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An Honest Mullybox Review

mullybox best golf subscription - clothes & gear


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Golf is, at least in theory, a game of constant improvement.

I say in theory, though, because I don't seem to improve so much as I take two steps forward followed by one step back every time I play. 

I do my best to get better, and that's why I'm always searching for an edge.

I first looked into Mully Box because it seemed like a great way to get into new golf gear.

I kept getting, though, because it's a fun way to get golf items and new golf clothes

Taking a look at how the box works and the value you receive every month may cause you to feel the same way.

What is It?

The mission of Mully Box is to help to improve the game of golf.

This isn't a set of rules to improve the flow of the game, though - it's actually a box full of tools, gadgets, and accessories to help individual players get a little better at the game.

As such, you're looking at one of the more eclectic boxes out there right now.

Mully Box definitely fills a niche that seems like it's been kind of abandoned over recent years.

While there are a lot of boxes that prioritize golf fashion or even getting extra golf balls, the bits of random golf gear crates seem to have faded away a bit.

While there are definitely arguments to be made about specializing, it's still nice to know that there are boxes like this one hanging around.

This particular box seems to take its mission seriously, too - everything inside will help you to improve your game, one way or the other.

While there's certainly a few fashion items and a handful of gimmicks that get included, you can definitely tell that the box was put together by people who love the game.

As such, every box really does feel like it's special in a way that many subscription crates don't quite seem to be able to match.

photo of mullybox

What's in the Box?

Every Mully Box is different, and that's a good thing. Each box features a handful of different items, some that are incredibly practical and others that are just fun.

It's hard to say that you absolutely need to use every item that comes in every box, but you probably won't end up throwing anything away either.

A good bit of what comes in the box is branded merchandise. You'll get Mully Box water bottles, Mully Box towels, and even Mully Box hats.

The company definitely goes out of its way to advertise itself with the gear it includes, but fortunately, most of this gear is also very solid.

You'll also get some golf gadgets in addition to your monthly swag. These include items that are meant to help your swing, to improve your putting, or to really focus on your strength but they all seem to have a pretty practical purpose.

Will they all make you a Tour pro? Of course not - but they might help you to take a stroke or two off of your game.

Finally, you'll generally get a handful of golf balls in each box. The balls are fine - nothing too terribly special, but they're definitely better than range balls.

Getting the golf balls is actually one of the best parts of the box because they really do feel like extras. You don't need to be too careful with them, but they're still good enough that you might want to take them out and use them while you're on the course.

What Does it Cost?

It's pretty refreshing to note that Mully Box doesn't do all of the different pricing levels that are so common in golf boxes these days.

It's not that having choices is a bad thing, but it's always been very frustrating to see the very best stuff that a service offers reserved for those who are willing to buy the Super Ultra Premium Deluxe boxes.

Mully Box only has one box and one price point. Everybody pays $39 per month, plus shipping. That's it - nothing hidden behind yearly subscriptions or pro upgrades.

That's a refreshing business model, even if does take a little bit of choice out of the subscriber's hands. It's nice to know that you're getting the company's best.

The other thing that's good to look at with these types of boxes is the value proposition. You definitely don't want to pay more for your box than you'd pay at the store, and Mully Box does a pretty good job with that.

Update: The company now offers a Premium Box that includes high end brand name clothes! This box goes for $111 and offers a whopping up to $250 in value each box.

The company claims that the items here are discounted by up to seventy percent, so you're always going to save a little money. While not all the items are discounted that deeply, you're definitely getting a good value here.

What's The Verdict

I really like this box - it's not just filled with items that I actually use, but it's actually a lot of fun to open. While I'll be the first to admit that not every item in every box has actually changed the way

I play golf, I must admit that I enjoy seeing what every new crate will bring.

I think this box is a great fit for anyone who likes to have fun with the game of golf. Though it can feel gimmicky and a little silly at the time, this box will help you to remember how much fun golf is supposed to be.

At the end of the day, that improves the sport more than anything else.

- Jack


  • Good overall value
  • A few deep discounts
  • Good customer service
  • Great selection of items
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Company seems to be values-focused


  • Not personalized
  • Only one price point
  • Some items fill like filler
  • Hard to predict each month's value

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