Mystery Tackle Box Review


mystery tackle box review

Who doesn't like getting mail and not knowing what's inside the box or envelope?

Combine this with fishing lures and other supplies, and you have a subscription to Mystery Tackle Box.

This company has taken me back to my childhood, and I'm happy that I placed my first order about a year ago.

My daddy would take me fishing when I was younger. 

We would enjoy time talking on the bank of a pond that we would visit while we were waiting on the fish to bite. 

Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago. 

However, I still have a few of his rods that I fish with and that I let my kids fish with when we go to the coast or to the lake.

What It's About

Mystery Tacklebox is a company that's not like a lot of other subscription companies online.

This is a company that does send boxes, but you truly don't know what you're going to get inside them. 

You choose the size of the box that you want and then wait until it arrives in the mail to open it and see your treats.


There are a few different boxes that you can choose from when you complete your purchase.

As you subscribe to order more boxes over a longer period of time, you're going to spend less money. 

You can also send a box as a gift. 

Each subscription renews each month, which is something that you need to remember. 

You can cancel at any time you want.

When you look at the regular, pro, and elite boxes, you'll see that there is a menu underneath each one.

It is here that you can choose what kind of fish you want to try to catch and the type of plan that you want. 

Some of the types of fish that you can choose from include bass, trout, and catfish.

The minimum subscription is one month.

If you're not sure about fishing or you've only been a few times, then this would be the best option to start with instead of getting a lot of fishing boxes in the mail and not using the items that are inside. 

You can then choose from three months, six months, or 12 months depending on how long you want to receive the boxes.

After placing your order, you wait until the box arrives. 

The company doesn't make it easy determining what's inside based on the design of the box. 

There are pictures of lures, rods, reels, and other fishing supplies on the box you get, which adds to the excitement of Mystery Tackle Box.

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Timing and Price

Although it can take a few days to get your box in the mail after the initial order is placed or after your month renews, it's still more convenient than going to a store and dealing with a lot of people who are inside.

You'll also save money as you won't have to use gas to get to the store to get your fishing supplies.

I enjoy the prices of the boxes that are available.

I can get multiple items in one box for less than $50 compared to spending much more than that if I were to go to a store and get similar items.


The items that I have received have been of exceptional quality.

These are items that I've seen on fishing channels on television and online. 

What this means is that I'm getting quality items that I know will last. 

I haven't had an issue with any of the items that I have received in my boxes, and they have all worked well with the rods that I already have.


One of the things that I like about Mystery Tackle is that the company wants to educate you about the products that you receive. 

You'll get a pamphlet in each box that features pictures of the lures and other fishing essentials that you get so that you can easily identify them.

The pamphlet that you get also includes information about each item that is in the box. 

You don't have to spend the time researching each item if you're unsure of what they do or if you're new to the world of fishing and might not even be sure of how the items work with your rods.

One of the things to keep in mind is that you might not be satisfied with the types of items that you get if you've been fishing for quite some time.

That's because many of the items that are in each box are best for beginners and those who only fish on occasion.

That's not to say that avid fishermen won't be able to use the items. 

It's only that if you're an expert or if you go fishing several times a month, then you're going to want items that are a bit more advanced than what you receive.

What Does The Box Look Like?

When you get your box in the mail, it will look like a container for a dress shirt or something similar.

It's small enough to fit inside your mailbox unless you choose to get the largest box that's offered.

As soon as you open the box, you're going to see the pamphlet or booklet with the details about the items and even a few pieces of information about various ways to fish and the equipment that you can use when fishing.

A fun component that is in each box is an attachment that reminds you to post your catches on social media sites. 

This allows you to keep track of each kind of fish that you catch and the size of each fish. 

It's a fun way to compare your catches to those of others who use the subscription service.

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What's The Verdict

Overall, this is a decent subscription box to try. 

If you're an experienced fisherman, then you might not want to spend the money on the contents.

Contact Mystery Tackle Box to order your first box so that you can learn more about fishing and whether you want to continue receiving items in the future.


  • Fun box design
  • Don't know what you'll get
  • Cancel at any time or change subscription


  • Small box size
  • Some items aren't needed or interesting

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