Jack Cullum

The Man Behind The Boxes

Hey there, I'm Jack Cullum, and I'm a writer, reviewer, and family man from suburban Atlanta. I grew up in Georgia and went to Georgia University, where I studied business and economics. After graduation, I worked in finance for a few years, but I found it unfulfilling and decided to pursue my passion for writing.

I've always loved cigars, golfing, hunting, and the great outdoors, so when I discovered the world of subscription boxes for men, I knew I had found my niche. I started my website, Subscriptionboxesformen.com, to share my experiences and insights with other guys who are looking for cool, useful, and affordable products to enhance their lives.

Over the years, I've built a loyal following of readers who appreciate my personal, witty, engaging, insightful, helpful, creative, and sometimes quirky writing style. I like to inject humor and personality into my reviews, and I always try to provide practical tips and recommendations that guys can use.

When I'm not writing, reviewing, or managing my website, I'm spending time with my beautiful wife Cynthia and our three amazing kids. I'm a dedicated family man who loves nothing more than seeing my loved ones happy and fulfilled. I take pride in being a good provider, a loving husband, and a caring father.

If you're into subscription boxes for men, cigars, golfing, hunting, or just good writing, then I invite you to check out my website even sign up for the newsletter and follow my journey. Thanks for reading!

- Jack