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Since I work every day and take care of my children, it's sometimes hard to find time to go to the grocery store to get healthy foods to prepare.

Even when I do manage to take the time to shop for groceries, I usually find myself trying to get out of the store in such a hurry that I grab foods that are easy to fix instead of those that are healthy.

My family deserves to eat meals that are made with foods that have the vitamins and nutrients that they need, which is why I am happy that I found Sun Basket.

This healthy meal service has made it possible for me to get the foods that are beneficial for my family delivered right to my door.

Foods that are delivered are exceptionally clean.

Most of the items that are included in each box are organic.

Items are chosen by chefs, and there are usually recipe ideas included with each box that I order so that I don't have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to use them.

Have you ever tried to look online to find recipes that your kids will enjoy at the end of the day?

The ideas that are included are worth the purchase of the box itself so that I can easily change my meals each week.

One of the other benefits of Sun Basket is that you can skip weeks if you have a vacation planned or if you have plenty of foods from another week that you can still use to make meals.

You can also choose multiple meals that are delivered instead of only one at a time or one for each day of the week.

Since there are over 18 recipes to choose from, you can mix up the ingredients or choose items that suit your overall diet.

Examples include vegetarian meals and low-carb meals.

Sticking with a low-carb diet is now easier than ever, and my waistline is thankful.

Another benefit of Sun Basket is that you can get meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner instead of just one type of meal that you prepare.

I can make sure my kids have a healthy breakfast before school and a nice meal when they get home in the evening.

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Even though this service isn't one that's quite as popular as other meal delivery services, it still offers quality foods that are less expensive than what I can get in the grocery store. 

As someone who struggles to support his family, this is one of the reasons I enjoy this service.

One of the things to keep in mind is that many of the sauces that come with the meals are already made.

Even though I know that the ingredients are fresh, I would like to be able to combine some of my own items to make my own sauces.

I do tend to add fresh vegetables and spices when I want more flavor.

When you begin making your meal choices, you can upgrade the different cuts of meat that you want if you don't want to get a basket that contains only fruits and vegetables.

This is another option that I enjoy because I often like a good steak once in a while.

Getting started with Sun Basket is easy.

There is even a promo code that you can enter that gives you a discount on your first order.

Why wouldn't you want to do everything you can to save money on your food bill each week?

You'll also save money on gas spent going to the store since each box is delivered.

After signing up for the service, you'll see that there are meal options for two or more people.

You can get enough items to make up to three meals a day for the entire week.

Once you add everything together, each meal is valued at about $12 each, which is substantially less than what I sometimes spend when I do my own shopping.

Some of the meal plans that you can look through include a Chef's Choice, Quick and Easy Meals, and meals for those who are diabetics.

Since I have diabetes, this is one of the details I enjoy as I don't have to watch my sugar intake as much as I normally do while cooking.

No  which meal plan you choose, there are almost two dozen meals that are available.

I can get enough meals to make for my family for almost an entire month.

Sometimes, I choose repeat meals and change a few of the ingredients so that I do have enough meals for the whole month.

Aside from meals, Sun Basket also has a variety of dips and snacks that you can order.

I can then divide these snacks into small bags to send with my kids to school or to enjoy while I'm at work during the day.

The dips are often used for special events that I plan, such as football games with friends.

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What's The Verdict

Sun Basket is a meal delivery service that I would recommend.

It features healthy selections that are easy to prepare.

If you order the right way, you can get enough items in your box to make meals for your family for a whole month.

It's easy to begin ordering from Sun Basket.

All you have to do is sign up for the service and look through all of the delicious meals that are available.

Contact Sun Basket for more information about how you can get started on your journey saving money and eating healthy.


  • Organic and fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats
  • Low prices for meals to save money
  • Meals are delivered to your home
  • Recipes are included with some of the meals
  • Over a dozen meals to choose from for multiple types of diets


  • A bit more expensive than other services
  • Have to pay for shipping in addition to your order
  • Some recipes are hard to recreate
  • Some meals can be difficult for those who don't cook as often

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