What Is The Best Tea Subscription Box?


A tantalizing assortment of premium teas delivered to your doorstep with a monthly tea subscription box.

If you're not someone who drinks coffee but wants a little touch of caffeine during the day, then consider getting a tea subscription box for making yourself a cup of tea whenever you want.

From peppermint loose leaf teas to give you a boost of energy to lavender loose leaf teas to help you relax after a long day, there's an assortment of flavors to choose from that can be prepared hot or cold depending on how you like to drink your tea. 

Most retail and grocery stores have several varieties of tea available, but if you want to broaden your horizons and try new flavors, then consider getting a tea subscription box that's delivered to your home each month.


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art of tea review
  • Voted #1 tea subscription
  • Hand blended, custom crafted fine organic teas and botanicals
  • Tea education center
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  • Excellent reviews
  • Multi-brand, famous makers, huge selection
  • Highly personalized
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art of tea review

"Premium choice; Hand blended and custom crafted fine organic teas and botanicals"

sips by tea review

"Multi-brand, personalized, vast selection, fan favorite"

davids tea review

"Affordable, high quality teas from around the globe"

Best Tea Subscription Boxes:

Here is our list of the top monthly tea subscription service, delivered right to your door, that you must try today!

1. Art of Tea

art of tea review

Here are five options to choose from when you subscribe to the Tea Club.

These include Explore, Classic, and Caffeine Free.

You can choose tea subscriptions for three, six, or 12 months depending on how long you want to receive loose leaf teas in the mail.

Our service extends beyond literature to embrace the realm of delightful flavors.

Rest assured, the caffeine-free teas featured, including herbal and fruit teas, are meticulously crafted from plant-based ingredients, making them a perfect choice for vegans

Within each box, you will embark on a literary journey while simultaneously exploring a diverse world of flavors.

Detailed information regarding the origin and optimal preparation methods accompanies every loose leaf tea flavor included.

To enrich your tea experience, our thoughtfully curated boxes often include a selection of herbal teas, providing you with at least four tea bags to indulge in and delight in the exploration of a captivating range of tastes.

You can send a box to someone else as a gift, and you can also get $20 when you give $20 to a friend.

2. Sips by

sips by tea review

For $16 a month, you can get four different teas in your subscription box as well as free shipping.

You'll also get 50% off your first box when you register with your email address.

Free shipping is offered on orders over $35.

The loose leaf tea that is sent in your box are selected based on information that you enter about your preferences and the flavors that you like.

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davids tea review

When you join DAVIDsTEA, you're going to get an assortment of teas each month in fun flavors.

You'll also get a few exclusive flavors during the year that aren't listed on the website for customers to purchase.

You'll have access to a community page on Facebook so that you can talk to others who enjoy drinking tea.

If you know family and friends who would like to try a few samples, you can easily send them a tea subscription box as well! Each season brings a new edition.

When you subscribe, you can choose to pay for an entire year or set up a payment plan that works for you with the average cost being about $35 per season.

Free shipping is available.

4. Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons Review

Each tea bag that's selected for your box is hand-crafted so that it offers a beautiful aroma and a delicious flavor as the tea leaves that are used are gathered from some of the finest gardens in the world.

There are fun flavors to choose from as well as those that are a bit more subtle with products available in green tea bags, loose leaves, and sachets.

You can take a quiz to see which kind of herbal tea or green tea you might enjoy so that you're matched with the best products.

Free shipping is offered in the United States.

5. Adagio Teas

Adagio Tea Review

If you're looking for variety, then this is a monthly tea subscriptions that you want to consider.

Starter sets include a teamaker and filters to make the process of trying all of the different flavors as easy as possible.

You'll find that only products of the highest quality are used whether they are in green teas or herbal varieties.

Decaf options are available as well as black, chai, iced tea, herbal teas, and wellness teas.

When you enter your email, you'll receive a coupon for $5 off of your order.

Free shipping is offered on orders over $49.

6. Bokksu

Bokksu Japanese Tea Review

This is where you can get a variety of authentic Japanese teas.

Many of the blends come from prime areas in Japan including Shizuoka and Uji.

Cold-brew teas are available if you don't want something hot.

Iced tea gift boxes include snacks that have been hand-selected to match some of the best teas that the company offers.

There are some snacks and teas that are included in the boxes that can't be purchased on the website.

Monthly themes are available. 

When you give an offer of $15 to your friends, you can get $15 off of on your purchase of a tea subscription box.

7. Tea Drops

tea drops review

A Tea Drop Box is $25 each month.

You'll get 16 drops of four different flavors that are carefully selected by the team at Tea Drops.

Several free items are available when you purchase a monthly tea subscription including three free drops from some of the largest collections that the company offers. 

You'll also receive recipes and tips about making your tea as well as an inspirational message from the CEO.

Free shipping is offered.

You'll be able to receive the current month's tea subscription box if you subscribe before the end of the month.

8. Vintage Teatime Box (UK)

vintage teatime review

What better way to relax during the day than with a cup of tea and a sweet treat?

With a snack subscription box, you can elevate your tea time experience even further.

Your box of loose leaf tea from Vintage Teatime not only comes with a beautiful cup, plate, and saucer but also includes eight branded tea bags.

Additionally, you'll receive a small package of biscuits, a book to read, and an additional gift specially chosen by the team to make your tea-drinking and relaxation moments truly special.

Indulge in the perfect combination of delightful teas and delectable snacks, creating a blissful and rejuvenating tea time ritual that will leave you feeling refreshed and content.

Each tea subscription boxes are renewed on the 11th of every month, and you can cancel at any time.

Free shipping is offered anywhere in the UK.

9. Tea Box


Teas that are sent in your subscription box are from India.

Loose leaf tea is hand-sorted and cleaned before they are prepared to ship to customers.

Boxes ship within 24 hours and usually arrive within seven days.

Several varieties are available including green and black teas, Assam and herbal, and chai.

A welcome code is available for 10% off your purchase when you sign up to receive your first tea subscription box.

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10. Simple Loose Leaf Tea


Well, as a tea strainer and a guide about choosing delicious tea.

Start your tea  subscription by choosing the kind of tea that you like, such as black or herbal.

There's also a sampler option where you can get a variety of delicious tea flavors to try instead of bags that are all one flavor.

You get to decide how many teas you receive in your monthly tea box depending on if you're an avid drinker, someone who drinks casually, or someone who's just getting into drinking tea.

You'll receive your tea leaves in small containers that feature the name of the product and a little background information.

11. Tea Runners 


Each of the tea subscription boxes are customizable when you order from Tea Runners.

You get premium loose leaf tea packaged in four different flavors in each box to try.

You'll get blended and pure varieties as well as flavored and herbal teas.

You won't receive the same loose leaf tea over the course of 12 months so that you continue getting something different throughout the year.

This is one of the best tea subscription boxes plan that starts as low as $21 and increase as you add more options to your box.

Each tea subscriptions renews automatically, but you can cancel at any time as long as it's before the end of the month so that you don't receive the box for the next month.

12. Respyre


For as low as $12.50 a month, you can get a subscription box that includes wellness teas that are in delicious flavors.

Every tea subscription boxes contain information about the benefits of the teas that you receive and how they can help various issues that you might experience.

Your caffeine free first box will ship within five days of your order with the following months sent out on the 27th of each month.

Your tea subscription boxes will renew on the 6th of each month, so you should try to cancel before this date to ensure that you're not charged.

Boxes contain two package of loose leaf tea.

One is a daytime loose leaf tea blend, and the other is an herbal infusion that's large enough to make about 20 cups of tea.

Each box has a different theme, such as digestion, sleep, or relaxation.

You can even add an extra package to your box if you contact the company before your monthly box is shipped!

13. Free Your Tea


Boxes start at $19 a month and can be customized.

You'll get loose leaf teas that are tailored to your tastes after you enter a little information.

You'll get six samples in your box that are shipped right after you subscribe.

Prepay options for three, six, or 12 months are available with discounts between 5 and 20% off depending on the number of months that you choose.

There are caffeine free options as well as flavored and herbal loose leaf tea.

You can set a date that you want your box to ship if you don't want it automatically sent.

FInal Verdict

When you're looking for a beverage that offers a plethora of flavors and is healthy to drink, explore the wide variety of teas available through subscription boxes.

Alternatively, if you're a coffee enthusiast, consider a coffee subscription for a similarly flavorful and invigorating experience.

Tea, known for its abundance of antioxidants, provides a lower caffeine content compared to coffee and many sodas.

It offers a balanced dose of caffeine to help you navigate through the day. Embrace the rich and diverse world of teas, or if you prefer, indulge in the robust and aromatic profiles of coffee or even the refined pleasure of a fine cigar

Each of these delightful options is available through convenient subscription services, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience tailored to your preferences.

Whether you prefer the soothing qualities of tea, aroma of cigars, or the boldness of coffee, these subscriptions will provide you with a delightful and energizing experience.

Start your order with one of the many subscription boxes available so that you can enjoy your cup today.

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