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Bombfell Review

bombfell subscription box review

Sometimes, it's hard finding what to wear when I go to work or even when I want to take my family out to dinner. Clothing just doesn't interest me as it seems to interest the women in my family. If I had it my way, I would rather wear jeans and a plain shirt every day.

My wife introduced me to Bombfell. This fashion subscription box has made it a little easier to have new clothes to wear that I don't even have to go to the store to get. The best part is that a stylist chooses the clothes that are sent in the box each month after I give the company a few details about what I like to wear.

Although the box that I get from Bombfell only has one outfit inside, it prevents me from going to the store and waiting for sometimes several hours while my family shops for the clothes that they want. It also saves money because the clothes that are inside the box are usually worth quite a bit more than the subscription to the service.

Some of the things that I've received in my boxes include jeans, khaki pants, belts, socks, and jackets. I've worn the clothes that I've received to school functions with my kids, to work, to church, and even to run errands because I know that I look good on the outside.

When you sign up for the subscription service, you get to choose the size of clothing that you wear as well as the style of clothes that you wear. the company has employees and stylists who do everything possible to choose items that you'll enjoy and that will fit.

There is a quiz that you'll take about the clothing you already have or what you might wear for certain occasions that are listed. This information is how the clothing that is put in the box is chosen as the quiz looks for details that match your overall style.

You have about a week to try on the clothing that is chosen for you. If it doesn't fit, then you can send it back. There is no charge for this service as the company wants to ensure that you're going to be happy with the items that you receive in your box. You can keep the clothes that you like once you get the box and pay for those items while sending the other clothes back to the company.

Although there is a styling fee that you need to pay, you can use that as a credit to the items that you plan to keep. There are also discounts offered if you keep multiple items or if you subscribe to multiple months at a time.

A benefit of Bombfell is that you can sometimes get more clothing items aside from the routine monthly shipment. All you have to do is approve the items that you want online before the box ships out. Accessories are also included with each box that you order, such as a bag or sunglasses. 

If I know that there is a special occasion coming up, then I'll try to place an order so that I have something new to wear instead of going to the store to try to find something. As long as I haven't gained or lost weight, then the clothes that I receive usually fit well.

You can usually change the number of items that you get in your box and see a decrease or an increase in the price that you pay depending on the specific items that you choose. You'll see the subtotal of the items that are in the box before deciding how many items you plan to keep.

This is where you'll see discounts apply to the overall price. If you keep at least three items, then you're going to get about a 20% discount on the price of the box. Even if you only keep two items, you're still going to get at least a 10% discount on the price of the box.

Bombfell tries to choose the best brands possible to put in the box that you receive. You're not going to get items that you would normally get at a retail store. You're going to get clothes that you can keep in your closet for months or years to come.

There are dress pants and plaid shirts that you can get as well as dressier jeans and long-sleeve shirts. You can get casual clothes to wear to a sporting event or that you can wear while sitting on your couch to watch your favorite game.

You get to decide how many shirts you want or how many pairs of pants you want in your box. Another benefit is that you can choose the type of accessory that you want to match the outfit that is sent, such as a brown or black belt or a black pair of sunglasses.

If you're ready to get serious about the way that you look but don't like going to the mall, then Bombfell is the company you want to make a priority on your list of ways that you shop. You'll receive pointers about the colors that look best together and the styles that would look best on you.

I'm someone who hasn't always cared about his image, but with the clothes that I've received from the company, I've found that I like looking in the mirror more often. I also get more looks from people when I venture out of the house in my new clothes. 

What's The Verdict

When you want to look good, Bombfell is there to offer help. All you have to do is enter your personal details to get the clothes that you want. It's a company that I would recommend you to try at least once or twice.

Contact the company to get started on your future order of clothes and accessories. 


  • * Decide on the clothes you want that are delivered to your home
  • Only pay for what you keep
  • Don't have to go to the store to shop
  • Latest styles are included


  • Can get expensive if you order more clothes at one time
  • Information about your size needs to be specific 

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