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My desk has become a shrine to all of my favorite comics and shows.

There's so much to collect out there, after all, and only a limited amount of spaces in which they can be displayed.

It's great that geek stuff is socially acceptable these days, though, because it means that my desk really doesn't stand out.

My desk, like those of so many of my peers, is covered with stuff I've gotten from subscription boxes.

There are many companies that seem tailor-made to sell me stuff, and I've had to get a lot more discerning about my subscriptions in recent years.

Geek Fuel is one of the few boxes that has really piqued my interest in the last couple of years.

It feels like a throwback in all the best ways, full of really good items.

Taking a look at how it works will give you a good idea of why it's so popular.

What is It?

If you're familiar with most of the geek culture boxes on the market, you'll find Geek Fuel fairly familiar.

That's not to say that it doesn't put its own spin on the subscription box format, but you're not exactly going to see something radical here.

That's actually a good thing, though.

If anything, Geek Fuel is a real throwback to the earliest days of subscription boxes when subscribers actually got really great stuff.

It's from the era before you'd get boxes full of swag the basically advertised more products from that particular company.

Geek Fuel's probably a little more comic-book focused than most of the subscription boxes.

You stand a much better chance of getting artwork or art books in this box than you do in most of the competition.

The love for comics definitely persists through much of the theming, so comic fans will feel right at home here.

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What's in It?

As you can probably guess from the name, Geek Fuel mostly contains the kinds of odds and ends that are guaranteed to make a geek happy.

What really separates it from most of the competition, though, is how high-quality these items are.

These are not cheesy little pins or socks that are going to break down after you wear them once - they're awesome items that deserve a place of pride on your desk.

Like most of these boxes, you're almost always guaranteed to get a t-shirt.

The shirts usually feature a character from some popular form of media, often in a fairly unique context.

The shirts are definitely clever, and you're probably not going to see most of them anywhere else.

They may not be the primary reason to buy a box, but they're still a really nice addition.

In addition to the usual T-shirt, there are also some uniquely cool items in each month's box.

Sometimes you'll get an art book, but other times you might get something like a Gameboy nightlight or a cartoon apron.

It's hard to tell what you're going to get, but the extra items never disappoint.

There also tends to be some kind of comic canvas cover included with the box.

The hero in question changes from month to month, but the covers are almost always from fairly iconic books.

This might not be a big deal for everyone, but it's something that I found to be incredibly unique.

The best part about this box, though, is that it's free of filler.

The vast majority of subscription services try to fill up their boxes with little odds and ends to make the box look a little more full and a little more valuable, but that's really not the case here.

In fact, the lack of filler is probably one of the biggest selling points for this box.

If you're going to spend the money for a quarterly box, you really deserve to have good stuff inside.

This box really brings its A-game every month, and even though it can't promise hits you'll always know that what's inside is worth your time. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Geek Fuel is a quarterly box, so it makes sense to expect quarterly pricing.

In this case, you're going to spend about $65 per box - $57 for the box itself, and $8 for the shipping.

This is within the norm for quarterly boxes, but it definitely presents a much bigger up-front investment than most would make for this kind of geek culture box.

Of course, breaking things down does make the product's price feel a little cheaper.

Since it's a quarterly box, you're spending about the same amount that you'd spend for three monthly boxes.

Given the relatively low shipping price, consumers actually come out a little bit ahead with this one.

While the box itself might cost around sixty-five dollars altogether, the value of the items in the box tends to be a good bit higher.

Geek Fuel promises that the contents of each box are worth at least a hundred dollars at retail, and the honest truth is that most of the boxes exceed that value by a good bit.

Though you never quite know what you're going to get, the name-brand items usually fetch a good price.

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What's The Verdict

Geek Fuel is an excellent subscription box service that provides high-quality items to discerning geeks.

It's a little pricey and it only comes a few times a year, but it's definitely one of the boxes to which I look forward the most on mail day.


  • Incredible selection of items
  • Absolutely no filler
  • Fantastic value every month
  • Truly a lot of variety in every box
  • Really solid customer service
  • Shirts are almost always really cool


  • Quarterly price is a little steep
  • No guarantee that your favorite shows will be in the box
  • It's a long wait between quarters for the box
  • Wide range of fandoms mean that you're not guaranteed to love a given box

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