Super Geek Box Review


super geek box review

One of the best parts of being a geek is that there's a ton of stuff to collect.

No matter what your particular area of fandom, there's always something out there.

It could be comic books, blu-ray discs, or even action figures - every franchise seems to have its own giant pile of merchandise just ready and waiting to be bought.

What's even cooler is that it's become so much more acceptable to be the kind of geek who displays this stuff.

Characters wear comic book t-shirts on television, bosses have action figures on their desks, and you can feel pretty secure that you won't become a social pariah just because you have a statue by your workstation.

One of the toughest things a modern geek has to deal with, though, is figuring out where to get all of this stuff.

If there's not always a deep bench of items to sort through, there's certainly always a breadth of options.

From convention exclusives to hand-made decor, there always seems to be something new to buy.

Subscription crates have become a big part of the geek world because they offer subtle samplers of fandom gear.

While there are dozens of competing services out there, only a handful have really managed to stand up to the test of time.

Super Geek Box is a fairly well-known brand, one that's got a reputation for quality and for bringing in some fairly diverse properties.

Figuring out if this is the right box for you, though, does require looking at what makes these boxes work and where they fall short.

What is It?

While you might not have purchased one of the Super Geek Boxes, you've probably seen something very much like them online or in a store.

It's a geek-culture subscription service, one that's full of cool bits of nerdy merchandise and the occasional clothing item.

What really sets this one apart from the crowd, though, is the shipping schedule.

It only comes out once a month, a move that the company made to allow them to bring higher-quality items to their customers.

This means that you're only going to get a shipment a few times a year, but the hope's that you'll love everything in the box just a little more than if you got one every month.

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What's in the Box?

Opening the Super Geek Box is honestly very exciting because it contains a lot of really cool stuff.

From collectibles like Funko Pops to puzzles and clothing, you're always guaranteed to find something fun.

So many other boxes have started making their 'big items' a bit disappointing, so it's nice to see that this company is still bringing its A-game.

It's shocking to see how many licenses Super Geek Box has managed to get together.

You're going to find stuff from pretty much every major franchise, along with some of the smaller franchises as well.

There will never be a moment in which you should be surprised to see material from any given show or game in the box.

A special point also needs to be made about the clothing - clothing items are usually fairly hit-or-miss in subscription boxes, but this company actually does a good job with the quality.

The fit of the clothes tend to be very consistent and you're rarely going to get anything that wears out quickly.

It's also really cool to note that these particular boxes really do tend to have a lot more variety within than some of the competition.

Most subscription boxes are fairly predictable - you get a coffee mug, a figure, and a shirt every month.

This one really pulls out all the stops, and that makes it all the more fun to open every quarter.

In short, this is a big box of geek gear that tends to have more variety and higher quality than most of its peers.

Though you won't necessarily love everything you get, you'll always find something you like in each box.

How Much Does it Cost?

Super Geek Box has moved to a quarterly format, and that means quarterly pricing.

While fifty-six dollars is not all that much for a quarterly box, it's still a pretty hefty price tag for a box of random geek items.

The price tag theoretically brings with it bigger and better items, but it can be a turnoff for some potential subscribers.

It's important to remember, though, that $56.00 is the price for a quarterly box rather than a monthly box.

It's technically a little cheaper than picking up a $19.99 per month box, especially after you factor in both tax and shipping.

There's absolutely no spinning this box as a budget-friendly alternative, of course, but it's important to realize how your money is being spent.

Figuring out whether this price is worth what's in the box is really going to be up to the individual subscriber.

Some months, the value of the crate far outstrips the price.

Other months, you're getting value in terms of collectibility and fun rather than in strict dollars.

Regardless of where you fall on that value proposition, you'll never get a box that's really worth less than what you've paid for it.

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What's The Verdict

Super Geek Box is a big investment, and it's not one that always pays off monetarily.

The contents are always exciting, though, and it's a great way to build up your collection if you're willing to pay the high price. 

If you love geek gear and you want high-quality items once a quarter, you're going to have a hard time finding a better box.


  • Really Good Quarterly Schedule
  • Plenty of Cool Items
  • Really Nice Licenses


  • Quarterly Shipping Means a Big Price Tag
  • Lots of Filler Items
  • An Honest Question of Value
  • Costly Shipping Each Quarter

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