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loot gaming subscription box review

If there's a Venn diagram of people who love video games and people who love collecting things, the overlap has to be fairly large.

There's a tremendous amount of video game swag out there, but collecting it all would be incredibly difficult. 

That is probably why subscription box services that target gamers are so popular - the need is there, and someone was wise to make sure it was fulfilled.

Loot Gaming is one of the best-known subscription box services that specifically targets gamers.

A spin-off of the popular Loot Crate, each box includes a handful of unique items that fit a specific theme. 

One month might highlight post-apocalyptic games, while the next might look at festive holiday games. 

What's important, though, is that each box is filled with items that celebrate the theme.

An ideal box for those who simply love gaming in all of its forms, Loot Gaming does manage to walk the line between being a great service for collectors and a hit-or-miss collection of odds and ends that can quickly fill up one's desk at work. 

If you're looking into the service, it's generally a good idea to understand both why it works and why others have chosen to cancel their subscriptions.

The Pros: What Works

A Solid Price

One of the best things about Loot Gaming is the price point.

While it might be a little higher than what you see from some other subscription services, you're almost always going to end up paying less for the items than what you'd get at a retail price. 

If you're the kind of person who constantly collects gaming swag, you honestly won't get a better deal than the one that you find here.

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Wide Variety of Items

Loot Gaming really does examine all corners of the gaming universe.

While you'd generally think that most of the items would be related to the hottest video games of the day, the items are actually quite varied.

You'll get items related to retro games, items from board games, and even items related to great tabletop games. 

The boxes contents are a good representation of gaming as a hobby.

Cool Exclusives

One of the best parts about working with Loot Gaming is getting access to exclusives.

Almost every box has at least one exclusive item that you won't see on sale anywhere else. 

These might range from t-shirts to action figures, but knowing that you get access to an item that others won't see for several months can be a great motivator for buying the box.

Unique Collectibles

Loot Gaming also tends to ship with some unique collectibles that are only found in Loot Crate boxes.

You can actually make a hobby of collecting the various pins that the company ships out, each of which are very high quality in and of themselves. 

The pins don't repeat from month to month, so you'll actually have to do a fair bit of work to track them down if you don't keep your subscription going.

Good Presentation

Loot Gaming is excellent at presentation.

While each box might look virtually identical, there's always great internal art and a great poster that details exactly what you'll find in the box. 

What's most important, though, is that the company tends to do a great job of actually packing the boxes - no balled up shirts or damaged comic books will be found within.

Rotating Suppliers

Finally, it's nice to note that you won't keep getting products from the same company with Loot Gaming.

You might see something from Q-Figs or Funko one month, but it's never really a guarantee. 

The rotating suppliers really keep each box feeling like a surprise.

The Cons: What Doesn't Work

Customer Service Woes

Loot Gaming is notorious for shipping problems.

It is not unusual for a crate to be a month or two late, even if the company manages to charge you on time every month. 

The good news is that you will eventually get the crate for which you paid. 

The bad news is that it might take far longer than you might expect.

Issues with Product Quality

Product quality has always been an issue for Loot Crate and its various spin-offs.

There's not a lot of quality control that goes into what's in the box, so it's not that unusual to get a broken item in the mail. 

The good news is that Loot Crate does replace defective items - the bad news is that it can take a bit to get the job done.

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Hit or Miss Items

As with every other subscription box, the items are going to be very hit or miss.

Because gaming is such a wide-ranging hobby, there's never really a guarantee that you'll enjoy a given month's theme. 

This isn't really an issue for month-to-month buyers, but it can hurt those with a long-term subscription.

What's The Verdict

Finally, there is a bit of an issue with Loot Gaming 'exclusives'.

While you can buy the box hoping for something unique, you can generally get the individual items for less just a few months later from the website's store. 

It's a bit of annoyance to some buyers, especially when they take a gamble hoping to get something unique. 

While most of the exclusives will stay that way for at least a month or two, it can still hurt to see the good stuff up for sale for a fraction of an individual box's price.

Loot Gaming certainly has its flaws, but they're easy to overlook in comparison to what you actually get from the service.

Though there are some real issues when it comes to customer service and shipping, most customers are more than happy with what they get in each box. 

If you're a big fan of gaming in general and want access to some of the coolest collectibles that haven't quite hit the market, this service really is one that you can't miss.

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