Birdie Bundle Review (Formerly Birdie Box)


birdie bundle review

I'm always searching for a better golf bundle.

This is really a personal issue on my part - I'm convinced that there is a perfect box out there that's going to give me everything I need, no matter how specialized my own tastes might be.

In truth, Birdie Box may not have everything I need but it manages to get really close.

It's the kind of box that gives you a wide array of goods, which in turn helps me figure out what I'm really looking for.

If you're interested in subscription golf boxes, you might want to have a look at Birdie Box.

Taking a look at everything inside will give you a better idea as to whether it's the box for which you have been looking for.


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What is It Birdie Bundle (Birdie Box)?

Birdie Bundle, aka Birdie Box, straddles the line between fashion boxes and accessory boxes, the two types of boxes that are probably the most common in the world of subscription golf crates.

It's not quite one or the other, though - you're going to get a few items in each category that will give you a taste of what's out there rather than getting a dedicated view into either the world of golf fashion or the world of golf accessories.

It'd be easy to say that this is a box meant for casual golfers, but that's not quite true.

The upper levels of subscription definitely have some top-tier stuff included, the kinds of items that are sought out by those who really want to improve their game.

Instead, it might be better to say that this subscription is really for serious players who still want to dabble a little in the world of blind box services.

Honestly, Birdie Bundle really hits a sweet spot in terms of who it's supposed to be for.

It's not so fashion-focused that you need to be spending hundreds on golf clothing a month, but it's not so gimmick-focused that you'll be gathering up boxes of random accessories.

It walks a middle path, and that's a good thing.

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What's Inside?

As you might expect, what you get inside these boxes really depends on what level of subscription you choose.

The good news, though, is that the upper-level boxes include everything that's in the lower level, so you can get a good idea of the basic value of the box just by checking those out.

Every box comes with at least two pieces of apparel.

In a practical sense, that almost always means a shirt and a hat, though there have been some exceptions like boxers, gloves, and socks.

The brands here are usually mid-sized brands - not exactly Nike, but not no-name brands, either.

In addition to the apparel are accessories.

These really vary in terms of what you're going to find - you might get something to help with your swing month, a set of good golf balls the next, and some interesting tees the month after that. 

There's enough variety here that you can expect to get something totally new with each box.

The higher-priced boxes tend to get big on the accessories.

In these boxes come the innovative gadgets that may or may not actually help your game, but that you'll try to use anyway.

You'll also almost always get two sleeves of balls in these crates, as well as a handful of little extras.

These filler items might only be things like contest entries, but you can tell that Birdie Box is really trying to add as much value to the big boxes as possible.

Every box is personalized depending on a questionnaire that you take before you join.

What this means at a practical level is that your box may be quite different than the boxes that your friends get.

Though the personalization doesn't go quite as deep as some other boxes, knowing that you're getting items that were personally picked for you is really nice.

What Does it Cost?

The days of a one-size-fits-all subscription service are pretty much over.

Birdie Box, like so many others, offers its customers a few different price points.

The Primary bundle, which features the basic tier of items, runs $49.95 for either the men's or women's version.

If you want to go up a step, you can get a Premium box for men or women for $99.95.

One of the coolest things that Birdie Box does is definitely the combo box.

For $71.95 a month, you'll alternate between the Primary and Premium boxes.

This averages the cost of the two boxes upfront, and it allows you to know that you're going to get something very good every second month.

There's always a question of value with these boxes, and Birdie Box isn't too transparent about what the cost of each item in the box actually is.

If you look at retail values and do the math on your own, you'll see that you're paying less per box than the cost of the items inside.

The best value is definitely the Premium, though both boxes will allow you to come out ahead.

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What's The Verdict

Birdie Box is, more than anything, a lot of fun.

It's got enough good clothes and great accessories inside that it's a treat to get every month.

I definitely recommend going for the Premium option if you can afford it, though, as it is a much better value proposition.

No matter which box you choose, however, you'll end up with a great subscription and have fun with the items that you find inside.

Definitely give this box a shot.

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  • Multiple box options
  • Combo subscription is a cool idea
  • Very easy to personalize
  • Has great options for women
  • Includes some fantastic brands
  • A lot of little personalized touches


  • Lacks some of the big brands
  • Smaller crates don't always feel like a big value
  • Can get pricey
  • Some of the extras aren't all that exciting

jack's top picks

of the best

We recommend our featured choice:

#1 Best Golf Subscription Box, Mullybox.

The "golf improvement box" includes premium golf clothes and gear all aimed at improving your game and look on the green!

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