Monthly Pet Subscription Box That Your Cat, Dog, or Bird Will Love!


Delight your furry companion with monthly pet subscription boxes, filled with tail-wagging treats, toys, and surprises.

Let's talk about the pet subscription boxes that will really get your furry friend to perk up! 

When choosing a pet box, you can go one of two ways.

Some people sign up for pet subscription boxes purely to enjoy a fun way to pamper a pet with cute, exotic monthly treats and toys that arrive like clockwork. 

For others, a subscription box is a convenience tool that delivers specialty, high-quality products that aren't easily found in big-box stores. 

Opening up that first subscription box with your pet on the floor of your living room is quite a bonding experience.

Luckily, you don't have to do a ton of homework just to find the right toys treats for your furry friend. Take a look at the best pet subscription boxes to consider.

Editor's Note: Puppy is good, now what about your man? A men's monthly subscription might just do the trick! Woof!


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#1 Ollie

ollie pet subscription
  • Healthy REAL food for your dog
  • 100% Human-grade food 
  • Vet-crafted recipes for all ages, breeds, and sizes.
Bark Box
  • Positive comment
  • Positive comment
  • Positive comment
petplan cat  and dog health insurance
  • Insurance for dogs and cats
  • Very affordable 
  • Peace of mind for your little loved ones

The Best Pet Subscription Box:

Many of these pet subscription boxes ship to US, Canada, NZ, Australia, UK, and even Singapore!

1. Ollie: When Only The Very Best Will Do For your Pet

ollie pet subscription

Cost: $2 to $6 per day.

Current Offer: 50% OFF your 1st box.

What Pets Will Love: Healthy, hearty food in a monthly box.

Ollie can seem a little intimidating at first because you're signing up for a high-quality subscription customer service instead of just a box full of items like treats and toys. 

What's the draw? Ollie delivers human-grade, vet-designed meal plans to your door.

With Ollie, you'll pay based on your dog's nutritional according to weight and breed. 

It's one of the easier ways to get high-protein, balanced food into your dog's diet if you're dealing with issues like weight control or chronic illness with your pup.

Ultimately, it is a convenient option to give your dog a premium diet.

I like that you can also ease your way into Ollie deliveries without giving up your normal canine diet cold turkey.

2. BarkBox: Best Box for Dog Lovers Looking for Variety

Bark Box

Cost: Starts at $22 per box when you sign up for 12 months.

Current Offers: Free upgrade for a "double" on your autumn box if you subscribe now.

What Pets Will Love: A nice mix of dog toys, dog treats done very colorfully for big or small dogs.

BarkBox is considered to be the subscription "breakthrough" that put the idea of a dog subscription box on the map. 

I like that the Bark Box team always includes really colorful, quirky items that make it feel like a party is waiting in every box.

You always know what to expect because all Bark Box boxes are consistent. 

It's two fun toys, two all-natural bagged treats, and one chew. 

The only thing that changes is the theme.

One thing that makes me feel confident about subscribing to BarkBox is that the dog treats featured are all sourced in the USA and it's FREE shipping!

3. Petplan: Best for Pets With Proactive Parents

petplan healthcare for pets

Cost: Varies by coverage.

Current Offer: Save up to 10% with code INSURE10.

What Pets Will Love: Protection against unexpected vet bills every month.

Yes, getting a box full of dog or cat treats and toys every month is fun. 

However, Petplan is a monthly dog or cat insurance that provides the priceless gift of peace of mind.

This service will pay up to 90 percent of your future vet bills for a low monthly rate. 

All exam fees are covered at your visits once you sign up for coverage. 

You also get online vet visits for no charge! You can even get pet dental covered with Petplan.

Customer service is available 24 hours per day.

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4. The Farmer's Dog: Premium Food For Furry Friends

farmers dog healthy food subscription

Cost: Varies by order.

Current Offer: Get 60% OFF your first purchase (limited time).

What Dogs Will Love: "Human grade", healthy delicious box for dogs.

Shouldn't your dog eat healthy too? 

If you care about your dog's health and happiness this is the best pet subscription service for him or her.

And you don't have to be one of the backyard chicken keepers.

You won't find any "chicken meals" or powders, label tricks, preservatives, or gross brown pellets.

Not your average monthly subscription, Farmer's delivers balanced, freshly made pet food with simple ingredients, directed by science and powered by love.

5. Canna-Pet: Best for Pets With Health or Wellness Needs

canna-pet cbd for pets

Cost: Varies by product.

Current Offer: Receive 25 percent off your next order when you share your product testimonial.

What Pets Will Love: Natural wellness in the form of treats they adore.

Canna-Pet is a one-stop-shop for hemp pet products.

Ordering packages of Canna-Pet's most popular products grouped together can help you to save a lot.

CBD treats for cats and dogs offered through this company come in a variety of easy-to-digest formulas created specifically for animals.

The long list of CBD products for pets on the Canna-Pet roster includes capsules, biscuits, and liquid tinctures.

You'll find specific formulas tailored for specific wellness issues ranging from skin allergies to cancer.

Great for animal rescues that suffer from stress. 

A very thoughtful pet subscription box indeed.

6. Paws & Claws Kit: Best for All Highly Adored Cats

paws and claws kit

Cost: Starting at $29.99 per month.

What Pets Will Love: A mix of fun toys and tantalizing favorites in a monthly box.

Paws & Claws Kit is a relatively new monthly subscription box on the block.

It's coming up with 20 different items. 

No, you probably won't be dazzled if you open your first box to see a can of Fancy Feast or a box of 9 Lives chews because you can already pick those up at the store. 

However, the Paws & Claws Kit does sometimes come through with some really original toys and treats.

I also like that this company likes to pepper in special items for cat owners like cat-themed socks and mugs.

Overall, I'll call this a mixed bag that's worth trying out if you're looking to find some new toys treats to spice up your cat's life.

7. NomNom: Real, Good Food for Your Pet

nomnom real pet food for nutrition support

Cost: Personalized quotes only.

Current Offer: 20 percent off your first order.

What Pets Will Love: Real, good healthy food that tastes great.

NomNom delivers vet-designed, balanced meals for dogs or cats to your door. 

We're talking gourmet foods sourced, cooked, and packed with love and care at NomNom's California and Nashville facilities.

This is a really valuable resource if you have a dog or cat with strict dietary needs. 

Everything comes in portions that are ideal for your pet's health needs to save you from the hassle of prep time. 

The science behind NomNom is that every meal is designed to optimize gut health to give pets more energy, improved stamina, better gut health, better breath, and overall healthier life.

This is a great monthly subscription box service if you're struggling to find the time to prepare healthy, balanced meals for your pet.

8. Chewy: One-Stop Shop for Pets of All Types and Ages

chewy pet store

Cost: Varies.

Current Offer: Take 30 percent OFF your first box auto-ship order.

What Pets Will Love: Access to everything they need to thrive.

Chewy is the place to go online where you can find the items your pet needs food, dog beds, dog supplements, treat, toys, specialty foods, and much more to avoid tracking down pet food or supplies in the aisles of a pet store.

What sets Chewy apart from classic monthly subscription boxes is that you can pick the types of products and specific brands that will be shipped to your home. 

There are more than 1,000 mainstream and niche brands to choose from when filling your cart.

With Chewy's auto-ship, you never have to worry about running low on your pet essentials. 

You can sign up to choose your delivery frequency on the Chew website in minutes.

9. Surprise My Pet: Best Monthly Box For Pampered Pups

surprise my pet

Cost: $30 per month.

Current Offer: Use CRATEJOY at checkout to get 10% off for your first box.

What Pets Will Love: Nice selection of safe, healthy treats in a monthly box.

Unlike some subscription boxes, Surprise My Pet does not allow for any customization. 

That means your box can't be tailored based on things like dog breed or allergy needs.

However, all of the treats included in each curated box are natural.

You will get between five and seven items that are always fun. 

I like that each box comes beautifully packed and presented to really make it seem like a special present has arrived for your pet!

I joke that this could be called the "dog mom box". 

The best part is that Surprise My Pet pays it forward by donating to charities that support animals in need.

10. Rescue Box: Spoil Your Pet, Help Animals in Need


Cost: Starts at $23.45.

Current Offer: Get a $5 gift toward your subscription box.

What Pets Will Love: Helping other dog rescues while enjoying fun treats and toys.

Rescue Box is a monthly subscription that gives to charitable partners. 

However, you'll get a box filled with ultra-unique, high-quality toys, treats, and fun accessories that have been carefully selected by people who know how to track down good finds.

I personally love the rare snacks that come in these boxes because you get curiosities like banana-chicken and watermelon-flavored chews that you might otherwise never discover. 

Fun plush toys and gems like the "tickle pickle" make each box a real hoot to open.

Gem of a find for dog lovers!

11. PupJoy: Best for Picky Pets


Cost: Starts at $16.79.

Current Offer: Save up to 20 percent if you sign up for auto-ship.

What Pets Will Love: Boxes dog and puppy breeds can use to grow up healthy and strong.

Everything that PupJoy ships out feels really substantial. 

What makes this monthly curated box different is that you enjoy a mix of surprise items and customization.

You have more freedom to build your own deliveries to pack your box with things that are perfect for your pooch in a way that most dog subscription boxes don't allow.

PupJoy also provides more guidance than similar subscription boxes because the company is constantly using your past preferences to recommend new items to you. 

Makes it easy to build your perfect box.

12. Pooch Perks: Best for Dogs With Specific Play Habits

pooch perks

Cost: Starting at $21 per box.

Current Offer: 30 percent off your first box when you sign up today.

What Pets Will Love: A nice mix of dog toys, treats, and accessories in a monthly box.

It's obvious that Pooch knows how to mix up some useful and fun products from the second you open your first box. 

This is a great way to get treats, grooming products, and toys with different themes every month.

Pooch is one of the better monthly subscription boxes for pets because you're able to customize your picks a bit based on your dog's profile.

You also get a really quality, artisan vibe off of every dog box because of the way Pooch Perks actually hand selects all treats, dog toys, and accessories from small businesses in the USA.

I also like that this company gives you an option to choose toy preferences: just durable toys if you know that you have a less-than-delicate dog. 

The default is a mix of treats, plush toys, and durable toys.

13. PupBox: Best for Puppies Beginning Training


Cost: Starts at $29 per box for a 12-month plan.

What Pets Will Love: A box for dog breeds full of fun, developmentally appropriate goodies.

PupBox can be a useful tool for a first-time puppy owner looking for some hacks.

Each box comes with five to seven products with a training guide.

The folks at PupBox actually tailor your box full of toys, accessories, chews, and treats based on the details you share about your dog.

The best part is that your box for your dog will evolve as your puppy grows to offer developmentally appreciate gear and treats each month!

This box also caters to the pickiness of new pups by replacing any products that don't fit in your home!

14. Dapper Dog: Parents Seeking To Replace Pet-Store Trips

dapperdog box

Cost: $35.99 per box.

Current Offer: Free bandana.

What Pets Will Love: Fun and colorful toys, treats, boxes of goodies with a monthly theme.

Dapper Dog delivers five high-quality, healthy treats and fun toys for your pup monthly. 

Each subscription box is packed with two healthy bags of treats or chews with two adorable themed toys. 

The themes on these boxes can get especially fun when holidays roll around (Happy Potter Puppy anyone?).

While there's not much box customization, what you get is tailored to your dog's size and allergy considerations. 

Dapper Dog gets bonus points for also presenting your dog's swag in these beautiful boxes.

15. Wild One: Best for Dogs Needing Some Organization

wild one dog harness and treats

Cost: Kits start at $58. Variety of products sold separately.

Current Offer:  Get 10% OFF  on any purchase. Also, free tennis ball in every order and free shipping over $50.

What Pets Will Love: A monthly dog box full of stylish gear, wearables, and treats.

Wild One lets you build your own custom walking kit for your dog box.

You can mix and match tons of lifestyle gear to ensure that your dog always looks perfect and polished when leaving the house.

The list includes a harness walk kit, doggie carry bags, collar walk kit, and toy kit. 

In addition, you'll find tons of pampering grooming products for prettifying your dog at home.

This one is good for pet groomers.

16. Squawk Box: Best for Birds Who Flock to Fun, New Things

squawk box bird subscription

Cost: $24.95 to $60.

Current Offer: Use FIRSTTIMER to get 10% OFF.

What Pets Will Love: Colorful delights that appeal to beaked sensibilities.

The first subscription box for birds to make an appearance on the list, Squawk Box caters to bird owners by providing fun varieties of toys and treats that can be tough to find in stores.

This company bases your subscription preferences on bird size by offering Little, Middle, Big, and Jumbo subscriptions. 

Each box contains a mix of four to six snacks and toys. 

These boxes always tend to offer really colorful toys that birds can wrestle with or swing on.

You'll also find a lot of tropical treats that will give your bird a well-deserved break from the typical millet sticks they're used to getting from the local pet store.

17. Pet Treater: Best for Dogs and Cats Who Like the Smell of Fun, Interesting Treats

pet treater

Cost: $15 to $25 per month.

What Pets Will Love: Beautiful premium toys and tasty treats.

PT makes treating your dog or cat with tailor-made subscription boxes so easy! Each sack that arrives from Pet Treater is stuffed with high-quality, artisan treats and toys.

What sets this monthly subscription apart is the flexibility to choose between an "all toy" or "all treat" option for your dog box or cat box, catering to the specific preferences of your furry companions.

For example, if your Dad is a pet owner who often finds it challenging to gather supplies for his beloved furry friend from various sources, a pet monthly subscription can serve as a thoughtful and convenient gift for your Dad.

It not only brings joy to his furry companion but also alleviates his worries about sourcing pet products from different places.

When building a box option, you can choose a regular pack with three to four goodies or a deluxe box with five to eight goodies.

I am not sure if they are handmade treats but, all of the toys and treats are clearly very artisan, quality goods that come with the guarantee of being mostly sourced from the United States or Canada. 

Pet Treater actually has a policy of never including products from China in its boxes.

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18. MeowBox: Best for Everyday Cats


Cost: Starts at $20 per box.

What Pets Will Love: Toys just for cats in a box that's fun to curl up in.

MeowBox offers a beautifully curated monthly cat subscription box that always feature products produced in the United States or Canada. 

Generally, you're getting hard-to-find items because MeoxBox purposely goes on the hunt for single-ingredient, grain-free and organic cat treats.

The fun of this cat subscription box is that your cat gets a personalized note in every box! While you do get to choose monthly or bi-monthly deliveries, the customization really ends there with this subscription box. 

MeowBox starts you off with a box that contains fan favorites from past months.

19. Bullymake: Best for Dogs Who Play Rough

bullymake box

Cost: $31 per month for 12 months.

Current Offer: Get $10 off when you share your email.

What Pets Will Love: Toys they can go to town on every time their monthly box arrives.

With Bullymake, you're finally getting a box filled with durable toys that your dog can be rough with. 

Many other dog subscription boxes include cute toys that are destined to get wrecked by a more tenacious dog within seconds of being unboxed.

Bullymake caters to tough dogs by manufacturing its own toys, Bully Sticks, made from nylon, rubber, and ballistic materials right in the USA. 

That means that pet owners of chewers and fetchers can finally enjoy buying toys for the first time!

20. KitNip Box: Best for Adventurous Cats

kitnip box

Cost: $19.99 per month to $29.99 per month.

Current Offer: 15% off your 1st box when you share your email.

What Pets Will Love: Quality toys and treats in a box they can climb in.

KitNip Box does a good job of delivering a well-rounded monthly box that mixes up playtime with healthy goodies.

Each box contains items like soft toys, light-up toys wands, treats, and wellness products.

Overall, the products seem to be carefully chosen to help owners bond with their furry friends through playtime and nurturing.

You're getting a no-nonsense box that consistently delivers quality products both you and your cat will actually use and enjoy. Not just for cat ladies ;)

Final Thoughts on the Best Pet Subscription Boxes

If you seek a popular choice, BarkBox and Chewy are the top contenders in the pet subscription box realm. These trusted subscription brands can be invaluable during your fishing excursions or camping with your furry companions.

For those who prefer to have control and ensure the quality of each monthly delivery, Chewy is an excellent alternative to cat and dog subscription boxes, offering a wide range of pet products and supplies.

The big advantage of Chewy is that you're also getting really dependable, accessible customer service compared to some of the smaller and newer monthly box companies.

Of course, specialty and ultra-niche services like Bullymake and NomNom make it so easy to do a monthly subscription box even if your dog or cat has really specific needs or dietary restrictions that can't be met by any ordinary subscription box.

Pooch petters and cat ladies rejoice!

- Jack

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The Best Pet Subscription Boxes

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