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HerbBox Review

herbbox review 2019

I've had severe anxiety for quite some time. After taking medications prescribed by my doctor, I just can't handle the side effects that they cause. I feel worse taking the medicines than I do fro the anxiety attacks that I sometimes have. I decided to try CBD products, and I'm glad I did. The relief that I've experienced is like none other.

HerbBox is a subscription company that has made getting items that I need and desire easier than ever. The items come in a box that is designed to be as discreet as possible so that no one knows what's inside. The products don't even have an aroma until you open each package.


When you make the decision to join HerbBox, you'll complete just a few simple steps. After that, you'll be well on your way to enjoying the benefits that are offered by CBD products. First, you're going to choose the type of box that suits the needs that you have.

If you've never used CBD products, then you're going to want to choose the smallest box until you find out how the products will impact your body. Sometimes, you might not need large amounts for you to tell a difference in how you feel. Fortunately, the products that are in the boxes will usually last for some time, so you can order a larger box later on that you can enjoy for a few weeks or even a few months.

You do need to confirm that you're of the legal age to purchase the boxes. When the box arrives, it's a plain color with a leaf on the front of the box. This is the only indication that there could be anything related to CBD products inside.

Each box includes at least three different CBD products and other items that are related to the CBD world. The amount of CBD that you get in the box is usually enough to last for a month. If you think that you're going to need more, then don't hesitate to order two boxes.

Items that you receive in your box are usually a full size instead of samples that you can try. You'll also receive discounts in the box that you get for orders that you place from the CBD shop. Yes, there is a shop where you can purchase everything from more CBD products to apparel and items for using the products that you order or receive in your box.

All In The Details

Each box that you receive features items that are carefully selected to match the details that you input when you subscribe to the service. After you leave feedback about the products that you like, you'll also receive items that are catered to the desires and needs that you have instead of those that are randomly selected.

Only the best items are included in your box. I have never received an item that I haven't enjoyed using. There's also a wide selection of items in each box instead of just one type of product.

One of my favorite items that I've received so far is a CBD face mask. After putting the mask on my face, it almost feels like a cucumber mask or one that has aloe in it because of the cooling sensation that it provides. It's easy to get off and leaves my skin refreshed and clean.

There are tinctures included in the box, but I have yet to figure out a use for them. That's one of the benefits of ordering from the company. If there's an item that you're not sure about, you can always contact someone who can explain how to use it and the benefits that it offers. 

The edibles are also among my favorite items. There are gummy edibles that look like stars as well as a few other types of candy that are delightful to enjoy. The best thing is that I can keep the candies with me during the day without people knowing what they are. This is beneficial because the CBD helps with my anxiety and any pain that I have, which allows me to get through the day a bit easier. 

Other items that have come in my boxes include vape pens, patches, and creams. I often put the patches on my lower back as I have severe pain in this area at times. The patches tend to help better than the creams that are included in the box, and they also help better than some of the medicines that I've taken. 

A different type of item that is included in the boxes that are put together is a bath bomb made with CBD oils. I didn't know that this was an option, but I'm glad that it is because it makes your bath water soothing after a long day.


When you open your package, you'll see each item positioned in a way so that it's separate from the others. A foam insert is positioned in the box to keep everything secure and from getting damaged. The boxes that I've received include items that I never knew existed and that you'll begin to enjoy as well.

Taking The Steps
You don't have to remember when your bill is due as the company will automatically charge you each month on the day that you initially joined. If you ever want to cancel, all you have to do is contact the company to let them know. Unfortunately, you can cancel online, which could be an area that's improved.

Once your billing date has passed, your box is created. It's then shipped to the address that you have on file. Any changes need to be made before your billing date so that the company can process them in time.

Since I've joined HerbBox, I have enjoyed most of the items that I've received. If you have any kind of pain, anxiety, or other issues that involve medications, then the service is one that you should try.

Go online so that you can get more information about the boxes that are available and to subscribe to the service to begin receiving your box of CBD products.


  • Items that you didn't know were available
  • Easy ordering
  • Billing cycles are easy to remember


  • Can't cancel online
  • No control over CBD strengths

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