17 Survival Subscription Boxes For Tactical Preppers (EDC & SHFT)

Unleash your inner warrior with our all-inclusive fitness survival subscription box – empowering you to conquer every fitness challenge with confidence.

Don't get prepared, stay prepared! 

Let's face it, we are living in some scary times and a survival subscription box prepares us for the emergencies.

Let me introduce you to the incredible world of survival subscription boxes, where you'll discover a curated collection of essential tools, resources, and knowledge to help you navigate any adventure life throws your way. 

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Get ready to unleash your inner survivalist and embark on exciting journeys with these must-have boxes!

Until that time comes, we gather all the right supplies. 

Thankfully, there are monthly survival gear subscription boxes designed with survivalist preppers in mind to save you from some of the hassles.

I've reviewed the top survival, SHTF, EDC and tactical and survival subscription boxes that will make prepping for an emergency or doomsday easy.

Check em' out! #StayPrepared


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Steel To Reel Club
  • The "Ultimate Survival & Preparedness Gear"
  • Hand-picked survival and outdoor gear, picked by experts
  • Use code FREEDOM at checkout for special discount
club tac survival box
  • EDC, Tactical, Survival & Premium Outdoor Gear
  • Hand-picked by Military Vets, Survivalist Experts & Technology Specialists
  • Get your 1st box free with a 6 or 12 shipment prepay using code 1STBOXFREE!
SHIELDBOX tactical subscription
  • Law enforcement and tactical gear
  • "Delivered to those who defend"

Steel To Reel Club

"Nation's best EDC & SHTF gear"

club tac survival box

"Best all-around EDC, fan favorite"

SHIELDBOX tactical subscription

"Law enforcement tactical, for those who protect and defend, 5 Star Reviews"

Best Survival Subscription Box for Tactical SHTF Preppers

Need survival boxes? Including bushcraft, knives, tactical and other EDC gear for your battle;

These boxes will help you to prepare and survive even the next zombie apocalypse!

1. Steel To Reel

Steel To Reel Club

You're looking at the nation's best EDC and Tactical box, man this thing is loaded!

Steel to Reel is a subscription box that offers top-of the line survival gears, all hand picked by expert Survivalists and veterans. 

They've put 10 000+ hours into training so they know what works for you when things go bump in th' night!

Level up and go for the "Survivor Pro Box" for the full experience and some of the best outdoor gear known to man.

Send a one-time gift box or make sure they're always prepared up to 3, 6 and 12 months.

Don't get ready, STAY READY.

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2. Tac Club Supply Drop 

club tac survival box

The Club Tac Supply Drop monthly subscription box is a great way to get your hands on some high-quality gear. 

It's hand picked by experts in various fields, including military veterans and survivalists!

The free gifts they provide can't hurt either - there might even be an awesome reward waiting for you at level up or achievement based off how much help (or havoc) that club has wreaked thus far


SHIELDBOX tactical subscription

Blue Lives Matter!

If you agree, this box is for you.

Police officers, investigators and security personnel love the SHIELDBOX because it’s a monthly surprise of law enforcement tactical gear and supplies! 

They know that each month they will receive useful gear like police supplies (including personal safety equipment), emergency medical assistance materials as well as training & educational goodies.

Plus there's always some swag or apparel in addition to all of this great stuff - just waiting for them when their subscription box arrives at home on any given day.

4. BattlBox


BattlBox may be one of the most advanced subscription services for serious preppers.

To start, you choose from four packages: Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus.

The Basic survival subscription box is for anyone new prepping for outdoor survival.

Once you get to Pro Plus, you receive high-end, expensive gears.

You can receive numerous survival subscription boxes containing camping gear, backpacks, tents, and smaller supplies for outdoor adventuring and surviving.

Know more about BattlBox by checking out our FULL REVIEW here.

5. Barrel & Blade - Tactical Box


The Barrel & Blade subscription boxes are all about general tactical and survival gear.

What you receive includes survival, tactical, and EDC gear as well as knife and gun accessories.

It's sold on a level basis, so you can opt for Level One or Level Two subscription, with Level Two offering more gear that's high in value.

According to the makers behind the box, they consulted with knowledgeable experts in the field.

This way, they can add items that preppers would actually need.

Are you a tactical lover? Lock n load our Barrel & Blade FULL REVIEW here.

6. Knife Subscription Club


The Knife Subscription Club allows you to start building your knife collection by making one single payment every month.

You get brand-name knives such as Smith & Wesson, SOG, and many more.

For the basic survival subscription box, you receive one brand-name knife.

Advanced gives you a brand-name knife as well in addition to 2-4 EDC items, while Premium gives you the Advanced items plus an additional 2-4 high-tier items.

"Ultimate" survival subscription boxes give you Premium items plus 2-4 high-tier items.

7. Crate Club Survival Subscription Box


Crate Club ships you authentic survival and tactical gear four times a year.

The survival gear included is tested and approved by Spec Ops veterans from a British SAS to an Army Scout Sniper.

There are two plans: The captain and the General. The Captain focuses on survival and EDC gear.

While the General contains exclusive tactical and survival gear actually used by Navy SEALs and special forces.

"This is the 007 of gear boxes, real issue tactical gear that would be used on the front lines."

8. Hiker Crate Survival Box


Current offer: Use code MARKET for 10% off your first month!

If you frequent the great outdoors often, the Hiker Crate may be best for you.

One thing is for sure that you get new healthy snacks each month to ensure appropriate high fuel levels during your adventures.

The survival subscription boxes contain useful tools and hiking gear that should easily fit into the right backpack for hiking or backpacking.

You'll receive 2-3 items in a box as well as 3-6 snacks.

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9. Cairn - Outdoor Adventure

This monthly survival subscription box to Cairn will earn you new outdoor products.

You'll get your hands on 5-10 premium products each month.

There aren't separate subscription services, but you can choose how to receive and pay for them (e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.).

You may receive items like bug wipes or snacks for fuel. Some gear is even as small and simple as lip balm.


10. Bladesman Club


With your choice of three subscriptions, Bladesman's Club can be a good idea for the knife collectors out there.

You get a single knife per month, and the quality of it depends on whether you order.

The Bladesman survival gear subscription box, Bladesman Professional, or Bladesman Elite.

Knives are also brand name so that you aren't getting anything you wouldn't recognize.

11. Primal Outpost Subscription Boxes


Primal Outpost stands out with its exceptional hunting and survival subscription box, delivering a diverse array of essential gear each month. 

With a minimum of five items included in every box, this company caters to outdoor explorers, hunters, and preppers alike.

From camping and fitness gear to climbing equipment, Primal Outpost ensures you are well-equipped for your adventures.

Moreover, they go the extra mile by providing healthy snacks that keep you fit, healthy, and alert throughout your journeys.

One of the greatest advantages is that much of the gear is designed to be easily stored when not in use, making it convenient for you to organize your supplies.

Prepare yourself for the wild with Primal Outpost's hunting and survival subscription box.

12. Knife Pack


A simple, straightforward subscription box, Knife Pack is a low-priced box to help you steadily build up your knife collection one item a month.

Each month you receive a unique, new knife that is usually sharp out of the box.

Survival gear varies from small pocket knives to larger knives you can go camping with.

13. Spec Ops Global


Have you ever thought of wearing and carrying similar gear to that of special police units and elite military operatives?

The Spec Ops Global can let you carry out that dream with their subscription service.

All the survival gear is manufactured in Europe and North America.

The service provides real-life tactical gear such as vests and rucks unlike anything you would find in other prepper subscription boxes.



If you ever thought about wearing and carrying similar gear to that of special police units and elite military operatives?

The Spec Ops Global can let you carry out that dream with their subscription service.

All the gear is manufactured in Europe and North America.

The service provides real-life tactical subscription boxes including vests and rucks unlike anything you would find in other prepper subscription boxes.

15. Survival Boxes

Survival Susbcription Boxes will help you prepare for anything!

Survival Boxes are an affordable subscription box that comes with five different options.

You can choose the Alpha and get survival gear on top of other essentials such as seeds, food, and water.

Next is Bravo, and it contains just food boxes and seeds.

Gear Only features the gear, while Gear Only XL comes with gear and a premium tool and knife set.

Lastly, the Water Only where you'll get storable water, purification, and more.

Get prepared, stay ready, check our Survival Boxes FULL REVIEW here.

16. TacPack Subscription Box

Try TacPack Tactical Box Or Else!

TacPack offers high-quality, professional survival and tactical gear subscription box.

There's a good variety of goods also as you may receive EDC tools, cleaning supplies, or even soft goods.

They offer gear from popular brand names such as Gerber and Rats Tourniquet.

You get a single subscription service, and you can take a look at previous boxes to get an understanding about what to expect in your box.

17. Ballistics Box

Photo of Ballistics Box


The Ballistics Box is the go-to subscription service if you need to stockpile your tactical gear.

They make use of some of the most popular and respected manufacturers in the business.

You choose between four subscription tier services: .22, .223, 7.62, and 50CAL.

The lowest tier gives you the basics that the every day weekend warrior will enjoy.

As you go higher, the gear becomes more advanced.

You can retrieve customized items like holsters, emergency medical gear, and much more.

Honorary mention goes to SHTF Survival.

A great survival box with interesting safety gear included. Many reviewers love it. 

Check out our SHTF Survival review here.

What is the best survivalist subscription box?

Out of all the boxes on our list, BattlBox gets our nod for the overall best survivalist and fitness subscription box. It is a highly recommended subscription service. 

It can be a great gift box for your friends and family.

We all want to be ready when disaster strikes, and a fitness survival service is a fantastic way to start building up your arsenal of survival and tactical gear.  

They're affordable and you get a choice of five different services. Some include just snacks, food, and water if that's what you need to stock up on.

How do you feel about our choices? Let us know in the comments.

- Jack

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