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Diamond CBD Review: Does It Get You High? Is It A Legit Company?

Our diamond cbd review of oils, edibles, and more

(Updated February, 2021) 


If you're in the market for a new CBD company that will really knock your socks off in terms of quality and selection, it might be time to walk away from some of the unknown companies that advertise heavily on the Internet.

Unfortunately, many people don't find out until after the fact that they're ordering products from companies that don't have solid quality-control policies. Let's talk about where to turn for high quality, non GMO CBD products.

Dominating the CBD industry, Diamond CBD is a mainstream company that keeps that artisan, niche spirit alive throughout its collection of high-quality products. The benefit of going with a bigger retailer like this is that you're getting better pricing with a bigger range of products.

It's no exaggeration to say that you'll find every type of full spectrum oil, hemp extract, pure CBD and more from the 2020 Diamond CBD brand collection. Here's a table of contents for what I'll go over in my Diamond CBD review.

What Is Diamond CBD?

Stumbling upon this online treasure trove of quality CBD hemp goodies is like Christmas morning for health-aid users! This company is interesting because it has a two-in-one component that makes it unique among online CBD stores.

You're plugging into a direct manufacturer and a comprehensive, expansive marketplace of various brands when you're browsing Diamond CBD products.

This is an award-winning brand that boasts having 10 of the leading CBD products on the market as part of its catalog.

Diamond CBD Oils

diamond cbd oil review

The Score: A huge selection of oils in various potencies covering full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate.

With a collection of nearly 200 oils to choose from, this should be the first place you look when shopping for CBD oil. One thing you'll like is the way you can move "up the ladder" in terms of CBD strength with ease because potencies range from beginner to ultra-high. The range is 100 milligrams to 3,500 milligrams CBD per package.

You'll also find special blends that offer things like sleep support or stress report. Specialty oils infused with MCT oil and olive oil are designed to give a wellness boost with just a hint of added propulsion to get out there and live your day.

When it comes to flavor and type, the full catalog of Diamond CBD essentials is hard to beat. You'll find bombastic flavors like watermelon, French vanilla, honey, cappuccino and more. It's really no exaggeration to stay that this is the best selection of CBD oil flavors out there.

Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate CBD products are all represented quite nicely within this catalog of products. All of the items in the Diamond CBD oil collection are non-GMO, THC-free, pesticide-free products that are made in the United States using the highest standards.

Diamond CBD for Pets

diamond cbd for pets review

The Score: More than two dozen CBD products tailor-made for four-legged customers.

Most outlets provide one or two standard CBD products for pets. With Diamond CBD, you're getting a full range of products designed specially with pets in mind.

The catalog consists of edibles (treats!) and oils for pets. What's really nice is that this company actually offers bundles with both CBD oils and edibles!

You'll also appreciate the specialty aspect of this collection. In addition to standard wellness formulas, you'll find oils and treats with formulas designed especially for small breeds, medium breeds and large breeds.

Products are also separated for cats and dogs to ensure that you're giving your pet a truly tailor-made formula.

Diamond CBD Gummies & Edibles

diamond cbd gummies watermelon review

The Score: Candies, gummies and treats that combine wellness with a sweet tooth!

Diamond CBD's mini-market of edibles is where the real fun begins. There's a huge catalog of Diamond CBD gummies in various potencies and flavors to browse in per-container dosages that range from 250 milligrams to 1,000 milligrams.

It's easy to feel like a kid in a candy store while gazing at page after page of products like yum yum gummies, gummy worms, gummy bears, chill gummies, chill plus gummies and more.

You're also looking at chocolates, cake pops, shots and other sweets and treats infused with high-quality industrial hemp oil. Again, you can shop for everything from low-dosage treats to high-potency nibbles.

This is really the online store to focus on if you're into tracking down specialty edibles that are hard to find. For instance, Diamond CBD sells infused banana chips, peanut butter, honey sticks, cooking oil and hot sauce.

Diamond CBD Vape Products

Diamond-CBD vape Oil Watermelon review

The Score: A one stop-shop for CBD vape oils, vape additives, vape refills and flavored and unflavored CBD vapor liquids!

Diamond CBD does a great job of combining sophisticated vape products with fun, fruity flavors. The roster includes oils, additives and cartridges. On the vape end, Diamond CBD has a much smaller flavor selection than you see with its other product categories.

However, the watermelon and strawberry varieties are popular enough that there's a good chance you'll find a favorite you can stick to within the collection. Vape oil volumes range from 5 milliliters to 16 milliliters.

Diamond CBD Creams

Diamond CBD Pain Cream Review

The Score: A wonderland of topical CBD products!

With the Diamond CBD collection of creams and ointments, all of your bases are covered. A big portion of the collection is focused on biotech CBD support for tired, strained or aching muscles.

In addition to performance and pain-relief formulas, there's a great mix of gels and roll-ons. Choose from topical treatments that are targeted for specific pain points!

Diamond CBD also has its own "beauty bar." This is where you'll find creams designed to nourish and beautify the skin. A lot of people have success using CBD creams to clear up skin conditions or reduce signs of aging.

Diamond CBD's skincare collection includes eye creams, vitamin-C creams and antioxidant creams. You'll notice that these creams and serums are very reasonably priced per ounce when you compare them to your basic "drugstore" moisturizer or skin cream.

Diamond CBD Capsules

diamond cbd capsules review

The Score: CBD oil and CBD isolate capsules that are easy to swallow!

Diamond CBD offers around 15 different capsule products with specialized wellness formulas. These formulas are designed to nourish you from the inside using special supplements like coenzyme Q10, ascorbic acid, collagen, 5-HTP, flaxseed, betaine HCL, oat fiber and more combined with full-spectrum and isolate.

When ordering from Diamond CBD, you'll find that getting your capsules in bulk is an easy way to keep up with a CBD supplement regiment.

Diamond CBD Crystal Dabs Isolate

diamond cbd crystal dabs review

The Score: Raw goodies that you can use with confidence from a trusted vendor.

If you're looking for crystal dabs, just search the online store under the "raw" tab. Being able to source vetted, verified raw CBD products is important if you prefer dabbing for the bioavailability it provides.

You should be warned that Diamond CBD's crystal dab selection isn't vast. You're looking at DuraCanna Pure Isolate CBD Raw Powder in quantities of 1 gram or 10 grams. 

However, you can rest assured that your isolate has been tested in a third party lab for purity and potency against the highest quality standards.

Diamond CBD Drinks

Diamond cbd Drinks review

The Score: Shots and mixes that make it easy to drink down CBD goodness.

Diamond CBD keeps it short and sweet when it comes to its drink selection. You're not finding canned and bottled beverages that are tricky to ship. What you're getting instead is a solid collection of shots, coffee pods, tea pods and powders that allow you to tweak your daily beverage ritual to bring in some CBD goodness.

The big advantage of Diamond CBD's lineup over options that come in pre-packed bottles and cans is that you can be totally discreet about what you're drinking!

Just pour your CBD coffee, tea or matcha in your favorite mug to drink down your CBD whenever you please.

Diamond CBD Smokables

diamond cbd hemp flower Smokables review

The Score: Aromatic strains available in hemp cigarette, CBD fatty and hemp flower!

Diamond CBD really scores with its smokables collection by offering good product variety. As you shop for what you like, you'll appreciate all of the background information that Diamond CBD provides for all of its hemp products to let you know the origin and properties of each item.

You're also likely to be surprised by just how affordable the loose herbs and flowers in Diamond CBD's catalog are if you've been shopping around from other vendors.

Diamond CBD Wholesale

Diamond CBD's ultra-competitive pricing makes this company one to have your eye on for wholesale products.

Nearly every item in the company's CBD product line of pet products, oils, drinks, hemp creams and edibles from various brands is up for grabs on a wholesale basis.

The company even promises next-day shipping on most wholesale orders.

Is Diamond CBD Legit?

Absolutely! Diamond CBD is a legitimate, research-backed, multi-million dollar company that you can have confidence in.

Diamond CBD has an in-house research team dedicated to creating the purest hemp and CBD essentials on the market. 

In fact, Diamond CBD is part of an entity called PotNetwork Holdings that sells highly researched and carefully developed CBD products in all 50 states with an emphasis on the most cutting-edge co2 extraction methods.

For added integrity, products sold in the Diamond catalog are tested in a third party lab. This is a company that takes a sustainable, socially conscious approach to developing health aids from hemp plants.

You can also rest assured that all of the products you're buying are made in the United States using carefully vetted and tested ingredients.

The bottom line? Yes, this company is the real deal based on the research that I've done for my reviews.

Does Diamond CBD Show on a Drug Test?

Will chowing down on some CBD gummies cause you to fail a drug test? There's really no one answer across the board for this question. However, we can dive into what we do know.

Diamond CBD will not show up on a drug test because it does not contain THC or only trace amounts.

You're also certainly safe with broad-spectrum CBD and isolate because they've been pretty thoroughly stripped of all traces of THC. 

Full-spectrum CBD is the one you have to watch out for because some minuscule traces of THC may remain. Overall, CBD shouldn't cause you to fail a drug test. 

However, that's just my opinion. Don't mistake it for legal or medical advice!

Where to Buy Diamond CBD?

The easiest way to tap into the full catalog is just to use the website. This is one of the easiest online CBD storefronts to shop from because everything is divided by category.

You won't feel overwhelmed even though the full website contains hundreds of products because you can jump to exactly the category you like! There's also an affiliate option.

Diamond CBD Coupon Code

You don't always need a coupon code to save big here. The website is constantly hosting deals that allow you to save up to 70 percent off your purchase. There's also a "sale" page with deals of up to 50 percent off products.

I like the sale page for trying out new products that I might not have jumped on at full price. Your best bet for a coupon from Diamond CBD right now is to sign up with your email to win a discount of up to 65 percent off.



The pros are plentiful when shopping with Diamond CBD. I think the quality and variety you'll find really say it all. I also really like how Diamond CBD is so thorough in providing details about every single product on its product pages.

If you've been shopping for CBD online, you've probably noticed that most companies are very vague about their products. You're lucky if you get more than one line detailing exactly what you're buying.

With this online store, each product page is like a miniature lesson in the product you're buying that covers what it's made from, why you might want to use it and dosage levels. This really makes you feel equipped to make the best purchasing decision!

I'll also say that I think the price really is right on a lot of the products in Diamond CBD's range of products. Don't forget that you're paying for boutique, USA-made CBD and hemp products! Customer service is also very on point!


As I've said while going through my individual reviews, I have an overall positive impression of Diamond CBD. I think the edibles, oils and capsules categories are very strong. I think some of the other categories could be bulked up a big to offer a little more variety.

The one area where I'll take a few points away is Diamond CBD's return policy. This company does not offer a money back guarantee.

That's a little disappointing just because the newness of the CBD world can make it hard to be sure you're definitely ordering what's right for you. It's also one of the reasons for negative customer reviews.

However, the company does allow you to return almost everything for a full refund as long as you return it unopened within 30 days. The bottom line with any Diamond CBD product or any other brand sold is that it's yours if you open it!

The Verdict

Diamond CBD is a must buy. They offer thoroughly researched, high quality products in combination with great variety and strict quality control. This makes the decision a no brainer. Go for it!


- Jack

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