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The Ultimate Guide: How To Choose The Best Mens Oxford Shirt


You probably have several clothing options in your wardrobe, including formal shirts, work outfits, and nightwear. Well, one of the most crucial clothing pieces that every man should have is a premium oxford shirt.

Many people get pretty confused when it comes to men’s formal dress shirts. There are several options available in the market with different styles, collars, and materials. You need a proper collar to make an impression in your business meetings.

Oxford shirts have been getting a lot of attention lately, and they've certainly risen in price. Men's fashion has also made some progress that allows for more casual outfit for business. Are Oxford shirts dress shirts? Is it possible to wear them to a formal gathering?

This post will clear up some of the mystery surrounding Oxford cloth shirts preppy style. By the end of it, you'll be an expert on the distinctions between Oxford attire and dress shirts, as well as when each is appropriate.

If you are ready to shop, try my recommendation, Brooks Brothers, the best in the industry. Or try one of the others great labels below.

What Is An Oxford Shirt?


Oxford cloth is a type of heavier fabric with a basketweave structure. It has a prominent diagonal rib and is characterized by its contrasting yarns that produce a distinctive pattern.

The oxford cloth originated from England, hence its name. The term refers to the use of thicker weft and warp threads in weaving, creating more texture.
The fabric is popular for making dress shirts and ties but can also be found in sports coats and trousers.

It is often worn casually with jeans or chinos. Oxford is considered a casual fabric, making it suited for warmer days.

The best thing about Oxford is that it is produced in basketweave, pinpoint or pin-dot. The basketweave has an open structure with an obvious texture replacing the solid color of the bulk of the cloth.

It means you can easily notice which essential part is woven with thicker yarns and therefore have more texture. 

How To Wear An Oxford Shirt

There are various options and occasions on which you can wear men’s oxford shirts. Its versatility to carry out is one of the reasons for the popularity of oxford cloth looks. It can be worn out on many occasions and available in mainly two colors, but people avoid wearing it in a formal setting as dress shirts due to their oxford button down collar.


However, it’s amazing to wear a white oxford shirt with a suit because these shirts are not too fancy like different weaves of poplin. You need to have a good fashion sense to use your oxford shirt in a certain way for informal events.

Another way you can boost your charm is by contrasting the color of an oxford dress shirt. You know what, white oxford shirts compliment a lot with a navy dress suit. Besides this, you can make your ivy league style white oxford shirt a formal one by wearing a jacket, vest, or tie.

If you are not good at complimenting your button down shirt for a formal business meeting, you can use it in casual events. It will not be wrong to say that an oxford shirt is a perfect fit for every men’s wardrobe and can be worn with a suit in office as well as parties.

Businessmen can also wear oxford shirts without fear of getting underdressed by balancing their look and wearing an unstructured blazer with it. Wearing a light-colored oxford shirt along with a navy slack and grey coat or khaki-colored jacket will increase the charm of your personality.

In short, there are various styles in which you can wear your oxford shirt, but it depends upon the occasion. For instance, it is perfect to wear an untucked light oxford dress shirt with dark-colored jeans when you want a sporty casual look. Feel free to use your own fashion sense for wearing men's oxford shirts in different styles.

Are Oxford Shirts Good?


Yes, these shirts are very good because of their high-quality oxford shirt fabric and tasteful colors. These cotton shirts will be a classy addition to your wardrobe at a wallet-friendly cost.

Not only color, comfort, and quality of fabric appeals to everyone but also its style. The presence of an oxford button down collar makes men's oxford dress shirts undeniably stylish and good.

Who Owns The Oxford Shirt Company?

Neil Lauder started the Oxford Shirt Company 30 years ago. Currently, this oxford cloth business is under the ownership of two brothers, Ollie and Mish.

Moreover, the logo of oxford branded shirts known as Griffin has an association of more than a thousand years with the Lauder family.

Should you tuck in an Oxford Shirt?

It's a common trend to tuck in formal white dress shirts. But before tucking in your oxford dress shirts, you should check whether it has a flat bottom hem or tail length.

If your regular dress shirt has a long variable-length hem, you should tuck it. People often tuck in flat bottom hem dress white shirt. However, it’s up to you whether you want to tuck in your high-quality button down shirt or not.

Are Oxford shirts thicker?

Shirts made of Oxford cloth are thicker than other shirts. Cotton shirts from the brand Oxford are durable, thick, washable, and stylish due to their classic slim cut.

Despite having a greater thickness, these formal outfits are comfortable, slim, and a perfect smart casual for everyone.

What is the difference between an Oxford shirt and a poplin shirt?

An oxford shirt is a basket weave traditional dress shirt made up of cotton. These shirts are a little bit heavier, rougher, and thickly woven than poplin shirts. On the other hand, poplin shirts are very fine, having a plain-weave cotton fabric.

In poplin shirts, the fabric is weaved horizontally to give a silky, lustrous, and strong appearance. In short, yarns of poplin shirts are more tightly and finely weaved than classic oxford dresses.


However, both are perfect to be used in formal dress with a fit button. 

What fabric is an Oxford shirt?

Almost all Oxford button down collar shirts from the brand are manufactured from high-quality, pure organic cotton. The specialty of classic Sheffield shirts is their durability and breathability that lie in the whole basket in woven fabric patterns.

The cotton used in oxford button down shirt or their men's wear is of remarkable softness, making it a comfortable and long-lasting attire. Furthermore, it's clear that 100% pure cotton composition makes button down shirts breathable and superb smart casual to wear. 

What is a pinpoint Oxford shirt?

Pinpoint button down oxford shirts are supreme quality shirts made of broadcloth, matte, crisp finish, and flat fabric. Pinpoint shirts are perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

The specialty of white dress shirt is their flat, silky, and royal twill and when tucked into a pair of sky blue jeans or worn with a suit, the look is just mind blowing. Upgrade your lifestyle with classy pinpoint oxford shirts.

How to roll up oxford shirt sleeves?


The very first thing you should do to roll up oxford shirt long sleeves is to open the cuff buttons and gauntlets of your oxford dress shirt. At the halfway point, you need to tie up your gauntlet button after folding up sleeves.

There are various methods to cover up the gap to roll up the sleeves of your oxford dress shirt. Some of these are as follows:

Master Roll

Modern sartorialists prefer the master roll to rolling up sleeves. However, the majority of men are unfamiliar with it.

How do you roll a master sleeve?

  • The first step to rolling the master sleeve is the complete undoing of the cuff.
  • The cuff buttons are released and then moved up or down past their normal location just an inch or two.
  • As you bring the cuff up to your wrist, fold it across itself to smooth the transition between skin and cloth near the end.


For casual gatherings, you can use the AIFA roll technique. It is quite suitable for men with narrow arms. This technique will make your arms look more proportional.

  • First of all, fold the sleeve bottom about the width of the cuff.
  • Use a similar width and repeat a second time with a folded cuff.
  • Don’t smooth the fabric as it is supposed to look effortless and casual.

How to do an AIFA roll:

Basic Roll

Basic roll is quite an intuitive way to roll sleeves. Most people use the basic roll techniques if they haven’t been around the people who know how to roll up sleeves.

How to do a basic roll:

  • Fold the cuff once by using cuffs as a measuring point.
  • Now repeat the first step several times by tugging the fabric to ensure that it is smooth.
  • Now roll up to your elbow, and you’re all done. 

High Roller

Are your upper arms worth displaying because of the tattoos and biceps? If yes, then you should go for the high roller technique. Also, keep in mind that it works best with semi-casual and in-formal shirts and light blue formals.

How to do the High Roller:

  • Lay your shirt on the table or on any flat surface.
  • Now fold your sleeve about a cuff width.
  • Again follow the same step to cover the folded portion of the cuff.
  • Now roll the sleeve 3rd and 4th time to cover the whole cuff. 

Garter Roll

Garter arm clips are the best alternative to sleeve garters. It resembles a tie clasp and is an attractive accessory that rests on your upper arm vertically.

After following the Master Roll technique, roll your sleeves up and insert the arm clip facing out.

How to use Garter to roll sleeves:

  • Use a sleeve band to secure the upper part of the dress shirt.
  • Now pull the shirt up to a few inches to hide the sleeve band under shirt folds.
  • You can use a smart metal sleeve band to secure the master roll.
  • Make sure that band hides in the shirt sleeves.

The only difference between these sleeves rolling methods is the variable length. In some sleeves rolled up, you roll your sleeves halfway of your arm below the elbow, while in others, fold it up to the elbow.

How to wash oxford shirts?

It’s quite easy to wash button down oxford shirts. Oxford clothes are washable in both machines and by handwash.


To retain the blue white color of oxford shirts, you need to add a small amount of white vinegar or salt. White vinegar will prevent your button down collars oxford shirt from getting faded.

However, you need to add detergent or any washing soda to remove stains of dirt, oil, chemicals, and greases.

Feel free to wash your oxford dress shirt by retaining and maintaining its quality, color, and size.

How to iron an oxford shirt?

As oxford shirts are made to be less prone to wrinkle, there is no or very little need for ironing oxford clothes. However, if your button down classic shirt has got some wrinkles, you can iron it gently.

How to stretch an oxford shirt?


To stretch a white oxford shirt, you need to wet the shirt gently. After soaking the oxford shirt in the cold water, take it out and stretch from the areas that you want to be lengthened.

Let your shirt dry and enjoy a stretched button down oxford shirt.


We've attempted to address every button down Oxford shirt question that one could ask or have been searching for many years. If you like Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers, you ought to like Oxford shirts as well. When it comes to Oxford shirts and dress shirts, there are a variety of situations and styles in flattering fit. You may even get it in colors like blue white, light blue, or sky blue.

The term "Oxford shirt" refers to one kind of male formal dress codes, which is not often appropriate for important formal events.

Oxford shirts can often be worn in a more casual dress code; therefore, they may be independently selected and worn at business gatherings, office wear, and even weddings if you're a guest rather than a groomsman or usher. Go to the nearest store or place your first order online.

That being said, keep in mind that they are not a complete dress shirt and must be treated as such.

If you are looking for the very best in mens oxford shirts try Brooks Brothers, traditionally known as the best makers of this style.

- Jack

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