enough to make you want to grab another one after a long day while you're enjoying a glass of wine or after a delicious dinner.

After the birth of a baby, you can pass around cigars with pink or blue labels to celebrate the event.

These cigars are often used for celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries as well. 

While there are a few cigars that are at the top of the list of those that you should try when you reach the legal age, the ACID Kuba Kuba is one that you want to light as soon as you have the opportunity due to the burning time, aroma, and taste.

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The Blend

The ACID Kuba Kuba cigar hit the market in 1999 and has been a popular option among those who smoke due to the exotic blend of spices and herbs as well as botanicals that are in the tobacco that's carefully wrapped in dark brown paper.

One of the things to remember about this blend is that Kuba Acid is not as strong as some other smoke on the market but offers a unique taste and scent from the exotic details.

Nicaraguan binder is used in the production of the cigar, giving it a rich taste that you notice as soon as you light it.

Many of the ingredients are grown on Drew Estate farms to deliver the freshest flavors possible.

When you pick up a box of 24 cigar, you'll notice that the Sumatra wrapper is a bit oily with a sleek sophistication making it a top-notch and a very good cigar to smoke.


When you take the ACID cigar out of the box to smoke, you're hit with a delightful smell that is reminiscent of walking into a flower shop.

It's similar to what you might smell if you were to open a jar or pouch of potpourri as well.

The great smoke output as you take that first draw off the cigar is smooth and easy instead of overwhelming.

It's a pre-light that's simple with flavorful notes instead of those that are smoky or that taste like ordinary tobacco.

There's a sweet taste that's left on the lips after taking that first draw, which makes the cigar one that's ideal for enjoying with dessert, wine, or just after a long hard day at work when everything seems to be weighing down against you.

The lingering taste after the first infused cigar smoke can be described as creamer or sugar that you might add to coffee or tea.

First Third

kuba kuba cigars review

The first third of the acid Kuba cigar can be harder to get through than the rest of the product.

This is because there can be a few herbal notes instead of a lot of the spicy notes that make the cigar what it is and that makes it taste somewhat like a typical cigar. If you sell cigarettes or a smoker who loves to try different cigar and cigarette brands, you'll know it also smells somewhat like a cigarette.

There are a few spicy notes as well, which although they are pleasant, can be a bit overwhelming if you're not accustomed to spicier cigars.

You want to draw on the cigar slowly so that you don't get a lot of the herbal flavors while enjoying the spicy notes as much as possible. 

As you reach the end of the first third of your favorite cigar smoke, you'll start tasting and smelling more of the botanical notes as well as hints of leather and cedar.

These combine to give a delightful flavor that keeps you on your feet until you begin the second third of this cigar.

Second Third

acid kuba kuba 24ct box

Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba

You'll really start to notice the delicate notes of the Kuba cigar as soon as you reach the second third.

The cedar and leather notes are prominent, but you'll also notice hints of citrus fruit with each draw.

There are also floral notes that are swirled in more with the fragrance as you smoke compared to the notes that you taste when you draw on the cigar.

The spicy notes tend to take over a bit more at this point, which can leave a bit of a fire in your mouth, but that soon abates once you begin to enjoy the floral notes that begin to burn.

All of the notes that are in the cigar combine together to bring about a memory of a father's cologne that he might wear before going to church or before going to a special event.

They can also be compared to shaving cream or Aqua Velva aftershave.

The burn of the Kuba acid cigar is even for the most part with minimal relighting.

This portion of the acid blondie when lit can bring out some of the other people in your home who like the aroma of spices and old-world leather as these are the prominent notes that are present.

Final Third

There really isn't the related products to anyone that separates the final third of the smooth Acid Kuba cigars from the rest.

Acid Kuba from the country Nicaragua has many of the same notes, but one thing to keep in mind is that the nice sweet savor do start blending together instead of separating as they do when you first light the fragrance infused cigars. It often comes in Connecticut wrapper as well.

You can't really tell where the spicy infused cigar notes begin and where the sweet notes end.

You'll probably need to relight the cigar a few more times compared to when you first light it as it's harder to cold draw with a smaller amount of tobacco at the end of the cigar. If you sell tobacco related products, you'll know it well in advance.

A natural flavor that's unexpected when you finish the cigar is brown sugar, which blends well with the spicy and leather notes that are present.

ACID Kuba Cigar Review

Overall, this is a well-crafted flavored cigar with Nicaraguan filler and ingredients that are from the Drew Estate farms.

This gives the cigar beautiful aromas and flavor along with knowing that the ingredients are of the freshest quality possible. 

This is not for a regular cigar smoker who enjoys a cigar every now and then or even every day.

It's more for those who like to enjoy a cigar along with something else as the notes tend to pair with other palate instead of being enjoyed on their own.

It's definitely a cigar that you should try at least once, but keep in mind that it can be strong throughout the second third while fizzling out through the very end of the cigar.

For the ACID fans, Kuba Kuba with Nicaragua wrapper is among the most popular infused cigars around the world, especially in areas where there are more spices that are used and where more people tend to drink throughout the day.

The draws are almost effortless, making it a good cigar with filler tobaccos to enjoy if you don't feel like relighting it every few draws or if you tend to set your cigar down for a few moments while drinking or doing other tasks.

The burn is fairly consistent as well instead of one area burning more than others, which lends to the balance of flavors and aromas that you'll enjoy.

If you enjoy sweet flavors from Drew Estate farms, then this Acid Kuba will be up your alley as it does deliver an assortment of sweet notes from brown sugar and hints of cream to botanicals.

This is a cigar that's infused, which helps get the tangs blended a bit better than some other cigars on the market.

It's almost like a variety pack of flavors with a few notes that are mysterious and unexpected.

Only acid cigars hit you as soon as you unwrap it and put it to your lips. 

It leaves you with a satisfying flavor and a fragrance that makes you want to close your eyes while anxiously awaiting the next draw that you take.

Benefit of Acid Kuba Kuba Cigars

The benefit of acid cigars are their medium body strength.

This means that it's not as overwhelming when you draw on it, allowing you to enjoy the cigar frequently instead of needing to set it down and taking a draw a few minutes later.

Most of these cigars are between $6 and $9 depending on where they're purchased. If you purchase them from the source, then you're probably going to pay a little more for them.

Keep in mind that these are the cigar prices that you'll usually pay if you purchase an entire box.

Individually, these tobacco products could be a bit cheaper. The five-inch length is well worth the price that you'll pay along with the 54 ring gauge. You may also get a box of 24 cigars.

These are the details that combine to give the long-lasting experience when smoking and the exceptional balance of flavor and forget any bad experience from the past.

All of these details give these flavored cigars an exceptional value for what you get overall.

Final Thoughts 

The smooth ACID Kuba Kuba is a cigar that while not for everyone, it's one that should be tried.

It's one of the first cigars that's full of nice sweet flavor and that has an even burn, which is beneficial if you enjoy being able to enjoy what you're smoking instead of needing to pick up your lighter and relighting your cigar. This is not for anyone under the age.

The sweet infusion is noted throughout along with the spices and herbs.

The first half of the acid Kuba cigar does have a few earthy notes before you get to the sweeter side that's more like a sweet bowl of cereal or a sweet cup of coffee. 

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Acid kuba Kuba Review by SBFMC

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