30 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes For Men


There comes a time in every man's life when he must shop for new digs. If you're a Dapper Dan, you look forward to it, if you're a Scruffy Sam--maybe not so much. Whether you need new clothes, want to upgrade your wardrobe or know someone who can use fashionable apparel, clothing subscription boxes will keep you looking fresh.

Think of it as having a personal stylist arrive at your doorstep each month. For a nominal fee, many services provide a personal stylist, who pick out stylish pieces and ships them to your home. A few services even let you return the items you don't like.

Not only will you free up time, but also your friends and frenemies will notice you have stepped up your style game when they scroll through your social media posts. Here's a roundup of 30 of the best clothing subscription boxes for men to refresh your wardrobe - from athletic tees to casual wear, and everything in between. 

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buy trunk club
  • Extensive inventory from high-quality brands
  • Easy returns
  • You can speak with your stylist any time you like via phone, e-mail or messenger app
buy stitch fix
  • Choose your budget
  • No membership requirements
  • Easy returns
buy gentlemans box
  • Upscale items made of quality materials
  • Each box includes a thematic guide with helpful tips and tricks
  • Able to purchase previous selections

The Best Clothing Subscription Boxes For Men:

Who's it for?: Men who appreciate the classic style of high-end clothing.

Why you'll like it: Trunk Club is a subsidiary of Nordstrom, offering brand name clothing. After filling out a style profile, you'll talk with your designated stylist in real-time. He or she then selects mart pieces and sends you a digital preview of the items scheduled to ship. You have 48 hours to approve, modify, or cancel the order.

The Bottom Line
There is no membership fee or monthly subscription required. For a $25 styling fee, you schedule boxes on your on schedule. You get five items to try on within the price range you selected when you filled out your profile. Return what you don't like with the pre-paid shipping label within five days.

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buy trunk club


  • Extensive inventory from high-quality brands
  • Easy returns
  • You can speak with your stylist any time you like via phone, e-mail or messenger app


  • Fee charged as soon as the stylist selects items
  • Does not offer discounts or other incentives to buy

Who's it for?: The guy who needs to fill the holes in his closet with everyday staples.

Why you'll love it: Stitch Fix provides a range of items including casual wear, overcoats, and footwear. The questionnaire is pretty detailed. Stitch Fix wants to know your body type, skin tone, height, and weight, so they can pick items that complement your frame and complexion.

The Bottom Line
Like the Trunk Club, Stitch Fix doesn't require you to sign up for a monthly subscription. The styling fee is $20 for a box of five articles of clothing. Individual pieces range from $25 to $500 each.

Check out our FULL review of Stitch Fix here!

buy stitch fix


  • Choose your budget
  • No membership requirements
  • Easy returns


  • Lengthy questionnaire
  • Three-day try-on period

Who's it for?: Your style game is on point. You get most of your clothes tailored and only need accessories to take your wardrobe to the next level.

Why you'll like it: Gentleman's Box delivers trendsetting accessories, grooming samples, and lifestyle items to your door. Each box comes with a brochure honoring today's gentleman and centered on a theme.

The Bottom Line
You have the option of choosing the classic plan for $29 a month or the premium subscription for $100 per quarter. The classic plan includes socks, ties, and grooming samples. With the premium subscription, you receive between four to six premium items in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Items include watches, grooming kits, bathrobes, and ties.

buy gentlemans box


  • Upscale items made of quality materials
  • Each box includes a thematic guide with helpful tips and tricks
  • Able to purchase previous selections


  • Can only cancel subscription via call
  • Need to apply for acceptance to receive a premium subscription

Who's it for?: Fashion-forward guys who prefer sustainable clothing.

Why you'll like it: Frank and Oak prides itself on offering contemporary, eco-conscious items. In addition to an expert stylist, the company uses an algorithm to find clothing to match your style profile. You check the selection before they send it out, give the nod, skip the order, or modify it.

The Bottom Line
You'll get up to five items each month, costing $29-$149. A typical purchase costs about $150 to $250, saving you up to 20% when you purchase items through the Style Plan. You have seven days to decide if you're going to keep the items or send them back. Like other subscription services you pay a $25 styling fee if you return everything in the box.

buy frank and oak style


  • No monthly fee
  • Can skip anytime
  • Sends out e-mail notifications 48 hours before shipping


  • Questionnaire geared toward shopping habits as opposed to style
  • Simple packaging

Who's it for?: For men who like urban fashion, and want to round out their wardrobe.

Why you'll like it: With the Menlo Club, you pay a membership fee and receive two or three items each month from brands such as Five Four contemporary wear, Grand AC athleisure wear, and New Republic footwear.

The Bottom Line
Instead of paying a styling fee, you pay a membership fee of $60 per month. That price gets you two to three quality pieces to refresh your wardrobe each month. Menlo also offers seasonal memberships for $75. With this plan, you receive two to three items from the Five Four collection each season.

buy menlo club


  • Save up to 75% on stylish accessories, shoes, and active wear
  • Can pause membership to up to three months
  • Pay a flat fee for up to three items


  • Unable to return items for a refund
  • No previews

Who's it for?: Dapper men who want to stay on trend.

Why you'll like it: SprezzaBox arms you with an evolving collection of luxe accessories each month. Each month, you receive a named box (such as the Belmont, the Fulton or the Parker) focused on a theme. Generally, the box includes ties, socks, with the occasional pair of cuff links, tie clips, pens, and grooming products.

The Bottom Line
A SprezzaBox comes with five to six accessories with a retail value of about $100. As a subscriber, you only pay $28 each month.

buy sprezza box


  • Includes a packing list to check the contents of the box
  • Offers a no-commitment option
  • Has a dedicate space on the website for members to swap items


  • Does not take special request
  • Filled with promotional literature
  • No refunds

Who's it for?: Guys with a well-developed sense of style.

Why you'll like it: Bombfell offers a carefully curated collection of clothing from high-end brands. Their stylists not only offer looks based on your style preference but also complement your frame and skin tone. Offerings include sweaters, dress shirts, pants, socks, and accessories.

The Bottom Line
Bombfell offers premium clothing and a VIP experience. They'll send you one to five items each month for a $20 styling fee, which is automatically applied your purchase. You'll have a week to try on the items and return anything you don't want. The average cost of a four-item box is around $350.

Let us blow your mind with our FULL REVIEW of Bombfell, click here!

buy bombfell


  • Stylists takes your exact measurements, body type, and skin tone into account when selecting items
  • Offers no-problem returns
  • Individually wrapped items


  • Lengthy and complicated questionnaire
  • Delayed shipping

Who's it for?: The budget-conscious Fly Guy.

Why you'll like it: After you fill out a questionnaire indicating your style and budget preferences, your personal shopper gets to work finding items for you to try.

The Bottom Line
The subscription is free for Amazon Prime members. Non-members only pay $4.99 per month. Plus, you get up to eight pieces in each box, a seven-day try-on period, and a prepaid label with a resealable box. Using the app, you swipe right for your favorites.

buy prime wardrobe


  • Offers a variety of choices within your price range
  • Preview items before they ship
  • Choose up to eight items


  • Selection limited to Amazon-affiliated brands
  • Shipping may take longer than Prime members expect

Who's it for?: If you're a GQ subscriber, you're going to love the Best Stuff Box.

Why you'll like it: You get the editors' favorite accessories, tech items, and grooming supplies each season.

Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

buy gq best stuff box


  • GQ editors try each product before including them in boxes
  • Nice variety in each box
  • Includes pamphlet with information about each product


  • No customized options
  • Does not accept returns

Who's it for?: Men who need to update their work attire.

Why you'll like it: Trendy Butler offers snazzy threads for the 9-5 guy, who dresses wears business casual attire. If you're looking for trendy new brands, you will not be disappointed. The company delivers blazers, dress shirts, dress pants, jeans, and seasonal outerwear based on your style preferences.

The Bottom Line
Trendy Butler is a great option for men who prefer quality over quantity. Subscription costs $65 a month for one to three items valued at $150 or more. Although you can't get a refund, you can exchange items up to 60 days at no cost.

buy trendy buttler


  • High-quality clothing from reputable brands
  • Brief questionnaire
  • Timely shipments


  • No personal stylist
  • Most shipments only include two items

Who's it for?:For men who prefer sneakers over dress shoes. Any. Day. Of. The. Week.

Why you'll like it: You can rely on Threadbeast to hook you up with fresh gear based on your style, preferences, and budget. Depending on the plan, you'll receive between two and eleven pieces each month, including graphic tees, denim, hoodies, caps, shoes, and accessories.

The Bottom Line
Threadbeast offers four monthly subscription plans: Basic, two to three pieces ($55); Essential, four to five pieces, ($85); Premium, six to seven items ($135), and Baller, between nine to eleven articles of clothing, including a pair of shoes($250).

buy thread beast


  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Can pause or cancel anytime
  • Takes special requests


  • Does not process refunds
  • Unable to apply promo codes to the Basic plan

Who's it for?: Men who demand quality and choice.

Why you'll like it:Bespoke Post has a knack for selecting items to improve your lifestyle. Themed boxes include items for traveling, cooking, entertaining, relaxing, and grooming. They even include a pamphlet explaining the history behind the products.

The Bottom Line
Bespoke Post offers a variety of boxes and selects one for you based on your profile. You'll get an e-mail before the box ships to let you know what to expect inside. After you receive the e-mail, you have five days to make changes. Also, you have the option of pausing, skipping, or opting out before the items ship (usually between the 6th and 15th of the month). Subscription prices start at $45 for a box of four to five items with a value of around $70.

buy bespoke post


  • High-quality items
  • No subscription fee
  • 60 day returns


  • Unpredictable shipping dates
  • You pay a fee for returns

Who's it for?:You have a timepiece for every occasion and want more.

Why you'll like it: The WatchGang offers high-quality watches at affordable prices.

The Bottom Line
The Watch Gang offers three plans: Original($29 per month for a watch valued up to $150), Black Tier ($99 a month for a watch with an MSRP up to $500), and the Platinum Tier ($299 per month for a timepiece with a retail value of up to $1,500).

buy watch gang


  • Offers a warranty (terms and conditions may vary per piece)
  • Weekly Rolex and TAG Heuer giveaway
  • Dedicated space for members to trade and sale watches


  • No control over what you receive
  • Only offers watches

Who's it for?: The athlete.

Why you'll like it: ArmourBox provides a variety of comfortable apparel for ease of movement, along with accessories like earphones and water bottles. After filling out the profile to indicate your training needs, goals, activities, and style preferences, a curator will choose four to six Under Armour items for you to inspect and try on.

The Bottom Line
Under Armour makes comfortable clothing that wicks away sweat fast. There's no monthly fee for the service. You keep what you want and return what you don't for free. The company will apply a 20% discount if you keep everything in the box.

buy armourbox


  • Free shipping and returns
  • Offers 30, 60, or 90-day shipping
  • No styling fee


  • Unwanted items must be returned within 7 days
  • Boxes only includes Under Armour gear

Who's it for?: For the man on the dating scene who wants to feel confident in case, he gets lucky.

Why you'll like it: You know it's time to get rid of your old basics. With this service, you'll get three undergarments each month, including a T-shirt, socks, and either a pair boxers.

The Bottom Line
Basic Man believes underwear has an expiration date, even going so far as to print one inside each item. For $19.99 a month, you get a set of premium-quality undergarments each month that should last about a year, if you follow the expiry date. It's a relatively low price when you consider the price breaks down to less than $7 apiece.

buy basic man


  • Sizes from XS through XXL
  • Made of a soft cotton/blend for a comfortable stretch
  • Items pre-treated to avoid shrinkage


  • No customization options
  • Colors may not match
  • Only supplies boxer-briefs, no boxer shorts or briefs

Who's it for?: Geeks and gamers.

Why you'll like it: Loot Wearables is part of the Loot Crate collection designed especially for comic geeks, movie nerds, TV fans, and gamers.

The Bottom Line
With a monthly subscription, you get licensed pop culture apparel such as a t-shirt ($11.99), a pair of socks($9.99), or underwear $10.99), featuring logos and characters from your favorite video games, comic books, and shows. Occasionally, you have the opportunity to pick items such as windbreakers, hoodies, and scarves. Bundle prices start at $17.99 per month. You can also opt for 3, 6, and 12-month plans.

buy loot wearables


  • Flexible subscription
  • Option to choose bundles or individual items
  • Accepts both PayPal and credit card payments
  • Discounts for referrals


  • Recently filed for Chapter 11 reorganization
  • Delayed shipments
  • Items arrive in poly bags as opposed to boxes
  • Returns not accepted

Who's it for?: Men looking to up their sock game.

Why you'll like it: Society Socks offers soft, combed-cotton socks with custom designs in bold colors and patterns. Each pair has reinforced heel and toe, as well as a wide cup to keep them from rolling down around your ankles.

The Bottom Line
You get two pair of socks with a $19 monthly subscription. Every time you receive a pair of socks, another pair goes to people in need. Plus, if you share a photo of yourself wearing the brand, they'll donate an additional pair.

buy society socks


  • Custom designs
  • Donates a pair to a homeless shelter for each pair purchased
  • Offers 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Unable to choose patterns
  • Only accepts cancellations via e-mail

Who's it for?: Men who know there's more to grooming than being clean.

Why you'll like it: You'll receive five grooming products each month based on your profile and centered on a theme. Products include body wash, moisturizer, pomade, mustache wax, eye balm, and beard scrub.

The Bottom Line
Birchbox Man sends you five grooming samples for 10 bucks a month, hoping you will like the products enough to purchase their full-size brothers. You'll find brands like Balla, Clinique, and David Beckham's House 99, along with a card explaining the theme and offering grooming tips.

Wanna know more? Read the FULL REVIEW of Birchbox for men, click here!

birchbox men review


  • Can swap personalized boxes for editors' choice packages
  • A multitude of high-end beauty brands
  • Offers a loyalty program


  • You're paying for samples that brands give away for free
  • No refunds or returns accepted

Who's it for?: The contemporary man, who pays attention to the details.

Why you'll like it: You enjoy the same luxury socks David Gandy, Daniel Craig, and Harry Styles wear. Pick the style you prefer or use the 'Surprise Me' option and let London Sock stylists handle the rest.

The Bottom Line
There's no monthly plan for U.S. customers. If you live outside the UK, you have to choose 3, 6, or 9 pair of socks to be sent every three months. The lowest plan starts at 30 pounds or $36.26 in U.S. dollars.

buy london sock company


  • Edit, cancel, or pause subscription any time
  • Have the option of choosing which pairs of socks you want from the exclusive members section
  • Socks knitted with Scottish Lisle cotton
  • Offers small, medium, and large sizes


  • Residents outside the UK can't subscribe to a monthly option
  • Slow refunds

20. Stance

Who's it for?: Dudes who want to liven up their sock drawer for different activities.

Why you'll like it: Like most subscription plans, you fill out a style profile, and they'll send fashion-forward socks or undies they know you will love. Sock options include low, calf, over, the knee, light, standard, or heavy. The Stance also asks if you will wear the socks to work, participate in sports, or special events.

The Bottom Line
Although Stance offers both socks and underwear, you can only choose one subscription. For $19.00 per month, you get two pair of socks based on your preference such as sock height and thickness. Or, you can choose one pair of wholester, boxer briefs, or boxers at the same price.

buy stance


  • Offers a customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Has an extensive inventory of styles and colors
  • Made from premium materials


  • Can only choose between underwear or socks
  • Some states pay a sales tax

Who's it for?: For guys who understand the power of the tie.

Why you'll like it: With a Tie Bar subscription, you receive handpicked styles every three months. Options vary from skinny ties, regular ties, extra-long ties, and bow ties.

The Bottom Line
The average price of a tie on the company's website ranges between $19 and $25. With a yearly subscription, you get 12 ties for $199, which averages out to about $21 each. Also, you have the option of choosing 6 ties for $99. You'll receive a box every three months, regardless of the plan you pick.

bu the tie bar


  • High-quality material
  • Broad variety
  • Shipping cost included in subscription


  • Unable to choose colors and patterns
  • No other accessories included

Who's it for?: Men obsessed with undies.

Why you'll like it: Let MeUndies know your style and cut preference, and they'll send you a pair of exclusively designed underwear every month. Each pair is composed of micro modal fabric, which is super-soft, breathable, and comfy.

The Bottom Line
Depending on your preference, you'll get a pair of trunks, boxers or briefs for $16 a month. You also choose from adventurous prints, bold or classic colors, and you can switch the options each month. If you're into matching outfits with your significant other, they also offer a woman's collection for couples who like to play twinsies. Plus, MeUndies offers a sock subscription for $8 per month.

buy meundies


  • Ultra-soft and comfortable
  • Provides many prints and color options
  • Can choose between boxers, briefs, or prints
  • Awesome customer service


  • Quick to fade
  • No refunds after the first pair

Who's it for?: Fitness Fanatics who don't have time to take a break to shop for apparel.

Why you'll like it: You only need about 5 minutes to fill out a profile, so Wantable stylists can get an idea of your style and preference. After that, you get seven choose pieces for working out and kicking back. If you like the picks, you keep them. If not, return them with the pre-paid shipping label.

The Bottom Line
You set the frequency for how often you want Wantable to send items, and pay a $20 fee each time items ship. You'll receive seven pieces of performance wear and lounge apparel along with a packing list indicating the cost of the items. Costs usually hover around $40-$70 for each piece.

buy wantable mens fitness


  • No commitment
  • Offers men's sizes S-XXL
  • A variety of items from designer, in-house, and under-the-radar brands


  • Only offers a 5-day try on period
  • No preview of items

Who's it for?: The bargain hunter searching who spends too much time searching for the best deal.

Why you'll like it: You get access to a stylist who will send you two or three basic staples and stand ready via e-mail to answer questions or take care of special requests.

The Bottom Line
You pay $60 for up to three items with a retail value around $120. Most boxes include a shirt and a pair of pants. Urbane Box also offers club members a 25% discount on items sold online.

buy urbane box


  • Provides free shipping both ways
  • Packages can take up to two weeks to arrive
  • Generous 10-day try-on period


  • Sizing not consistent
  • No dashboard for modifying subscription. Must send requests via email to skip, pause, or cancel.

Who's it for?: The guy who likes premium tees.

Why you'll like it: Forma is a subscription service that caters to your T-shirt needs. Pick gray scale, bright colors, dark tones, or light tones for layering or wearing alone.

The Bottom Line
For a $24.95 per month subscription, Forma sends you two basic tees the first week of each month. You can also opt for the Essentials collection to receive three T-shirts for $29.95, or choose the Seleect package, which includes two T-shirts and a third shirt such as a raglan or a henley for $39.95.

buy forma supply co


  • Excellent quality and fit
  • Tagless
  • Holds up to frequent washings
  • Responsive customer service


  • Occasional color mix ups
  • Stuck with one color scheme, unless you modify the subscription

26. Wohven

Who's it for?: Comfort is your highest priority.

Why you'll like it: Wohven is a T-shirt and sock subscription service. With its eye on comfort, the company provides premium goods made of soft, airy material. Choose to receive one crew neck or v-neck tee, or uniquely patterned socks to round out your wardrobe each month.

The Bottom Line
Even though Wohven offers tees and socks, they don't offer a plan that lets you purchase both items together. You either decide on one or the other or subscribe separately for two individual plans. And, if you want a long-sleeve shirt, you have to manage three subscriptions. Plus, each shipment comes with a $2 shipping charge. Monthly plans range from $9 to $14 for tees and $18 for graphic long-sleeve shirts. The sock subscription costs $10 a month.

buy wohven


  • Pre-shrunk light, soft, breathable fabric
  • Graphic tees designed by a different artist each month
  • No obligation, can cancel anytime


  • Limited colors for v-neck tees
  • Have to manage separate subscriptions for tees, long-sleeve shirts, and socks

Who's it for?: For the man addicted to ties and looking for an easy way to add to his collection.

Why you'll like it: The Tie Fix handles the grueling task of shopping for ties and accessories each month by providing you with a carefully assembled box containing two 100% organic cotton ties and two accessories, such as a pair of cuff links, socks, clips, or pocket squares.

The Bottom Line
For $14.99 per month, the Tie Fix soothes your tie fixation with an assortment of four items with an MSRP of $80 or above.

buy the tie fix


  • Offers standard-length ties
  • Items ship soon after you subscribe
  • Packaged shipped the same day each month


  • Items may require a light iron before wearing
  • Automatically renews, unless you cancel subscription

Who's it for?: The guy building a tie collection.

Why you'll like it: Choose handcrafted ties from six categories to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

The Bottom Line
At $10 a month, you have a choice of standard, skinny, or bow ties. If you prefer silk only, that will cost you $16.95 per month. Spiffster also offers a $10 sock plan and a tie/sock combo subscription for $18.95. Choose up to three categories to add to your collection each month. Also, tall men will appreciate the option to purchase 63-inch long ties. In addition to monthly plans, Spiffster also offers 3, 6, and 12-month prepay plans.

buy spiffster


  • Woven with high-quality silk, cotton, wool, or microfiber
  • Spiffy designs and precise cuts
  • Offers variety of fashionable patterns and colors


  • Unable to choose specific ties
  • Does not accept returns or offer refunds

Who's it for?: Men looking to add expressive tees to their closet rotation.

Why you'll like it: Get ready to geek out with tees from Nerdy Post. The company uses hand lettering and illustrations to create unique fandom artwork nerds and game masters love. Past collections include Game of Thrones, Grishaverse, and Disney Villains.

The Bottom Line
Nerdy Tees offers a monthly subscription for access to its athletic fit and loose fit fandom tees. Choose unisex sizes between S-3XL for $15.95, plus a $6 shipping fee. At the beginning of the month, Nerd Post announces a new theme. If you don't care for the design, you simply opt to skip the month's delivery.

buy nerdy tees by nerdy post


  • Provides extremely soft tri-blend tees
  • Hold their shape after washing
  • Design and screen printed locally


  • Runs small
  • Subscription renews automatically

Who's it for?: Gamers and geeks who need to level up on their pop culture T-shirt collection.

Why you'll like it: You gain access to exclusive fandom tees, and receive informational booklets for a low monthly fee. Look forward to designs featuring your favorites like Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Voltron, and Rick and Morty.

The Bottom Line
Loot Tees delivers officially licensed tees for men who appreciate expressive gear. Subscription plans start at $11.99 and include free shipping. You'll save a few pennies if you upgrade to a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription. Occasionally, Loot Tees includes coupons for other items and services.

buy loot tees


  • Excellent Value
  • Provides up to size 5XL
  • Offers referral discounts


  • Seeking Chapter 11 reorganization
  • Issues with packages arriving on time

Which Subscription Box Should You Choose?

If you want to build a better wardrobe, handing the reigns to a professional will put you at ease. You'll have a chance to try on new pieces and pair them with things you already have in your closet to see if you like the look. You can't do that at a shopping mall or standard online shopping. Plus, there are no restocking fees.

When searching for subscription plans, focus on three things: selection, quality, and value. Also, pay attention to the small print. Some services let you to return items and modify the plan. A handful will not.

Don't wait to take a dip into the pool of men clothing subscription boxes. If you merely dangle your toes in the water, you may miss out on some terrific deals. Some services offer limited edition pieces, and if you don't catch them, you are out of luck. The sooner you sign up, the faster you'll receive fresh gear shipped right to your door.

- Jack

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