Best Subscription Boxes For An Older Man (Great Father's Day Gifts Ideas!)

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Choosing a gift for Father's Day or a (ahem) more mature gentleman in your life can be a daunting task. 

They are probably tired of the same old tie and slippers they receive every year without fail.

Spice things up with my list of subscriptions below.

You are sure to find something cool, even for the man who "has it all". 

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Best Gifts Ideas & Subscription Boxes For Dads & Older Men:

1. The Rare Cigar Club

rare cigar club

"The Ultimate Cigar Experience" - Are you looking for a gift for a man with discerning taste? Let the experts choose for you.

Curated by a professional 9-member tasting panel, The Rare Cigar Club reviews over 12,000 cigars each year, and less than 5% make the final cut. 

Each delivery comes with 4 rare, extremely limited, small batched, premium hand rolled cigars. It's complimented with a newsletter, drink paring notes, cigar maker profiles and more. 

Sending as a gift is super easy, just check "Is a Gift" at check out. A nice last-minute-gift touch is the gift announcement that lets the receiver know you got them a gift today and they'll be getting something great soon.

Use one of these codes during checkout in your cart:

  • $10 off any 4-shipment: SAVE10
  • $15 off any 6-shipment order: SAVE15
  • $30 off any 12-shipment order: SAVE30

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2. Short Par 4 (Golf Lovers)

short par 4 golf

"Golf style on demand" - Keep your guy looking good while hitting the green with the premier golf clothes and gear subscription.

There are four different memberships: the Fairway, the Executive, the Tour Experience, and the Magnolia.

So, whether your guy is more Athletic, Traditional, or Loud & Wild; there is something to suit his stye preference.

It's also crazy easy to send as a gift when you grab a gift card subscription; which let's the receiver customize with their own preferences.

Or you can click here to start your membership today.

3. Sun Basket (Healthy Meal Delivery)

Sun Basket food subscription and meal kit delivery service

What's the cost? $10.99 - $12.99 per serving.

What's in the box? After trying Sun Basket for over 3 months it was easy to see why this is the best food subscription box on the market.

If you're looking for an assortment of amazing new dishes to try from a month club, Sun Basket offers something for every palate to enjoy.

Each Sun Basket food subscription box includes award-winning chef-created recipes, using all-natural and fresh seasonal ingredients, signature spices, and tasty sauces - all inspired by cuisines from around the world.

You'll choose from over 18 weekly recipes, including carb-conscious servings, lean & clean, vegetarian, Mediterranean, gluten-free, and easy to make and quick meals - including snacks!

Feeling hungry? Feast your eyes on our full review of Sun Basket here.

COUPON: Unlock $35 OFF now when you provide your email (wait for pop-up).

4. California Wine Club

California Win Club

The California Wine Club brings the products of small family-owned wineries right to your door.

They offer five monthly sparkling wine club subscription, all of which are available with monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly deliveries.

Each wine box from their Premier Series Wine Club features a duo of award-winning wines. 

Meanwhile, their Signature Series Wine Club features two limited-production California wines.

They even offer an international, a Pacific Northwest series, and aged Cabernet wine subscription.

5. Breo Box (Cool Gadgets)

Breo Box Monthly Subscription

"The coolest stuff he never knew he needed"

Breo Box subscription starts at $159 for a one-time gift or you can opt for season/ annual subscriptions.

Breo Box boasts raves from loads of celebrities probably for the sheer variety of novel items that come in every delivery.

I find this box to be awesome for gifts, holidays and even a really cool office gift if you want to impress the boss.

I find myself looking at the items and saying out loud, "oh this is pretty cool!"

For the guy that has everything, this box will surely hot them with a neat surprise.

Past boxes have even included an Ekho HD Video Drone. Say what!? Now that's fly!

6. Watch Gang

buy watch gang

"Time is of the essence" - I am a watch lover. I've been a member of Watch Gang for a few months now and I can say I am pleased with my watches.

I find having a selection of watches gives me a kick in the style department and adds some flare to my routine wardrobe.

At first I thought this would be pricey and not worth it. But you can actually save up to 5 times off of retail.

The watches are delivered in nice boxes but I just put them in my watch case my wife bought me.

You can choose your style preference and how swanky you want to get from Swiss quartz to automatic luxury models.

Every member has a chance to win a Rolex, TAG or Seiko every week and there is a free giveaway almost every day.

Sounds like a good time to give a great gift.

7. Chicago Steak Company

chicago steak company prime wet aged

What's Inside: Gorgeous filets, strips and seafood.

Pricing: Starts as low as $69.95

Current Offers: Limited 12 FREE SHIPPING and 12 FREE STEAK BURGERS with code: FREEGIFTS

Free shipping on orders $99 and over when you sign up.

Several things stand out about Chicago.

First, you're getting enough meat options for a month for what you'd pay for one single dinner at a restaurant even when you opt for the cheapest package.

Many choices contain configurations of grass-fed beef filet mignons, top sirloin steaks, flat iron steak, premium Angus burgers, bacon, and more.

While the concept of a meat subscription box is pretty new, this family has been doing this for generations.

Little touches like seasoning included in your boxes show that this brand is all about creating that special "fresh box" feeling for subscribers.

8. Scentbird Men (Cologne)

try scentbird men today

"Every woman loves a man that smells great" - I don't know about you but when I'm dressed to the nines it's just not perfect unless I'm smelling good as I look.

That being said, Scentbird is one of my personal favorites (you should see my bathroom sink lol).

A monthly delivery of high-end, famous brand name mens fragrances that is sure to spice things up. 

What I love about this box is the size of the 8oz bottles; just enough to test it out for a month (about 140 sprays) so you can see if you like it enough to buy a full bottle.

Many times I've purchased an expensive fragrance hastily and regretted it later, well Scentbird totally fixes this problem.

Plus the subscription is super flexible. You can skip or cancel and upcoming order or change the frequency of your deliveries.

Scentbird is easily sent as a gift and keeps your man smelling as good as he looks.

9. Sock Panda

Try sock panda today

"Step up your man's style" - Sometimes I like to peacock. One way to stand out from the crowd is to add flare to your sock rotation.

I like that you can choose a gift box of socks depending on the age of the recipient which is a nice touch.

Sock Panda gives a pair of socks to those in need for every purchase you make, so you can feel extra good by choosing this as a gift.

You can opt to be billed monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually; saving on the longer term subscriptions.

You can choose a one time gift set or pick a subscription to make sure his sock game is always on point.

10. The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club

microbrewed beer club review

A personal favorite, this club is the flagship of a suite of beer of the month clubs managed by the Monthly Clubs Company, which has an established following and a long history of customer satisfaction.

That's always a good thing when you are trusting them with your taste buds!

You will get to sample a diverse range of craft beers from all across the nation, expanding your domestic palate and enjoying seasonal favorites you might otherwise have missed out on.

One of the coolest aspects is that the breweries featured in this club actually brew their craft beer to order specifically for club members.

So you are getting really fresh and tasty small batch hoppy beers every single month.

This box comes complete with brewery profiles, tasting notes and FREE bartender's bottle opener with all orders of 3 shipments or more.

And it's moderately priced at only 31.95/ month for a very custom craft beer subscription box.

11. Thrive Market (Healthy Groceries)

Try Thrive market food subscription meal delivery today!

What's Inside: Healthy Groceries for 30% OFF.

Pricing: Varies.

Thrive Market does a good job of offering most of your grocery needs from one site - in a health way!

Thrive puts together nice themed boxes every month do the hard work of creating a meat, chicken, and fish medley that's appropriate for the season or holiday at hand.

You can also do a build-your-own to get the right ratio of beef, turkey, jerky, bacon, BBQ sauces, and seafood; based on what you like.

Thrive really impresses with grass-fed beef heritage sources from Patagonian prairies in Chile, pasture-raised heritage pork from Georgia, free-range organic chicken breasts, gorgeous ribeyes, and sustainable, wild-caught seafood that's sourced mostly from Alaska - direct to your door!

They even have a snack box available.

12. Grill Masters Club (BBQing)

The Grill Masters Club

"Kiss the cook" - If your guy loves to fire up the grill, long fork in one hand and ice cold beer in the other (like me), then this is your box!

In every box, you get four products including grill accessories, wood chips, rubs, and sauces. Also provided in the box are BBQ tips and smoking recipes to help up your guy's grilling game.

The Grill Master's Club features the best BBQ and grilling goods from all over the US. Their products are selected by a certified BBQ judge. They take the time to taste test and research all of the products.

13. Mountain Hunter

Mountain Hunter Subscription Box

Cost - Mountain Hunter starts at $21 for the "mini", up to $41.
Sometimes it can be hard to find high-quality hunting gear that works well in harsh elements.

With the Mountain Hunter subscription box, you can find all these items easily.

Every box comes with three to five curated pieces of gear that are exclusively chosen for those "hardcore hunters".

The items are selected by a pro hunter who has over 30 years of experience.

Items can include game calls, multi-tools, knives, survival kits, game bags, camp gear, rifle hunting gear, and archery equipment. 

With the Mountain Hunter subscription box, you know you’ll get some well-known brands including MSR, Sawyer, and Sitka.

Use code "MHB10" at checkout to get $10 off your first box!

14. Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club

"The ultimate shaving experience" - Keep your guy looking clean cut and smelling fresh. I have a low beard but even that needs some upkeep.

DSC is more than just razors. Dollar Shave Club has an assortment of body washes, face scrubs, deodorants, and tons more. I personally love the smell of most of the products I received.

You can take a quiz to customize a box or go the easy rout and opt for starter sets. Send it as a gift and they can choose for themselves.

15. The Tie Bar

The Tie Bar

"Raising your style bar" - For me there is no better way to update a tired wardrobe, look like a million bucks, without breaking the bank.

I've shopped at their store in Manhattan several times coming away with ties, handkerchiefs, socks, belts and pins that have given me bundles of compliments. 

But what really sets Tie Bar apart, for me, are their nicely tailored shirts. I am a slim to athletic built guy, so finding a good fitting shirt was difficult. Like me, many guys champion The Tie Bar as having some of the best off the rack shirts available in various fits: Regular, Trim and Tailored.

Make it super easy and go for the e-gift card option.

16. Trunk Club (Clothes/ Shoes)

trunk club men dad

For men who need or appreciate the classic style of high-end clothing & personal styling services.

Starting with no sign up fee, this monthly clothing subscription rocks.

Trunk Club is a subsidiary of Nordstrom, offering brand name clothing.

After filling out a style profile, you'll talk with your designated stylist in real-time.

He or she then selects smart pieces and sends you a digital preview of the items scheduled to ship.

You have 48 hours to approve, modify, or cancel the order.There is no membership fee or monthly subscription required for Trunk Club.

For a $25 styling fee, you schedule subscription box. You get five items to try on within the price range you selected when you filled out your profile.

Return what you don't like with the prepaid shipping label within five days.

17. MasterClass (Education)


"Give the gift of inspiration!" - You can actually give him something priceless. In a form that you could not deliver it; MasterClass! 

With more than 80 of the world's best minds in Food, Music & Entertainment, Design/Photography/Fashion, Business/Politics/Society, Film & TV, Science & Technology, and more. All classes are available under one subscription.

I personally love these courses because you here directly from the master on the subject. And they are all heavyweights in reputation. Go here to see the full list of masters.

18. VNYL (Vinyl Records)


"Soul in a box" - Get creative. VNYL is a monthly subscription box of curated vinyl records just for you. I have a personal record collection. I love to take Sundays, sip coffee and dig through my records while listening to some great vibes.

The tactile pleasure from, reading the covers, to enjoying the album artworks, to actually playing the physical records on a player - the experience is a lost treasure in this digital age.

19. Care/Of (Vitamins)


"Healthy doesn’t have to be hard" - Care/Of is a personalized vitamin subscription. This is great for guys who forget to take care of themselves and need a little nudge in the health department.

Care/Of provides transparent research and sourcing of the most bioavailable and sustainable products.

Just take the quiz and they'll deliver vitamins, supplements and more to your door monthly (for both men and women).

20. Faithbox (Spiritual)


"Strengthen your faith, right at home!" - Gifting is not all about the material, it can be spiritual as well.

Faithbox encourages you to grow closer to God with "do good" products and build lasting friendships with other members in their digital community.

If your guy is religious or spiritual at all, then this may be the box for him. 

Which Subscription Box Should I Choose?

Hopefully we gave you some great ideas for giving a gift to your father or older gent in your life.

Giving a gift to someone is truly personal act. Only one that can truly answer that question. 

If you pick one of the options above it's a high chance that they will be happier for it.

When you do , drop me a line to let us know how it went.

If you liked this article check out our article on the Best Cigar Subscription Boxes or if your guy likes to hit the green read our list of the Best Golf Subscription Boxes.

- Jack

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