12 Best Golf Subscription Boxes Reviewed


Hey swingers, Jack here. You need to be flawless out on the green. Your clothes should fit, your golf balls should be fresh, and you should be wearing a new glove every month. But how are you going to keep up with the constant demand for new quality gear?

The answer is a subscription box for golfers! I've combed through the internet to find the finest packages available. Whether you're looking for new apparel or fresh accessories, one of these monthly subscriptions is exactly what your game needs.

Single one-time box are options available and they make great gifts!



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short par 4 golf
  • Essentials included in every delivery
  • Unique and exclusive gifts
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to send as a GIFT
Try Mullybox golf subscription box
  • Reliable, helpful utilities
  • Geared towards improving new and experienced players' game
  • A steady variety of items
On Par Golf Balls
  • Premium pro level golf balls
  • Excellent reviews
  • Low cost

short par 4 golf

"Highest quality box"

Try Mullybox golf subscription box

"Best all-around box"

On Par Golf Balls

"Most affordable, best value"

The Best Golf Subscription Boxes:

I put together a list of the best subscription boxes for golfers that includes apparel, accessories like balls and clubs and more! These would make a great gift for any golf lover.

1. Short Par 4

short par 4 golf

Short Par 4 offers premium golf apparel packages. There are four different subscriptions: the Fairway Membership, the Executive Membership, the Tour Experience, and the Magnolia Membership.

The result is a quality experience with great clothing that you know will fit. You can even choose your style preference to receive clothes that are more Athletic, Traditional, or Loud & Wild.

Overall, these packages are comprehensive and of high quality. This subscription is great for someone looking for consistent updates to their golf apparel.

I also found it easy to gift someone. Just buy them a gift card for a subscription so they can choose their own gear.

Click here to send as a gift.


Click here to start your membership today!

Find out more about Short Par 4 by reading our FULL REVIEW here.


  • Four different packages and numerous style options let you customize your experience
  • A combination of popular and lesser-known brands ensures a varied delivery each month
  • Prices are reasonable considering the number and quality of items delivered
  • Easy to gift to someone


  • Clothing items are delivered based on chosen sizes, which does not guarantee a perfect fit.

2. mullybox

Try Mullybox golf subscription box

Mullybox styles itself as a "golf improvement box." Each offering includes accessories, utilities, and training aids designed to improve your monthly golfing experience. Sample items might include tees, gloves, balls, or unique and interesting utility items.

Mullybox is a good choice for a golfer who wants to up their game. New types of items help expand their understanding of the sport and potentially change their playing experience.

At $35 per month, this subscription package sits at a reasonable midline price. The items delivered each month may differ greatly; one month could include a hat while another includes fitness equipment. Each month feels thematic and planned, driving your experience forward as you get better at the game.

CODE: Click here and use code "R10" to get $10 off your first box!

Read our full review of mullybox here.


  • A steady variety of items keeps the packages interesting and useful
  • Items are geared towards both new and experienced players with a focus on continual improvement
  • Reliable utilities at a reasonable reduce your trips to the store


  • A lack of control over your items makes the experience more random than some may like

3. On Par Golf Balls

On Par Golf Balls

On Par offers a premium brand name, professional level golf ball subscription at an unbeatable price. Many golfers discard a ball after one or two hits, or they simply loose the ball! Why pay a premium price for balls when you can get them for a fraction of the price? 

You don't have to pay the same price but get to use some of the most well-made golf balls in existence. You can choose from premium brands like: Titleist Pro, Calloway Super Soft, and Bridgestone E6.

You can choose from 1, 2 or 4 dozen bundles. You can order your favorite brand, but the best value comes from mixed variety options.

Prices start from $27.50 for 4 dozen mixed brand name golf balls. Now that's ballin'.

On Par boasts that all of their balls are "mint condition, with no scuffs, and never refinished."

Click here to get yours balls today!


  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Orders will be shipped with fast 2-3 day shipping!
  • Premium brand names, super low price


  • None really

4. Swinger Box

Try swinger box golf subscription today.

Swinger offers several different experiences. Choose the Gear Box to receive apparel and accessories. Go with the Essentials option for utility items including golf balls and sunscreen.

You can also order the Monthly Glove for a fresh glove alongside your purchase.

Swinger gives you flexibility and fits most subscription needs. Lite boxes of both types let you get the golf apparel you need at a lower price. It's a great all around option and one of our Editor's Top Picks.


  • Customers can choose apparel boxes that fit their personal sense of style
  • "Essentials" option offer a consistent supply of utilities
  • A variety of subscription plans let you purchase according to your budget


  • Not all apparel items are intended for wear on the course; some may be for casual wear

5. Birdie Bundle

birdie bundle review

The Birdie Bundle is a fun and confident take on the golfer's subscription. Each monthly bundle includes a variety of items ranging from fashion to utilities to bonus gifts.

Both men's and women's bundles are available. Choose from the Primary, Combo, or Premium Birdie Bundle, and chose your sizes and style preferences. Subscription prices range from $50 to $100 per bundle.

These bundles are a great gift for a enthusiast looking for a fun monthly surprise. The additional gifts and constant variety make each delivery something to look forward to.

Read the full review of Birdie Bundle here.


  • Bonus gifts and accessories ensure a more exciting subscription experience
  • Bundles can be scheduled for monthly or bimonthly periods and can be cancelled at any time
  • A mixture of wearable and utility items are included each month


  • The Birdie Bundle only offers one or two wearable items each month and may not be as comprehensive as you are looking for

6. Birdie Box

Birdie Box Subscription

The Birdie Box is a luxury gift experience. Birdie Boxes include unique, high-end products sourced from around the globe. Each delivery is carefully and elegantly packaged to showcase the quality products inside.

Birdie Boxes are not available on a subscription basis. Instead, every package is meant as a one-time gift for a true enthusiast.

These boxes are a great choice for a set of executive gifts of incentives. Packaging can be customized to your company's brand and identity. They can also be used for groomsmen's gifts, as event prizes, or for other similar purposes.


  • These boxes include luxury items from global artisans and vendors
  • Each gift is elegantly packaged and customizable
  • You can set up an exclusive online shopping experience for guests to choose their custom gift


  • Birdie Boxes are not available on a subscription basis
  • Customers must contact the company directly to inquire about sales

7. My Golf Locker

Try my golf locker today!

My Golf Locker is designed to continually refill your wardrobe for hitting "the links". This personal shopping service has a strong focus on fashion that truly fits; you can even send items back if they do not fit either your tastes or your person.

Golf Locker features a variety of brands at reasonable prices. These clothes are meant to be worn both on and off the course. This monthly box is a good gift for an enthusiast who wants to dress well without spending too much time.


  • Customers can choose everything from size preferences to desired budget
  • Unwanted items can be sent back within 14 days
  • Fashionable quality brands help replace the in-store shopping experience


  • This subscription box only includes fashion and does not include supplies

8. Bogeybox

Bogeybox golf club subscription boxes for men

Bogey is another clothing-based service that lets you sample a wide variety of styles. This subscription offers you complete control; you take a style quiz, may return any item you don't like, and even preview what your stylist has chosen before it ships to your door.

Bogey Box carries top brands but lets you shop according to your budget. Whether you just want a few new shirts or a whole monthly wardrobe, you can completely customize your order. This flexibility lets you constantly hit the range in fresh styles.

Find out more about Bogeybox by reading our FULL REVIEW here.


  • Styles are customized to your preferences, budget, and seasonal schedule
  • Any unwanted clothing can be returned for no extra cost
  • Personal stylists hand-pick your clothes based on you and your customer service relationship


  • This package is fashion oriented and is not a good way to order golf balls

9. My Golf Ball Club

My Golf Ball Club

CrateJoy is known for quality monthly packages. Each opus of My Golf Ball Club includes six balls, twelve tees, a book, and a gift. These gems are a great way to get a steady supply of essentials and reward yourself for steady play.

The My Golf Ball Club is reasonably priced and can cost as low as $20 per month. This simple and efficient subscription experience will help maintain anyone's interest in the sport.


  • The subscription includes utility items like balls and tees
  • Each box includes a sports or book to help increase your understanding of the sport
  • Prices can be as low as $20


  • This subscription package does not typically include fashion products unless they are the surprise gift

10. Trophy Golf Box

Try trophy golf box today.

Trophy Golf box is cram packed with high quality gear from premium gold brand names. What we love about this box is that it's for everyone from beginners to masters level swingers. 

They have a great customization process that allows you to get a box that will pleasantly delight you every time.

In addition to free shipping Trophy also has great reviews from satisfied customers. The best thing is that other subscriptions make you wait until the monthly ship date for all boxes. Trophy ships your box within 2 days of placing your order. Holy Cow! Just for that alone they take the trophy.


  • Ships within 2 days of your order
  • Premium gear
  • Hand picked curation
  • Good for all levels of ability


  • Not a recurring service, so it's not a true subscription but you can order again anytime for different products

11. Swing Society

swing society golf subscription

Swing Society offers a classy subscription with a little bit of everything. Receive three to four golf related products every month; you may get a new set of balls, a hat, or an interesting accessory. The products are of good quality and help promote a golf-themed lifestyle.

Boxes can be customized to make sure that clothing items fit; choose your shirt size, hat size, and waist size. These boxes are sweet and simple; after several boxes, you'll have most of the golfing basics.


  • Simple but fun boxes keep you supplied in utilities and merchandise
  • Clothing items will arrive in your chosen size
  • Unique gifts will keep you interested in each delivery


  • This box does not deliver a guaranteed supply of balls or other utilities

12. 59 Golf Box

59GolfBox subscription

The 59 Golf Box is a customizable package that delivers new outfits at a reasonable price. Choose the items you want to receive; if you'd prefer not to get belts, you don't have to pay for the additional cost.

The 59 Golf Box delivers between two and five items each month. If you choose the Eagle subscription for $99 you'll receive higher-end styles. The package is simple but elegant and will improve your wardrobe over time.


  • Boxes are available at multiple price points to fit your budget and needs
  • Customers can choose which items they want to receive
  • Boxes can be sent every three months instead of every month


  • A complete outfit is not delivered every month, so you may need to initially supplement your wardrobe

The Verdict - What is the best golf subscription box?

For me, the best golf subscription box is Short Par 4. Hands down.

If you're looking for fashion apparel and accessories you can go for My Golf Locker, the Bogey Box, the Premium Trophy Golf Box, or the 59 Golf Box. If you want utilities only, you'll want to go with High Side Golf, the Tee Club Box, or the MullyBox.

And if you want a collection of gifts, you should consider the Birdie Bundle, My Golf Ball Club, MyGolfCrate, the Swinger Box, or Swing Society.

Choose either apparel or essentials to get the package you're looking for. Check out their offerings today; you're sure to find the subscription you need to step your game up.

- Jack


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