24 Best Subscription Boxes For Men: Fan's Top Picks From Every Category


Updated February 2021

It's just a better life when you know a treat is headed to your doorstep. Give yourself that once-a-month buzz with a subscription box full of stuff you know you're going to love.

Boxes are better than ever now that the companies that curate them have had a few years to work out the kinks regarding what people really want. That's precisely why we've done the hard work of digging into these boxes to uncover the most dynamic, subscription-worthy boxes for men. These very niche boxes make it easy to get your hands on exclusive, hard-to-find products at better-than-retail prices.

Is a subscription box really worth it? These boxes are surprisingly satisfying and easy to get hooked on once you get a taste of rare products that cover everything from grooming to cigars.

Be warned that it doesn't take long to feel like you can't live without your "hookup" for exclusive grooming products, flavorful meats or stylist access once you see what a difference it makes to source from the pros. If you're ready to live that box life, here's a look at the best subscription boxes for men of all tastes.


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Stitchfix for Men
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The Best Subscription Boxes For Men:

1. Mantry: For the Man Who Craves a Taste of Adventure

Give mantry a try today!

Cost: $75 per box.

Current offers: Get 10 percent off with code: "CRATE10".

Why you'll like it: Six full-size, premium foods with the option to customize your commitment level.

Mantry introduces you to new, refined brands by the crate. Each month brings six new ultra-niche products to discover.

While there's typically an emphasis on mixing meats, sweets and marinades in some form, each crate is really a clean slate.

Mantry also does a nice job of creating fun themes that tie a bunch of curated products from different niche, independent brands together.

For instance, you might glide from a month inspired by a Bavarian booze tour into a whirlwind passport tour of spices.

2. Stitch Fix: For the Love of Clothes

Stitchfix for Men

Cost: Varied ($20 to $200 per item).

Current offers: Get $25 when you invite friends.

Why you'll like it: Finally, a way to get the right fit without a dressing room.

Stitch Fix is an "outfit subscription" service that styles you virtually before packing up and shipping the winners.

Stitch Fix breaks the mold of the traditional subscription "box" because you're actually picking out your items instead of being surprised.

You can also choose between automatic deliveries (every two weeks, every month, every other month or every three months) and one-off deliveries.

Dipping your toe isn't very scary because Stitch Fix covers free shipping, returns and exchanges.

You're also selecting your preferred price tier to ensure that you're not being served up ultra-fancy threads.

3. The California Wine Club: For the Man Who Toasts to Life

Try california wine club monthly subscription today!

Cost: Tiers range from $40.95 to $ $162.

Current offers: Save 30 percent with code 1990 or 15 percent on a gift with code TREAT15.

Why you'll like it: Wines you might never think to try are sent to your door!

You should really think of signing up for this one as joining a wine club instead of getting a subscription box. First, you're getting a wine specialist who will help you narrow down your taste profile.

You also decide if you prefer white, reds or a little bit of both. You can feel like you're co-owner in a fancy Napa winery while budgeting for two-bottle or four-bottle deliveries.

The California Wine Club also allows you to pour at your own speed by selecting monthly, every-other-month or quarterly deliveries. It's a great little club to lock into if you get "choice freeze" at the liquor store.

This is also a great "big ticket" gift to give someone who would appreciate a virtual wine tour because there's a special wine club gift option that includes some nice extras. 

4. Sun Basket: For the Man in Need of Some Meal Inspiration

Come on and try sun basket food subscription and meal delivery service right now! Click here!

Cost: $10.99 to $12.00 per serving.

Current offers: $35 off + four free gifts for new customers.

While you'll like it: Custom meals based on your specific meal plan delivered to your door!

What is a "lazy" chef with a desire to stick to a healthy, natural diet to do? Sun Basket has figured it out by providing farm-to-table, wholesome meals delivered to your door in eco-friendly packaging.

This brand does a great job of covering the whole "easy" meal thing with none of the guilt and regret that usually go along with fast meals.

Unlike cookie-cutter meal deliveries, Sun Basket let's you mix and match meals based on dietary preferences for meals that are paleo, low-carb, gluten-free, clean, vegetarian, pescatarian, diabetic-friendly and more.

You can knock breakfast, lunch and dinner off your list with this one service.

5. Blue Bottle Coffee: For the Coffee Snob in Training

Try blue bittle coffee monthly subscription today!

Cost: Starts at $11 to $13.

Current offers: Free shipping on coffee subscriptions OR orders of $35+.

Why you'll love it: High-end, artisan coffee with a story from around the world lands at your door!

In addition to monthly subscriptions, Blue Bottle Coffee features a huge online marketplace where you can grab all kinds of specialty coffee, brewers and accessories.

That's good to know if Blue Bottle becomes an addiction for you because you'll never really be stuck pining for your java fix while staring longingly out the window for your next monthly batch to arrive!

The benefit of signing up for monthly boxes is that you're getting world-class beans fresh from the roasting process. Blue Bottle knows how to roast a good bean.

This is just a good way to treat yourself if you're ready to mature beyond your usual buying process of picking whatever is cheapest. Consider your subscription your personal training in becoming a certified coffee snob.

6. Spartan Carton: For the Warrior

spartan carton

Cost: $25 to $99

Why you'll like it: Gear and supplements for strength and health.

Spartan Carton packs boxes full of supplements, snacks, clothing and more. It's the easiest way to get performance-oriented gear that hasn't yet gone mainstream.

You're getting three supplements, three healthy snacks and assorted gear in your box.

7. ButcherBox: For Strong Meat Appetites

Butcher Box

Cost: $129 (Classic Box) to $238 (Big Box).

Current offers: Shipping is always free.

While you'll like it: Tasty beef, chicken and poultry at your door. Need we say more?

ButcherBox is a must-do service if you don't have high-end grocery stores in your area that sell grass-fed meets and poultry. Heck, it's still more convenient than making the trip to the store even if you do have good markets in town.

ButcherBox is one of the subscription services out there that has really mastered the task of sticking to doing one thing very well.

The menu includes 100-percent grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and heritage-breed pork. However, the fact that ButcherBox sticks to doing one thing very well doesn't mean you're not getting variety.

You have five box options and 21 different cuts to choose from when you sign up. You can also add on goodies like bacon and ground beef for just a few bucks per box.

8. BarkBox: For the Man Who Knows How to Pamper a Pet

Bark Box

Cost: Starts at $22 per box.

Current offers: Free shipping with your first box.

Why you'll like it: Because your dog is about to love you more.

Calling all "lazy" dog dads. BarkBox spoils your dog for you by delivering a crate full of toys and treats to your door.

Can't you already see your dog's tail wagging when the doorbell rings once your first stockpile of pooch-approved gems arrives?

It's actually really fun to sit with your dog and open up every box because each BarkBox monthly box actually comes with a new theme.

That means your dog is never going to get bored with the "same old" things like they do when you pick up treats at the local pet store. These are really fun, curated boxes full of stuff you'd never be able to find on your own.

9. BreoBox: For the Gear Head

Breo Box Monthly Subscription

Cost: $579 for a four-box annual plan.

Why you'll like it: This is your hack for keeping up with tech and lifestyle trends!

Yes, you can live the tech-guru life with help from BreoBox. Each box is packed with five to eight of the most buzz-worthy tech products, home goods, fitness tools and lifestyle products happening right now.

It's all curated to help you appear much cooler than you were before you opened your box.

BreoBox does a good job of balancing out the high-ticket items with simpler items to make sure you're getting the same value in every box even though they vary wildly.

Expect the unexpected in the form of everything from Fuji Instax cameras to luggage scales. A BreoBox subscription is also a very sweet gift idea.

10. MasterClass: For the Seeker


Cost: $15 per month.

Why you'll like it: Lessons from world-class experts, personalities and celebrities.

What would you pay for personalized lessons from Steve Martin, Jodie Foster, Natalie Portman, Ken Burns, Martin Scorcese, Ron Howard, Carlos Santana, Christina Aguilera,, Stephen Curry, ...(deep breath)

...Tony Hawk, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dan Brown, Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Gladwell, Margaret Atwood and countless more visionaries in the worlds of art, science, cooking, design and more?


MasterClass delivers exclusive lessons that allow you to learn and grow with help from the best! Don't skip on this subscription if you're in self-improvement mode.

11. Watch Gang: For the Timepiece Lover

buy watch gang

Cost: $49.99.

Current offers: 10 percent off your first watch.

Why you'll like it: One members wins a Rolex every Friday!

If you're a timepiece fan, Watch Gang puts the fun back in collecting. Let's cover any concerns you have about the value of this subscription first. Watch Gang guarantees that you'll always receive a watch valued higher than what you've paid in any of its monthly subscriptions.

Generally, all watches offered are worth $150 and up. The fun of joining is that Watch Gang partners with a new watchmaker every month to bring you something very exclusive and spectacular. Watches selected as monthly "mystery" watches primarily have Japanese and Swiss automatic movements.

12. Scentbird: For the Man Who Likes to Smell Good

try scentbird men today

Cost: Starting at $14.95 per month.

Current offers: Get 25 percent off your first month.

Why you'll like it: Designer fragrances without a trip to the perfume counter.

Scentbird is an ultra-streamlined cologne services that hooks you up with 8-milliliter bottles with roughly 140 sprays each to keep you smelling great between boxes.

As you know, ordering cologne online can be dicey because there are so many counterfeit companies out there. Scentbird provides fully authentic designer cologne by partnering directly with luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford, Cartier, D&G and more.

Unlike some "surprise" subscriptions, you can actually pick what you like from more than 500 products every month. Gifts can be purchased as three-month, six-month or 12-month subscriptions.

13. Nomadik: For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Buy nomadik subscription box today!

Cost: $29.99 per month when you sign up for a year.

Why you'll like it: Discover cool, just-released outdoor gear with a $50 guaranteed value in each box.

Nomadik gives you the experience of being a product reviewer with access to the cutting-edge, just-released gear that the average retail customer can't get their hands on. Nomadik keeps things interesting by launching a monthly outdoor challenge that you'll be sharing with thousands of other subscribers.

The caliber of the products delivered in these boxes is what will really keep you hooked. Everything they send is trip tested by best-in-class brands that are respected by outdoor enthusiasts. You're also getting a minimum $50 value in each box.

What's more, each box you get is personalized according to your customer profile.

14. Short Par 4: For the Golfer in Need of a Style Upgrade

short par 4 golf

Cost: Starting at $49.95.

Why you'll like it: You're going to look sharp on the links.

You've looked sloppy on the golf course for the last time! You may be wondering how some of your fellow golfers always manage to tie together great looks. Short Par 4 is your own personal caddy stylist for putting together sporty, breezy looks that are highly practical for golfers.

These personalized style boxes for golf contain high-quality threads from brands like Adidas, Callaway, Greg Norman, Oakley, Puma, Under Armour and more. You can choose just how hard you want to swing in terms of price by selecting the Fairway, Executive or Magnolia membership option.

15. Craft Beer Club: For the Man Looking to Take a Pub Tour From Home

Try craft beer club subscription monthly right now!

Cost: $43 for 12 beers per month.

Current offers: Save $10 on four shipments, $15 on six shipments or $25 on 12 shipments.

Why you'll like it: You get to try out a dozen new beers every month.

Love trying new beers? Craft Beer Club is the simplest subscription box you'll find for getting it done.

You're getting craft beers from around the country without the need to put in the time or gas money to drive to micro-breweries across America. The newsletter that comes tucked into your box is really fun because you can do some virtual barroom reading about tasting notes and general beer trivia.

The breakdown of each monthly box is three different beers done in four different styles from two craft breweries.

17. Dollar Shave Club: For the Well-Groomed Man

The Dollar Shave Club

Cost: Just $4 to $10 per month for basic options.

Current offers: 5 percent, 10 percent of 15 percent off via the Handsome Discount.

Why you'll like it: Premium shaving accessories with no shopping around.

Dollar Shave Club is different from most other boxes because you're building your own box using specific items. You're basically getting mix-and-match sets of razors and blades when you sign up for your subscription.

However, Dollar Shave Club offers a fun playground full of shaving creams, ointments and accessories to choose from.

The beauty of this service is that you're always going to be stocked up with the shaving gear you need. Dollar Shave Club allows you to customize your experience by choosing to have the full-size products you love delivered based on your own schedule.

18. Flaviar: For the Man Who Enjoys Rare Spirits


Cost: $25 per month for annual subscriptions.

Why you'll like it: Access to rare, exclusive bottling.

Flaviar is a spirits club that delivers a truly elegant unboxing experience. Each themed tasting box includes a carefully curated selection of spirits showcasing an exciting flavor range. The breakdown includes three 45-milliliter curated samples of international premium/craft spirits, a collectible concrete coaster and tasting notes.

This is a great treat if you're ready to do some exploration to discover your favorite libation.

You're really accessing hard-to-find selections that range from highly regarded spirits from well-known producers to small-batch treasures from underground distillers with this company. If you give Flaviar as a gift, the recipient receives instructions for setting up their own account.

19. Cheese of the Month Club: For the Unapologetic Cheese Lover

Cheese of the month club

Cost: Starting at $38.95 per month (Original) or $55.95 per month (Rare Cheese Club).

Current offers: Use codes: SAVE10, SAVE15 or SAVE30.

Why you'll like it: Delicious, high-quality artisan and farmhouse cheeses you won't find at the grocery store.

Unlike most subscription clubs, Cheese of the Month Club has actually been around since 1994! You're basically getting a lovely cheese tasting delivered to your door with every box.

Each cheese comes as part of a beautiful hand-cut selection that is wrapped in deli paper. What's more, your cheese selection is cut to order from wheels or blocks the same day that your order is processed.

Each box comes with a monthly newsletter full of cheese profiles, tasting notes and more fun tidbits! Cheese of the Month Club makes it very easy to send membership as a gift with a personalized message.

20. Grill Master’s Club: For the Grill King

The Grill Masters Club

Cost: $24.99 per month with an annual subscription.

Why you'll like it: New artisan grilling products at your door each month.

This is the ultimate subscription club if you like to fire up the grill, clap your grilling tongs and talk BBQ sauces. Each box comes with things you'll actually use if you're into grilling because it's mostly straight sauces and seasonings. You'll also be pleasantly surprised by things like wood chips or grilling accessions that are peppered in throughout the year.

Grill Master’s Club is just a great way to be introduced to great products you probably wouldn't find on your own if you're a grill master in training. The fact that everything you're getting is generally artisan or "small batch" means it would cost double or triple to put together these boxes on your own.

While you do have the option to go for a monthly ($29,99), three-month ($28.99) or six-month ($26.99) subscription, you're getting 17 percent off if you commit to a year.

21. Birchbox Men: For the Man Who Wants to Streamline His Grooming Ritual

Birchbox Men

Cost: $110 per year with a 12-month plan.

Current offers: Get a year for $96 using code YEAR96 at checkout.

Why you'll like it: An easy way to explore grooming products to update your personal technique for looking and smelling great.

Birchbox is a "sampler" subscription program that hooks you up with five deluxe samples from a variety of categories. The Birchbox team handpicks every item in your box to match your specific needs based on your user profile.

You never have to worry about wondering what a product does or how to use it because detailed instructions are tucked into every box. Expect lots of ultra-quality balms, ointments and roll-on treatments for your face, hair and beard for just $10 per month. You can also lock in a six-month plan ($60) or 12-month plan ($110).

22. Rare Cigar Club: For the Man Who Wants Home to Be His Cigar Club

rare cigar club

Cost: $43.95 per month.

Current offers: $10 off any four-shipment order (code: SAVE10), $15 off any prepaid six-shipment order (code: SAVE15) and $30 off any prepaid 12-shipment order (code: SAVE30).

Why you'll like it: Quality, rare cigars without any fuss.

With the Rare Cigar Club, you're having four hand-rolled, small-batch cigars picked out for you each month by people who know what they're doing. This subscription switches things up each month with four different cigars with different shapes, sizes and tobacco blends.

The one thing they all have in common is that they are handcrafted, limited-production blends coming to you by boutique cigar producers. You can also expect some super-premium cigars lighting up your boxes.

Rare Cigar Club's panel rates 12,000 cigars each year on points like construction, appearance, aroma, smoke volume and more to provide highly vetted picks. Giving this experience as a gift is as easy as setting up your own account.

23. Wantable Men: For the Man Looking to Create a Signature Sporty Style

Wantable Men's Fitness Subscription

Cost: $40 to $100 per item.

Why you'll like it: Tailor-made boxes based on your personal style that allow you to keep what you want.

Wantable Men sends you a box with seven pieces of activewear with the quality and style needed to help you pull off a "casual" look that's never sloppy. New members are charged a $20 styling fee that's applied to anything you end up keeping. That means you're basically getting styled for free.

There's a good chance you're going to love one of the pieces in your personalized box because Wantable Men has you fill out a profile that covers everything from price to style preferences. As a bonus, you get 20 percent off your total if you keep five pieces.

24. Thrive Market: For the Love of Good Food at Great Prices

Try Thrive market food subscription meal delivery today!

Cost: Varies by order (plus $59.95 annual membership that sponsors a family in need).

Current offers: A free gift when you take Thrive Market's shopping quiz.

While you'll like it: Curated, healthy groceries at 25 to 50 percent off retail with no visits to the supermarket.

While not specifically marketed for men, Thrive Market works for anyone who likes healthy foods on the cheap. Thrive Market bundles products organic and non-GMO brands in a cost-effective way. In addition to food, you'll find health products and supplements.

What's nice is that you can narrow your shopper profile down to specific eating preferences covering keto, vegan, organic, gluten-free and more. Your cart can potentially have more than 6,000 organic, non-GMO and sustainable products. You can feel good about thrive market because they use sustainable practices from sourcing to shipping.

In addition to free shipping, you're getting members-only deals, rewards and free full-size gifts sprinkled in. You can save money while feeling good about the backstory to your groceries.

Conclusion: Looking Over the Best Subscription Boxes For Men

You clearly have some great options if you're looking for the best subscription box for men to give as a gift or enjoy on your own.

All 25 of these subscription boxes share the common bond of offering that "taste of the good life" by doing the hard work of sourcing, selecting and shipping highly specialized products to you.

Generally, the ultra-niche boxes like Rare Cigar Club, Scentbird and Flaviar tend to be the most satisfying because you feel like you're in an exclusive club of collectors.

However, all of these box clubs really do create that experience on some level because of the way they're so effective at curating personalized experiences by intertwining great products with your personal preferences.

Why not bring a little pizzazz to your doorstep every month by checking out one or more of these compelling subscription boxes? Life may be about to get a lot more refined!


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