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1 Up Box Review

1 up subscription box review

The world of geek subscription crates is a busy one, with new crates getting launched all the time and even more shutting down. As a consumer, I can admit that it's downright confusing to keep track of them all. It's a shame, though, because there's some really good stuff out there - at least, if you know where to look.

The good news is 1Up Box has been a fairly consistent part of the subscription service world for a good bit right now. A consistent competitor with some of the big names, it still uses the old-school model of giving you a box of curated geeky items each month for a relatively low fee.

There's definitely plenty of competition out there for your money, though, and you need to know whether this crate is worth your hard-earned cash. If you take a few minutes to look at what makes 1Up Box work - and where it falls short - you'll get a good idea as to whether or not this particular subscription service is for you.

What is It?

1Up Box is one of the many different geek lifestyle crates offered today, one that curates various items and sends them out to its subscribers without announcing exactly what's going to be in the box. The idea is that every month should be a surprise, and that the included items will always fit a theme.

One thing that sets 1Up Box apart from the competition is that its included items tend to trend younger demographically. That doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of items for adults to enjoy, but it does mean that many of the toys included are absolutely meant to be taken out of their boxes and played with. That really makes the box one of the best fits out there for families and younger collectors.

1Up Box definitely lives in the grey area between serious collector boxes and fun family distractions. It's a really unique box in a very crowded field, and that's definitely something to celebrate - especially if you are the kind of collector who wants a box that's different from everything else.

What's in the Box?

Like most of the geek-based subscription boxes out there, 1Up Box features an assortment of geeky items that generally conform to a particular theme. Unlike some companies, though, 1Up Box is actually really good at picking themes - you're going to have a lot of fun seeing how the various items in each box align to that month's overall theme.

Let's just cut to the chase here - 1UP Box has some good stuff inside. It's one of the subscription boxes that manages to still get actual Funko Pops from time to time, and that counts for a lot among a certain subset of collectors. Even when there's not a Pop, though, you're going to wind up with something excellent. The big items are almost always from big-name manufacturers and are the kind of things that many would pick up on their own.

Every 1UP Box contains up to eight items, putting it a fair bit ahead of most of the competition. While not every item in each box is spectacular, you're almost certainly guaranteed to get something fun each month. Having a good bit of variety is a nice characteristic for any subscription box, especially one that covers such a wide range of interests.

Geek boxes really rely on licensing, so it's nice to see that the big stuff in these boxes is actually from familiar properties. It doesn't matter if you're into AAA video games, fun cartoons or even comic books - you're going to see things that you recognize in these boxes every month. Given the number of boxes that try to pass off their original additions as big items, this is really nice to see from a subscription box.

Finally, it's worth pointing out that 1Up Box does a fantastic job with packaging its crates each month. The company does a really nice job of making each box look inviting and playful, but it's still really good at making sure that your items arrive in good shape. It straddles that line between being artistic and ultimately quite functional, and it does so very well. 

What Does it Cost?

1Up Box runs around thirteen dollars per month, but with shipping, it works out to just under twenty dollars per box. It's definitely competitively priced with most of what's on the market today, and it's an awful lot cheaper than most of the higher-end boxes with which it competes.

1Up Box guarantees a minimum of forty dollars of product per month, or just shy of double what you're going to pay for a box plus shipping. Given that this is actually the minimum amount of value you're guaranteed each month, that's a real plus. While many loot boxes definitely make similar claims, 1Up Box is one of the few that actually makes a guarantee.

What's The Verdict

1Up Box is an excellent geek culture box that really manages to avoid most of the problems that plague this part of the subscription box industry. With excellent value and some really fun items, it's the kind of thing that you'll look forward to every month. Though shipping problems are still an issue, this is still a box at which you should take a look if you want to grow your collection of nerdy accessories and fun geek fashion items.


  • Good Value 
  • Includes Great Licenses
  • Lots of Name-Brand Manufacturers
  • Really Great Packaging
  • Includes a Good Amount of Items
  • Each Month's Theme is Fun


  • Tends to Have A Lot of Filler
  • Trends a Little Younger Than Most Boxes
  • Some Issues with Shipping
  • Very Hard to Cancel

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