Rare Cigar Club Review: Elevating the Cigar Experience to Extraordinary Heights

Some of the rare cigars from the rare cigar club page.

Welcome to the Rare Cigar Club, where rarity and quality reign supreme.

I'm Jack Cullum, here to guide you through an exclusive world of handcrafted, limited-production cigars. 

Experience the finest aged tobaccos, delivered in perfect condition with a humidifier.

Enjoy our curated selection and monthly newsletter, offering insights and pairing suggestions. 

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Unpacking the Rare Cigar Club Experience

When it comes to the Rare Cigar Club, every detail is meticulously crafted to deliver an extraordinary cigar experience.

Let's delve into the journey of unboxing and savoring the rare treasures that await.

Packaging & Freshness:

The team behind the Rare Cigar Club, true experts in the field, ensure your cigars arrive in impeccable condition.

From the secure cardboard box to the zip lock bag and included humidification device, they go the extra mile to preserve freshness.

Cigar Selection & Newsletter:

Inside the box, you'll discover an exquisite selection of rare, limited, and small-batch cigars.

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Rocky Patel 55 conveys the pleasure and relaxation that comes with indulging in rare cigars.

From the elusive Rocky Patel Fifty to the AVO 88 Limited Edition 2014, each cigar is a testament to craftsmanship.

The accompanying newsletter offers tantalizing insights, from cigar history to flavor profiles, cigar maker profiles, and suggested drink pairings.

Unpacking the RareCigarClub is an invitation to savor the finest and most exceptional privada cigars—a voyage that delights the senses and elevates your smoking journey to extraordinary heights.

Unveiling the Exquisite Cigar Selection

Prepare to be amazed as we dive into the exclusive world of the Rare Cigar Club's extraordinary cigar selection.

Each shipment brings a carefully curated assortment of rare and sought-after cigars, showcasing the artistry and passion of the finest cigar industry.

Featured Cigars:

Let's uncover the treasures we recently encountered in our club shipment:

  • The Rocky Patel Fifty Toro: A truly rare gem, this cigar's scarcity sets it apart. Its limited availability makes it a prized possession.

  • AVO 88 Limited Edition 2014: This limited edition cigar embodies elegance and sophistication, inviting you to indulge in its refined flavors.

  • HC Series Gran Limitado Robusto Tubo: A small-batch delight, this cigar offers a unique smoking experience, crafted with precision and care.

  • Gurkha Status Maduro Torpedo Tubo: Prepare for a journey of flavor with this rare masterpiece, wrapped in a Maduro wrapper that tantalizes the palate.

These quality cigars, hand-picked for their exceptional quality and scarcity, showcase the club's commitment to providing an unparalleled smoking experience.

Accompanying Newsletter:

The RareCigarClub doesn't stop at just delivering remarkable expensive cigars—it enriches your experience with a detailed newsletter.

The craftsmanship and exclusivity of the rare cigars club is unmatched.

Are you a novice in the cigar scenario? Dive into the world of each cigar, with insights into their history, tobacco blends, tasting notes, and the flavors you can expect when you light up.

Suggested drink pairings, ranging from bourbon to beer, elevate your enjoyment to new heights.

The RareCigarClub's exquisite cigar selection and accompanying insights invite you to embrace the rarity, passion, and unparalleled craftsmanship that define the world of the original premium cigar club of tasting notes.

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The Rare Cigar Club Experience: Overall Assessment

Indulging in the Rare Cigar Club is embarking on a remarkable journey that sets the bar high for cigar aficionados.

Other clubs like tasting notes, luxury cigar club, and Privada cigar club won't compete with rare cigar clubs.

Let's take a step back and assess the overall experience, from the expertise behind the scenes to the value it offers.

The Experts and User-Friendly Website:

With their Editors' Choice award and a stellar 5-star rating, the team behind the RareCigarClub proves their mastery in running a top-notch cigar club, unlike the Privada cigar club.

Their website is a treasure trove of information, allowing members to explore past and current cigar selections while learning about the meticulous process behind their choices.

Value and Pricing:

The RareCigarClub stands out from the crowd, offering an exceptional selection of rare cigars.

While the monthly cost of $45 might seem slightly higher than average, the value it brings is undeniable.

The featured cigars alone are valued at $55-60, and their rarity makes them even more precious.

The club's consistent elite selection justifies the price.

Target Audience and Recommendations:

Rare cigars visually conveys the reviewer's attention to detail and appreciation for the craftsmanship of the cigar and thus, increased target audience.

The Rare Cigar Club caters to true cigar aficionados who appreciate the finest cigars and the elevated experience they provide.

It may not be for everyone, but for seasoned smokers or those seeking to treat a seasoned cigar enthusiast, it's a must-consider option.

For beginners, other cigar clubs, like Privada cigar club, may be a better starting point.

In conclusion, the RareCigarClub exceeds expectations, delivering an extraordinary experience for those who seek the utmost in quality, rarity, and sophistication.

Its expertise, user-friendly website, and remarkable value make it a standout choice in the world of premium cigars and super-premium brands.


With the growing revenue in the cigar segment that stands at $22.43 billion in 2023, it is evident that cigar industry is on the roll. 

Our exploration of the Rare Cigar Club subscription offers an unparalleled experience for true cigar enthusiasts.

The club's focus on rarity, quality, and exclusivity sets it apart from the rest, leaving a lasting impression on those who appreciate the finer things in life.

From the impeccable packaging and freshness to the exquisite cigar brand selection, every aspect of the RareCigarClub is carefully crafted to provide a journey like no other.

With featured cigars that are truly rare and limited, such as the Rocky Patel Fifty and AVO 88 Limited Edition 2014, each puff becomes a moment of indulgence.

The accompanying newsletter, filled with detailed insights, cigar maker profiles, and suggested drink pairings, elevates the entire experience.

The RareCigarClub's value proposition becomes clear when we consider the expertise of the team, their user-friendly website, and the consistent elite selection of cigars.

While the price may seem slightly higher than average, the rarity and quality of the cigars received make it a fair investment.

For those seeking the utmost in flavor, craftsmanship, and sophistication, the Rare Cigar Club is a journey worth embarking upon.

In the world of premium cigars and super-premium brands, the RareCigarClub stands tall as a beacon of excellence.

It caters to the refined tastes of true cigar aficionados, delivering an experience that surpasses expectations.

So, if you're ready to unlock the rarest and most extraordinary cigars, immerse yourself in the world of the Rare Cigar Club and elevate your smoking journey to extraordinary heights.

- Jack


How does the Rare Cigars Club ensure the freshness and quality of the cigars during shipment?

The Rare Cigar Club takes great care in packaging and preserving cigars.

Each shipment is securely packed in a cardboard box with a ziplock bag and a humidification device to maintain optimal humidity levels.

This ensures that the cigars arrive in excellent condition, ready to be enjoyed.

Can I reorder my favorite featured premium cigars from the Rare Cigar Club?

Absolutely! The Rare Cigar Club offers the option to reorder your favorite featured cigars.

Whether you want to stock up on a specific cigar or try it again, you can easily order a box or a 5-pack of your favorites at discounted pricing.

It's a fantastic opportunity to continue enjoying the cigars that captivate your palate.

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