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Best Mens Swim Shirt and Rash Guard For A Smooth Swim, Surf or Run


Have you ever just jumped into an ocean wave and realized that you should have been wearing something to protect your arms and chest?

No!!! Trying men's swim shirt and rash guard can be helpful. Let us dive into the details.

There's a different type of discomfort associated with getting a rash or another type of injury when it's from the force of the ocean or a long run.

A way to help alleviate some of the possible issues that could occur while staying warm in the beach water at the same time is by wearing men's swim shirts or rash guards. 

With all of the colors and designs that are available, you'll look stylish while you're swimmingsurfing, fishing, or running as well.

Best Swim Shirts & Rash Guards:

After my research, here is my list of the top men's rash guards and swim shirts for swimming available for men.

1. Nike Men's Essential Short Sleeve Hydroguard


Even though this is a short sleeve rash guard, it has a crew neck that makes it look like a shirt.

The shorter sleeves are beneficial while surfing in higher temperatures as you don't want material clinging to your skin when it's 100 degrees outside even if you are in the water.

With the iconic Nike logo in the corner of the front of the shirt, it's easily recognizable, and you know that you're going to get the quality that the company provides.

It's lightweight and provide protection from harmful sun's rays along with moisture wicking to keep water from sitting on your body.

2. FINIS Thermal Training Shirt

FINIS Thermal Training Shirt

This is a long sleeve shirt that's designed for training but that can easily be worn for surfing or just swimming.

The long sleeve provides better protection from the sun for the arms compared to short sleeve, but this type of shirt can become a bit uncomfortable when it's really hot.

There is a drag effect with these long sleeve swim shirts that helps with increasing muscle tone along with enhancing your endurance since it's a bit heavier than some other shirts.

3. Sporti Men's Sport Fit Rash Guard

Sporti Men's Sport Fit Rash Guard

One thing that is attractive about this shirt is its bright blue color.

There is a darker blue and black available, but the bright blue tends to blend well with the waves.

Even though the shirt is tight, it's designed so that it doesn't chafe the skin, making it long sleeve shirt that's comfortable to wear on the beach when you don't quite want to get off your surfboard.

It offers UPF 50 protection so that you're not burnt when you do decide to go back inside.

4. Body Glove Basic Rashguard

Men's Basic Short Sleeve Fitted Rashguard

Although this is a basic design, the Body Glove logo is clearly displayed on the front of these long sleeve swim shirts.

The white stands out a bit more in the water, which is a reason why it was purchased.

Other colors that are available include dark blue and black.

This shirt offers sun UV protection as well and flatlock stitching to help prevent chafing.

The shirt is a bit tighter at the wrists, which is beneficial in keeping the shirt from getting in the way when you're trying to work with your board.

5. Nike Men's Heather Short-Sleeve Hydroguard

Nike Men's Heather Short-Sleeve Hydroguard

If you're looking for a swim shirt that looks more like a shirt than others that are on the market, then this is an option to consider.

The material of rash guards and shirts are soft, making it comfortable for swimming and surfing.

There are also a few more stuff available, such as royal blue, gray, and mango.

UPF 40 sun protection is offered from the shirt, but keep in mind that since they are not long sleeve, you need to apply sunscreen on your arms.

The crew neckline isn't constricting, and the lightweight material makes it easier to move around, especially when you're carrying a big surfboard down the beach.

6. Rip Curl Men's Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve

Rip Curl Men's Dawn Patrol Swim Shirt

This is a long sleeve surf shirt that has an athletic look and that's designed to offer the best performance possible when you're in the water due to its lightweight material and fitted body.

It offers UPF 50 sun protection so that you can train on your board for a longer time or swim in the ocean.

There are a few other websites that offer swim shirts and rash guards that are a bit more affordable or if you're just looking for something simple because you know that you're not going to put it that often.


The InGear Performance Long Sleeve is an option to consider and fits like a traditional shirt.

The sleeves are a bit looser than some other swim shirts, which is something to keep in mind if you like the compression.

There is another long-sleeve shirt by InGear that comes in several colors and that's a bit more form-fitting. Men's rash guards offer UV sun protection.

O'Neill is a brand from Walmart to consider as well.

There are long sleeve and short sleeve options available with most of them being form-fitting. 

They are made from moisture-wicking material to keep you dry.


If you're looking for exclusive offers on a larger variety of men's rash guards and shirts, then you want to look at Amazon.

There are more color and design options so that you can stand out a bit more when you're in the water or when you're walking on the beach before jumping in to catch a wave.

Brands include Speedo, Kanu Surf, and NAVISKIN.

Know the Difference: Swim Shirt vs Rash Guard

Before looking at the different shirts and guards that are available to purchase online, you should know a little about what makes each one stand out.

A rash guard is a type of clothing that's often worn by surfers so that their skin is protected from the sand and debris on the board and from the force of the waves.

It can also help protect against chafing as this is a common issue with people who put on wetsuits or who are out in the water for long periods at a time.

A swim shirt is similar in design but helps to protect the skin from the UV rays of the sun. A swim shirt usually has seams that decrease the risk of chafing.

A key difference from rashguards is that a swim shirt is designed to look like a regular shirt that you might wear but a bit snugger on the body whereas rashguards tend to compress and are tight against the skin.

One of the companies online that features several designs that are affordable is SwimOutlet.

There are several noted brands that athletes will likely already know and love, such as Nike and Body Glove.

Shipping from SwimOutlet is pretty fast unless you order during the holiday season.

- Jack

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