My ThreadBeast Review: Is It Worth It?


A collection of threadbeast reviews.

I'm finally ready to share a review after going strong on ThreadBeast for a few months. 

While I liked this company from the first box, I wanted to get through a few different curated boxes to make sure it wasn't just a case of beginner's luck.

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That enthusiasm doesn't mean I think this is the perfect option for everyone. 

However, it should be on your shortlist of options to try if you're ready for a style overhaul that doesn't require a big commitment like emptying out your closet or pockets.

ThreadBeast's system allows you to integrate new looks into your wardrobe a little bit at a time.

I like that you have a month to get used to how your new style makes you feel before it's time to break in your next box of new pieces.

I'm ready to tell you my real impression of ThreadBeast.

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First, I have to make a confession.

I never thought I'd be the type to pay for a clothing subscription.

Can't I just dress myself? 

I really only tried ThreadBeast because a friend was bragging about how good he felt on a date after letting ThreadBeast dress him from head to toe.

I was really curious to see how exactly this company was able get my notoriously sloppy-looking friend to look so crisp even though he was still technically wearing "casual" clothes.

It turns out there's an art to picking out the right clothes to actually pull off looks.

ThreadBeast helped me a lot with that.

I actually didn't realize how much my clothes didn't really go together until I saw the way I was supposed to look. 

Does it mean I think it's worth the money?

Let's pull at the threads of ThreadBeast to see if this stylish service has any substance.


  • Subscription options for every price range.
  • Below-retail prices that make every box a great value.
  • Amazing streetwear that allows you to finally pull off fly looks. We see you struggling!
  • Guaranteed shoes with some boxes!
  • Ability to pause your monthly subscription.
  • Fairly decent customer service.
  • Sporty and casual trends only.
  • No returns just because you don't like what's in your box.
  • There's a referral program that gives you a free box when a friend signs up!

my threadbeast baller unboxing

ThreadBeast Baller Package unboxing

First Things First: What Is ThreadBeast?

You probably already know what ThreadBeast does if you're looking for honest ThreadBeast reviews.

I'll provide a quick primer for anyone who isn't in the know.

Is ThreadBeast a monthly subscription?


However, it's much different from a "surprise" subscription box where you just have to take some losses on "dud" months.

ThreadBeast is a clothing subscription service that's focused on delivering fresh streetwear looks for guys to your door.

Using your style profile, a personal stylist creates a "look box" for you every month to keep you in the freshest looks.

It gets to you with no mall trips or frustrating online shopping experiences.

threadbeast style selector

Threadbeast has a great style selector for customization

How Much Does ThreadBeast Cost Per Month?

Let's break down your subscription options.

There's a pretty big price gap between dipping your toe in and having a full style adventure with ThreadBeast.

ThreadBeast Plans range from $55 to $250 per month.

I'll break down what you're getting here:

  • Basic Plan ($55): Two to three items a month. This tier mostly hooks you up with shirts and accessories. It's good if you just want to experiment with peppering in some new pieces.

  • Essential Plan ($85): Four to five items spread across shirts, pants and accessories.

  • Premium Plan ($135): This is the one I've been using. I get six to seven items consisting of shirts, bottoms and accessories.

    What sold me on this option is that you get access to premium pieces from ThreadBeast's denim and outerwear collections. This seemed worth the extra cost to me!

  • Baller Plan ($250): I'm really considering trying this one out! While it's not cheap, it's a great value for all that's packed into your monthly box.

    What comes in the Baller package on ThreadBeast? Baller delivers premium apparel accessories and shoes.

    In fact, you're getting a new pair of shoes every single month.
  • another baller package unboxing

    Another baller package unboxing

    I'll say from personal experience that the boxes don't disappoint.

    They are put together in a way that makes you feel like an important celebrity getting a "swag bag" from some designer brand.

    I felt like this was the first time I actually received a box of clothing curated by someone who knows what they're doing instead of the usual hodgepodge deliveries I put together when trying to shop online on my own.

    There's also that beautiful perk of free shipping! Your ThreadBeast box won't cost a dime to ship as long as you're within the continental United States.

    The only thing I'm not crazy about is that it does take a little time for your box to get to you.

    I'll cover that next.

    threadbeast shopping questionnaire

    Style selector: Shopping questionnaire

    How Long Does ThreadBeast Take To Ship?

    It takes a little planning if you're hoping to wear your ThreadBeast looks to a special event.

    That's because delivery can often take 10 days.

    My experience is that it's often much shorter than that.

    However, the official guarantee is shipping within four to eight days of your order being completed.

    You then have to allow three to seven days for arrival.

    I know what you're wondering next.

    Threadbeast shipping is pretty fast

    Can You Return Items With ThreadBeast?

    No, ThreadBeast does NOT allow returns.

    It may seem harsh.

    However, your box is your box with ThreadBeast. 

    That's why they put so much effort into helping you make a personalized style box in collaboration with a stylist.

    The reason why you can't "return" or "swap" with ThreadBeast is that every box is curated for a specific client.

    I'll say that the company is pretty cool about getting you what you need if your package is damaged or incomplete.

    They'll also let you get the right size in something if the piece that's shipped to you doesn't fit.

    This seems fair enough to me.

    I can understand why the company isn't exactly generous when it comes to refunds and returns.

    Subscribers could easily take advantage of the system to wear items once before returning them.

    This brings me to how ThreadBeast knows how to make monthly boxes full of pieces you actually want to keep.

    Their process is the magic that keeps you wanting more.

    Here's how they make your perfect matches box after box:

  • You fill out a questionnaire. I think it was only about 10 questions long from what I remember. They need to know a few things about how you like to dress.
  • You work on a style profile that's going to be your personal stylist's rubric for designing your boxes.
  • You choose your budget. Like I shared, I did the Premium Plan because I wanted access to some prime pieces.
  • Your stylist works behind the scenes to build a box that has your name all over it!
  • Your box ships!
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    What Happens If You Need a Break From ThreadBeast?

    ThreadBeast does give you a little wiggle room if you need to go on pause.

    First, I'll talk about how billing works with ThreadBeast.

    Once you choose your subscription plan, you'll be billed a recurring fee every month.

    Your products go out once per month with tracking information.

    ThreadBeast will let you pause your subscription for up to two months at a time.

    How Do You Cancel Threadbeast

    You also have the option to cancel. 

    You just need to cancel during the window that's within seven days of getting your most recent package to avoid being billed for the next shipment cycle.

    If you miss the window, the cancellation request will carry over to your next renewal date.

    Fair enough.

    Just make sure you're using the right method for cancellations.

    ThreadBeast will only accept cancellation by phone (844-232-7885) or email (CANCELLATION@THREADBEAST.COM).

    How Do I Remove A Card From ThreadBeast?

    Canceling your subscription will do the trick.

    Let's Get Real: Is ThreadBeast a Good Deal?

    It's not just that you're getting great styles picked out for you by a stylist that makes ThreadBeast a pretty sweet deal.

    The whole point of signing up is getting the advantage of "strength in numbers."

    ThreadBeast is able to give you premium looks for less because they're giving you access to their direct wholesale prices.

    It means you're getting lots of high-end looks for well below retail.

    Who Should Use ThreadBeast?

    I imagine all types of guys use ThreadBeast.

    It's an obvious choice if you really like the look and feel of streetwear.

    I think the biggest problem lots of guys run into with streetwear is that we don't know how to look casual without looking sloppy.

    Starting with high-quality clothing that's cut to fit "just right" is really the first step with this.

    I like that I don't have to guess about what's going to hit just right with ThreadBeast clothes because the stylists already know how to pick flattering, polished looks.

    Even guys who generally know how to dress might still like ThreadBeast simply because it provides great value.

    You're getting access to several items of premium clothing and accessories for what you'd probably pay for just one item at a mall or outlet.

    Finally, ThreadBeast is just fun.

    It's a great way to enjoy the thrill of getting a subscription box while actually getting valuable products you'll use.

    I know that things like "grilling kits" and "whiskey of the month" can get a bit boring after a while because you can only enjoy so much of one thing.

    With ThreadBeast, you get the fun of getting a gift every month without the guilt that you're wasting money.

    These clothes add value to your life by giving you style confidence.

    Never underestimate the value of looking put together.

    threadbeast brands

    Some of the brands that you can expect from ThreadBeast

    Is ThreadBeast Only For Guys?

    ThreadBeast is designed to be a style subscription box for men.

    However, there's no rule about who you need to be to sign up! It's a great service for anyone who is into streetwear styles.

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if some women out there actually sign up in order to give their boyfriends and husbands new looks that they approve of every month.

    This service is just a great way to fill your closet with very presentable streetwear that reeks of quality and finesse.

    Let's Get Down to Brass Tacks: Is ThreadBeast Worth It?

    Yes, I'm glad I did it!

    I think it's worth giving yourself the chance to see how streetwear is actually supposed to look if you struggle with looking fashionable on your own.

    Even trying it for just a few months to get a feel for what a well-cultivated look looks and feels like on your body is going to change the way you view your relationship to fashion.

    I was personally really happy with the Premium Plan because I felt like I was getting a substantial collection every month that really helped me to turn around my closet in just a few short months.

    I think the Essential Plan could also be a good starting point if you're just trying to learn the ropes of dressing better.

    The Basic Plan honestly just feels a little too meager to me even though it's very affordable.

    I'm strongly thinking of upgrading to the Baller Plan before the holiday season because I want to have some great looks for a few parties and events I have coming up. 

    I'm mostly interested in Baller because of the fact that it drops a new pair of shoes in your box every single month.

    I've been impressed enough with the pieces that have been placed in my ThreadBeast boxes so far to trust them with shoes even though the price is a little steep with Baller.

    I might just have to post another ThreadBeast review when I do that to let you know how the experience goes!

    - Jack

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