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I am not a great cook. I'm not bad, exactly, but I'm a little bit lazy.

I am absolutely the kind of person who will just make a sandwich for dinner not because I am unable to cook, but because I'm unwilling to put in the effort after a long day at work.

At the same time, I acknowledge that I need to eat better. 

It's not just a health thing - I really want a better variety of foods in my diet as well. 

That's why I decided to give Freshly a try.

It seemed like a perfect combination of convenience and taste, both things that I'm desperately looking for.

While I liked Freshly, I really think it bears taking a closer look at before you try it out. 

Below is a bit of information about what you'll find in each box and ultimately what kind of value you're going to get for your money.

What is It?

Freshly is a meal delivery service.

It exists in its own unique place on the market, though, since you get a fairly reasonable amount of control over what you meals you choose, when the meals arrive, and how often you're going to get those meals. 

For most, it feels a lot more like a reasonable alternative to going to the grocery store than anything else.

At the heart of the service is the idea that it's generally better to eat fresh, healthy foods than your typical microwaved meals.

It's not exactly a new idea, but it's one that seems to be very important to Freshly. 

You're not exactly getting diet food in many of these dishes, but it's definitely a lot better than ordering a pizza.

At its core, maybe it's best to think of Freshly as an alternative to buying a cooking regular meals.

Everything here is somewhere between home-made and microwave friendly, so you'll eat better than if you were to hit the frozen aisle but it's still a bit different than cooking yourself. 

Fortunately, the service itself does work very well.

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What's in the Box?

One of the best things about Freshly is that you get a lot of control over what you get in each shipment.

With thirty recipes to choose from, you can theoretically get a different meal every day from the company - not a bad thing for those who are really looking for variety. 

What that does mean, though, is that it's hard to say what will be in any individual box.

When you sign up for the service, you choose a set number of meals for each shipment.

These can come as rarely or as often as you like, and they can contain between four and twelve meals per shipment. 

Each meal included is a full meal - generally a protein and one or two sides, depending on the meal.

So, what do you get to eat? It's generally fairly healthy food - relatively low in fat, gluten-free, low in carbs, and full of good vitamins and minerals.

This isn't necessarily health food, though - it's just natural food that's prepared with a minimal amount of bad stuff. 

It's a really good balance between making sure that you're getting what you need and getting something that actually tastes good.

Each meal is packaged separately, so they're fairly easy to store in your refrigerator.

Since each meal is a complete kit, you can just throw the meal in the microwave for a few minutes and get to eating without much fuss. 

There's no need for preparation here, nor are you going to have to provide anything yourself. 

This is an all-in-one kit that will definitely save you a lot of time and energy in your kitchen.

How Much Does it Cost?

Freshly definitely isn't cheap, even compared to cooking your own meals.

If you go for the four meals per week package, you'll end up paying $49.99 a week.

If you bump it up to six meals per week, the cost rises to $59.99 a week.

The prices keep going up from there - nine meals will cost you $89.99 a week, while twelve will cost you $107.99 a week.

Where this sits as a value proposition really depends a lot on your lifestyle.

The most expensive package breaks down to about nine dollars per meal, so it's definitely worthwhile if you're spending more than twenty dollars a day on lunch and dinner.

This is fairly good for some, but it's quite expensive for many others.

This is definitely a service where you're going to pay for convenience.

While you can get microwavable food cheaper, you won't do much better in terms of actual healthy meals.

As such, you've got to factor in your health when you are looking at value.

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What's The Verdict

I can definitely recommend Freshly for a very specific subset of people.

If you are single, looking to eat more healthily and you don't have time to cook on your own, this service is an absolute miracle.

If you want to try out new recipes and are the type of person who generally goes out for every meal, it's also a fantastic choice.

The only way you're not going to love this service is if you're feeding an entire family.

This really feels like a service meant for single eaters, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Definitely consider getting Freshly if you're looking to get good meals without having to go through all the effort that generally surrounds cooking.


  • Good variety of choices
  • You can control when you get deliveries
  • Easy to modify
  • Food is generally very good
  • Very easy to 'make' the food


  • Shipping can be an issue
  • Small portions
  • Not cost effective for families
  • Some recipes aren't great

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