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Premium Russian Cream Backwoods Cigar For Flavor & Affordability


After a long day, you can always watch your favorite TV show or a movie. However, you can also add a little flavor to your life by enjoying a Russian Cream Backwoods cigar.

Made in the USA, the filler for Backwoods Russian Cream cigar is from the Dominican Republic and features a light brown Habana wrapper. 

The length is ideal for smoking at the end of the day when you want something soothing and relaxing that features a creamy flavor along with a few notes of vodka without feeling as though you're going to be smoking for hours.

When you purchase a box of Backwoods Russian Cream, you'll get five cigars inside so that you have plenty available throughout the week.

Backwoods Russian Cream Cigarillo

When you shop for the Backwoods Russian Cream Cigarillo box, you're going to have a product that's affordable but that has the appearance and flavor of a premium cigar that's hand-rolled.

This is considered the most popular that the brand offers and is in limited production, which means that you want to get your box of five as soon as possible.

There are Cuban Seed short fillers that are blended with a homogenized leaf in order to give the rich flavor that you taste in Backwoods Russian Cream.

The wrapper has been aged so that it delivers a mellow flavor while keeping all of the filler together.

Aroma and Flavor of Backwoods Russian Cream

When you take the first draw, you'll notice the sweet notes of cream and a hint of chocolate as well as a few hints of vodka.

Russian cream cigars are ideal for enjoying after dinner with dessert or a glass of wine because of the sweet notes.

Backwoods Russian Cream is a cigar that's a bit more affordable without taking away from the flavor or quality.


They're about $.99 each, and when you get a box of five, you might be able to save a little money.

The Dominican Republic filler and Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper deliver a delightful aroma as soon as the cigar is lit.

You'll then notice the sweet flavors that take over from the time you enjoy the first draw with prominent milk and chocolate notes along with a slight cedar taste.

The Russian cream cigars are one that can leave the palate longing for more because of the combination of notes that make you feel as though you're enjoying a dessert.

Although this is a shorter cigar, Backwoods Russian Cream offers the same delightful flavors as a full-size.

Taste After The First Draw

Fillers of Russian cream cigars are made with Dominican Republic tobacco and are infused with a cream tobacco leaf wrapper.

This is a bit different and gives the cigar a sweet taste from the moment you put it to your lips even before it's lit.

Chocolate and cream notes are featured from the cigar along with a little spice to give a bit of a kick while you're smoking in order to keep you on your toes.

A sweetened tip gives you a caramel taste on the first draw instead of one that's like tobacco.


Exotic fillers aroma are found in this perfect cigar that's made in the USA.

The fillers are gathered from about five different countries and wrapped in a binder that's three sheets deep to give the best protection possible to the product inside.

Each cigar in the box is in a small bag so that it's as fresh as possible when it's opened.

A cut tip allows you to quickly light the cigar to enjoy the flavor and aroma notes of molasses, chocolate, and rum that combine to give a great mesmerizing taste from start to finish.

Russian cream cigars are short cigars, so you're only going to get a few draws from it depending on how much you pull each time according to people who sell cigarettes.

How Much Do Backwoods Russian Cream Cost?

With a price that averages about $.99 for each cigar, you're going to pay the price that's less than $10 for a five-pack. If you're not a heavy smoker and only enjoy a cigar on special occasions or as a treat, then a pack of Russian cream cigars could last for a few days or even a week. The price is well worth the flavors that are inside each cigar and for the size of each cigar that you get.

Do They Still Sell Russian Cream Backwoods?

You can still purchase Russian Cream Backwoods cigars with most coming in a five-pack box price. Keep in mind that there are other cigarettes counts available. You can get larger eight-packs that have five cigars in them as well from those who sell cigarettes . It's sometimes better to shop for the boxes online as they offer the details of what's in these little cigars and a little backstory about the brand, but you can sometimes find them in stores as well, which is beneficial because you won't have to pay the price for shipping when you are ordering online from the website.

What Does Russian Cream Backwood Taste Like?


When you eat a sugar cookie or drink a cup of coffee with chocolate creamer in it or taste related products, then you'll get a general idea of how great the Russian Cream Backwoods cigars taste. You may not get the exact description of it from people who sell cigarettes, draw it to feel it better. The prominent flavor of the cigars notes are cream with a hint of chocolate to give an overall taste of chocolate milk. Depending on the exact type that you get, you could experience flavor notes that include molasses, caramel, rum, and spices. The brand is one that's not earthy, which makes it enjoyable for those who don't smoke cigars all the time or those who are getting started on their cigar journey. It also makes the brand one that's good to enjoy with friends at the end of the day or when you want to hand out cigars at a special event due to the sweet notes.

Are Backwoods Cigars?

While Russian Cream Backwoods products are cigars, there are a few types that are shorter and are considered a blunt. The handcrafting of these little cigars and the premium fillers tend to make the brand more of a cigarillo instead of a traditional cigar.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Backwoods?

In most states, you need to be at least 18 to shop Backwoods Cigars. However, you should check with the requirements of your state as some could be different.


Russian Cream Backwoods Cigars are a perfect sweet option to consider, especially if you don't usually smoke. The review reveals that it has achieved rating 1 among all the related products. The mild flavors aren't overwhelming, and the flavor notes tend to linger in the air and on your lips even after the cigar is gone.

- Jack

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