21 Best Cigar Subscription Boxes Reviewed


How often do you sit back with a nice cigar? The answer is probably not often enough!

Cigars are the ideal product for the subscription box format. They're hard to find in regular stores, and they reward you for trying new brands and flavors. Every cigar is a new life experience.

Cigar of the month clubs are a great way to treat yourself. Most boxes include an informational newsletter; you'll quickly find yourself as knowledgable as even the most discerning aficionado. Read the pairing advice, and set yourself up with a nice beverage before you smoke.

Some of these subscription boxes are intended for the occasional smoker; others are intended to have you discovering limited edition or rare stogies from around the world.

I'm actually surprised at the level of quality and just flat out enjoyment that some of these boxes provide. Choose a subscription that enhances your current lifestyle and encourages you to get outside of your box.


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rare cigar club
  • Featured cigars are from small batches and unique locations.
  • Re-order your favorite cigars at discount prices.
  • Monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly subscriptions.
Photo of Mike Cigar Club
  • Exclusive members-only promotions and discounts
  • Excellent price for the quality of cigars
  • Free humidor with upgrade
Gotham cigars
  • Premium cigars from globally recognized brands.
  • Every box comes with a cigar cutter and matches.
  • You can save by ordering several months at once.

The List of the Best Cigar Subscription Boxes & Cigar of the Month Clubs:

Read on to find reviews on premium hand-rolled, rare limited-edition cigars, free humidors, coupons, free bonus luxury items like cutters, lighters, and cigar cases. These cigar subscription boxes make great gifts!

1. Mike's Cigars

Photo of Mike Cigar Club

Probably the best all around cigar box, and one of our Editor's Top Picks, Mike's Cigar is the "Super Mario" of cigar subscriptions. Combine that with great prices, everyday blowout sales and it's a no brainer.

Mike's Cigars offers a personal subscription experience. You can choose 5 cigars cigars from their extensive sampler selection to receive each month. Alternatively, you can let Mike's staff of experts to curate your box with cigars based on what they know about your palette. Very bespoke!

This company develops a personal relationship with each of their clients. You'll appreciate the extra thought that goes into each cigar box.

Every package includes five cigars and luxury items like: cutter, lighter, cigar case, etc.  You also get a few extra nice items that depend on your membership. Mike's offers Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. You might want to step your game up because they will give you a free deluxe humidor for the two higher tiers.

Click to get your FREE humidor now!


  • Exclusive members-only promotions, discounts and bulletins.
  • Receive additional gifts and swag based on your membership level.
  • Free shipping on all orders.


  • You can't do recurring payments; you have to pre-pay for at least 3 months of boxes.

2. The Rare Cigar Club

rare cigar club

If you're looking for a truly exceptional cigar experience, look no further than The Rare Cigar Club. This panel of cigar enthusiasts has personally selected some of the finest small batch cigars in the entire world.

They review 12,000 cigars every year, and less than 5% make the final cut. Your monthly subscription includes four high-quality cigars from boutique manufacturers. 

Check the box for a society newsletter full of sourcing information, smoking tips, and drink pairings.

Use One of These Codes During Checkout in Your Cart:

$10 off any 4-shipment order: SAVE10

$15 off any prepaid 6-shipment order: SAVE15

$30 off any prepaid 12-shipment order: SAVE30

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  • Featured cigars are from small batches and unique locations.
  • Re-order your favorite cigars at discount prices.
  • Choose to receive cigars on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis.


  • Your monthly box only includes four cigars; most subscriptions send five.

3. Gotham Cigars

Gotham cigars

Gotham Cigars has been in the online cigar business since 2001. If you want to smoke recognizable brands in a pleasant variety, this is the subscription box for you.

Each monthly subscription box is hand-chosen by Gotham staff. You'll get an interesting mix of popular favorites and limited-edition runs.

Everything you need to smoke is included in the box; use the cigar cutter, light a match, and read the monthly newsletter.


  • Premium cigars are chosen from nationally recognized brands.
  • Every box comes with a cigar cutter and matches.
  • You can save by ordering several months at once.


  • Name-brand cigars are amazing, but you won't find any boutique rarities.
  • You can't choose the frequency of your order.

4. The Original Premium Cigar Club

The Original Premium Cigar Club Subscription

The same experts who bring you The Rare Cigar Club also offer The Original Premium Cigar Club. Get five different cigars at a great value; each cigar is hand-picked for flavor, quality, and "smokability".

This cigar club offers a decent amount of variety. You'll find different types of tobacco and various cigar shapes from boutique manufacturers around the world.

Customize your membership by frequency; if you're on a budget, the quarterly option is the best choice.


  • This membership is full of variety. You'll get to try different lengths, wrappers, blends, and manufacturers.
  • Every shipment comes with a humidifier that you can re-use in your personal collection.
  • Read the monthly society newsletter for sourcing information and smoking tips.


  • These cigars are cheaper than The Rare Cigar Club, although they're still of exceptional quality.
  • The extreme variety means that some smokes won't suit your preferences.

5. Great Clubs of America's Cigar of the Month Club

Try greatclubs cigar of the month subscription club today!

The Clubs of America's Cigar of the Month Club has been in business since 1994. This is a traditional cigar subscription as you know it; get five cigars every month, no questions asked.

Clubs of America's cigar tasting panel travels the world to find rare and premium cigars. You'll get to enjoy a unique variety of blends and styles. Every month's cigars are different, and you won't taste the same cigar twice.

Visit our FULL REVIEW of Cigar of the Month Club here!


  • Clubs of America has been shipping cigars since 1994; they have an excellent reputation.
  • Subscription plans include a free cigar cutter and a monthly newsletter.
  • Customize your shipment schedule; you can order monthly, biweekly, or quarterly.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • These cigars are vacuum sealed, but they're not shipped in a humidor.
  • You can't re-order your favorites.

6. JR Cigar

Try jr cigars monthly club subscription today! Click now!

When you are sick of smoking the same stogie and want to taste new flavors, just pay a single recurring charge to get five handmade premium cigars from a mixed variety.

Re-ordering from JR Cigar is simple and efficient. If you decide that a single cigar is right for you, you can switch your recurring shipment to just that brand.

Let us upgrade ya'. JR Plus members get a free bonus cigar! On top of that you get a free gift when pre paying 6 months.  Kick back a relax because you are sure to get a cigar that you like every month. JR is a good choice for the "set it and forget it" type of cigar enthusiast.


  • This traditional cigar subscription offers a very competitive price.
  • JR Plus members get a bonus cigar.
  • Receive free gifts if you pay for a year in advance.


  • Only JR Plus members get free shipping.
  • The monthly cigar selection is not listed on the website.
Try southern cigar company monthly subscription club today!

Southern Cigar Co. has a no-nonsense cigar package. Order a box of cigars; they'll choose four amazing stogies and ship them to you on a monthly basis. 

Everyone gets the same cigars each month, and cigars are shipped in a single batch.This sweet and simple cigar subscription is a good choice if you're just looking for some quality cigars.

Explore new flavors without worrying about the details; Southern Cigar Co. always makes excellent choices.


  • Your first box includes a lighter and a cigar cutter.
  • Every box is unique; you won't get the same smoke twice.
  • If you live within the United States, shipping is free.


  • You can't re-order cigars from the Southern Cigar Co. website.
  • Once you've paid and the cigars have shipped, there are no refunds.

8. Stogiebird


Stogiebird does cigar subscriptions and nothing but. This unique subscription service has all of the convenience and none of the hassle.

Stogiebird works with small cigar manufacturers to deliver handcrafted products. You can check their blog for a list of the brands that you might see in each month's box.


  • Choose from 2, 5, or 8 cigars in each box.
  • Get your cigars as often as you'd like. Once a week, once a year - it's up to you.
  • Every box is shipped in a reusable humidor to keep your cigars as fresh as possible.


  • It's hard to re-order the cigars in your box; they won't always be available.
  • No extras are included, so you'll need to bring your own cigar cutter and matches.
Order luxury cigar club monthly subscription, click here now!

Treat yourself to a monthly indulgence with the Luxury Cigar Club. You'll get either three or five high-quality cigars every month for a price tag that's not as high as you might think.

The cigars are hand picked, and the company owners work hard to provide good value to their customers. The Luxury Cigar Club has three membership tiers. Platinum membership is the best value; it comes with five cigars and the occasional gift or perk. 

The Diamond membership is significantly more expensive, but it includes rare and aged cigars; contact the company to get on their waiting list.


  • Each box contains luxury cigars at reasonable prices.
  • Members get free shipping and 20% off purchases.
  • The contents of previous boxes are listed in the archive.


  • The Gold membership is not nearly as good of a deal as the Platinum.
  • You must order by the end of the month to get the next month's box.
Thompson Cigar Club

Thompson Cigar has been delivering mail-order cigars since 1915. You can count Thompson Cigar to deliver great smokes, decent prices, and fresh cigars every time.

Your Sampler of the Month will include five different cigars and a Cigar Tour newsletter. Every sampler is different; you might get Thompson private label cigars, new brands, or even limited-edition smokes.

If you fall in love with a specific cigar, order more on the Thompson Cigar website.


  • Thompson Cigar is known for quality mail-order cigars.
  • Get a free cigar cutter with your first box.
  • Free shipping with every order.


  • You can't choose the frequency of delivery; all subscriptions are monthly.
  • The subscription box is random; if you want more choice, order an individual sampler.

11. Corona Cigar Company

Try corona cigars of the month club subscription today!

Corona Cigar Company brings you six cigars every month. This discount cigar retailer is able to provide an exceptional mix of brands, blends, and cigar styles in every box.

Corona works with internationally renowned brands to find some of the best smokes around. Re-ordering your favorites is easy, and you can use your membership discount to get an excellent price.


  • Each box contains six cigars at a great value.
  • Receive a free torch lighter with your first box.
  • Get 10% off all Corona Cigars orders once you become a member.


  • You'll get Corona exclusives, but you won't get small-batch rarities.
  • You can't use your discount on subscription boxes.

12. Privada Cigar Club

privada cigar club review

If you're looking for rare and luxury cigars, check out the Privada Cigar Club. Each box contains three high-quality cigars of different rarities.

Privada specializes in cigars that you can't buy anymore. You'll taste limited edition runs, aged cigars from years ago, and rare finds that aren't on store shelves.

This is a great subscription package for the cigar enthusiast who's tired of the usual fare.

What is the cost of Privada Cigar Club? Read our FULL REVIEW here!


  • Selections include rare and aged cigars from around the world.
  • Cigars are shipped in humidity-controlled packaging.
  • The price is quite low for the quality of the cigars.
  • Some cigars can be re-ordered while supplies last.


  • By the nature of this product, you might only get to taste that perfect cigar once.
  • The only "extra" is an informational paper that talks about the origins and flavor notes of each cigar.

13. Cigar Federation

Cigar Federation

Cigar Federation keeps a fresh inventory full of famous brands and factory direct boutiques. Their monthly selection is used to create a unique cigar subscription package with very high-quality smokes.

This is the cigar subscription to choose if you smoke cigars on a consistent basis. Delivery dates are fairly customizable, and you're guaranteed to get fresh cigars.


  • Choose to receive 5, 10, or even 20 cigars each month.
  • Skip a delivery whenever you need to; you won't be charged.
  • Cigars are always extremely fresh and high in quality.


  • Cigars go out of stock, so you need to act fast if you want to re-order a specific smoke.
  • You can order more cigars, but you can't order less. This is not the subscription for the special-occasion smoker.

14. CigarClub.com

Try cigarclub.com monthly subscription today! Click here!

CigarClub.com uses a detailed discovery process to match cigars with customers. You'll be asked questions about your favorite foods and the drinks you enjoy every night.

When you're done, CigarClub.com will send you a curated monthly box that suits your tastes.

Leave feedback to make the selection process even more accurate.

Know more about CigarClub.com by reading our FULL REVIEW here!


  • Choose to receive either three or five cigars.
  • Change future shipments based on your tastes.
  • Receive a gift item with each monthly box.


  • These subscriptions are expensive for the number of cigars you receive.
  • You might receive the same cigar multiple times.

15. Cigar by Vices

Try these new cigars by robb vices monthly subscription today, just click here!

Robb Vices does luxury subscription boxes. Cigar by Vices is a luxury cigar subscription that's only delivered four times a year.

Inside the box, you'll find amazing cigars, unique accessories, and permission to indulge.

These expensive smokes are worth the price, and you won't find them elsewhere.


  • Taste luxury cigars that you won't find in normal stores.
  • Members get exclusive invites and access to limited edition cigars.
  • Every box comes with a magazine about the cigars and their makers.


  • Cigar by Vices is a premium product with a premium price tag.
  • This is a quarterly subscription; you can't get it more often.

16. CIGR

Purchase cigr monthly cigar subscription club today, get it now!

When you want a small pile of cigars for an excellent price, order the CIGR subscription box.

You'll get eight cigars every month, and the price is only slightly higher than most subscriptions on this list. Your cigars show up in a lovingly-branded humidified tube. 

The contents include a mix of boutique products, well-known brands, and exciting finds. Each package contains a satisfying number of pleasant smoking experiences.


  • Receive eight cigars for a great price.
  • Choose your preferred cigar strength.
  • Your first box ships without any wait time.


  • Only one subscription option is available.
  • No "extras" are included in the subscription.

17. Good Cigar Co.

Try /Users/caliphherald/Downloads/good cigar company monthly subscription today!

If you feel like cigar samplers never appeal to you, you should try Good Cigar's unique algorithm. You'll need to take a quiz that asks about your smoking experience and flavor preferences. 

The intelligent concierge will then choose a few cigars that are perfect for your tastes. Good Cigar Co. claims that their algorithm is always getting smarter.

It's a unique approach to subscription boxes that seems to work well for their customer base.


  • Work with the algorithm to get a cigar box perfectly suited to your tastes.
  • Choose how many cigars you would like to receive each month.
  • Recieve a free cigar cutter every time you lose yours.


  • You can't re-order cigars directly from Good Cigar Co.
  • You don't actually have control over the cigars you recieve.

18. Ezra Cigar and Coffee of the Month Club

Order ezra cigar and coffee monthly subscription club today! Click here!

Smoky flavors just go together. Ezra Cigar and Coffee of the Month Club provides a perfectly bitter experience with two exceptional products.

A fresh small batch of Ezra's roasted coffee is shipped in each box. Enjoy your java with five cigars from Ezra lines, one of which is the new monthly release.

These flavors are all made by the same company, so they're guaranteed to pair well together.

Order ezra cigar and coffee monthly subscription club today! Click here!


  • Get both cigars and coffee in one convenient package.
  • Enjoy fresh monthly products and limited releases.
  • Full descriptions of each box are included on the website.


  • Subscriptions are not always open enrollment; there are occasional waiting lists.
  • Coffee and some cigar flavors cannot be re-orderd.

19. Cigar.com

Buy cigar.com monthly subscription club, click here now!

The Cigar.com subscription box is built around a simple formula. Each box includes one featured cigar, two recommended cigars, and two everyday smokes. Introduce yourself to new flavors and look for your next favorite cigar.

Every Cigar.com package follows a slight theme. You might get cigars from the same country, in the same flavor palette, or wrapped in a similar fashion.

This extra touch makes all five cigars feel like a single monthly experience.

Find out more about Cigar.com, our FULL REVIEW here!


  • Subscription prices are affordable.
  • Join the Double Club for a second set of cigars to share with a friend.
  • Get a Cigar.com newsletter with each delivery.


  • The new subscriber bonus is 3 cigars and a cigar cutter.
  • Certain brands are not eligible for the promotion.

20. Amazing Clubs Cigar of the Month Club

Try amazing clubs cigar of the month today, click here!

Amazing Clubs does monthly subscriptions for a variety of fine goods. Their Cigar of the Month Club features five premium cigars from specialty growers.

These brands and batches are hard to find; you'll get aged rarities and limited editions.

You'll also get the Tobacco Road newsletter with details about your purchases.


  • This club is quite affordable and offers good value.
  • You can choose to order monthly or seasonally.
  • Surprise orders are kept a surprise; confirmation emails start after the first month.


  • The cigars are picked by fine goods experts, not cigar experts.
  • You save money by purchasing six or twelve months at once, but this doesn't apply to the seasonal club.

21. Small Batch Cigar

Buy small batch cigar monthly subscription club today! Click here now!

Small Batch Cigar is a good way to get access to boutique cigars without paying too much. Their lowest tier option gives you two to three cigars for less than any other subscription on this list.

If you want more cigars, you can purchase the larger subscriptions. Small Batch Cigar lets you re-order every cigar in your box. 

The cigars are in limited edition runs, so you might need to make your purchase before that flavor sells out.


  • Get as many or as few cigars as you'd like.
  • If you aren't sure about a monthly subscription, order a single surprise box.
  • Your cigars ship the day after you order.


  • You can't change order frequency.
  • Subscription levels may be out of stock.

What is the best cigar subscription box?

Each of these cigar subscription packages is suited for a different type of smoker. Cigar Federation is great for the consistent smoker. The Luxury Cigar Club caters to fine cigar buyers, and Privada boast a great community that caters to rarity enthusiasts.

Good Cigar Co. offers an algorithmically customized experience. Stogiebird is the microbrewery of cigar subscriptions.

It's hard to choose just one of these subscription options; they're all great deals by truly enthusiastic companies, and you couldn't go wrong with any of the cigars on this list.

With that in mind, my choice for best cigar subscription box would go to The Rare Cigar Club.

These guys just knock it out the park every time. You can tell they have professionals selecting each premium stick. You feel lucky to have even tried these offerings after every smoke.

If you're looking for a good all-around experience, this is the box for you.

Head over to The Rare Cigar Club today to see what they're offering this month.

- Jack


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