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After a long day at work, the only thing that I really want to do is relax while watching a movie or just go to bed.

However, I can't do that because I have to prepare meals for my family during the week.

Have you ever wanted to skip the meal preparation and just go to McDonald's or get a pizza to stick in the oven?

Those are the fastest options, but they are also among the most unhealthy along with other fast food choices.

Fortunately, HelloFresh is a meal delivery service that is available.

I started using the service about a year ago, and I have enjoyed each box that I have received. 

The items that are in each box are fresh and already packaged so that I can make healthy meals for my family for usually less than $10 a meal.

How Does It work?

Getting started with HelloFresh is as simple as choosing the plan that you want and paying the monthly subscription amount.

The first thing that you're going to do is decide which plan suits your family's needs.

There are plans for single households as well so that you don't have to go out to eat every night.

Recipes are available each week that give you ideas for healthy meals that you can make.

If there's a week that you don't want to use the recipes that are given, then you can skip that week.

You can also change your meal plan at any time without being charged. 

The Plans

When I first saw the number of plans that HelloFresh offers, I was surprised.

I thought that I would just get a box of fruit and vegetables since the company is all about fresh foods.

However, that's not the case.

I have received so much more than a box of apples, lettuce, and other types of produce for an affordable price.

You can decide what kind of meal plan that you want as this will often determine what is included in your box each week.

Options include meats and vegetables, vegetables, family-friendly meals, and meals that are low-calorie.

Because of the assortment of plans that are available, you no longer have to worry about watching what you choose at the store to eat or preparing a meal that your kids won't eat.

If your family is like mine, then you probably have a few picky eaters who make cooking a bit more difficult than it should be during the week.

The meat and veggies box includes at least three different meats and vegetables each week depending on the number of recipes that you choose.

The veggie box includes at least three different vegetables with enough items to feed two people for the week.

Family-friendly recipe boxes include meals that adults and children will usually enjoy.

The low-calorie box includes items that can be used to make meals that don't have a lot of calories, which is beneficial if you are trying to lose weight or if you have a medical condition that warrants monitoring the number of calories that you consume.

Keep in mind that the boxes are designed for two people.

You can change the number of people who are in your family so that you get more items in your box.

You can also change the number of recipes that you want to include.

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After choosing the type of box that you want, you'll choose the recipes that you want for the week.

There are over 20 recipes to choose from, which means that you can easily have a different meal every night of the month. 

There are new recipes added each week with most weeks starting on Saturday and ending on Friday.

Some of the recipes that you can choose from include honey sesame chicken, Mexican street corn tacos, and mozzarella meatballs. 

When you receive your box from HelloFresh, you get the items that are needed to prepare the meal along with the recipe for how to make the meal. 

The details also include prep time and cooking time.

HelloFresh has changed the way I prepare meals for my family. 

I no longer have to wonder what I'm going to fix for dinner each night. 

All I have to do is pick a recipe that I think my family will enjoy. 

I don't even have to fight the crowds at a grocery store to choose the foods that I need!


After you've selected the meals that you want, it's time to checkout and enter your payment information.

Shipping is usually free depending on how much you order. 

There are often promo codes and discounts available that can save you money on the website. 

It's like having your own coupon system for your personal grocery store without leaving home!

The first time that you place an order, you get a substantial discount.

My first box was less than $30 for four people. 

That's less than what I would spend on just a few items if I were to go grocery shopping. 

Once I enter my payment information, I submit my order and wait on my box to arrive in the mail.

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Getting Your Box

The boxes that arrive are secure and designed to maintain the freshness of all of the foods that are inside.

They are insulated to keep cold items from getting warm and to keep all of the fruits and vegetables that you get from spoiling during the delivery process.

One tip that I can give you if you want to get more food and it's only you in your home is to choose the larger meal plan instead of the one for two people.

You're going to get more items in the box that you can put in your freezer or refrigerator and use for more than a few meals.

What's The Verdict

HelloFresh is a service that I would definitely recommend that you try.

It's fast, easy, and more affordable than going to a grocery store.

Contact HelloFresh to get started by choosing your first meals for the week.


  • Healthy foods
  • Easy ordering
  • Fast delivery
  • Fun meals available


  • Some meals repeat
  • Ingredients can be missing at times, but this is rare

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