25 Best Geek Subscription Box Gamers, Anime and Comic Book Lovers Nerd Out For


A treasure trove of geeky wonders delivered to your doorstep with a geek subscription box.

No Comic Con this year, bummer! You can still get your geek on. Are you into anime?

Video games? Cosplay? No matter what niche you call home, geek subscription box may be just what you need.

Whether you're looking for unique items to add to your collection or want a way to jump into new fandoms, there are products and subscription box reviews out there for you.

There are a ton of monthly boxes available for both general and specific ‘nerdy’ interests, many of which come with significant discounts for your first box.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to find the best geek subscription boxes for you!



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loot crate review
  • Each month has a guaranteed t-shirt
  • All products are officially licensed
  • Multiple subscription options
Try zbox subscription today! - review
  • Large range of items
  • Good mix of different franchises
  • All items are guaranteed to be high-quality
my geek box subscription review
  • Posters of cosplayers is a pretty uncommon item
  • The shirts feature unique designs
  • $17.99 (+S&H) /month

The Best Geek Subscription Boxes

For Nerds, Gamers, Super Hero Fans, Comic Book Lovers, And More

loot crate review

Loot Crate, one of the original fan-driven geek subscription boxes, is dedicated to delivering high-quality licensed, and often exclusive, merchandise right to your door.

Single monthly crates start at about $30(+S&H) and include a whole slew of collectibles like shirts, figurines, art books, pins, and more! Each box has at least four items worth $45 MSP.

Try zbox subscription today! - review

Those of you looking for alternatives to Loot Crate might want to give ZBOX a try. Each month, ZBOX geek box sends fans of film, TV, and games, 4-7 unique items all for $22.99(+S&H).

Each mystery box is themed and features a wide range of exclusive items in books, shirts, pins, and figurines.

my geek box subscription review

Where other best subscription boxes usually feature one curated box a month, My Geek Box’s whole business model is centered around the idea that fans deserve something better than one-box-for-all subscription service.

There are multiple geek subscriptions offered (some mystery, some not) every month that cater to different interests, ages, and budgets.

loot gaming review

Loot Gaming is one of the many offshoots of the original Loot Crate that, as the name implies, is focused on Gamer interests.

Like the original Loot Crate, each month’s mystery box has a central theme.

Unlike the original Loot Crate, the website seems to be a bit more coy about listing every franchise available in each box of geek subscription, so be prepared for some unexpected surprises.

Loot Gaming features licensed and exclusive merchandise every month, including a T-shirt.

Hardcore gamer? Find out more about Loot Gaming by visiting this link for our FULL REVIEW!

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Loot Anime geek subscription is a single-focus offshoot of Loot Crate that is tailored for fans of anime and manga.

Each month’s mystery subscription box features a specific theme, and the website helpfully lists what series fans can expect in that month’s box.

Each box contains 4-6 high-quality licensed and exclusive pieces of merchandise such as shirts, pins, and figurines.

Do you love anime? Check out our FULL REVIEW of Loot Anime here!

Try harry potter wizarding wold subscription box today!- review

While other services boast Harry Potter merch, this official box is one of the only ones that actually tailors your specific box based on your House preferences!

Each box contains 5-7 exclusive and officially licensed pieces of Harry Potter merchandise.

This geek box of  subscription costs $39.99(+ $5 S&H) and ship to the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Try loot crate dx subscription box today! - Review

Loot Crate DX is made for those of you who are fans of the classic Loot Crate but are ready to upgrade the experience.

This monthly premium gaming collection comes with high-end licensed and exclusive figures, apparel, and more. A single month’s geek box is $49.99(+S&H).


Funko offers several best subscription boxes, all with a different focus.

The Collector Corps is one of Funko's many subscription boxes and it features exclusive Funko vinyl toys, and collectibles. The cost starts as low as $10.99 (+S&H).

Try geekgear subscription box today! - review

GeekGear Classic offers a variety of licensed geek goods like exclusive T-shirts and prints. Looking for something a bit more, shall we say, magical?

GeekGear subscription box also offers four (yes, four!) different Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts themed boxes, ranging from exclusive items like collectibles, to apparel, to even wands.

Try Loot Wear Subscription box today! Review

Loot Wear is a single-focus brand of the original Loot Crate, but I find that this one works quite differently from the other offshoots.

Each month, Loot Wear features one piece of apparel (a top or bottom) that is thankfully visible on the website prior to buying. The items, all licensed or exclusive, cross a number of very popular franchises.

11. Mine Chest Subscription Boxes


There have been some significant changes to Mine Chest's structure recently. Its new name, Minecraft T-shirt Club, more accurately reflects the company's new focus: quality Minecraft-themed t-shirts ( plus a mystery item like a pin or plushy) delivered monthly.

Old fans of this service might be disappointed to see that the number of items and the iconic Chest has both been dropped, but I think new subscribers will be relieved to see the refreshingly low price of the Mine Chest geek subscription.

12. Super Geek Box (Prime)

super geek box review

If you are bored of beauty and fitness products, try Super Geek Box Prime that promises to deliver a curated box of 5-8 pieces of merchandise and accessories worth around $100 MSRP.

The original monthly box of geek subscription has been discontinued, so currently the only option available is the quarterly box which costs $56(+ $10 S&H). This is a blind box, but the website lists features franchisees.

This box features unique licensed and unlicensed goods.

Check out our FULL REVIEW of the Super Geek Box by clicking this link.

13. ComicBoxer Subscription Box

get comicboxer subscription now - reviews

ComicBoxer is a monthly mystery subscription box geared towards Comic Lovers, offering an exciting book subscription experience.

Each box, priced at $19.00 (+S&H) per month, contains 5-7 issues of new releases, including first appearances, variant covers, and more.

And for those looking to spark the interest of kids in comics, they even have a dedicated kid's geek subscription plan available.

Unleash the thrill of discovering new comics and ignite the love for reading with ComicBoxer's captivating book subscription box.

14. Mario's Mystery Block

marios mystery box subscription review

If you are a Nintendo fan, this monthly subscription box might be right up your alley!

While other Nintendo properties get some time to shine, the main focus is definitely everyone’s favorite tenacious Italian plumber.

Best of all, all of the products are officially licensed by Nintendo. The base box costs $24.99(+ $5.99 S&H).

15. Manga Spice Cafe

manga spice cafe subscription box review

Do you like manga? Do you like munching down on some unique Japanese snacks while you read said manga?

Well, do I have an oddly specific monthly subscription box for you! Each themed box costs $36(+ $3.95 S&H) and includes 3 volumes of manga, a variety of snacks, and a drink.

16. Geek Fuel

Try geek fuel subscription box today! Review

Geek Fuel is aimed at an audience that might be a little tired of the same old “shirt + pin + figurine” subscription boxes.

Previous boxes have, in addition to the classic nerdy staples like shirts and pins, included such odd things as pizza cutters, canvas prints, and aprons. What’s more, each box comes with a Steam game!

Let us fuel up your geeky mind just by reading our FULL REVIEW here!

17. Teeblox



The big thing that differentiates Teeblox from other beauty or skincare boxes or clothing monthly boxes is that, in additional to staples like books and shirts, each box also features posters of “the hottest Cosplay girls” (their words, not mine).

For better or worse, this company leans into their “geek guy” focus.

Embrace your inner geek and express your style with Teeblox's diverse subscription boxes, encompassing books, shirts, posters, and more.

18. Super Hero Crate Subscription Box

Try super hero crate subscription box today! - Review

Super Hero Crate geek box is a curated monthly box for all comic books fans.

This subscription concentrates on traditional superhero comics (Marvel and DC).

Single boxes retail for $26 (+S&H) and contain a t-shirt, two back-issue comics or a graphic novel, and a number of other products.

19. Dungeon Crate Subscription Box

Try dungeon crate subscription box today! - review

With the recent explosion of interest in Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon Crate is a welcome addition to the niche of tabletop gaming's best subscription boxes.

Each box comes with about five high-quality and often exclusive items, which can include bespoke encounters, game tokens, and lifestyle products (pins, buttons, and more).

20. UnboxBoardom Subscription Box

Try unboxboardom subscription box today! Click Now! - Review

UnboxBoardom is a subscription geek box based on a unique concept: subscribers choose from a collection of 3 board games based on a monthly theme.

This is a great way for subscribers to try out new and unusual board games they may not be aware of otherwise.

21. The Comic Garage Subscription Box

Try The comic garage subscription box today! Click now! Review.

If you’re looking for a comic-centered subscription box that dumps all of the fluff in favor of even more comics, then The Comic Garage is for you.

There are two boxes to pick from: Super (contains 10 comics for $24.99) or Ultimate (24 comics for $44.99).

Each box contains #1 comics, first appearances, and more. In addition to mystery boxes, there are also specific character boxes available.

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22. My Sci Fi Club

Try my sci fi club book subscription today! Click it now! Review

Booklovers know that finding a good book can be a tough, but oftentimes rewarding process, that can result in finding stories you never even heard of!

If you’re a book lover interested in sci-fi or fantasy, My Sci Fi Club provides you with you two hardcover books for young minds like LitJoy and an e-book all for the price of $17.99(+S&H).

The best part is you get to specify if you want sci-fi or fantasy.

23. Japan Crate Subscription Box

Try japan crate subscription box today! What are you waiting for!? Review.

Japan Crate has five crates to choose from: Premium Japan Crate (snacks and drinks), Doki Doki Crate (cute merchandise), Umai Crate (noodles), Kira Kira Crate (Beauty products), and Gacha Gacha Crate (capsule toys).

Prices range from $28-$35/month, depending on the box.

24. The Magic Subscription Box

PRESTO CHANGO! Try magic subscription box today! Review

Is your magic routine getting a bit stale? Check out this subscription box for 3-5 new mystery magic tricks delivered to you monthly.

Each nerd box also includes a collection of online video tutorials to help you master each trick.

These boxes are suitable for beginner to intermediate magicians.

25. The Bam Box

Try the bam box subscription today! BAM that's good! Review

This subscription box has everything movie and TV shows fans can want.

Not only does each nerd box include staples like prints, comic books, and enamel pins, but it also includes prop replicas and authentic celebrity autographs. 

Each monthly box costs $26.99 (+ S&H).

Choose Your First Geek Subscription Box

While not an exhaustive list of all best geek subscription boxes available, this list is a great place to start if you're feeling a bit lost.

When picking the first box of subscription that's right for you, there are a few things to keep in mind: the price, the frequency, and the focus.

There are so many niche boxes that whether you are looking for a general subscription nerd box or one with a more specific focus, there is bound to be one for you.

There is no greater time than right now to look at ordering your first box as many of these top subscription box companies offer massive discounts for new customers!

- Jack

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