Top 14 Fitness Subscription Boxes for Men: Supplements, Gear & Workout Clothes


Fitness subscription boxes for men delivers curated gear and equipment to your doorstep every month to keep you motivated and on top of your fitness game.

Stop falling off your workout routine!

Monthly men's fitness subscription boxes are packages stuffed with carefully selected items such as activewear, workout equipment, protein bars, healthy snacks, or supplements.

Get that extra spark needed to keep your life healthy and active!

And if you are a lady looking for a gift for your beau, why not get a monthly fitness subscription box for him?

Whether you are looking for a UK, Australia, or a Canadian subscription box, many of these options ships internationally.

Below are some of the top monthly fitness subscriptions available.

Let's get it! #gainz

Editor's Note: Now you got the pump, now what about everything else? See the best men's monthly subscription available. We'll have you jumpin out the gym! 


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The barbell box review
  • The World's #1 Fitness Subscription Box
  • Receive custom sized workout clothes, premium supplements
  • Both men and women options, maximize your workout potential
  • Starts as low as $58.33; every box over $100 retail value
gainzbox review
  • Themed boxes every month
  • Gender-specific supplements for men and women
  • Every box over $250+ retail value, quarterly
Wantable Men's Fitness Subscription
  • Pay for only the items you choose to keep
  • Personal stylist currates 7 items for you in each box 
  • FREE shipping and returns

The barbell box review

"BEST ALL AROUND, every box over $100+ retail value.
The World's #1 Fitness Subscription Box"

gainzbox review

"BEST VALUE, supplements and gear, every box over $250+ retail value"

Wantable Men's Fitness Subscription Review

"BEST SELLER, FREE shipping and returns, 7 items each box"

The Best Fitness Subscription Box For Men Who Like to Workout:

1. The Barbell Box


Current offer - The Barbell Box costs start as low as $58.33.

The more months that you pre-order, the less you pay for each box.

Billed as "The World's #1 Fitness Subscription Box", Barbell Box enjoys excellent reviews from happy gym rats from all over the globe.

Every shipment comes with high performance recipes, turbo charged workouts, and training tips from fitness gurus.

But, it doesn't stop there, your monthly delivery box will come stuffed with apparel and high quality gear point.

A recent shipment included: T-shirt, whey protein powder, keto bars, Jocko Discipline Go, Golden Smackers, and an issue of Barbell Box Magazine.

All this and free shipping with a total value over $100.

You definitely get a big bang for your buck when you join!

2. Gainzbox


Current offer: Gainzbox is nicely priced starting at $33 per month, when going for the quarterly box, which is loaded with over $250 in retail value!

Every package of GainzBox comes with a variable amount of products as they introduce a new beefy offering every month.

But, it usually includes a healthy protein box of rich snacks, high-quality athletic apparel and other gear to get excited about in your day to day fitness routine.

Boasting a "Worth twice the cost", slogan, the overall value of the box just can't be beaten.

Get your first box now. 

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3. Wantable Men's Fitness



Current offer - monthly subscription box service starts at 20$, and is credited back to you when you buy items.

FREE shipping AND returns.

Keep only what you want.

Wantable Men’s fitness subscription boxes are personal styling services that allow you to take a short quiz where you provide them with the information.

They use this information to select a variety of fantastic items, including workout clothes and dress sneakers, that perfectly match your preferences in terms of budget, style, comfort, and more.  

Now, your fitness outings can be as stylish as any formal occasion with the dress sneaker subscriptions.

The items are delivered to your doorstep, and you can return what you don't like. No Sweat. Sweet.

4. Elevate Snack Box (Vegan, Gluten Free)


(Formerly CoreGains) current offer: starts at $25.00 per month.

Every fitness subscription box of CoreGains comes with a large variety of high energy snacks which are (good news for all of you vegan customers) entirely plant-based.

You can enjoy a burst of high energy anytime anywhere without feeling any guilt about it. 

Get your active fitness personalized box now.

5. Fit Lifestyle Box


Cost - Fit Lifestyle Box costs start as low as $21, monthly.

Motivation in a box?

In every delivery, you will receive a full-size product, healthy snacks, supplement samples, workout challenges and much more.

Fit Lifestyle Box offers different type of boxes for you to choose from according to your goals, and the 6-9 products included vary based on your choice box.

The three options are Get Lean, Get Strong, and Stay Fit. Let's get the monthly fitness subscription box!

6. FitSnack


Cost - FitSnack starts at $27.90 per month.

Each shipment of FitSnack offers a specially created workout plan by professionals along with apparel and other items to help you follow those workout plans.

This mental wealth box is packed with high-quality, high protein gluten free, completely vegan snacks to keep you powered throughout the day.

7. My Keto Snack Box


Cost - My Keto Snack Box monthly subscription starts at $36.

In every package of My Keto Snack Box, you get 6-8 snacks.

They are targeted to those of you following a ketogenic diet with a guarantee of no more than 5 grams of carbs per serving of snacks offered.

This allows you to taste some delicious items that normally your ketogenic diet might keep you far away from.

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Cost - WOD BOM monthly box costs start at $35.

The factor that gives WOD BOM the edge is that instead of samples, they provide full-sized retail items, fulfilling your needs rather than only giving you a taste of what's out there.

Each shipment of these best fitness subscription boxes contain 3-4 nutritional items and 2-3 apparel and accessory items.

9. Spartan Carton



Cost - Spartan Carton starts at $25 and you can upgrade to the advanced "Warrior Box"

Spartan Carton offer two types of boxes.

The beginner “Citizen Box” includes at least 3 snacks and three supplements in addition to some light workout gears.

The advanced “WARRIOR” bundle comes with all the items of the "Citizen" option along with extra premium items such as advanced outdoor fitness gears, suspension straps, fire starters, etc.

All of this with no risk; Spartan offers a no questions asked 30-day-money-back guarantee.

10. BroteinBox


Cost - BroteinBox starts at $37.50 per month.

"You gettin' ya protein brah?"

Every single package of BroteinBox contains roughly 8-12 products, which include full-sized high protein snacks such as protein bars delivered right to your door.

In addition to this, BroteinBox offers monthly subscription box of a team sized option which offers 72+ items, sufficient for ten people or more which is ideal if you and your "bros" wish to purchase one together.

11. Gym Crate Fitness Subscription Box


Cost - A Gym Crate subscription starts at $30 per month.

Every Gym Crate is stuffed with 10-12 supplement samples from top brands around the world; one full-sized protein-packed snack and custom made workout apparel.

In addition to all that, gym crate also provides you with recipes for home cooked meals.

This maximizes your results along with some intense workout plans made by professional trainers.

12. Muscle Crate


Cost - Muscle Crate monthly subscription box starts at £15.00, however there is a premium option at £29.99.

Hands down one of the best subscriptions coming out the UK, each crate contains 12+ supplements which make a great addition to your monthly workout routine.

And if you're a slightly more advanced fitness freak then there are premium fitness subscription boxes that provide all the contents of the original.

You also get extra supplements and a 30 serving tub of protein.

13. BarHopperBox


Cost - BarHopperBox starts at the attractive price of $29.17 per month.

Every BarHopper subscription fitness gear includes 12 healthy treats of protein-rich snacks along with a pair of Samsung headphones for those of you who like to keep the motivation flowing with your favorite music.

14. JackedPack Fitness Subscription Boxes


Cost - JackedPack's subscription starts at $15.

Every shipment of JackedPack offers 5-10 samples of high-quality snacks.

They are selected based on your ordering requirements.

JackedPack's best fitness subscription boxes offer the added benefit of providing double the amount of samples when ordering your first box!

What is the best fitness subscription box?

When it comes to picking, I would recommend Spartan Carton.

Just like a survival kit prepares you for unforeseen circumstances, this fitness subscription ensures you're ready to tackle any challenges that come your way on your fitness journey.

The reason is because of the easy recipes and workouts it contains.

There are a lot of people who don’t like the taste of workout supplements in their fitness journey.

This is a benefit for them, considering they won't have to compromise on their taste buds and can get their fitness life sorted out.

It can be a great gift box too.

Whether you are looking to fulfill your monthly health snack needs, try new products, or cop some sweet new workout gym clothes, these boxes are a must-have for any fitness freak who wants to add that extra push to their fitness lifestyle.

So instead of wasting time on different kinds of fitness supplements, try the ones mentioned above and get that body ready so you can post about it on Instagram: #bodygoals.

- Jack

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